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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 6 - Round 6
By Catglee

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Round Six

Suddenly from out of the darkness at the end of the basement comes a man dressed in a white lab coat. He carries a little vial of green liquid and several syringes.

General Ludwig Hoffman steps out in front of the seated bound boxer and greets the man. “I bid you welcome Dr. Heinrich Himmer, allow me the honor of formally introducing our guests. You met them in the shower room and gave our seated friend his first enema. I am sure he is grateful for that honor. This over here is the world famous boxing champion, Joe Palooka and up there is his sparring partner, Billy Baxter.

The doctor bows, turns and clicks his heels at each bound boxer.

“The good doctor has been experimenting with the island’s tropical plants and herbs. He claims that he has found that the extract from one particular plant produces a very powerful aphrodisiac that none can resist. It supposedly makes the erogenous zones of your body very responsive. You two will be the first human test subjects, this way he will learn what should be the proper dosage. You may feel a slight prick and then we shall see how it affects your own pricks, so to speak.”

The general chuckles at his own bad joke.

Dr Himmer brandishes the needle in Billy’s alarmed face.


“I suppose we should remove your briefs so we can have an unobstructed view of your response to the drug. You don’t mind, do you gentlemen?” as if he is asking for their permission.

Simultaneously two attendants slice through the fabric of the clinging shorts on both sides to render both boxers buck naked.

Joe Palooka’s flaccid cock is long and thick with an over-sized meatus that looks like a half-licked Tootsie Pop. The heavy testicles are in proportion to the size of his cock: full and round like duck eggs. The dark blond pubic hair is thick and lush.

Billy Baxter’s limp prick is not as big or long but it is thicker than Joe’s. The clenched up testicles are bigger than expected, about the size of ping-pong balls. He too has a generous bush of dark pubic hair.


Both cocks are invasively lifted, squeezed along their length and their heads are pinched and rubbed. Both set of testicles are hefted up and down and gently grabbed and patted. Both boxers fidget in discomfort and embarrassment.

The doctor fills the first syringe with the green fluid., holds it up to the light and squeezes some out to dispel any air bubbles. Menacingly he approaches Palooka and sticks the needle in his left muscular thigh. He injects the full contents. Then he climbs up to the pole and administers an equal dose to Baxter.

Dr Himmer walks over to the far wall and leans against it, waiting for the drug to take effect.

He whispers something to the attendants. One mounts up to the post and the other moves over and stands behind the seated boxer.

“Meinen freunden, tonight you will learn something about yourselves that you possibly never realized before,” begins the general. “Of all the erogenous zones on the adult male body, the nipples are the most underrated. Maybe it is because on quite a few of the men, they are not fully developed, but rather have the appearance of a dark disc with a pink pimple in the middle. You gentlemen have, I must say, remarkable nipples. They are pointy, fleshy and meaty. However I believe you never thought of them as being very erogenous. And yet once they are properly stimulated, they can contribute immensely to heightened sexual pleasure, as you both are about to realize.

“Comrades, show our guests what their nipples are really all about!”

The Nazi on the platform turns towards the naked Billy Baxter, reaches out and gently pinches his nubs repeatedly. He tugs at the scarlet tits, pulling them out as far as they can stretch. He roils them between thumb and forefinger, back and forth with tender twists.


Billy looks apprehensively first to the right and then to the left. He watches nervously as the attendant removes his hands and affix his mouth to one tender nipple and then the other. Feeling them strongly sucked on, nibbling them with little bites and licking them with a scratchy tongue, adds further to Billy’s nervousness. Although they do feel good treated in this manner, nonetheless he is not fond of the idea of this Kraut playing with his tits as if he were a woman.

At the same time, Joe Palooka has his sizable nubs twisted and flicked, pulled and pinched. Although he tries to turn away from the German standing behind him and shake off his manipulating hands, it is to no avail. The man continues to gently work on them with thumb and forefinger relentlessly.

Joe has never before been treated in such a fashion, certainly not by another man. Not that the feelings generated are painful, in fact they are quite pleasurable, he shamefully admits to himself.


The general and the colonel sit back smoking strong cigarettes and sipping dark brandy, fully enjoying the sight of two naked athletes having their meaty nipples worked on. With amusement they notice there is a stirring in the crotch of both boxers. Billy’s cock thickens and slowly rises to attention. Joe’s cock swells and comes to a full erection.

For them it is humiliating enough to be stark naked in front of strangers and enemies, but to be so sexually manipulated to the point of a hard-on is even more difficult to handle mentally.


Now that butch Billy Baxter is fully cock-hard and throbbing, his molester picks up a pair of wooden clothes pins. They are attached to the now very sensitive nipples. The naked boxer winces at the slight pinch, but does not cry out. The Kraut kneels down and licks the head of the throbbing dick at the frenium, as he cups the heavy balls in his left hand. Hr laps at it like he is licking delicious frosting off of a desert fork.


Baxter is such an upstanding fella that before his capture by the Nazis he has never been cock-sucked. Not by a woman and certainly not by a man ever.

The cock sucker proceeds to suck on just the broad meatus, flapping the flange with his lips. Billy closes his eyes in guilty pleasure at the sweet sensation. This is a more sexually stimulating situation than he has ever experienced in his life.

While all this is going on, the chair-restrained Joe Palooka is not neglected. His nipples are still being pinched, twisted and tugged. Another Nazi pulls up a chair in front of him, whips out two long feathers and with gentle strokes, runs their tips up and down the stiff shaft and around the broad helmet head. Almost immediately the champ generates his first drips of pre-cum. He scrabbles his fingers and toes at the pleasurable sensations of nipple, cock and ball manipulation.

Under normal circumstances feather dusting a penis is not stimulating that much. However under the influence of that plant-based elixir even the slightest touch has a very powerful erotic response.


The muscular boxer is oblivious to anyone else in the room. All he concentrates on are his tits and sex organs. He feels the urge to shoot his load at any moment. The feather-stroking German makes sure that that does not happen by slowing down the pace of the tickling.

Billy too is lost in his own sexually stimulated universe. The pleasure is heightened even more so once his stiff prick is sucked slowly down to the root and back up again in a slow methodical fashion. All sensation has left his pinched nipples. All that he feels is that warm moist mouth sucking on his hard cock. All that he cares about is that urgency to shoot his big load.

The Germans trade off even before the bound nude athlete realizes. This guy has a different technique. He sucks up and down the stiff shaft a few strokes and then holding the broad meatus between his lips, he flicks at the frenium with the tip of his tongue.

This drives Billy Baxter absolutely nuts from wave after wave of pure pleasure that washes over his bound body. He begins to quiver and shake. His thick muscles tense all up and down his body. His big hands ball up into tight meaty fists. He wiggles his toes frantically. He lifts his head up towards the ceiling. He is teetering on the edge of a powerful climax.


All attention is diverted from the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion being cock teased with stroking feathers. The pole bound boxer emits a low moaning that grows in loudness and intensity. The cock-sucking Nazi can feel the broad meatus swell even larger in his warm mouth.

The stiff schlong is popped out, stroked rapidly several times and aimed forward. Billy Baxter lets out a loud yell as his thick dick explodes in rope after rope of white sticky cum. The first volley almost clears the platform and lands with an audible plop in a pool of puddles just inches from the edge.


He hardly has time to catch his breath and calm down when without warning the wooden clothespins are unfastened from his pinched nipples. The angry red marks are clearly visible from the pressure of the pins. Simultaneously both Germans suck away at them with a frenzy, eliciting another loud yell from the spent young man.

Pain quickly turns to pleasure. When the changeover happens, much to his surprise, he is well on his way to another full erection.

Once full sexual arousal is accomplished, even this soon after the first powerful cum-shot, the Nazis affix another set of metal tit clamps. Their bite is a bit sharper and their weight stretches the tender nipples downward. Billy quickly adjusts to them without losing his hard-on.


To Be Continued…………..

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