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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 7 - Round 7
By Catglee

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Round Seven

A new stimulation is applied to Billy Baxter’s bound naked body. Carrying a pair of black massagers, a Nazi applies them to the hard cock and heavy balls. The bound boxer slightly jumps when they are turned on to a low setting.


The sensation rumbles up and down Billy’s bound body. If it is possible, his dick gets even more hard and stiff. It throbs and starts burping out a thin string of pre-cum. He quickly gets close to another ejaculation, but the devices are withdrawn before that may happen.

Another German mounts the platform. Pouring lubricant into his right hand, he begins a slow and sensuous hand-job. At first just the shaft is stroked with his closed fist, then just the bulbous head, and then using only his thumb, he rubs the highly sensitive frenium where the flange of the head meets.


All this sends Billy well on the way to a second ejaculation.

At the same time Joe Palooka still chair-bound and fully erect experiences a new technique to keep him on the edge of his long desired orgasm. Another German hands out electric toothbrushes, the kind with a whirling brush at the tip.


They are activated with a merry hum. The standing guys gently polish the meaty nipples while the one seated works on the Champ’s hard and stiff schlong.



They work the nipples in slow circles, sending a flood of sweet sensation right to the erect cock. The man in the chair in front of the naked champ works in slow strokes up and down the shaft, over and behind the helmet head, then down the shaft to its root. Now and again he makes a sweep over the scrotum he holds in his left hand. He lifts the heavy balls and works the sensitive kooch, under the scrotum and near the anal pucker.

Joe has never ever felt such pleasure before. Whether it is from the technique alone or the effects of the jungle aphrodisiac or a combination of both, this is something he never imagined possible. His juices are worked up to a boiling point, but the Germans recognize the body language and disengage the electric toothbrushes until the urgency diminishes.

The smooth and muscled boxer is worked up to a climax time and time again. And time and time again he is thwarted from reaching sexual release. Just then Billy Baxter erupts with a second powerful ejaculation.


Every Nazis in the room turns and watches with a smile as the ejaculate explodes and jism flies across the platform. Then once the load is spent, the tit clamps are removed and his pinched nipples are strongly sucked and nibbled. Billy cries out in pain, louder than when he shot, but soon he settles down to a mournful long drawn out whimper.

Although the Germans never let up on Joe, he is feeling frustrated and agitated, almost jealous that Billy has been brought to two climaxes already and yet the Champ is prevented from having even his first one. The seat of the chair is awash in sticky pre-cum. His cock throbs in urgency denied. His manipulated spongy nipples send wave after wave of pleasurable sensation to his stiff dick but all to no avail.

Across the room Billy Baxter responds to yet another round of nipple nibbling and sucking with yet another hard erection. Alligator clips are firmly fastened to his sensitive nubs. Their bite is strong and the pinch painful. Nonetheless they neither deter nor thwart the hard dick that sticks up boldly and urgently.

Another blow-job is commenced. The Nazis form a line to get a lick at the virile young naked athlete.


Baxter has lost all track of time. He could have been roped to the pole twenty minutes, an hour or even an hour and a half, he doesn’t know. All he knows is that his thick cock and sore nipples rule and he is only the vessel that that delivers load after load of his cum.

Whereas Palooka feels like he has been roped to the chair for hours and hours. His has been a roller coaster ride, brought up to the pinicle of the height of so many hopeful climaxes and then falls back again and again into the deep abyss of despair at the hands of the cruel Nazis. He hopes in vain that maybe the next time they will allow him sexual release.


The Germans now employ the black massagers. Alligator clips are fastened to his sensitive nipples. His captors slowly stroke every inch of stiff schlong and heavy ball sack. More pre-cum bubbles out in anticipation of that very first long desired ejaculation.

A scream from the platform signals yet another explosion of cum. Loud whining ensues as alligator clips are removed and strong sucking commences.

Each time Billy Baxter shoots a diminishing load, Joe Palooka goes from disappointment to frustration to slow burning anger. He hates these Nazis for what they are doing to him. Oh sure, they suck his cock a little bit, but never to orgasm. They gently squeeze, twist and pull his tits, but never to orgasm.



The Germans fasten wooden clothespins to his sensitive nipples and simultaneously wank his painfully hard cock, but never to orgasm.

Next his captors engage yet another technique to cruelly tease and torture the boxing champion. A snake bite kit is fastened to both meaty nubs. The suction feels like someone’s mouth is sucking on each firm nipple, harder and harder.

A massager is placed under his ball sack and turned up to the maximum setting. The man in the chair in front of him sits back and watches. The soldiers leaning against the wall behind him cross their arms as if they are waiting for something to happen. Even the general and the colonel get out of their easy chairs and walk over to him.

Joe hopes that maybe this finally is it! He can feel the juices bubbling up inside. He closes his eyes and tries to think up some sexual fantasy that will at last speed him on the long awaited and long denied road to the destination of Climax City.

A commotion from the pole signals that Billy Baxter shoots yet another load, maybe his fifth or sixth.


Mournful whimpering follows as they suck on his punished nipples. By now they are an angry red color.

Joe feels a tingling in his toes that climbs up his bare muscular legs and swirls up to the tip of his urgent big cock. His scarlet swollen meatus expands. He can almost sense the hot fluid rushing up his hard shaft. He sucks in his breath and holds it.

Just then all the conditions are right. Finally a huge amount of white cum rockets out of his cock-head, arches high in the air and almost hits the on-looking Nazis. Rope after thick rope volley in such a large amount that even the German doctor is amazed.

The entire group of Nazis burst out in jubilant applause.


Still clapping, to a man they turn and face the wooden pole and bow profoundly. Then they bow to the cushioned chair.

When the last of the cum burps out, Joe loses all sense of time and place momentarily. Sweet pleasure then turns to bitter anger when he realizes how cruelly he has been used.

He looks up and stares diggers at his tormentors as the massager is disengaged and the cups from the snake bite kit are removed with an audible pop. It is not long before anger gives way to weariness at the long drawn out ordeal.

Joe Palooka and Billy Baxter look towars each other on the opposite sides of the basement. They hope that that was all the Nazis had in store for them. Joe gives Billy a wink and a faint smile. They nod their heads at each other.



To Be Continued…………..


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