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Joe Palooka and the Nazis
Part 8 - Round 8
By Catglee

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Round Eight

Two overhead spotlights come to life farther down the center of the basement. The spots over the chair and the pole are extinguished. Weary Joe Palooka and cock spent Billy Baxter are deftly released from their bondage and without putting up much of a struggle are quick-stepped to the newly lighted area.

The damp smell of jungle has been replaced by a combination of spilled sperm and pungent body sweat. The prissy Colonel sprays the air with a flowery room deodorant to dispel the musky odor.

Billy and Joe have their muscular arms hooked up to chains dangling from the ceiling. An electric winch raises them up slowly until their upper limbs are stretched taut and yet their bare feet rest firmly on the basement floor.

The naked pair hang there with lowered heads. Their bare skin glistens in the overhead light as if they are oiled up for a bodybuilding competition. Each and every cut of their magnificent muscles is accented dramatically. Joe Palooka’s body shows no sign of a flaw or imperfection. He looks a bundle of raw muscle.

Billy Baxter although of a smaller build is a fine example of testosterone-charged masculinity. His tight abdominal muscles ripple with every deep breath he takes.

Both boxers wonder what’s coming next.


The general addresses them, saying: “That was an entertaining performance, my young American friends. I can see that neither your nipples nor your cocks are any worse from the wear. Now allow me to introduce to you another new experience.

You shall enjoy the pleasures of anal penetration. Not many heterosexual men are afforded the richly rewarding opportunity as you shall be. Straight men cringe at the notion of their butts being violated as if it would produce serious pain. We shall dispel that myth. So relax and lets start by getting you in the proper position.”

He motions to the attending Nazis and they spring into action. Both naked athletes have their legs raised up to the ceiling and fasted widely apart. This affords easy access to their twitching butt holes.


Colonel Heinrich Ricter and General Ludwig Hoffman find comfortable seating in the newly opened area of the basement. They pour themselves another snifter of dark brandy and light up another strong cigarette. They lean back leisurely for this next installment of the boxers’ adventure at the hands of their Nazi hosts.

Two lusty German walk up to the Americans and proceed to rim their twitching anal sphincters. They are lapped, sucked and licked with wet tongues. Joe and Billy softly moan. Whether in protest or pleasure, it is hard to tell.


Once their butt holes are deemed ready, a table laden with dildos in brought over.

The Americans stir in their restraints when they see those devices, unfamiliar to them, on full display, like a high school science exhibit.



The artificial penises are copiously greased up and slowly eased into their still tight anal apertures. Much as they try to dispel them, the intrusive devices are so fashioned as to remain fixed in place. Simultaneously each boxer jumps with a start when the implanted devices are turned on.


Joe feels as if he is being impaled with a baseball bat. Soon he adjusts to the intruder and relaxes somewhat.

Billy struggles against the buzzing device, but to no avail. Soon he too un-clenches his pucker hole just enough to not mind it so much. His pride prevents him from acknowledging the reality of the pleasure.


It is not soon after, that their abused cocks begin to stiffen and arise in response to the internal vibrations buzzing away on their large prostate glands.

“I think our American athletes are ready for the full experience of anal penetration,” suggests the general. “Take them down and lock them in the first position,”

The buzzing dildos are extracted with an audible “POP”. The leather cuffs attaching their arms are unfastened and the exhausted pair nearly slump down to the floor had not they been supported by two pairs of Germans. The naked and abused boxers are half dragged deeper into the basement. The spots are dimmed behind them and fresh overhead lighting flashes to life in front of them.

Palooka and Baxter are forced on top of a long table and made to kneel in dogie fashion. Two now naked Nazis grease up and get their cocks hard and ready for the fist plunge into the virgin asses.


Taking careful aim, they target the abused sphincter muscle in front of them, and plunge right in up to the root of their stiff cocks. Joe and Billy’s butts are still filled with the lubricant from the vibrating dildos so their inner passage is smoothed and easily navigated. Once fully implanted up each bubble butt, they pause momentarily. Then with hands holding each leg they slide their schlongs out just to the meatus and thrust forward again.

The muscled boxers-are slowly fucked until both naked Nazi shoots their loads into the moist rectal canal. Both fuckers pull out, wipe off their slippery dicks with towels handed to them, and return to their position against the wall.

Joe and Billy are forced down onto the table top in preparation for the next assault.


A second team steps forward and promptly plunge their pricks deep inside the American butts. This group is not as gentle as the first. In synchronization they rapidly butt fuck the boxers like jackhammers. The thwacking sound of bare thighs striking bare butt cheeks bounces off the walls like the pounding of an anvil. This is honest to goodness ass plowing: plain and simple.

The Nazis shoot their loads in less than five minutes.


Group after group has their way with Billy and Joe in different positions. Sometimes sucking them, other times they are mouth fucked. Sometimes alligator clips are fastened to their sore nipples to enhance the sensation of being brutally violated. All in a good night’s entertainment foe the Germans. Through it all, Joe and Billy take it like the masculine and butch men that they are. No whimpering, no whining, no pleading or crying out in pain.


After every Nazi has had their fill of fucking the Americans, they are put back in suspension from the ceiling. Palooka and Baxter are allowed to rest up for the next event the Krauts have in store for them.

To Be Continued…………………..

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