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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 1
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

He-Man Spider

“I’m begging you my love! Please don’t! You can announce retirement, you have more money then you’ll ever need! And I love you! The thought of you dying is driving me insane!”

D Angel Ant

“And let that fiend who killed Shy as well as everyone else think I’m a coward? The odds are in his favor but as you know I have went up against a funnel-web spider mutant-male before and I won!”

He-Man Spider

“Yes you did win but I remember that Wolf-Stud Spider almost destroyed you! We both saw the fight roster that monster Warlock Spider and two other spider mutant villains’ maybe up against you too! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE!”

He-Man Spider starts to cry! D Angel Ant’s eyes go wide! He has never seen his lover He-Man Spider, cry!

D Angel Ant goes to his mate his love the very muscle dripping and extremely handsome He-Man Spider and puts his thick muscular arms around him and holds him close!

D Angel Ant

“Thanks to Alpha and Omega Wasp all of my money was transferred into both of their accounts as well as my land and homes, my love if I do not survive, look after Alpha and Omega Wasp and LightningStrike it will hit you and them I know, the hardest!”

He-Man Spider starts talking insane-like and looks like he is about to sting D Angel Ant but D Angel Ant is the one who stings him first and puts him to sleep! D Angel Ant lovingly kisses his mate on the forehead and lays him on their plush king-sized bed, he flies up to the roof top opening and is gone!


“Good evening gentlemen we have reached the final part of our Death Match Fight for tonight with the last remaining winners and they are:

The awesome 7-year Death Match Lord Champion and Super Stud Hero D Angel Ant and the very wicked and deadly Super Stud Villain, Warlock Spider!”

The Ring Master

“Congratulations to you both! You two know the rules! Good luck to you both! When the bell rings, begin to fight!”

On two very large screens both D Angel Ant and Warlock Spider’s stats are given.

D Angel Ant, naked on the screen his back and front sides showing to all: He is 6ft3 225-lbs very muscle bound light blue eyes dark black hair in a very unique short cut style, he is wearing skin tight metallic silver-Lycra metal flex protection briefs his stinger penis is now cut and 25-inches long when fully erect and 7-inches around, He has a black and silver colored utility belt along with same colored gauntlets around each of his muscular lower arms with rainbow colored buttons each can put an opponent down fast!

And he is wearing his black wrestler type boots A list of many stinger venoms some say can be deadly! He has upon his utility belt a very powerful and multi-tasks Halo-weapon! Which can automatically change colors without any command and the newest AAA-111 Android Power Brain! The newest type android power brain the mind area can no-longer be damaged like the others could be!

He and his lover his life-mate He-Man Spider are the Top-leader’s of the Mutant Allied Protection Force! He has super strength and clear colored wings with the ability for him to fly at light speed, it is now known by all because of what the now very dead TopYellow Jacket did to him during their match that D Angel Ant is a Super-Mutant!

D Angel Ant was voted by thousands to be the hottest most sexual-desired mutant-male for a whopping 7-years by the very popular Heroes’ and Villain’s magazine!

D Angel Ant smiles big for the cheering and yelling for him crowd! He pulls down his briefs to show off his stinger penis and does a pec shimmy for the cheering wildly crowd, too!

D Angel Ant

“My stinger penis will feel real good going up his ass! What do you think? I think his tight ass-hole needs to be loosen up!”

The crowd goes wild! As D Angel Ant turns and points his fully erect stinger penis at a smiling and going fully erect, Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider:

6ft7 300-lbs he is extremely muscle bound! He has won every championship body builder competition he has ever entered to this day!

On the very large photo screen showing Warlock Spider completely naked back and front!

The Jack-off rooms start to get full looking at both of these muscle bound studs a hero and a villain!

He is stunningly handsome!

His hair color is midnight black with streaks of sliver white! And is very long and almost down to his feet, he lets it flow freely always!

His eyes are the rare pitch black with red glowing pupils! And are hypnotic-like when you look at them!

He is wearing skintight dark-red Lycra metal flex protection briefs with black colored and hanging from webs from each wrist and looking like drained and powerless stud muscle men all over them!

He has a very huge bulge with in them, too!

His stinger penis is cut and it is 27-inches long when fully erect and it is 13-inches around when fully erect as well! A mind wrecker stinger penis, it says!

Warlock Spider is wearing dark red gauntlets upon each of his very nice looking muscular arms with different colored buttons which says can put an opponent down very fast!

His utility belt is different shades of gray and red, as are his wrestler type boots!

A very long list of stinger venoms some say can be deadly!

He has extreme super strength and his webs are and can be deadly it says!

Warlock Spider is also a Super-Mutant!

Warlock Spider was voted the most drop-dead handsome and most muscular of any of the mutant-villain’s by Heroes’ and Villain’s magazine for a consecutive 5-years!

D Angel Ant is trying hard not to think about how powerful Warlock Spider is, they have met up before in battle when D Angel Ant was just starting his Mutant Allied Protection Force training!

The Trio of Power called upon all one thousand of the new and older Mutant Allied Protection Force Members…

To fight an uprising by the extremely evil nature Dragonfly-Clan and other Villain’s at that time at a very much needed warehouse worker strike that was going on!

The Dragonfly Clan along with other villainous evil Mutant’s was trying to shut down this very much needed plant that provides nectar and high protein drinks for both heroes’ and villains’ too!

This would be an easy job for the Trio of Power but they were fighting a huge band of Power Draining Vampire’s and were un-able to commit to both task!

D Angel Ant along with others were fighting and destroying these villains’ but sadly heroes’ were also being destroyed too!

D Angel Ant was alone and in a very dim but also had some light here and there in a tree covered area of this very huge mutant food supply plants, backside!

He is hearing a loud moaning voice and walks upon a dressed in Allied Mutant Protection Force uniform and cap and looks to be a fallen hero he is very tall and extremely muscle bound and drop dead handsome too!

His hero outfit is torn and he is lying up against a very large tree!

D Angel Ant comes to him quickly and asks him what happed to him!

Warlock Spider dressed in the outfit of the hero he had just destroyed! Ask D Angel Ant to help him stand up!

D Angel Ant smiles big! And gently pulls this super stud hero he thinks he is up to him self and Warlock Spider lightning fast…

Stings both of D Angel Ant’s huge big round bubble like pecs and trashes D Angel Ant, fast!

D Angel Ant


D Angel Ant starts acting like a drunk! His huge bubble like pec’s are indenting and rippling non-stop! His wings are turning blue! He is being webbed up and spun around and around at the base of his huge bubble like pecs along with his very muscular arms!

Warlock Spider

“Oh yeah you are so damn sexy and dripping in muscles! I just paralyzed your super strength and neutralized all of your venoms and I made you weak minded and gave you a huge load of multi-mutant-sexual pheromone venom!

D Angel Ant is totally in Warlock Spider’s, POWER! He is indeed talking weak minded but wanting sex from Warlock Spider both those venoms are work against each other!

Warlock Spider soon has a very much in his power! D Angel Ant hanging from one of the huge trees long limbs!

D Angel Ant is totally helpless! As Warlock Spider is sucking D Angel Ant’s stinger penis head area! Warlock Spider found all of D Angel Ant’s sexual weak areas, fast!

Warlock Spider

“Oh yeah I pumped you full of extreme sperm multiplier too! Like it? HA-HA-HA! Your balls are growing bigger and bigger! And speaking of balls do you like the ball gag I put in your sexy mouth, my stud hero puppet?”

D Angel Ant’s wings are very dark blue and his chiseled chin is resting upon the very upper parts of his very round and bubble like pec’s!

He is in agony moaning and groaning while his two testicles fill fast with his ant super sperm and grow to large navel orange-like size!

Warlock Spider is working him over big time stinging D Angel Ant’s muscle bound body all over, turning this stud hero into a helpless sex toy, for the moment!

Warlock Spider super sucks D Angel Ant’s penis head area and in no time a very venom drugged into total submission…

D Angel Ant thrust his pinched very muscular buttocks forward and ejaculates the most super sperm load he has ever done!

After a 5-minute climax D Angel Ant is very- very, trashed!

Warlock Spider swallowed down every bit of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm his already very awesomely muscular body gains more and more muscle power all over and he is feeling very-very, wonderful!

Warlock Spider was told to not take any hostages captive and to just destroy them!

He sure doesn’t want to D Angel Ant’s super sperm is so potent!

He has sucked and swallowed down many an ant-mutant’s super-sperm before but none of theirs was like D Angel Ant’s!

He is feeling so damn good! And his already extremely muscular body put on more muscle then any of the other ant-mutant’s super sperm ever has!

But as he was told to do, he is about to put a huge deadly acid type venom load into D Angel Ant that will indeed destroy, him!

When Warlock Spider hears a large group of mutant heroes’ calling for D Angel Ant and others and is coming that way fast!

Warlock Spider steps back fast and looks over his handy work and a devils grin appears, then he is gone fast like magic!

D Angel Ant has tried to forget that day many years ago but has never been able to and has had nightmares about it off and on!

D Angel Ant turns towards a devil’s grinning Warlock Spider and checks him out from head to toe as is Warlock Spider doing the same to him!

D Angel Ant

“You evil monster! You killed my sweet cousin Shy Angel Ant! I know the odds are against me and how powerful and deadly you are! But I will I promise you! Do my best to kill you!”

Warlock Spider

“Oh will you now? I have to say I’ve swallowed down a lot of ant-mutant super sperm and your now very dead cousin’s super sperm was by far the best I have ever gotten a hold of and yours was too! Let’s talk about that!”

D Angel Ant

“You are nothing but evil! You’re Absorbatron’s, PET MONSTER!”

Warlock Spider smiles big at that!

Warlock Spider

“Oh come on muscles dripping and so damn Sexy! I have two questions for you the first is are you a bullet-ant mutant? And the second is why is your super-sperm so damn good?”

D Angel Ant

“Well it is strange that you would ask me that but you are close I’m like a mixture of a bullet-ant and weaver-ant mutant, my type of mutant ant is called in the other earths language of Latin: Angeliouskindindium of the South American area as they call it in the other earth’s area and is a well hidden secret clan and we were never charted by either worlds…

The answer to your other question is our super-sperm is the most pure of all the ant-mutant’s that’s why my type of super-sperm is very much, coveted!”

Warlock Spider

“How interesting! Thank you sexy! I’m a scientist and knowledge is power!”

Warlock Spider

“Wow! I can see by the imprint in your metal flex protection Lycra-briefs that, stud Superbad Spider gave you a dose of sperm multiplier! Your testicles are the size of two navel oranges, I’ll love swallowing all of that awesome super sperm of yours, down!”

D Angel Ant

“Well that fiend is dead as dreams and I sure hope the same thing happens to you as well you evil monster!”

Warlock Spider just smiles at a mad looking D Angel Ant!

The bell rings and D Angel Ant waste no time and at light-speed slams both of his fists into Warlock Spider’s handsome face!

Warlock Spider


Warlock Spider falls to the area floor and D Angel Ant is straddled upon him very fast before he can recover!

D Angel Ant starts pounding Warlock Spider’s face and huge pec’s very rapidly!

Warlock Spider


After a good three minutes of non-stop punching Warlock Spider’s face is bleeding and both of his eyes are black and his pec’s are very much bruised looking!

D Angel Ant as well as all of the crowd can hear the weaker and weaker moans and groans coming from the down on the floor Warlock Spider with D Angel Ant straddled upon him!

D Angel Ant turns and looks at the crowd and flexes his pec’s and huge bi-ceps for them and grins big!

He then turns toward a looking very trashed Warlock Spider and looks down at his halo-weapon and takes it off of it’s hook and smiles big and shows it to all of the cheering loudly for him crowd!

Then he shows his halo-weapon to a looking very zapped and out of it, Warlock Spider!

D Angel Ant

“Time for you to die you evil monster! I’m going to make my halo-weapon go right around your head and then make it shrink until your head pops like a balloon!”

D Angel Ant is about to command his halo-weapon to begin and he is looking right at Warlock Spider, then something happens that D Angel Ant wasn’t expecting!

Warlock Spider’s mouth is hanging open wide, like he is in very bad pain D Angel Ant thinks and from his full lips fully open mouth comes forth a flood blast of very thick green like gas-mist that floods D Angel Ant’s face and open eyes!

D Angel Ant


D Angel Ant is in agony! The thick green gas like mist is a powerful pain and thoughts stunning venom! D Angel Ant sinks down ward and rolls off of Warlock Spider and goes face down almost screaming and rubbing his eyes non-stop!

D Angel Ant’s words begin to become very weak like and his muscles are all jerking wildly his entire well made body feeling pain all over and his handsome head bobbing up and down violently as his pinched very tight and firm buttocks thrusting up and down non-stop!

Warlock Spider stands up and looks at the cheering for him crowd and grins an evil smile for them and flexes his very muscular body and makes his huge bigger then D Angel Ant’s pec’s dance and indent and ripple with power!

Warlock Spider

“Oh I think it’s time to clip this Angel’s wings slowly for you all to see!”

The crowd goes wild! And starts cheering loud for Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider goes to a looking very zapped senseless D Angel Ant and grabs him up roughly! D Angel Ant is now fully under the power of both venoms and he doesn’t know what is happening to him!

He can’t think right all of his thoughts are now almost completely paralyzed!

Warlock Spider quickly strips D Angel Ant of his utility belt, gauntlets briefs and boots he takes D Angel Ant’s halo-weapon out of his clenched fist and lays it on top of the pile of D Angel Ant’s stuff and turns D Angel Ant towards the cheering loud crowd!

Warlock Spider picks up D Angel Ant’s limp stinger penis and shakes it up and down rapidly for the cheering madly crowd! And he puts a firm grip to D Angel Ant’s swollen testicles too and shakes them for all to see as well!

Warlock Spider

“Oh yeah are you feeling my powerful pain and mind drain breath venom stud hero?

Now-now don’t worry it is a short term venom and I have been watching the clock on the huge monitor up there and I know when it will subside!”

And as Warlock Spider is watching from time to time the clock upon the huge monitor he begins feeling a very trashed looking and acting D Angel Ant’s muscle bound body all over and then power squeezing D Angel Ant rock hard nipples and seeing his pec stingers come forth just a wee bit!

Warlock Spider pulls down his briefs and spreads D Angel Ant’s totally beautiful to look upon ass-crack open and lays his huge stinger penis with in it!

D Angel Ant


Warlock Spider

“Oh no one is going to help you my D Angel Fucked! Don’t worry my venom is just about to wear off!”

And sure enough it starts wearing off the pain and the thoughts stunning venom is quickly going away and D Angel Ant slowly starts coming back to his normal self!

As Warlock Spider is fingering both of D Angel Ant’s ears, D Angel Ant speaks out loud!

D Angel Ant

“Oh yes no more pain and I’m starting to think right I must snap out of his hold on, me!”

And just as D Angel Ant says that last word, Warlock Spider acts fast!

From both of his first fingers comes forth something very rarely seen thick and very long diamond coated stingers of which only Spider-Mutant’s have these!

And he puts both of then into D Angel Ant’s ears and they penetrate D Angel Ant’s super titanium steel ear to android power brain shield protection units and go deep within D Angel Ant’s android power brain! And go straight to D Angel Ant’s main security panel circuit and his one and only will control module!”

D Angel Ant’s eyes go wide open in shock!

D Angel Ant


D Angel Ant’s handsome head jerks back hard and stays that way! With his beautiful eyes looking very in shock! His sexy full lips mouth hanging open to the max!

His pelvic area thrusting forward hard!

Warlock Spider

“Oh yes I have done my home work on your android power brain D Angel Ant both my long thick diamond stingers went straight to your main security unit and your entire will control module and my stingers are dripping my very destructive acid venom to both of them now, how sweet!”

Warlock Spider retracts both of his thick diamond stingers from a looking very trashed D Angel Ant’s ears and once done D Angel Ant starts walking around the arena floor with his handsome head jerking non-stop!

Our very helpless and looking to be totally in Warlock Spider’s power speaking very weak and out of his head words as his huge bubble like pec’s are indenting in and out making his pec stingers show when they go deeply inward!

The crowd is going insanely wild watching D Angel Ant stumbling about like a very drunk naked muscle man walking around the arena floor, as if in a zombie state of mind! This muscle dripping and completely naked stud hero with his limp stinger penis slightly bobbing this way and that over his very swollen testicles!

Warlock Spider starts smiling big for the cheering for him crowd and flexing his awesome muscle bound championship body builder physique, for all to see!

After a minute or two of flexing all of his magnificent muscles, Warlock Spider grins a devils grin for the crowd and proclaims to them…

Warlock Spider

“Oh my! Our poor D Angel Ant hero looks like he’s went to sleep walking! I do think I need to wake him up! Should I crowd?”

The Crowd

“Warlock Spider has indeed put this D Angel Ant-hero in hell! We all do believe his rein as Death Match Champion will soon and no doubt fail!”

The majority of the crowd is chanting loud! “Hail to our new Death Match Champion Warlock Spider!”

Warlock Spider with a devils grin at all of the cheering for him crowd! As he walks up behind our poor looking very defeated D Angel Ant and starts mocking the way our fallen hero is stumbling about the arena floor!

Then he quickly grabs a hold of both of D Angel Ant’s clear colored wings and with his extreme super strength rips both of them off!

D Angel Ant shrieks at the top of his lungs in pain! As all can see the blood running down his muscular well defined back!

D Angel Ant


D Angel Ant drops fast to his knees his handsome head jerking about non-stop his full lips mouth hanging open wide in agony!

Warlock Spider

“My D Angel Fucked! You will call me MASTER YOU MUST OBEY! You will now tell me where your regeneration gland is located won’t you?”

D Angel Ant is now speaking in a very high toned buzzing-like voice


Warlock Spider

“Lay face down my D Angel Fucked! NOW!”

A shaking all over his well made body D Angel Ant has no choice with his will-control module put totally out of commission, utterly completely destroyed! He must obey and he does very quickly!

He does as he was commanded to do and lays face down!

Warlock Spider roughly spreads D Angel Ant’s thick muscular legs wide and then kneels down between them and with his right middle finger sticks it to the area that D Angel Ant said his regeneration glad is at and a very thick stinger goes into D Angel Ant’s large regeneration glad and a very powerful toxic corrosive venom completely destroys it in seconds!

This turns D Angel Ant into a weak so weak acting naked muscular very pussy-like male! His voice has jumped to a really high pitched tone as he is screaming his lungs out and crying hard with tears that keep coming forth!

In all of D Angel Ant 7-year matches he has never be-haved like this! Not even when Demon-Fire Ant circumcised him!

Our hero is truly finished! He is broken!

His words now are totally insane, he is out of his mind! Speaking entirely like a whipped scared senseless, slave!

Warlock Spider stands and places his right boot upon D Angel Ant’s quivering buttocks and looks towards all of the cheering for him crowd and raises his thick muscular arms and flexes his huge bi-ceps and pec ripples and shimmies for them as well!

Warlock Spider does this for a long 10-minutes and then he pulls from his utility belt an injection device and tourniquet then goes to the very defeated D Angel Ant’s right thick muscular arm…

He applies the tourniquet and several thick veins appear he inserts the razor sharp diamond needle into one of the thick veins!

Warlock Spider draws back and when he sees blood going into the clear reservoir  he pushes down the plunger!

And into D Angel Ant’s blood stream after releasing the tourniquet and loads the very defeated D Angel Ant with almost an over dose of the very addictive and powerful pain killer, over the top mind relaxing and extreme joyful feeling drug called “Fallen-Star”

This highly addictive to the point of permanent dependences drug has many very serious side effects!

And if given to the point of an almost over dose amount 5-times within a 24 hour period the mutant who has been done this way, will have to be given this drug three times a day for the rest of his life or he will die!

Warlock Spider places the injection device back into his utility belt and then removes a tube of thick petroleum jelly lubricant.

With the most powerful most potent of all ant-mutant sex drive pheromone’s laced within it!

That will make any ant-mutant no matter how weak they become want to keep ejaculating and ejaculating non-stop until they are drained of all power!

Warlock Spider squeezes a large amount onto D Angel Ant’s now exposed rectum…

After he spread open the utterly trashed very defeated D Angel Ant’s ass-crack then inserts the penis head looking tip inside of D Angel Ant’s ass-hole and squirts a huge amount into him!

The injected drug works very fast and D Angel Ant is no longer acting like he is in any type of pain or distraught what’s so ever and he even begins to laugh from time to time and acts like there is nothing wrong at all!

Warlock Spider

“Oh I’m so glad you are feeling better my sexy stud hero Slave! Stand up and come give me your hot full lips! I want to make love to you! Do you want the same?”

D Angel Ant

“Oh yes! I want to make you feel good Master! I’m your obedient Slave! Please Master! Make love to me!”

Warlock Spider

“But my stinger penis is so huge around just look at it my, SLAVE!”

Warlock Spider pulls down his briefs exposing his mind wrecking stinger penis to D Angel Ant!

With a very drugged out of his mind looking eyes and smile upon his handsome face D Angel Ant’s stinger penis goes very rapidly to full erection and begins to throb and pulsate and ooze pre-cum!

D Angel Ant begins to stroke his stinger penis, until Warlock Spider commands him to stop!

And our totally beaten defeated and soon to be no longer the Death Match Champion D Angel Ant obeys!

Warlock Spider commands D Angel Ant to come to him and D Angel Ant quickly does as he is told!

Warlock Spider makes the will-control module destroyed D Angel Ant face him and once done he lifts up D Angel Ant’s two very-very large testicles and stings D Angel Ant with an all out venom destroyer venom!

D Angel Ant


The pain from the powerful venom destroyer venom makes D Angel Ant’s stinger penis go limp very fast!

Warlock Spider

“Oh did I hurt you my sexy dripping in muscles, Slave?”

D Angel Ant

“I live for the love pain you give to me Master! More PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider

“Tell me something my sexy, Slave! Is it true that a stinger penis or just a penis inserted into you makes you weak all over body and mind?”

D Angel Ant with a drunk look smile upon his handsome face…

“Yes my, Master!”

Warlock Spider

“Your Master is now ready to make love to you with my very powerful stinger penis love tool! Just relax and I will pick you up and place you upon my stinger penis and then I’m going to suck your stinger penis while I pump you senseless my sexy stud hero, Slave!”

D Angel Ant

“Oh thank you Master! Thank you so much!”

D Angel Ant does as he is told and completely relaxes as Warlock Spider grabs D Angel Ant by his very muscular buttocks and lifts him up and then lowers him down until D Angel Ant’s ass-hole connects with Warlock Spider’s huge around stinger penis head!

D Angel Ant can feel the heat from Warlock Spider’s monster stinger penis and groans with deep pleasure!

Next Warlock Spider begins to force his mind wrecker stinger penis into D Angel Ant’s very slick rectum stretching it open wider and wider!

D Angel Ant starts feeling weak all over mind and body! And the more his main weakness rectum gets stretched wider and wider the weak feeling becomes madding!

D Angel Ant


Finally after a good three minutes of forcing his 13-inch around and 27-inches long when fully erect stinger penis goes deep into D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant is truly weak body and mind! His eyes start rolling back with his head jerking forward ruff! Bouncing off of Warlock Spider’s huge bubble like pectoral muscles!

Warlock Spider begins to start super strength sucking D Angel Ant’s limp stinger penis mostly around the head area and it works D Angel Ant’s stinger penis goes to full erection fast!

Warlock Spider lifts D Angel Ant up and down slowly pumping D Angel Ant while sucking him and before to long only one more climax to go from D Angel Ant and he will be completely drained of power!

Except for the solar sun like cell deep in the very center of D Angel Ant’s now two parts damaged android power brain!

Warlock Spider

“Tell me D Angel Fucked! How are you feeling?”

D Angel Ant is to weak to answer normally and just barley is able to make a slight drunken smile and shake his head up and down, slightly!

Warlock Spider has swallowed down two very huge loads of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm and everyone can actually see the new muscles like magic appearing upon him all over!

D Angel Ant’s last climax begins and lasts longer then the other ones did and it wipes him out completely!

Warlock Spider grins big!

And keeps swallowing down D Angel Ant’s final non-stop oozing load!

D Angel Ant’s final words are very robotic like!


D Angel Ant’s beautiful blue eyes glaze over to all white and his handsome head lowers until his chiseled chin is resting at the very upper part of his bubble like pec’s!

The crowd goes completely insane!

All stand and hail at the top of their lungs…

“Warlock Spider is the new Death Match Champion!”

Warlock Spider grins big and only his eyes turn towards some of the cheering crowd!

He is still sucking and fist milking our very conquered completely drained of power hero!

D Angel Ant’s stinger penis is doing its final flood oozing of all that extreme amount left with in his still swollen with super-sperm testicles!

But he won’t have too much more to go as the zombie like D Angel Ant’s testicles begin to shrink very rapidly it’s common and a usual effect of a mutant with an android power brain when completely power drain!

As they get smaller and smaller they will force out all of the still extreme amount of super-sperm, like an erupting volcano!

And another effect of D Angel Ant being completely drained of his power is that his 25-inches long when fully erect stinger penis will shrink down to about 5-inches long!

And it is happening fast! Before all of the crowd and a swallowing huge load after load of rushing out super-sperm Warlock Spider and in seconds it is done!

Warlock Spider removes his mouth from the very small stinger penis and wipe his mouth crossed his left gauntlet!

D Angel Ant is still very much impaled upon Warlock Spider’s huge stinger penis and the new Death Match Champion quickly repositions D Angel Ant…

By swinging him around after lifting up his very thick muscular legs as high as he could get them to go! And that’s where he keeps D Angel Ant impaled upon his stinger penis, only now facing away from himself!

Ring Master

“Warlock Spider is the absolute winner of this match! He has won and nothing that he used or did was illegal! Congratulations!

I must ask you death or ownership?”

Warlock Spider

“I the new Death Match Champion Warlock Spider as all can see and know, I Could of easily destroyed this extremely handsome and muscle bound X-Death Match Lord Champion but he has something that is highly coveted by villain’s and heroes’ too! His absolute pure super-sperm!

There fore I declare ownership!”

The Ring Master

“You have that right! But no money will you be paid! You will receive trophy and the title of Death Match Champion! Once again congratulations! Your trophy will be sent out to you via a page in ten minutes!”

The crowd once again begins to loudly praise and hail Warlock Spider as the New Death Match Champion!

Warlock Spider with a glazed over eyes and his sexy full lips mouth hanging wide open D Angel Ant still impaled upon his mind wrecker stinger penis…

He puts on a show for the cheering crowd his lifts up high D Angel Ant’s thick muscular arm and then lets them go! They fall back down fast and sway back and forth slowly!

Then he picks up D Angel Ant’s now very small about 5-inches long stinger penis at the very base and shakes it slowly for the cheering and chanting loudly his name crowd!

Then he removes the very dead like D Angel Ant from his stinger penis and holds

him up by his thick muscular neck!

Warlock Spider’s fingers are very long!

And from his first right hand finger he webs around and around D Angel Ant’s waist and lower bubble-like pectoral’s area! After a few good rounds of webbing D Angel Ant’s waist and pec’s areas he points his finger upward and the web sticks to the arena ceiling lifting D Angel Ant four feet off the ground!


Next he begins to completely web D Angel Ant up except for his nose and eyes area!

He wants to admire his handy work during his journey to his very secret hidden abode!

He stand back looking over his handy work at the beaten very defeated and completely drained of all his power D Angel Ant and a young very sexy page brings him his trophy he looks it over and is smiling big when…

He hears two mad sounding voices! It is Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp!

Alpha Wasp

“Well you fiend! I guess we should be grateful you decided to claim ownership!”

Warlock Spider

“I guess you should Alpha Wasp! You know I really don’t want to see your face at all! Let alone hear that winy voice of yours either! I won this match fair and square and as you know I hate you! Now go away!”

Omega Wasp

“Now all of us know how we feel towards each other, War! I just want to ask you to please except a very-very large sum of money for D Angel Ant, Please!”

Warlock Spider


Omega Wasp hangs his head down ward!

Warlock Spider waste no time and brings the almost entirely webbed up D Angel Ant down and to himself and throws his limp body over his very board shoulder!

And quickly gathers up D Angel Ant’s briefs utility belt, gauntlets and boots and is about to pick up the halo-weapon when Alpha Wasp swoops in and grabs it lightning fast and is back at his Omega Wasp’s side just as fast!

Warlock Spider


Alpha Wasp


Warlock Spider gives Alpha Wasp a very-very hate filled look and pushes a button upon his utility belt and from the sky-dome above in floats down his black hover-craft!

Alpha Wasp

“You don’t need those sun-glasses you have on! It’s raining! You filthy, MONSTER!”

Warlock Spider


He loads D Angel Ant into the front seat of his all black hover-craft, gets in and it floats up very fast! And they are gone!

Omega Wasp

“It’s just been such a good night! He-Man Spider was captured and a ransom note to boot and our heart D Angel Ant now property of that evil, malice to the core, MONSTER!

I’m going to be sick, my love!”

Alpha Wasp

“Me too my love! Me too!”

End of part-1      David Circe   1/8/2009 


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