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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 2 - Chapter 2
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
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Alpha Wasp

“My love with both of our hearts robbed away! You and that makes me drool and go fully erect, see?

Thinking about him Blue-Star Bat is now in command of the Allied Mutant Protection Force, right? And he and you need to call an emergency meeting fast! I would think!”

Omega Wasp

“I know my love when we found that ransom note I called Blue-Star Bat and Midnight Moth and told them to call a piority-1 summons to all!”

Alpha Wasp

“Well which one of you is top dog?”

Omega Wasp was grinning

“Blue-Star Bat and I are now acting top leaders and as you know the Trio of Power will have to send an android or two to his very large desert watch guard area, with him being gone his watch area is so large! It’s a good thing his brother’s help him from time to time! Next is Midnight Moth then you my love!”

Alpha Wasp doesn’t speak he can’t hold his tears back any longer and starts crying and quickly turns away, trying to keep Omega Wasp from noticing!

Omega Wasp speaking softly

“Come here to me, my love!”

Alpha Wasp does and Omega Wasp wraps his very thick muscular arms around his one and only for life love that is weeping very badly! Alpha Wasp!

Omega Wasp

“Now-now my love you know that Blue-Star Bat and Midnight Moth will summon all of their kin and there are a lot of bat-mutant’s and twice as much more moth-mutant’s!

And Warlock Spider could of easily killed D Angel Ant he put him down for the count fast! But he did not! That there tells me now who had put the contract out to capture our love, D Angel Ant!

And as we both know that when Warlock Spider finds something that he really desires and from what we saw on the video screen at the arena, him milking D Angel Ant’s stinger penis! Showed us he does really love D Angel Ant’s super-sperm! He won’t kill him, this I know!”

Alpha Wasp still won’t talk and the tears keep falling for another good five minutes and then they stop when Omega Wasp’s communication devise sounds off!

Omega Wasp

“Yes? Yes we are all on full alert! Yes and full gathering status! Hum I was thinking the same thing too! Is he near by? Good! Alpha Wasp and I will be there in 20- minutes! Omega Wasp, out!”

Alpha Wasp


Omega Wasp

“Stud Wolf, watched the match he is on his way from way up in the Northern Regions his very vast, guard watch area!”

Alpha Wasp

“Oh, I see all he’ll have to do is smell D Angel Ant’s halo-weapon to lock onto Warlock Monster’s hide-out but some thing tells me that Monster will have a way to stop that!”

Omega Wasp

“Right! That sure was a wise thing for you to do my love! And it sure as hell pissed the one we love so much off big time! To bad you can’t work it!”

Alpha Wasp smiling big!

“Oh but I can work it! My love!”

Alpha Wasp throws D Angel Ant’s halo-weapon way up in the air and like magic it starts hovering and getting larger and larger and then Alpha Wasp raises his thick muscular arms up and keeps them there and the halo-weapon lowers and stops right around the very bottom of Alpha Wasp’s big huge bubble like pecs and glows bright blue!

Alpha Wasp

“You know it feels really good! It’s like vibrating my pectoral muscles and back area too!”

Omega Wasp looks at Alpha Wasp turning his head from side to side!

Alpha Wasp

“D Angel Ant did something I didn’t know his halo-weapon could do! He gave it a command to allow He-Man Spider, you and I the ability the work it!”

Omega Wasp’s mouth hangs open very wide!

“Why wasn’t I told about this?”

Alpha Wasp

“We meant to but it slipped our minds because after he did that we were so happy! I ask if we could roll-play and you know our D Angel Ant he said O.K. and well He-Man Spider and I were the bad guy’s and he was of coarse the hero and we got the drop on him! It wasn’t easy! And well He-Man Spider and I took turns penetrating him and sucking him off!”

Both start walking to their hovercraft.

Omega Wasp

“AH! Where was I when this I wish I would have been there! Was going on?”

Alpha Wasp

“You went to Midnight Moth’s remember? He called you about all of that money and estates of D Angel Ant’s he is our business manager after all, remember?”

Omega Wasp looking distant and grinning

“Oh yeah! That was fun! UM-UM-HUM!”

Alpha Wasp laughs!

“I know I know he called and told me to come pick up the video and I did, HOT! My love HOT!”

Omega Wasp

“Damn look at my stinger penis! It’s rock hard! We got to go! My love!”

Alpha Wasp

“I know we will put our new awesomely fine hover-craft on automatic and I’ll suck away that big thing sticking up out of your hot briefs my love! Let’s go NOW!”

Omega Wasp starts laughing and so does Alpha Wasp both trying really hard not to dwell on what has happen to their loves D Angel Ant and He-Man Spider! And get into their very nice hovercraft and fly to the main Allied Mutant Protection Forces Head Quarter’s.

Mean while…

Warlock Spider after going through the opening of the ceiling of the Death Match Arena he pushes a button and the webbed up D Angel Ant’s seat he is on lays back and a camera unit shows Warlock Spider his entire webbed up form!

Next Warlock Spider pushes a few buttons and his most top of the line black hovercraft goes into ultra-stealth mode and automatic pilot and will go straight to his very far away under ground hide-out, if he so desires!

Warlock Spider’s turns the totally drained of power D Angel Ant over face down into a automatic body molder unit on the floor of his very large and luxurious hovercraft, he had this part of it specially made for when he finally captured D Angel Ant!

The other bunch of villain’s sent to capture the extremely handsome dripping in muscles D Angel Ant with that awesome super-sperm of his! Failed each and every one of them, did!

Warlock Spider removes all of the webbing he wrapped D Angel Ant in and looks over his handy work! Warlock Spider grins big thinking “I finally got my prize!” He has other stud heroes’ that have went missing that he has enslaved but none like D Angel Ant! And all of them are ant-mutant heroes’ too! 

Then Warlock Spider takes his stinger penis out of his to him too restricting briefs and it is rock hard throbbing and pulsating and it is pre-cumin! And huge to look upon!

With D Angel Ant’s rectum and anal-track passage way good and lubed up he sticks the head of his stinger penis to D Angel Ant’s still very paralyzed wide-open rectum!

And shoves with no problem his mind wrecker stinger penis all of the way into the looks to be dead hero! The very much looking lifeless, D Angel Ant!

Warlock Spider reaches over to two mind probes and attaches them to either side of D Angel Ant’s temples and then attached to them are two ear sockets he puts them in his ears and listens to D Angel Ant’s very weak words coming from his mind area about how Warlock Spider defeated him and broke him and more!

Warlock Spider puts his long fingers to both of D Angel Ant’s rock hard nipples and puts a super strength power squeeze to both of them! D Angel Ant being totally drained of power means he doesn’t know and doesn’t feel what his new Master is doing to him he’s lost in never-never land for the moment!

Warlock Spider slowly pumps the powerless D Angel Ant for a good hour and then he can’t hold back any longer!

And he flexes all of his very well made muscles as he arches his back hard! And lets lose of the best feeling climax he has ever had!

And it lasts a good three minutes! When it is over he wraps his very-very thick muscular arms around the bottom of D Angel Ant’s bubble like pec’s and breaths heavily as all of his body shimmers and his eyes seem to roll backward into his head!

After a good while he removes his still very erect stinger penis from D Angel Ant’s wide-open and sphincter muscle paralyzed rectum!

And he grabs D Angel Ant up by his thick muscular neck and re-webs him up! Then he puts D Angel Ant back in the seat next to his and smiles big! As he and his at the moment powerless new slave arrive at his very hidden hideout!

The large hovercraft lands and Warlock Spider opens the dome and he goes around to the passenger side and picks up D Angel Ant and throws him over his very wide right shoulder and begins to walk inside of his abode.

And he is greeted by two of his very handsome and dripping in muscles slaves an army ant-mutant hero that was named Sergeant Fearless Ant and now Sergeant Malice Ant and a Carpenter Ant mutant hero named Works Hard Ant and now Steal More Ant!

Warlock Spider

“Come take my new number-1 Slave you two and carry him to my re-programming room and take off these webs of mine once you get there! And don’t do anything to him but lay him on the tilt table and then wait for me to come! Do you under stand?”

Both with dumbstruck smiles upon their handsome faces answer quickly!

“OH yes Master! And we will obey!”

Both take D Angel Ant from their Master and walk with him down the very long corridor and are gone!

Warlock Spider walks forward and then turns to the left and walks on a good piece and walks into one of his very large bedrooms and strips naked.

And then starts his shower and stands under the good feeling very warm water and washes his extremely muscle bound body completely.

And then it takes 30-minutes to wash his very long hair and after he is finished he stands under a shower like devise and it dries all of his hair and well made body in seconds!

Warlock Spider then walks over to a refrigerator unit and takes out two can of funnel-web spider mutant nectar and drinks them down quickly!

He tosses the two cans into a trash bin the nectar begins to take full effect!

Warlock Spider spreads his very thick muscular legs wide and roughly arches his muscled out back like all mutant’s do after drinking down a can or two of their type of nectar and his entire body starts to glow with power!

After a good three minutes he relaxes and goes to a very large mirror in the room and smiles big! His two black eyes are back to normal!

And his huge bigger then any ones he has seen so far pectoral muscles are no longer bruised and black and blue! D Angel Ant had him if he would of only stung him with a deadly venom he would of still been the Death Match Lord Champion!

Warlock Spider just got lucky!

Warlock Spider goes to his wardrobe closet and picks out his favorite outfit for re-programming his new slaves puts it on and struts to a hidden passage way devise and pushes it and a very large wall opens up and he steps inside and it closes back and on he walks to his re-programming room!

D Angel Ant knows both of these heroes’ They are good friends of his turned into slaves by Warlock Spider so long ago after tasting D Angel Ant’s awesome super-sperm! He had to have only ant-mutant’s as his slaves!

But he didn’t feel the same when swallowing down their super-sperm it was good and increased his muscle growth but the good feeling wasn’t any where near as good as D Angel Ant’s!

Sergeant Malice and Steal-More Ant lay a webbed up D Angel Ant on the silver tilt table and both remove the webs from a naked defeated D Angel Ant and check him out!

Sergeant Malice Ant

“Oh yeah! It took our Master to finally bring this super-stud hero in! I can’t wait until Master lets us all play together!”

Steal More Ant

“DAMN MY STINGER PENIS LIKES HIM! Wonder why his stinger penis and testicles are so small?”

Warlock Spider

“Oh that happens with you heroes’ having an android power brain at times the more dominate you are the more your stinger penis and testicles will re-act to being drained of all power and a feeling of being broken, does it to you heroes’ and look at his stinger penis and testicles his are the most shrunken, I’ve ever seen! But both of your stinger penises were very close to the same, my pet’s!”

Both say

“Oh yeah? You really worked him over Master! He felt your more dominate, POWER!”

Warlock Spider

“Oh yes he did! I’m now the new Death Match Champion! All of you are coming with me to each of my matches you will be wearing masks of coarse! HA-HA-HA!”

Both Sergeant Malice and Steal More Ant’s laugh whole-heartedly!

Warlock Spider

“Well you two sit back and get you some good lube time to do my work on him!”

Both stud’s go to a tilt bed and slick down their rock hard stinger penises and watch with great expectations!

Warlock Spider

“Opps! I forgot you two go and get the disk for him as well as his new costume and utility belt, boots and gauntlet’s then get back here before I’m done strapping him in! YOU WILL OBEY!”

Both answer


And both run out of the room tripping over each other but at very fast speed!

Warlock Spider goes to his many hidden cameras and starts each one up!

With this done, the fully drained of power D Angel Ant, is spread eagle to the MAX! Upon the silver tilt table!

Warlock Spider straps both of D Angel Ant’s wrists to the table and then both of his legs at his ankles area and then he lifts up D Angel Ant’s bowed head up and takes the head strap and lays it over D Angel Ant’s forehead and buckles it down, now D Angel Ant’s head is set right.

He stands back and checks out again his handy work! After all of the trouble and money he paid to capture D Angel Ant and he was the one who finally got him he deserves to gloat and drool over watch is before him!

D Angel Ant is dripping in muscles and he is so damn good looking! He is truly a Super-Stud! But totally powerless!

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steal More Ant come running into the room fast!

They both bend over and are breathing in and out hard non-stop!

Warlock Spider grins big at this!

“What took you two so long? You two keep his costume and stuff and hand me over the disk and then you two sit back and watch me re-program his top of the line android power-brain!”

Steal More Ant quickly hands over the disk Warlock Spider was talking about and then Sergeant Malice Ant and he go to the two other tilt tables and sit back and watch with rock hard stinger penises!

Warlock Spider’s android power brain re-programming equipment is right at hand about poor powerless D Angel Ant!

The first thing Warlock Spider does is to take down from the ceiling the two black android power-brain re-programming spiral cord long probes and he sticks both of them into D Angel Ant’s ears until he hears the snapping sound!

He smiles big and then goes and sits down to a looks like the other earth’s computer unit’s desk-tops they are called them and it has a very large flat screen monitor devise, this is a very advanced black market android power brain re-programmer!

Warlock Spider hits one button to turn it on and when he does turn it on D Angel Ant’s handsome head juts quickly and his blank no color eyes glow!

Warlock Spider

“O.K. first things first time to whip out his entire memory banks records!

And that’s exactly what he does! When he is finished…

D Angel Ant speaking as if he were a robot!


Warlock Spider hits the Y-key and D Angel Ant cannot speak his mind is now completely void!

Next Warlock Spider opens a slot and places the false memories disk within and closes it and types a few keys and it begins to fill up D Angel Ant’s memories with a new name it will be “Death Angel Ant” and other false thoughts of his life that never happened but he will think they did and believe it all!

While this is happening D Angel Ant’s white as snow blank eyes glow and dim and glow and dim non-stop!

Warlock Spider

“Well my Boy’s just like you his will-control module and his entire security unit console have been destroyed! There is nothing I can do about that! But I have a drug here I created that can re-pair his regeneration gland, I trashed! I’m a mad scientist! You know?”

Warlock Spider laughs a wicked low toned chuckle!

Warlock Spider lets his machine do it’s work on D Angel Ant’s android power-brain as he gets up and goes to a drawer and pulls out two syringes and a tourniquet!

He walks back to D Angel Ant and quickly applies the tourniquet and inserts the diamond needle into a good vein and draws back the plunger, sees the blood!

And then pushes down on the plunger and loads D Angel Ant once again with the highly addictive drug “Fallen Star” it will not take effect until D Angel Ant is fully re-powered!

Next Warlock Spider with D Angel Ant’s very thick muscular legs spread to the MAX!

Can just about see where he stung the life out of D Angel Ant’s regeneration gland!

He reaches under the tilt table and opens a drawer and pulls out a hand held mini real show view X-Ray machine and passes over that area and looks at the destroyed regeneration gland!

Warlock Spider

“Ah! There it is a small part of the gland that wasn’t totally wiped out that’s the target!”

Warlock Spider zooms in on the small part of the totally out of commission regeneration gland and checks it out, it still has a thick vein and some red tissue, that’s all that is need!

Warlock Spider pushes a button on the real show view X-ray machine and it beeps three times and Warlock Spider then pushes the a Y-button and from it a blue pencil width beam goes straight to that area where it is and plants a blue dot right at it!

Warlock Spider pulls out a slide flat drawer and places the X-ray machine on it and then he places the needle right on the blue dot and injects the drug!

Once all this is done he throws both syringes into a near by trashcan!

Then he picks up the X-ray devise and holds it over the small blue dot area and his eyes go wide! And a big grin appears upon his drop dead handsome face as he watches D Angel Ant’s destroyed regeneration gland quickly growing and growing and in seconds it is back to it’s normal power and it is slowly pumping like a heart full of life again!

Warlock Spider

“Oh yes! That regeneration gland of his I destroyed which turned him into a muscle bound pussy-male! Is back to it’s old self, good! He’s going to need it, won’t he my Boy’s?”

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steal More Ant with dreamy dazed looks in their eyes gazing upon the muscles dripping and so handsome are driving both of them wild with desire for D Angel Ant! They’re stroking their stinger penises slowly answer…


Warlock Spider looks at both of his also is very handsome and muscle bound slaves that he has had for a long while chuckles and goes back to work on D Angel Ant!

He sits back down and scans over D Angel Ant’s entire lists of this fallen heroes’ newest top of the line android power-brains features and he re-programs this and that he makes D Angel Ant highly malice-like but also programs him to enjoy S&M treatment done to him! And puts his aggressive unit on high!

He then switches D Angel Ant’s hero thinking mode to villain thinking mode to the MAX!

Then he puts in a must win in all games and battles program and will protect his master, with his life program!

When he is finished re-programming D Angel Ant’s android power-brain he is right the opposite of what he was!

A beeping sound goes off which means D Angel Ant’s memory banks are full of his new memories!

Warlock Spider turns off the android power-brain reprogram machine and goes to D Angel Ant and removes both spiral cord probes!

Warlock Spider

“Come here you two and dress him!”

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steal More Ant snap out of their dazed state and quickly do as they were told!

They have released D Angel Ant’s wrists and legs from the straps and have tilted D Angel Ant backward so that he won’t slide off!

They quickly dress him in his new costume of metal flex Lycra protection briefs a mixture of dark as midnight and different shades of gray, with skull and cross bones all over them and one larger then the rest right at his crotch area! As is his utility belt and his gauntlets and wrestler type boots too!

All three stand back and look upon him and even Warlock Spider’s mouth flies open!

D Angel Ant looks stunning, breath taking and like a true villain ready to take on any hero! A Death Angel Ant, he now will be!

Warlock Spider

“DAMN! O.K. Boy’s time to give my new first super stud slave, LIFE!”

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steal More Ant shake their handsome heads and snap out of it again! And go to the refrigeration unit and gather five cans of ant-mutant re-power nectars! And go to Dark Angel Ant!

They know what to do; Steal More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant, tilt the tilt-table way backwards so that Death Angel Ant’s head is more accessible!

Then Steal More Ant opens a drawer on the tilt table and pulls out a feeding syringe and loads it up with nectar it empties the first can!

He places the end of the feeding syringe into Death Angel Ant’s open wide full lips mouth and very slowly pushes down on the plunger! After a good three minutes the feeding syringe is empty!

Death Angel Ant’s eyes turn back to a wildly different color! And his mouth closes down and he licks his lips and moans softly!

Next Sergeant Malice Ant holds out his hand and Steal More Ant hands him over the feeding syringe and he fills it up and like Steal More Ant once the syringe is filled he tosses the can into a near by trash can!

He puts the feeding syringe tube opening to Death Angel Ant’s sexy full lips now closed mouth and inserts it just a wee bit and starts pushing the plunger downward!

Death Angel Ant’s lips start making a sucking sound like he is sucking a stinger penis! As Sergeant Malice Ant steadily feeds Death Angel Ant the re-powering ant mutant nectar until the feeding syringe is empty!

Death Angel Ant in a very low toned voice


Both Steal More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant bring Death Angel Ant back to an up-right position! And Warlock Spider tells his two ant-mutant slaves to step aside!

They do quickly and both walk backwards to a good spot to watch!

Warlock Spider

“All right my Death Angel Ant drink down this final can of re-powering nectar for your Master!”

Death Angel Ant

“Yes Master! I will obey!”

Warlock Spider puts the ant mutant re-powering nectar can to Death Angel Ant’s sexy as all get out full lips and tilts it back!

Death Angel Ant quickly guzzles down the final can of re-power ant mutant nectar!

And Warlock Spider stands back just in front of the two Slaves’ who step out from their Master’s backside to see it!

Death Angel Ant steps forward just a bit away from the tilt-table and spreads his thick very muscular legs to the extreme and juts his pinched very tight muscular buttocks forward roughly!

His bulging bi-ceps and tri-ceps arms go to his sides with his fists clenched! His handsome as all get out head thrusts back hard and his new colored eyes glow with amazing brightness and power!

And a huge and tremendous red glow engulfs Death Angel Ant and it is so bright all three that stand before him have to shade their eyes!

And after a good five minutes the powerful red glow fades slower and slower and then is gone!

And Warlock Spider is grinning a big and loving grin! And his eyes are both all ah glow!

Death Angel Ant

“Hello Master! Your Death Angel Ant is ready to do as you COMMAND-I-WILL-OBEY!”

Death Angel Ant’s eyes are black; as tar! And his pupils are bright red and all ah GLOW!

End of part-2       David Circe      1-13-09

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