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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 3 - Chapter 3
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
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D Angel Ant is totally, completely and utterly in Warlock Spider’s power! He flexes his huge round biceps and triceps and his very huge round bubble like pecs, making them dance for his new master and brother’s!

D Angel Ant’s new title is Death Angel Ant he has a kind of sexy yet villainous smirk upon his all too handsome face!

Warlock Spider

“Awe! Let me take a look at you my number-1 top slave! Spin around for your Master slowly!

D Angel Ant starts to spin around and his face turns very drugged looking and his sexy full lips mouth hangs open wide and his thick muscular arms hang down!

But he still does as his master ask, but he is stumbling as he turns! He finally makes it around and stops!

Both Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant heads turn towards each other and grin big and their stinger penises are very much erect and pulsating!

D Angel Ant

“I’m sorry Master! I’ll try to do it better! And Master why did I have to be re-powered?”

Warlock Spider

“Awe now don’t you go spinning around no more for Master, you did very well! As for you having to be re-powered some damn villain tried to fist and stinger penis pump you to death! We caught him after he took you away from us! And we made him pay! HOW DARE THAT DAMN WASP FELLER!”

Both Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant both say at the same time, YEAH!

D Angel Ant

“I’m so glad my Master and my brother’s saved me!”


“Oh me too! That damn wasp-mutant just about had you drained and we could hear him saying after he had you drained of all your power and super-sperm, he was going to sting the life right out of my sexy stud Number-1 Slave!”

D Angel Ant’s huge very round bubble like pecs start to indent all over his awesome physique, most places are rippling and quivering as his handsome head jerks just a slight bit off and on!

The fallen-star drug is working and has D Angel Ant totally in its power!

Warlock Spider

“Oh no! That monster! Look what he has done to you my number-1 stud-slave! Your brother’s over there got to you first! And fought that goody two shoes hero wasp-mutant and he almost destroyed them both! Good thing I stopped him! I killed him! We won’t be seeing him no more!”

Both Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant come up close to the looking very zapped senseless D Angel Ant and rub both his very muscular deltoids and speak cheering up words to a grinning like a drunk, D Angel Ant!

Warlock Spider

“Now how do you feel about playing with your brother’s my number-1 Pet?”

D Angel Ant

“OH YEAH! Since they fought that awful wasp-mutant for me, I’m going to let them work me over if they can!”

Death Angel Ant looks at each smiling back at him with deep lust in their eyes! With his new colored eyes looking very drugged out of his mind with a drunk like smile!

As they both smile back too!

Warlock Spider

“Well now I have to look over tonight Death Match rooster you Boy’s go on to your play room and have some fun, HEAR?”

All three nod their very sexy heads and bow, D Angel Ant is wobbling and Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant put their strong arms around his bulked up arms! And in a very friendship manner both put their hands to his deltoids and the three walk out of the room together!

The broken D Angel Ant now Death Angel Ant’s drugged state of mind levels off though due to his now completely re-stored regeneration gland!

But he doesn’t act like it and continues to act very drugged senseless!

Sergeant Malice and Steals More Ant’s stinger penises are rock hard and throbbing as well as pulsating both are oozing out super-sperm pre-cum that is running down both of their stinger penis heads and shafts!

D Angel Ant starts moaning and groaning and muttering weak words, which puts big grins on both of their faces as they enter the very large S&M type Room!

They both with their very muscular arms cupped under D Angel Ant’s bulked up thick under-arms walk him over to a very large mirror!

Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant begin stripping the moaning and groaning and weak words acting D Angel Ant!

When they’re through his new costume is laid in a neat pile.

Sergeant Malice Ant thinking D Angel Ant is still completely zapped senseless by the Fallen-Star drug injected into him speaks out loud to Steals More Ant…

Sergeant Malice Ant

“Oh yeah he’s good to go! Let’s put it to him Steal!”

Steals More Ant

“Oh yeah! Lets put our stingers to his awesome round pecs!”

And both are about to, thinking the still acting very drugged out of his mind D Angel Ant, even if he could hear what they are saying couldn’t do anything to stop them, when…

D Angel Ant’s wings start rapidly fanning and from them are a powerful obeys venom!

Both are caught off guard and breath in the highly potent venom and are quickly zapped senseless!

D Angel Ant

“Okay my brother’s laid face down with your thick muscular legs spread to the max!”

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant obey and quickly lay face down with their thick very muscular legs spread wide!

D Angel Ant, grins big and begins to float up and oozing from his very erect stringer penis hole is a more powerful all ant sexual pheromone venom!

He commands both to spread open their tight ass-cracks and then he quickly rams his stinger penis into Sergeant Malice Ant! He rapidly pumps Sergeant Malice Ant senseless and then does the same to Steals More Ant!

Commanding both to roll over when they are about to ejaculate and they do as he sucks and swallows down their super-sperm!

When he is finished swallowing down their super-sperm he rolls over onto his back smiling big feeling his already very muscle bound body gaining more muscle girth all over!

And he is feeling the effect that is making him feel really great!

But D Angel Ant and all know, you cannot swallow down two or more different types of ant-mutant super-sperm! If this is done it is called, Power-Dive!

D Angel Ant speaking in a higher tone and out loud!


Both Sergeant Malice and Steals More Ant’s are coming around from the stinger penis power pounding D Angel Ant did to them! Their regeneration glands working just like D Angel Ant’s does!

They both stand up and look down at the stud hero that is looking very trashed senseless! And grin big!

All of D Angel Ant’s muscles are jerking wildly and his big round bubble like pecs are non-stop indenting at his sweet sized nipples and making big creators then pop back out then in and out!

His eye pupils are like pen points and are fixed! His sexy full lips mouth is hanging open wide! With clear drool oozing down his chiseled chin and thick very muscular neck and upper chest!

Steals More Ant


D Angel Ant


Sergeant Malice Ant

“Antidote? Oh sure after we work you over brother Death! Like you did to us and then we’ll see if we can find some antidote for your fixing to be whipped ass!”

D Angel Ant doing what he knew would fuck him up like this was all due to the addictive drug injected into him Fallen-Star! One of its many bad side effects is short-term memory loss!

Even though Warlock Spider raped his android power brain first with a powerful acid venom wiping out his will and security units and then re-programmed it to his complete and utter control!

His all-new false memory-banks still would have certain knowledge about such a strong affect swallowing down two or more different types of ant-mutant super-sperm!

And even though Warlock Spider’s reprogramming was now of a totally different life history for D Angel Ant…a.k.a. Death Angel Ant an odd thing about which the evil power-draining vampire’s affect of this alternate earths atmosphere that killed all of the females and mutated all of the males is that, if you are a say wasp-mutant then when you are about another wasp-mutant even though a different kind of wasp-mutant each is well aware that both are wasp mutant’s and are a different type.

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant sad as it is and always looked up to their good friend D Angel Ant and loved him as he love them back! Both waste no time and start working him over, BIG TIME!

They start stinging him with different venoms one that will make his large testicles fill with huge amounts of super-sperm!

And other types that will skull fuck his mind but they make sure not to ejaculate their super-sperm into him or have one of their stinger penises in him while making him cum and drain any of his super strength or powers, that would make their master very angry with them! And both all to well fear his punishments! 

Sergeant Malice Ant

“Here lets see how well he likes a double stinger penis within his main weak area!”

D Angel Ant is very trashed and un-able to move the two super-sperms affect has him helpless and very much needing the anti-dote which must be give before 24-hours is up, or he will die!

Steals More Ant grins big and both quickly do just that and force both of their stinger penises into him!

D Angel Ant very loudly moaning and groaning in deep pain!


All of the head leaders of the Allied Mutant Protection Force are together upon a very huge and round table with all of the other thousands of heroes’ inside of it looking upward to them.

The very stunningly handsome Blue-Star Bat and Sly-Wolf and Midnight Moth are seated with Omega and Alpha Wasp and not separated like at different points which is only the case when a trail of misconduct by a hero, would they be!

Omega Wasp pounds a gavel and all of the thousands of Heroes’ quite and listen!

Omega Wasp

“As you all know our two head leaders D Angel Ant and He-Man Spider are now enslaved and captured! We have strong evidence that the super-mutant villain Warlock Spider is the one that had put out a capture warrant for our head-leader D Angel Ant!

By him doing this is a strong reason for us to watch him, by law of our Guardians The Trio of Power, will not allow us to interfere with him during a Death Match or at a Death Match area at all!

Also my love Alpha Wasp and I found this ransom note and it says”

“If you ever want to see He-Man Spider alive again one of The Allied Mutant Protection Force heroes’ will deliver 3-million dollars in gold to the east side abandoned multi-mutant nectar factory, no later then 4:00-p.m. Thursday of this week!”

The crowd starts rumbling!

Omega Wasp pounds the gavel!

Omega Wasp

“My love and I have that amount of gold we are asking one of you to go and make this delivery, knowing that it could be a trap and very dangerous but we will have tracing units and also a module that will allow the hero to think his thoughts and we will be able to hear and know where he is at all times!”

Duke Anaconda

“I will go and take the gold and try to save our leader our great friend He-Man Spider!”

Several other mutant heroes’ call out that they will also do the same!

Then Blue-Star Bat stands!

Blue-Star Bat

“Thank you all that is very brave and we all love you for volunteering! But I will be the one that will do this dangerous task! Do I have any objections for the head leaders?”

None of the head leaders say no!

Blue-Star Bat

“Then it is settled! At ease to you all until further orders, are put to all!”

All of the thousands of heroes’ leave the huge auditorium and when the last one is out of the room, all begin the plan of action!

End of part-3       David Circe.     3/5/2009

All creators heroes’ in this story are mine!

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