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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 4 - Chapter 4
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

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Warlock Spider comes walking into the room and a devils grin spreads wide across his drop dead handsome face watching Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant taking turns suck milking a very trashed looking D Angel Ant’s rock hard stinger penis!

Warlock Spider

“DAMN! What did you do to my Death Angel Ant, boy’s?”

Sergeant Malice Ant

“We didn’t do anything to him Master! He did it to himself by swallowing down both of our super-sperm loads and it put him down for the count BIG TIME! He was begging us for the antidote and we just skull-fucked him senseless about that! I hope you’re not mad at us, Master!”

Warlock Spider

“No I’m not mad, I’m just wondering how he put you two down and was able to make you both give up your super-sperm, hum?”

Steals More Ant

“He zapped us good via his wings with a powerful venom, all ant-mutant pheromone I think? And then some more venom’s and then he pounded us senseless and made us turn over and give him our loads of super-sperm and then when we woke up he was very zapped out of his mind and beautiful body, Master!”

Warlock Spider laughs big at that!

Warlock Spider

“Well it was this here that did that to him, it’s time for him to have another drug load of Fallen-Star and then in just an hour or so we will be at the Death-Match arena you two in masks and full villain costume and him only in his new villain costume minus his breifs and me in one of my sexy stud villain out fits and all, so go get ready! I’ll tend to my number one sexy drop dead handsome and very fucked up Death Angel Ant, RUN ALONG NOW!”

Both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant go quickly out of the large S&M room!

Warlock Spider goes over to a jerking all over D Angel Ant and grabs his left very thick muscular arm and injects the very addictive Fallen-Star drug into one of D Angel Ant’s thick veins!

D Angel Ant is talking very weak-minded words and soon the Fallen-Star drug takes affect and he calms down but he is still jerking all over and his beautiful pecs are indenting non-stop! He has a death mask about his new colored eyes!

D Angel Ant, a.k.a.  Death Angel Ant has only once swallowed down two different ant-mutant’s super-sperm types and the two he took their super-sperm from did work him over but they were friends just like Sergeant Malice and Steals More Ant are and were and gave him the antidote quickly afterwards.

The malice nature of Warlock Spider is enjoying what his now totally in his power D Angel Ant did to himself and he will give him the antidote if he wins the Death Match tonight but right now he wants D Angel Ant’s pure super-sperm!

D Angel Ant is mentally lost in a dream-state of mind! He can hear his new master’s voice though and he will obey!

Warlock Spider, with his very long hair like it has a mind of it’s own picks up the zapped out of his mind D Angel Ant and lifts him up high Warlock Spider’s huge fat stinger penis is at full attention and a clear type of venom is oozing out of his very large penis hole and going all over the head area!

Warlock Spider wants to take away two thirds of D Angel Ant’s super strength and powers and suck milk him before the Match and take on more muscle growth and get that really great high!

He does plan to milk D Angel Ant a.k.a. Death Angel Ant and store away his super sperm any thing could happen to his new slave Death Angel Ant during a robbery or what he has planned for him!

Warlock Spider with his long hair swiftly turns D Angel Ant around and facing away from him and with his thick very muscular legs and feet spread D Angel Ant’s also very thick muscular legs wide and then he puts the head of his stinger penis to D Angel Ant’s pink rectum and begins to force his huge around stinger penis into a now moaning and groaning very loud D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant


After a good two minutes of this Warlock Spider’s slick with the clear oozing maximum sex-drive venom goes in fast! And Warlock Spider drives his monster stinger penis very deep within our fallen hero!

D Angel Ant


Warlock Spider

“OH YEAH! I know what my huge around stinger penis is doing to you! My number-1 slave! You’re making your master feel so good! My Death Angel Ant! Is doing so good!”

Warlock Spider has D Angel Ant impaled upon his monster stinger penis and can see the look upon his handsome face, it is twisted and looking very much in shock!

With his new black as coal colored eyes bulging out and his red pupils are to pen points too!

Warlock Spider shoots another venom into our helpless hero and now his eyes are un-blinking and looking very drugged out of his mind! With his sexy full lips mouth hanging open with his tongue looking very dry and just slightly outward!

This venom is the very painful to any hero or villain a maximum sperm multiplier that will fill his already very large testicles with an extreme load of super-sperm that will make his balls grow very large like two large navel oranges!

But the only benefit of the Fallen-Star drug is it’s powerful pain reliever that will keep the very helpless D Angel Ant from feeling too much of the extreme pain from them both filling with so much of his super sperm, making both testicles very large in growth size from the huge loads of sperm!   

Warlock Spider

“OH YEAH! That tight ass-hole of yours feels so good my pet slave! You’re making your master feel so good! You love your master’s huge around stinger penis don’t you my Death Angel Ant?”

D Angel Ant


The Fallen-Star drug is doing its wicked job on D Angel Ant! He is being rendered helpless to its potent addictive power! And his regeneration gland is paralyzed to its effect and can’t help him at all!

Warlock Spider has walked himself and our very defeated hero that is impaled upon this evil super-mutant’s huge round stinger penis over to a wide and full length mirror and is checking out how zapped senseless D Angel Ant is looking!

The death mask seems to be covering more of this fallen stud heroes’ eyes, all around them and deep below!

D Angel Ant is feeling no pain though which is in some way good but the powerful addictive drug is turning him into an addict just two more injections of the Fallen-Star pain killer drug and he will indeed be hooked on it for life and Top Star even with his healing touch will not be able to stop D Angel Ant from being addicted!

Warlock Spider has D Angel Ant impaled upon his huge around and long stinger penis and he is like I said facing away from the super stud mutant villain! While Warlock Spider is super strength power sucking our fallen heroes’ rock hard stinger penis head!

While slowly pumping D Angel Ant’s stretched to the max, sphincter muscle!

In no time D Angel Ant starts talking out of his head mindless words and he climaxes hard!

As he does so Warlock Spider eagerly swallows down load after huge load of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm!

After a good 5-minutes of rushing out of D Angel Ant’s large stinger penis hole super-sperm load after load goes into Warlock Spider’s mouth and down his eager throat!

Then slowly ever so slowly D Angel Ant’s climax subsides the rough and long climax has done its job and put D Angel Ant into a very stupor state of mind!

Warlock Spider’s already body builder physique starts gaining more and more muscle growth! Making him look like a GOD!

And the happy feeling that he loves so much is taking effect!

Warlock Spider

“OH YES! That was so good my pet stud slave! Oh you’re making your master feel so good! You will be rewarded I promise you my pet!”

D Angel Ant


Warlock Spider

“Oh don’t you worry my number-1 slave! Your master will give you the antidote calm yourself, NOW!”

D Angel Ant looking very drugged out of his mind smiles a drunken like smile and jerks his handsome head back and forth!

Warlock Spider starts working D Angel Ant’s mind over some and then he begins to super strength suck the head of D Angel Ant’s sensitive stinger penis head again! While he starts to rapidly power pumping our very defeated heroes’ stretched asshole!

Warlock Spider shoots a very powerful hypnotic venom into an already looking very zapped senseless D Angel Ant!

He stops sucking D Angel Ant’s stinger penis and says only these words to him!

Warlock Spider

“Death Angel Ant you will only think about my awesome body builder physique my powerful muscles and my huge testicles and huge stinger penis and how I’m dominating you into total submission! You will only think about that and YOU WILL OBEY!”

D Angel Ant speaking in a very weak state of mind and a very higher toned voice!


Warlock Spider’s words worked fast and D Angel Ant flexes his entire very muscle bound body forward hard! And he lets lose another five minute ejaculation! Warlock Spider grins big as he swallows down every gashing load of super-sperm coming forth from D Angel Ant’s large stinger penis hole!

When it is over D Angel Ant is very trashed!

His muscle bound body is jerking all over! His eyes looking like he is drugged out of his mind! And he is wearing more of a death mask thick black lines under his now mid-night black eyes!

Warlock Spider licks his full lips and grins big seeing what he did to our fallen hero!

Warlock Spider from his first right hand finger quickly spins a web around the bottom of D Angel Ant’s indenting bubble like pec’s and then points upward and D Angel Ant is quickly yanked off of Warlock Spider’s huge around stinger penis and is hanging in mid-air!

Warlock Spider’s awesome physique has put on a beautiful all and nothing more then muscles he does indeed look like a GOD! And the great feeling is so wonderful for him, he is in heaven!

Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant walk back into the very large room.

Sergeant Malice Ant is wearing a camouflage g-string hugging his fat stinger penis!

His utility belt boots and gauntlets and eyes mask are also camouflage too!

Steal’s More Ant is wear a mixture of gray and light green like what would be on a tree trunk, his g-string utility belt boots gauntlets and his eyes mask are all the same too! He looks like his buddy Sergeant Malice Ant both all too sexy!

Warlock Spider

“Well now my slaves I like the new look! I was getting bored of you two always wearing black! Now dress my Death Angel Ant while I go put on what I’m wearing in tonight’s Death Match!”

Both say

“Yes Master!”

Warlock Spider walks out of the room and both take the very trashed looking and acting D Angel Ant now Death Angel Ant down from the web around his pecs and begin to dress him in his new villain’s costume!

Mean while:

The stud hero Blue-Star Bat is ready to go all the devices are put in place, which means that what sounds he hears so does the other head leader’s meaning Alpha and Omega Wasp Sly-Wolf and the very extremely muscle bound and drop dead handsome Midnight Moth!

And also what Blue-Star Bat is thinking and feeling will be herd by a certain device invented by Pure Energy Man each of the head leaders has one of the devices.


“Blue let me follow way behind you! You can fly and I can not so I will indeed be way behind you!”

Blue-Star Bat looks at Alpha and Omega Wasp’s and Midnight Moth.

All three nods their handsome heads yes!

Sly-Wolf grins very big and a big sigh of relief is very audible coming from his very sexy thick lips!

All gather close to Blue-Star Bat and hug him with deep affection!

Blue-Star Bat smiles big at Alpha Wasp, he not knowing a small tear has fallen!

Blue-Star Bat is taller then Alpha and Omega Wasp’s and is the same height as Midnight Moth and Sly-Wolf he is 6ft7 and he has multi colored brown hair his eyes are a very-very light blue and he is dripping in muscles!

His costume: His briefs are a very dark blue with a sexy blend of light blue within the dark blue back ground his gauntlet’s are black and silver and his wrestler type boot’s are black and his utility belt is also a very dark blue!

Blue-Star Bat guards the very vest South Western desert area alone he is a loner and doesn’t mine a companion for short spells only and who ever is the short time companion is made well award of this!

Blue-Star Bat is a scientist and with the many plant and minerals in the desert area where he abodes he makes vast amounts of money coming up with cures for this and that!

In his very vast desert area you would think that there would not be to many villains’ about but this is very wrong!

When the deadly comet-enter this alternate earths atmospheres is created a certain rich chemical within one type of plant a desert tree called a sun-beam tree!

The sap from the sun-beam tree produces an affect that is like a long term high! Just like swallowing down a good load of an ant-mutant’s super-sperm!

But it lasts so much longer right at two weeks! And it also makes the one who swallows down the sap twice his already super strength!

 So one can see why it is in high demand!

The problem is that the trees are guarded do to the increase in super strength, many a villain covet the sun-beam trees sap! Well all do even heroes’ but large groups of villains’ with its power to make one twice as strong could raise a big problem for all who try to be good and hero like!

Top Star and Lightning Strike with their awesome powers eventually place around all of the estimated 4-millions of trees security devises.

Which Pure Energy Man created he not doing well with plant life, left it up to Top Star and Lightning Strike to place each of the metal screen like devises with a large control box on each.

Blue-Star Bat is like the only security guard for all unless he calls for help from one of his many brothers’ or the Allied Mutant Protection Force or at last call The Trio Of Power!

Blue-Star Bat’s hero abode is within a high cliff cave where he has like old western style jail cells that are very much to the same as the Trio Of Power’s though.

Either a member of the Allied Mutant Protection Force or one of the Trio Of Power comes within a certain very secure hover-craft to transport the villain back to one of the many of Trio Of Power’s fortresses and they go into a freeze prisoner unit until their trail is set and taken care of.

Blue-Star Bat

“Now stop that sexy Alpha-Stud I’m big and powerful as you can see and know, dry your eyes!”

Blue-Star Bat jiggles his huge bulge and makes his two very huge and round bubble like pecs indent for a looks very worried Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis goes fast to full erection and his sexy mouth goes open and his tongue sticks out a bit as drool comes forth looking at the very God-like Blue-Star Bat!

Blue-Star Bat grins big at Alpha Wasp and says his farewells to all and he lifts up both of the very heavy bags of gold like they weight nothing and throws them over both of his very board shoulders and flies upward and he is off!

The also stunningly handsome and muscle bound Sly-Wolf says a quick farewell to the three and he is also off and on his way too!

Mean while:

The crowd is going wild watching the newest Death Match Champion Warlock Spider strut walking in from the left side of the Death Match Arena with his now newest slave D Angel Ant with one of his webs around D Angel Ant’s very huge bubble round pecs’ and he is holding the very defeated hero up by only his right fist!

D Angel Ant is swaying back and forth as Warlock Spider stops and shows off his prize for all too see!

From the right side of the arena in walks the super-mutant stud hero Solitary Spider a brown recluse spider mutant!

Not many are cheering for him because of the show Warlock Spider is putting on for all to see!

It is rare for a brown recluse spider mutant to be a hero but it does happen at times as does a hornet-mutant to be a hero too but with the strange way the evil Power Draining Vampire’s chemicals affected this alternate Earth all have found out anything can happen now in these times and does!

Warlock Spider and Solitary Spider have gone up against each other before and the also just as tall and just as muscle-bound Solitary Spider did almost destroy Warlock Spider!

If it hadn’t been for a team of both heroes’ and villain’s come to each of their cohort’s aide Warlock Spider would have been destroyed indeed that long time ago!

The Ring Announcer comes walking to the beginning area and stands next to Solitary Spider and then with a finger motions to Warlock Spider to come along and he does with a very trashed looking D Angel Ant hanging from one of his webs with a very villain looking outfit on except for briefs!

The Ring Master!

“Congratulations gentle men for making it to the final round of this Death Match! When you here the bell ring begin to fight! Good luck to you both! Oh and Warlock Spider D Angel Ant or as you now call him Death Angel Ant, must be put within one of the neutral areas of the arena before I walk away!”

Warlock Spider

“Yes Ring Master right away!”

Warlock Spider holds up the fallen D Angel Ant now his new name Death Angel Ant one last time for all to see and then he re-spins more webbing around Death Angel Ant’s wildly indent pecs and then points his very long finger upward and to one of the close by neutral area ceilings and Death Angel Ant flies high into the air and is stuck hanging from his webs for all to see!

Death Angel Ant’s entire body is jerking all over and his new midnight black colored eyes are very drugged out of his mind looking!

End of part-4                       David Circe.

All heroes’ and villain’s in the story are mine!    David Circe.

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