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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 5 - Chapter 5
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

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The crowd cheering loud and is going wild seeing what Warlock Spider has done to the stud-hero D Angel Ant!

How his very muscle-bound physique is quivering and jerking all over along with his huge bubble like pecs’ non-stop indenting at his sweet sized nipples, making shaded creators as they go inward roughly! Then popping back outward fast, as they ripple up and down also non-stop! A very clear sign he’s in agony!

 The fallen stud-heroes’ glazed over look within his now very different mid-night black colored eyes with very dim blood red pupils showing he is very drugged and or venom flooded to the max out of his now who knows what the fiend Warlock Spider, did to his android power brain and mind!

Warlock Spider has a rather large custom made ball gag within D Angel Ant’s sexy full lips mouth stretching it open as wide as it will go! With loud high pitched moaning and groaning sounds coming forth from his throat!

 D Angel Ant is hanging from a thick wide web-band around the base of his two huge bubble like pecs’ he does indeed look very defeated yes conquered! On each side of him standing at very sexy poses are two also very muscle bound same height as he is ant-mutant’s with snug thongs wrapped around both of their stinger penises and large testicles one with camouflage thong and boot’s and gauntlet’s with utility belt and the other with hunter green and gray like effects too!

Solitary Spider

“What have you done to my friend and our head leader our beloved D Angel Ant! You evil fiend!”

Warlock Spider

“I won him what does it matter? He is mine! Get over it! You poor excuse for a hero you, Solitary-Pussy Man!”

Solitary Spider


Warlock Spider

“You’ll have it to do! I won’t waste any of my precious time with the likes of a lower class hero such as you call your self!”

Solitary Spider, is a rare hero and good nature stud male but this does happen like a normally evil hornet mutant is as stunningly handsome and very much as muscle bound as well as the same height as Warlock Spider,  Solitary Spider is one of the head leaders of the Allied Mutant Protection Force he is the main Doctor and field medic!

The Ring Master Appears

“Congratulations to you both for making it to the last part of this Death-Match!

When you hear the bell ring begin to fight! Good luck to you!”

The Ring Master walks away!

On two very large screens appears both Warlock Spider and Solitary Spider naked both front and back views!

Warlock Spider: Is 6ft7 and 300-lbs he is very muscle bound! He has been the top body builder champion for many years!

His hair is jet-black with silver streaks in it and is very long almost down to his feet!

He keeps it free flowing at all times!

And it does say can be used as a weapon and can be deadly too!

His eyes are the rare mid-night black with red pupils that are hypnotic like if you keep looking within them!


Tonight he is wearing skin tight metal flex protection g-string that are blood red in color with a 3-D photo of D Angel Ant completely drained of power right at his very huge bulge!

His gauntlets and utility belt as well as his boots are the same blood red color too!

There are very many assortments of gauntlet and utility belt weapons and venom's’ and some say can be deadly!

Warlock Spider is the new Death Match Champion! After defeating the seven year Death Match Lord Champion D Angel Ant whom he has enslaved!

Warlock Spider is a Super-Mutant and feared by all mutants’ due to his mutant type!

Solitary Spider

On a very large screen monitor Solitary- Spider is shown completely naked front and back.

He is also 6ft7 he is wearing bright and shinning gold soft metal flexes protection briefs, his stinger penis when fully erect is 26-inches long and is cut!

His utility belt is also bright gold in color along with his gauntlets and boots!

He has the newest and most advanced android power brain!

A large assortment of venom's! Some say can be deadly! And they are very much so!

Solitary Spider, was voted for the last 6-years straight as the most sexiest and polite Doctor about Mutant-World and he is also the Head Allied Mutant Protection Force team Medical Officer!

Speaker’s from all over the Death Match arena blast out this…

“Oh and contestant’s no holds bar in the match due to the hate well known by all of each other!”

The bell rings and both move into and aggressive stance but Solitary Spider gets a stinger into the very drop dead handsome Warlock Spider’s right pec!

It is a short time mind stun venom and it is pumping it into Warlock Spider fast!

The stud villain starts walking around stumbling and talking drunk like words!

Solitary Spider, knows he should finish off Warlock Spider but his love for the now very much in misery D Angel Ant, is all he can think of and he has a good ideal of what is wrong with him!

Solitary Spider, has seen this type of behavior from D Angel Ant a long-long time ago when he was so very green and he had just start up with the Allied Mutant Protection Force!

D Angel Ant, was the most sexiest most dripping in muscles and had and has a hypnotic like smile, he had got two other very sexy almost as he is ant-mutant’s off to them self’s and he got the best of them and before he knew what hit him he had swallowed down both of their loads of super-sperm!

Well in a blink of an eye he went down for the count so to speak and Solitary Spider just laughed at him and said…

“Super Sexy, don’t ever do that again! You should know better!”

 And Solitary Spider injected D Angel Ant with the antidote and in no time he was back to him self!

Solitary Spider, removes the very large ball Gage from D Angel Ant's stretched mouth! And take an injection devise from his gold utility belt and injects it into D Angel Ant's beautiful right deltoid!

Solitary Spider smiling big at his friend!

“D Angel Ant, are you feeling better? Why on this mutant earth of ours did you swallow down two different loads of Super-Sperm again?”

D Angel Ant

“Why yes! Thank you who ever you are! I do feel so much better!”

Solitary Spider, is about to put a powerful sleeper venom into D Angel Ant, now realizing his friend's android power brain has been re-programmed, when he feels two sharp pains in both of his huge and very round pec's! They have two large stinger's in them!

Solitary Spider


D Angel Ant

“Oh not to worry you fucking hero idiot! I just put power stunner venom into you all of your power is going to sleep! HA HA HA!”

The crowd is going crazy seeing what D Angel Ant did to his friend Solitary Spider!

Warlock Spider, has come out of his venom stun and walks over to D Angel Ant and a very looking trashed Solitary Spider!

Warlock Spider

“Well what do we have here my number-1 pet?”

D Angel Ant

“Oh this stupid hero made me feel so much better my drop dead sexy Master! Can we keep him I saw his stats on the monitor he is a Doctor and he can be our sexy butler! OH PLEASE PLEASE MASTER! PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider

“Okay my number one stud slave but first lets you and me drain away all of his power!”

D Angel Ant


Together Warlock Spider and the now very much acting like a villain D Angel Ant start taking away all of Solitary Spider's power!

And with Warlock Spider's huge around stinger penis deep within Solitary Spider's now very stretched rectum both work him over and his android power brain calls out!

Solitary Spider with his eyes all glazed over and his sexy full lips mouth hanging open wide!

Solitary Spider

“Complete power failure I'm drain!”


“Warlock Spider has won! What are your intentions Warlock Spider? Death or Owner- ship?”

The Crowd is half and half and going wild some yelling death and the others saying Ownership!

Warlock Spider

“I declare OWNERSHIP!”


“So be it you have that right! But you will only be given the trophy and no money, do you understand?”

Warlock Spider

“Yes lord Rex! I understand!”

A very young muscle bound and naked handsome page comes running with the very nice looking trophy a golden naked very muscle bound mutant with his arms flexing and him looking up with a big smile is handed to Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider, takes a quick feel of the young pages stinger penis and then takes the trophy from him and trust his very muscular right arm upward with his golden trophy and grins big from all of the cheering for him crowd!

He then begins to web up the now completely drained of all his power Solitary Spider when he is done the very handsome stud hero Doctor, is completely webbed up and hanging from a very strong web that is attached to the ceiling!

He calls to his two slaves to come and they do and he pushes two buttons on his left gauntlet and from high in the sky everyone can see his top of the line hover-craft come floating downward!

Warlock Spider starts signing autographs and after he feels it is time and turns and says to the cheering Crowd thanks and shakes his handsome head no more signing and he has his other two ant-mutant's to take a hold of the now very defeated Solitary Spider and they do as they are commanded!

Warlock Spider, tells D Angel Ant to sit in the passenger set next to him and commands his other two slaves to get in the back with his new slave and they do as they are told and before anyone knows it they are off and gone and no one can track them!

Mean while...

Blue-Star Bat is flying fast to to the abandoned factory it was abandoned due to it's location it was to far away from protection and was an easy target for evil mutant's to rob!

The three very heavy bags of gold are very light feeling to Blue-Star Bat and his flying is very fast soon he is at his destination.

The old abandoned factory has many opening to due certain types of the mutant nectar had to be giving lots of free air!

Blue-Star Bat, lands and with the three bags of gold still around his very muscular neck starts walking to the back side entrance, where in more detail the ransom note said the drop off should be!

He test the knob and the rear entrance door opens freely, he walks inside and it is pitch black! No problem for the very-very handsome as well as muscle bound stud hero his eyes light-up and the blue parts of his eyes are all ah glow!

The ransom note said to go up to the middle part of the very large factory and that's what he does knowing that his life could soon be over!

He begins to fly again only having to stop to open doors and soon he is at his destination the very middle of this old abandoned factory!

Blue-Star Bat

“I'm here with the gold give me He-Man Spider!”

A Voice calls out...

“Let us see from all of the bags that each has what we ask for you trashy hero! Then you'll get your He-Man Spider!”

Blue-Star Bat let's all three bags fall to the floor and in turn he opens all three showing the shiny golden coins!

The voice calls out...

“Oh yes! Just what we ask for nice! Now here is your He-Man Spider!”

Blue-Star Bat shines his beautiful eyes and before him he can see a very muscular figure being lowered downward with strong chains around the figures pec area but the figure has a silk bag over it's head!

Blue-Star Bat

“What is this? Take the bag off of his head! NOW!”

As soon as Blue-Star Bat's command leaves his sexy full lips two fat stinger's enter both of his champion body builder pec's right about his two prefect and quarter-inch sized nipples!

Blue-Star Bat


The voice in the dark...

“Oh you like it? You poor excuse for a hero!

It's a trio of venom's first up and mind blower venom second a muscle paralyzingly and third but surely not least and long acting stud thinking drainer!

And it was very true! All of Blue-Star Bat's thought's were jumbled and all of his awesome muscles begin quickly to stop working! And his heighten stud thinking begin to turn in very-very weak thinking indeed!

He falls face downward his pinched muscular buttocks begins to jerk and quiver non-stop!

Out of the darkness three very muscle bound and same height as he is hornet-mutant's come strolling up to him!

They all laugh loud at the way his awesome buttock's is jerking and indenting non-stop and then they roughly grab him up and strip him naked! Throwing his boots utility belt and gauntlets to the floor! The lift him up by his fat cut 24-inches when full erect penis!

The leader of the three...


The other two agree!

End of part-5        David Circe.

All in this story belong to me!   2/20/2010

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