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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 6 - Chapter 6
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

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Warlock Spider is very pleased with himself! He did right to listen to his very handsome and very muscle bound new slave his prize! Now called Death Angel Ant!

Death Angel Ant, is riding up front with him while his other two ant-mutant slaves are in the back with the totally drained of power and completely webbed up Solitary Spider!

Both have brought forth from the webs the 6ft 7 stud heroes' stinger penis and are playing with it!

In no time Warlock Spider lands his hovercraft and commands his two slaves Steals-More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant to take the beaten Solitary Spider to his re-programming room both smile big and in no time take the completely webbed up hero off to the re-programming room!

Once there they place his webbed up lifeless dripping in muscles body up on the table and quickly remove all of he webs and throw them in a large trash can near by!

Both of their stinger penises go to full erection! Solitary Spider in his powerless state is so beautiful to behold he is dripping in muscles and his stinger penis and large testicles are fine as any they have ever saw!

They don't know when their Master will be in to re-program the extremely handsome Solitary Spider’s android power brain but they do know that their Master will be with Death Angel Ant and they both laugh knowing what is going to happen to him!

They both spread eagle Solitary Spider and lock down his legs and arms and strap his head to the sliver table as they did to the no longer D Angel Ant!

Warlock Spider

“Stand in front of me and spread your thick muscular legs my number-1 stud slave, now!”

Death Angel Ant

“Yes Master, I will obey!”

Death Angel Ant, does as he is told and Warlock Spider comes up from behind and starts sucking and kissing Death Angel Ant's neck as he is doing this and feels out Death Angel Ant's huge bubble like pec's power squeezing his very rock hard erect nipples!

Death Angel Ant


Warlock Spider's, very huge round stinger penis goes to full erect but the girth of it makes it hang downward!

Warlock Spider's stinger penis head oozes with pre-cum and venom and coats his entire stinger penis head and shafts, he manages to lift it up with his right hand he puts the head right to Death Angel Ant's rectum and starts to force it into a shocked looking now very much looking like a villain's face and eyes!

Death Angel Ant


Warlock Spider, grins big as he can feel Death Angel Ant’s pec’s indenting wildly they are dancing non-stop!

After a good three minutes it finally slides into a zapped senseless Death Angel Ant’s annul pathway all of the way!

Death Angel Ant is now very weak and talking mindless words the venom Warlock Spider used is powerful male aggressive nature wipeout venom!

The handsome extremely muscle bound use to be a stud hero? And now a villain! His aggressive nature is slipping quickly away!

Warlock Spider, power pumps Death Angel Ant rapidly for a good 5-minutes knowing what his monster stinger penis is doing to his now number-1 slave! When he stops he checks out his handy work in the multi mirror near by!

He lifts Death Angel Ant’s very bulked up with muscle girth arms high and then lets loose they fall back down hard and sway back and forth!

Then he checks out the venom effect and begins to talk to Death Angel Ant via his left ear!

Warlock Spider

“Oh my number-1, do tell me how do you feel?”

Death Angel Ant speaking in a much higher toned voice!


Warlock Spider laughs loud and with Death Angel Ant impaled upon his huge around stinger penis walks him to his large playroom!

Once there he removes from his still wearing his utility belt a syringe filled with the fallen star drug and finds a large vein and injects Death Angel Ant!

The effect is fast! And the now Death Angel Ant has a very dumb struck look upon his ever so handsome face!

Just one more injection and the now Death Angel Ant will be hooked on the drug an addict! And will have to have at least one injection three times within a 72-hour period or he well indeed die a very painful death!

Warlock Spider shoves a totally weakened Death Angel Ant off of his very huge around stinger penis and Death Angel Ant lands on the king sized bed his eyes rolling backward and droll come from his very full and sexy lips mouth that is hanging very wide open!

But in just a few minutes a wide smile comes forth and he can feel no more pain for the moment!

Mean while…

The three thugs have the dripping in muscles Blue-Star Bat totally in their power!

They quickly strip him completely naked and then in turn start power pumping him senseless!

Blue-Star Bat


The leader of the bunch commands the handsome youngest one to go to where he is saying He-Man Spider is!

And he pulls the bag off of what is a very muscle bound and dripping in muscles He-Man Spider!

To Blue-Star’s worse dreams it is He-Man Spider and he is dead as dreams!

He-Man Spider’s neck is cut from ear to ear with apparent blood still running down his thick very muscular neck indeed!

This being done with a sharp diamond blade of some type!

Blue-Star Bat


Blue-Star Bat’s deep sorrow turns to anger and great rage! And he flies foreword off of the leader’s stinger penis and jerks away from the other one and begins to fight them!

Him being a bat-mutant the hornet mutant’s venom wears off quickly! And then the two and next the three get a good taste of his powers!

He opens his sexy full lips mouth and from his lungs comes forth a very powerful sonic wave that knocks all three to their knees!

All three are in agony! And are rolling around on the floor trying to put their fingers into ears!

The three evil hornet-mutants are begging Blue-Star Bat to stop but he refuses to and after a good 5-minutes all three are dead!

Their normal brains have exploded and blood is running down all three of their noses and eyes and ears!

Blue-Star Bat stops and looks down at the three villains’ that killed his good friend and allied mutant protection force leader He-Man Spider!

He walks over to his dead friend and looks at him and the tears once again begin to fall!

Sly-Wolf comes walking over to a grief stricken Blue-Star Bat after announcing that he is there and puts his very strong arms around him and both are very much in shock!


“Mission over! We need transportation STAT!”

A voice sounds off from a watch like devise on Sly-Wolf’s right wrist, it is Omega Wasp he and Alpha Wasp and other’s herd everything!

And sadness is very apparent in his voice

Omega Wasp

“Three light-speed hover-craft with a team of soldiers with my love and me are in route to you Sly-Wolf, ETA Five minutes! Omega Wasp out!”

Sly-Wolf holds his good friend Blue-Star Bat close and Blue-Star Bat does the same as tears fall from both! And in no time three large transportation light-speed hovercrafts arrive!

Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp are with fifty allied mutant protection force soldiers, Omega Wasp instructs four of them to load up He-Man Spider but not to place him within a body bag, they just can’t see it that way!

But he does tell them to load each of the villain’s in body bags Top Star has the power to with a touch find out what needs to be known hopefully from the dead threesome!

And before long all are back at the main allied mutant protection force headquarters!

Alpha Wasp is crying as he gives the commands for what he and Omega Wasp and Midnight Moth want done to their love their personal body guard the now dead He-Man Spider!

After he is cleaned up and his thick muscular neck is sewed up via a laser mender a devise that makes a wound look like it has nothing wrong with it at all!

He is dressed in his favorite color briefs and he is put with in a floating bed like unit with a transparent dome, he looks like he is sleeping and at rest!

Omega Wasp

“Come on my love to our home, I’ve set guards up to watch over our He-Man Spider and Blue Star Bat and Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth are coming with us to stay for a while, you know how a good round in bed with Blue Star Bat makes you feel? And Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth want to be together so what do you say?”

The tears keep falling down Alpha Wasp’s sexy full lips are turned down ward but the thought of some good sex with the very muscles dripping and drop dead handsome Blue Star Bat, just might make him feel better!

Alpha Wasp

“All right my love and we do have a very large amount of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm put in storage, do you think with a good drink of our love D Angel Ant’s super-sperm you and I will be able this time to put that 6ft7 so damn handsome and built to please Blue Star Bat down this time?”

Omega Wasp

“I don’t know, you do know he’s not at all easy to be topped but we can try, don’t get your hopes up! Come on the three are waiting on you and I.”

With that said Alpha Wasp puts his very muscular arms around his love Omega Wasp and both walk to their top of the line hovercraft and in no time are on their way!

Mean while…

Warlock Spider has his huge around and long stinger penis all the way into Death Angel Ant’s anal track!

Warlock Spider is power pumping the now very weak mentally and physically Death Angel Ant and sucking his very rock hard stinger penis, as he is pulling back as far as he can and then slamming it back all way into him!

Death Angel Ant


Warlock Spider grins and then keeps pumping and sucking Death Angel Ant’s ass and stinger penis! Now he has a very powerful death like grip to the very trashed Death Angel Ant’s huge testicles for a good 7-seconds then a very fast release! He has already swallowed down one huge load of Death Angel Ant’s super-sperm and his already very muscular physique is like magic putting on more and more muscles all over his very well made body!

Hearing his new slave Death Angel Ant talk in weak words is very amusing to him and he makes the very trashed Death Angel Ant climax once more and for a good 4 minutes this time!

Which totally fucks up Death Angel Ant’s mind and body!

He deposits a very huge load of sperm of which is tainted with a potent sleep venom!

When Warlock Spider slowly removes his huge around and long stinger penis from the lights out Death Angel Ant he smiles a very malice like grin and then he throws the sleeping and spent Death Angel Ant onto the very nice king-sized bed and then goes and takes a quick shower!

After he is done bathing he slips on a pair of light green roomy for his very huge stinger penis and big testicles briefs and a pair of new wrestler type boots and heads to his android power brain re-programming room!

Once there he takes a peek into the room to discover that his other two ant-mutant slaves are jacking off and playing with Solitary Spider’s very fat and very limp stinger penis!

Warlock Spider clears his throat very loud and both stop playing with Solitary Spider’s beautiful stinger penis and also stop jacking off too!

Warlock Spider

“Oh how sweet! Are my two beautiful boy’s horny for this soon to be android power brain re-programmed heroes’ awesome body and huge testicles and long and fat stinger penis?”

Both answer in unison…

“Yes Master!”

Warlock Spider laughs out loud for a good three minutes then it slows and he finally stops!

Warlock Spider

“Well now you both know I have some work to do to this one but how about I let you both go play with your sexy stud brother? How does that sound?”

Both start drooling and there eyes go wide open and from ear to ear smiles appear fast!

And like before both say in unison!

“Oh yes Master! Yes PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider

“Okay you both double stinger penis him but do not make him cum! Is that clear?”

Both answer yes and are stumbling over one another as they leave the very large room!

Warlock Spider thinking out loud…

“Oh time to re-program you my old enemy! And what fun it will be not totally wiping out your memory banks! HA-HA-HA!”

End of part-6 All in this story belong to me David Circe.

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