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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 7 - Chapter 7
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
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After getting back to their lavish and very large main home Omega Wasp instructs Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth to go to the cliff dwelling apartment that still belongs to D Angel Ant and the now dead He-Man Spider after Omega Wasp shuts down the security units.

Omega Wasp

“We thought you two might like it there it's very private! Well I'll leave it up to you both, if so once there reactivate the security control unit, you’ll see it blinking just push the green button!”

Both Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth both grin big and nod their very handsome heads and Midnight Moth with his very huge bulging bi-ceps and tri-ceps takes a hold of Stud Wolf’s also very muscular arms and out the very large patio door they both go fast!

Blue Star Bat is about to speak when Omega Wasp puts his very long first finger up to his sexy full lips! And he quickly opens a desk draw and comes out with four-ear plugs and a devise of some type a strange looking silver ball with a wide range of colored lights blinking all over it!

It has a flat bottom to it and Omega Wasp sets it on a table in front of both he and Blue Star Bat and then he with a jester instructs Blue Star Bat to put in his two ears pieces and he does as does Omega Wasp.

Omega Wasp speaking only with his mind…

“There that’s better! You were going to say before I interrupted you Blue? Remember you don’t have to speak any more just think it and I’ll hear you!”

Blue Star Bat thinking the words…

“Oh yeah! I remember these but forget which one of the Trio of Power made them for the Allied Mutant Protection Force Head Commanders?”

Omega Wasp

“Laughs in his mind! It was Lightning Strike believe it or not? You know everyone thinks just because he acts like a teenager more then the others do, that he is also the dumbest one too!

And believe me not many know this about him but he has powers that the other two do not have and at times he makes both their sexy mouths hang open with the certain things he does! And as you know none of them are at all stupid! That's a laugh!”

Blue Star Bat

“Well I never thought that about him or Top or P.E.M. and to be honest I always thought the younger acting Lightning Strike was part of his final programming by his very well acclaimed Father Professor Donald Blake.”

Omega Wasp

“You hit it right on the nail! That’s exactly why he behaves more younger then his two brothers Top Star and Pure Energy Man or P.E.M. for short and yes they are immortal but even so they all have the same and different weaknesses, I mean what hero doesn’t? And you was going to say to me before these thought waves began?”

Blue Star Bat

“Oh yeah! Where is Alpha Wasp? When I looked around for him he wasn’t where I thought he was and why are we using these?”

Omega Wasp with a swipe upward with his very long fingers right hand at the ceiling.

Omega Wasp

“P-1 where is Master Alpha Wasp? Please!”

A diagram of the entire home goes up on the ceiling and a green blinking light shows where Alpha Wasp is!

Omega Wasp

“Thank you P-1! Good bye!”

Omega Wasp once again works his right long fingers hand and the home diagram goes away!

Blue Star Bat

“Very nice Omega! And he is where?”

Omega Wasp

“ Oh I’m sorry when either Alpha Wasp or I open P-1 with our right hands he goes into silent mode, if I would of opened him with my left hand you would of herd him speak, My love is in the vault putting our gold back in and I need to talk to you about his mood.”

Blue Star Bat

“Oh that’s right the two of you have the largest vault on the planet! The two of you must be the richest two mutant's of this earth of ours?”

Omega Wasp

“Well we are in the top-10 I can say that much! Hey Blue, I don’t think with out some type of venom or drug-like saliva the three of us won't be doing a three-some tonight Alpha Wasp isn’t doing so well! And he does love having sex with you and when he told me he didn't much feel like it, I got very worried indeed!

We do have a very large storage of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm though and well if I venomize him he’ll be mad at me for who knows how long? But if you do it to him say then I know he won’t get mad at you, I hope!”

Blue Star Bat

“Well you know us Bat mutant’s do have a few tricks up our sleeves, get together three good swallows of D Angel Ant’s super sperm and lets go to the vault where he’s at then we can go play where you two like okay?”

Omega Wasp smiling big!

“That sounds so damn good Blue give me a couple of seconds!”

And in no time at all both Omega Wasp and Blue Star Bat is on their way with plenty of super sperm and a plan!

Mean while…

Warlock Spider has just put into both of Solitary Spider's ears the reprograming probes and locked them in with a very audible clicking once it's done right!

He sits down at his reprogramming console and checks out every thing and I mean every thing!

He sees that Solitary Spider has a love interest, which is very interesting to him and he finds out that it is the stud hero Blue Star Bat!

Warlock Spider thinks out loud...

"Well who doesn't have a thing for Blue Star Bat! He's hung well! Dripping in muscles and has the most beautiful light blue eyes that I've ever seen on a mutant and I've seen a lot of mutant's! And he is also 6ft7 hum let me see if there is anyone else!"

Warlock Spider thinking out loud again...

"Hum now that's very intresting! Well another spider mutant I see! OH! Ain't he fine! And he also is a Allied Mutant Protection Force Doctor! The very well known Adonis Spider! Well he does I must addmit have good taste!"

Warlock Spider again thinking out loud...

"Well I bet that gorgesus hunk is sick today oh well tough luck sexy! He mine now!"

Warlock Spider decides that he isn't going to wipe out Solitary Spider's memory banks after all he is a Doctor and that could come in handy and letting him see the things he is going to do to D Angel Ant his now new slave Death Angel Ant will torcher him really nice but he will not be able to speak write or any way possible let Death Angel Ant know who he really is! How sweet that will be!

He starts typing away! And after a full hour he is finished with his reprograming of Solitary Spider's android power brain!

Warlock Spider thinking out loud...

"Okay time to re-power my old enemy, we what fun this will be! HA-HA-HA! And I must admitt Solitary Spider is a drop dead handsome and dripping in muscles hunk hero!

He will be a lot of fun to play with and that little thing I put into his android power brain will hit him like a ton of bricks and will be rocking my stinger cock and fuck up his world!"

And that's what he does except he keeps him strapped down to the table and after five cans of spider mutant nectar go into Solitary Spider his eyes light up very brightly and he has all of his super strength and that's about it!

Solitary Spider starts trying to move his thick very muscular arms and legs but can't and then he looks right into his old enemies eyes Warlock Spider!

Solitary Spider

"Hum Warlock Spider are you going soft? Why I'm I still alive? What have you done to me?"

Warlock Spider

"Now-now I'll do the questions do you under stand me slave!"

Solitary Spider can not help himself! He knows that Warlock Spider has reprogramed his android power brain and that he is totally in Warlock Spider's power!

Solitary Spider

"Yes Master I will obey!"

Warlock Spider commands a computer unit with in the room to put upon a screen three photo's of his slaves!

Warlock Spider

"Okay Solitary Spider do you remember this handsome bunch of slaves before you?"

Solitary Spider

"Yes Master I do!"

Warlock Spider

"I see tell me their names!"

Solitary Spider is about to say all three ant-mutant's names when a very powerful pain reeks havoc to his android power brain! He is in angony! And finally makes the pain stop by thinking of something else!

Warlock Spider

"Tell me how did that feel my pet?"

Solitary Spider

"It felt very bad Master! I won't do that again! It hurt it hurt really bad!"

Warlock Spider

"Oh I know Solitary Spider I know here put these on they are your new costumes!"

Solitary Spider

"Sorry Master I can't move!"

Warlock Spider

"Oh I forgot your all tied up, let me let you lose!"

Warlock Spider goes over to a very calm and un-able to be agressive to Warlock Spider, Solitary Spider and un-ties him and tilts the table in a full upright position!

Solitary Spider is completely naked and picks up from the floor a hot pink pair of wrestler type boots and hot pink breifs and quickly puts them on!

Warlock Spider checking out his reprograming effect on Solitary Spider says...

"Now don't you look HOT! And sassy! Flex your body builder phyisque for your new Master and every now and then turn that awesome body of yours side ways for me! You will OBEY!"

Solitary Spider

"Yes Master I must and will obey!"

Solitary Spider starts flexing his well made body and Warlock Spider's huge around and long stinger penis goes to very full erection and begins to throb and pulsate!

Warlock Spider

"Solitary Spider while you're flexing for your Master you will set your eyes upon my huge stinger penis and big testicles and my awesome muscles too! You will obey!"

Solitary Spider's stinger penis goes also to full erection! And like Warlock Spider's begins to throb and pulsate too!

Solitary Spider


Warlock Spider

"But it's so big! So huge around are you sure you want me to come fuck you senseless Solitary Spider my newest slave?"

Solitary Spider is still flexing his awesome muscles his pecs and bi-ceps and tri-ceps and his pinched buttocks and even his huge traps for Warlock Spider as drool runs down the left corner of his very sexy full lips mouth!

After a good five minutes of flexing for Warlock Spider there is pre-cum oozing out of Solitary Spider's fully erect stinger penis that is sticking way out of his new hot pink briefs and is laying upon his very round and bubble like pecs!

Warlock Spider grins an evil grin seeing now that his delayed action to this part of his reprogramming of Solitary Spider’s android power brain is working very well!

Warlock Spider made it where that with just a look of their eyes would run a new program a sexual re-programming that has made Solitary Spider fall head over heels for his number one enemy Warlock Spider!

Solitary Spider

“Master will you please fuck me? OH- PLEASE-MASTER! PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider

“Okay my slave stop flexing your muscles and take off your boots and briefs! Quickly before I lose interest!”

Solitary Spider’s android power brain re-programming has kicked in big time! He is now totally in love with the one he truly does want dead! It was no questions but now, Solitary Spider would die defending the evil Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider

“That’s good my tall and sexy as all get out slave! Come over here and spread your thick muscular legs and bend over and take my huge around and long stinger penis like a man! You will obey!”

Solitary Spider, is grinning from ear to ear with dumbstruck love in his light brown eyes for Warlock Spider! And does as he was told very fast!

Solitary Spider is very close to a grinning a devils grin for Solitary Spider who is buck naked and bent over and even spreading his tight ass-crack for his new Master!

Warlock Spider

“Oh you want me to ride you hard don’t you my slave?”

Solitary Spider


Warlock Spider still grinning that devils grin! Can see Solitary Spider’s dark pink rectum and put his huge around stinger penis head to it and slicks it up as well as his long anal track with a mild hypnotic venom and starts to force his huge around stinger penis into a not even groaning or moaning in the lease bit Solitary Spider’s sweet ass!

After a good two minutes it slides in all the way!

Warlock Spider starts power pounding a moaning with very loud joy Solitary Spider!

Warlock Spider is very shocked that Solitary Spider can take his huge stinger penis like it’s nothing at all! Which is kind of annoying but at the same time feels really good that some damn mutant isn’t just crumbling like most all do!

Warlock Spider puts a very firm left hand grip to Solitary Spider’s huge balls and is fist pumping with his right Solitary Spider’s very rock hard stinger penis!

Solitary Spider

“OH YEAH MASTER! Adonis Spider’s stinger penis is about the same size as yours and it feels so damn good! Please don’t stop fucking me! Please Master! Please keep pumping me it feels so GOOD! OH YES!”

Warlock Spider smiles a devils grin and thinking out loud, I could really fall for this one!

After a good hour of power pumping Solitary Spider and making him ejaculate three times! Solitary Spider is once again totally drained of his powers!

Warlock Spider smiles big and is feeling really good about his newest slave! And not to mention his old enemy with the help of his sexy stud hero now villain Death Angel Ant he put he put him down!

Warlock Spider spins the totally drained of power Solitary Spider around and holds him up by his thick muscular neck with his right long fingers hand and with his left hand and long first finger and thumb he spreads open Solitary Spider’s very muscular ass-crack and to his amazement Solitary Spider’s rectum is as normal looking as it should be!

Warlock Spider talking to himself…

“WOW! It should be wide open and wrecked! But it’s not! He is good!”

Warlock Spider picks up Solitary Spider like a baby in his very thick muscular arms and straps him into the android power brain reprogramming table and gives him 5-cans of the spider nectar and after the fifth can is drank down Warlock Spider quickly un-straps him from the table and watches with a huge grin upon his handsome face Solitary Spider stands and flexes his very well made body to the max! And his light brown eyes glow very bright for a good two minutes then stops!

Solitary Spider is fully re-powered and kneels before Warlock Spider and is asking him to command him and he will obey!

Warlock Spider feels really good about power pumping Solitary Spider and he being able to take his huge around stinger penis without any problem at all!

Warlock Spider’s new slave Death Angel Ant isn’t going to like at all he knows his newest slave, Solitary Spider!

Warlock Spider

“Come on slave let’s you and I go see how Death Angel Ant is a.k.a. D Angel Ant! I hope my two other ant-mutant’s didn’t work him over to badly!”

Solitary Spider

“May I speak freely Master?”

Warlock Spider

“Sure Stud Solitary at ease!”

Solitary Spider

“Master D Angel Ant now a.k.a. Death Angel Ant can take it! He was appointed head leader of the Allied Mutant Protection Force because of his nature and being able to slip out of desperate situations!”

Warlock Spider

“Well we’ll see come along my pet! And just to let you know, you’re my new full time butler and you will sever me well!”

Solitary Spider like a small child follows his new Master Warlock Spider to where Death Angel Ant and his two brothers are!

Mean while…

Omega Wasp and Blue Star Bat come to the very center of the main very large and lavish home!

Omega Wasp like before waves his long fingers left hand this time and starts talking to the air!

Omega Wasp

“P-1 I would like you to meet Master Alpha Wasp’s and my very good friend:

Blue Star Bat! Scan him now please!”

A very sexy male voice sounds off and it is amazing to Blue Star Bat that it just comes from out of nowhere!


“Yes will do Master Omega Wasp!”

P-1 starts his scan of Blue Star Bat and from all over the center of the main house red multi beams go up and down Blue Star Bat’s magnificent body!

In a few seconds the scan is over.


“Master Omega Wasp the scan is complete the sexy stud Blue Star Bat is now cataloged into the main frame computer!”

Omega Wasp

“Very good P-1! Now take Blue Star Bat and myself to Master Alpha Wasp please!”


“Will do Master Omega Wasp right away!”

And it is right away the entire 10X12 area where they are standing at starts lowering it’s self down ward!

And it makes no sounds at all lowering down and down further then anyone would dream!

It takes them 10-minutes to reach the bottom!

Once stopped there are four openings and Omega Wasp with his very thick muscular right arm placed partly around Blue Star Bat’s very V-shaped waist, guides the stud hero Blue Star Bat the right way to the very huge vault!

They both walk inside and see that Alpha Wasp is crying!

Omega Wasp

“My love look who I brought with me to cheer you up!”

Blue Star Bat

“Hello Sexy! I’ve come all the way from the very South West area of our country, you know that vast desert that I watch over and I’ll just tell you I got to have me some of that beautiful pinched ass of your!

Alpha Wasp grinning from ear to ear…

“Well all right!”

All three let out a very wholehearted laugh at that!

Blue Star Bat

“Well lets get on it and I can’t think of a better way to start this bang then to swallow down one of the tubes of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm Omega Wasp brought with him!

Each one takes the cork out of his tube and then all three raise their tubes up in the air let then clink together and then swallow down a half of a cup of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm!

Then after depositing their tubes into a near by cleaning unit all three stand back and watch each others muscles start to grow bigger and it is very visible to see!

Which brings them all great joy to see and not to mention the wonderful feeling they are getting from the super-sperm!

Blue Star Bat

“Wow! I haven’t had any of the sexy as all get out stud hero D Angel Ant’s super-sperm in a long while! I had forgot why I love it so much! And are you two stud’s going to try and have your way with me again?”

Alpha Wasp

“Well I don’t know Stud Blue! You are a super powers stud and more then a hand full for sure! Hey we don’t have to go up to the main level we have a very large master bed room down here! What do you say big Blue?”

Blue Star Bat

“Hey I’m gay I mean game for anything lets get at it the two of you are indeed making me very horny!”

Both Omega Wasp and Alpha Wasp wink at each other and are grinning from ear to ear!

Blur Star Bat’s fat penis has gone to full erection! And he has a very noticeable drunk look on his very God-like face and his eyes pupils have gone to just pen points and he begins to start staggering around like he is in a dream-like state of mind!

Blue Star Bat

“You know what you two, I smell a rat did you drug me Omega Wasp?”

Omega Wasp and Alpha wasp both at the same time…


Blue Star Bat

“You have to catch me first!”

Blue Star Bat scoped out the very huge vault room when he and Omega Wasp first got off the elevator and he saw where the main power box was located!

He heads for it fast and flips the door open and shuts down all of the lights for the room!

This caught Alpha and Omega Wasp off guard! And neither of them can see in the dark!

Alpha Wasp

“My love I can’t see a fucking thing! How about you?”

Omega Wasp

“Nope and Blue Star Bat being a bat-mutant I bet he is watching us now! Take hold of my hand my love and we both have those night vision goggles in our utility belts!”

Alpha Wasp

“Yeah that’s right let us go for them!”

And that’s what they both do but just as they are about to put them on Blue Star Bat steps right in front of them and from his beautiful light blue eyes coming from both of them are like a very bright hypnotic strobe pattern!

This also with a powerful blast of wasp mutant sex pheromones! Which paralyzes both Alpha and Omega Wasp in their tracks along with making each of their stinger penises to go to maximum erection!

Blue Star Bat has them both totally in his power! Some of the other wasp mutant pheromones are so powerful that both Alpha and Omega Wasp are dumb struck like and un-able to resist Blue Star Bat’s every command!

Blue Star Bat

“Okay my sexy subdued stud heroes’ muscle men strip down completely and do it fast!”

And that’s exactly what Alpha and Omega Wasp do!

Once this is done Blue Star Bat takes both Alpha And Omega Wasp by their very rock hard throbbing and pulsation stinger penises!

Blue Star Bat

“You two will walk as I hold onto your very rock hard stinger penises and follow me!”

Both Alpha And Omega Wasp answer at the same time…


 Blue Star Bat starts walking funny the venom they used on him was very powerful but his bat-mutant abilities are subduing it quickly! He scans the very large vault room and finds the huge master bedroom and walks both of the totally in his power Alpha and Omega Wasp’s into it and lays them both down on the very large king-sized bed face down making sure their sexy heads are turned towards each others!

He makes sure both of their very sexy thick with muscles legs is good and wide, then he with his bat-wings floats up and from his very thick and long bat penis urethra comes forth a light blue drug like substance it is call bat-power taking away any pain they might feel from his rather huge around bat-penis!

He goes to each and with a very powerful blast from his penis urethra opens up both Alpha and Omega Wasp’s rectum’s and floods them both deep inside!

Blue Star Bat

“He my two sexy stud muscle bound heroes’ who do you obey?”

Both answer at the same time…


End of part-7   David Circe     11/24/2010

All heroes’ and villain’s in this story belong to David Circe!




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