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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 8 - Chapter 8
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

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The 6ft7inches tall very handsome muscle bound Solitary Spider is impaled upon Warlock Spider’s huge around stinger penis and he has been drugged big time by Warlock Spider with a very large dose of heroin!

Solitary Spider’s sexy light brown eyes are very drugged looking the lids are half way open and he is very helpless to the evil villain that is walking with him totally hung onto his 12-inches around and 27-inches long stinger penis!

Warlock Spider really skull fucked his now totally in his power android power brain and made him tell him what drug did he the truly was a real Doctor think would take away his ability to with stand the effect of his huge stinger penis!

Solitary Spider had trouble at first then told Warlock Spider that once a villain had shot him with an arrow dart filled with heroin that really zapped away all his strong metal resistance and turned him weak minded and unable to think properly!

Warlock Spider injected Solitary Spider with almost enough heroin to kill him but kept the amount right at a non-overdose amount!

Warlock Spider

“How are you feeling my sexy muscle dripping slave tell your master!”

Solitary Spider


Warlock Spider chuckles a very loud laugh and with his left hand fist gripping Solitary Spider’s big testicles as well as holding him upwards onto to his huge around stinger penis!

Warlock Spider keeps walking with the very drugged out of his mind Solitary Spider that is indeed impaled upon his monster cock until they finally get to the play bedroom room to find that Death Angel Ant hasn’t been worked over by his two brother ant mutant’s!


Steals More Ant and Sergeant Ant are begging Death Angel Ant to please stop stinging their stinger penises and testicles and other parts of their very muscular bodies!

Death Angel Ant is just laughing at them both and saying….

“Why should I stop stinging you two? The both of you were working me over big time! Pumping me with both of your stinger penises inside of me oh yeah you two thought you had me didn’t you?”

Both answered…

“We did have you! If we hadn’t of took to long of a break you’d still be helpless to our stingers and stinger penises!”

Warlock Spider smiles big and enters the room with the looking very drugged out of his mind Solitary Spider on the entire shaft of his stinger penis!

Death Angel Ant turns to see his master and then his eyes are now glued to the very drop dead handsome and dripping in muscles and looking very helpless Solitary Spider!

It’s making him very randy seeing how drugged Solitary Spider’s eyes look and his huge round pecs indenting non-stop at his nice sized nipples making very deep dark circles back and forth!

Warlock Spider lets lose of Solitary Spider’s very red testicles and the vanquished hero falls fast to the floor and is now laying face downward!

Warlock Spider commands Death Angel Ant to pick up their new butler and place him into a near by S&M sling!

Death Angel Ant smiles a devils grin and does so quickly!

Warlock Spider

“When your done doing that give your brothers the antidotes to the venoms you gave them my pet!”

Death Angel Ant

“Yes Master!”

After Death Angel Ant has laid the very zapped senseless Solitary Spider within the S&M sling he goes to his two very subdued brothers’ and gives them both the antidotes to the venoms he used on them and goes back up to his smiling big at him master!

Warlock Spider

“Very good my Death Angel Ant! Hum it will take a few moments before your two brothers come fully around extend one of your very muscled up arms it’s time for your feels good medicine!”

Death Angel Ant is smiling big and does as he is told and Warlock Spider quickly takes from one of his silk robe pockets a syringe filled with the final amount of fallen-star drug that will lock the use to be D Angel Ant now Death Angel Ant into an addictive state of being for the rest of his life!

Death Angel Ant starts feeling the effects of the fallen-star drug as soon as it is injected into a very large vein! And a huge drunk like smile spreads wide upon his all to handsome face!

Warlock Spider

“Feeling better my Pet?”

Death Angel Ant

“Oh yes Master! Feels so good! Are we going to play with the new Butler?”

Warlock Spider

“Would that make you happy my Pet?”

Death Angel Ant

“Oh yes Master! Yes that would make me very happy!”

Warlock Spider

“My Pet insert your stinger penis into our new Butler we will call him Solitary and pump him with a good load of weak behavior venom!”

Death Angel Ant

“Yes Master I will obey!”

Death Angel Ant does as he was told and self lubes the head of his stinger penis with the venom weak behavior and then slams it deep into a very trashed acting Solitary Spider’s rectum and annul passage and then begins to pump him full of more of the same type venom!

Then Warlock Spider knowing that the very powerful and addictive drug “Fallen Star” has taken full effect forces his huge around and long stinger penis into a some what zapped senseless by this action Death Angel Ant’s asshole and begins to power pump him and feed off of his very high powered super-sperm via the head of this very muscle bound and drop dead handsome fallen stud superheroes’ stinger penis head!

But Death Angel Ant's stinger penis goes limp fast! An effect caused by Warlock Spider's huge stinger penis that is power pumping him!

Warlock Spider

"Hum your stinger penis I do believe has went into shock because of my huge around stinger penis the effect has zapped your proud stinger penis senseless! Not to worry I can take care of that!"

Warlock Spider puts his very long middle finger to a very visible vein in Death Angel Ant's now went very limp stinger penis and a very sharp three inch long stinger goes into the vein and loads Death Angel Ant's stinger penis with a very powerful erection venom which in seconds makes it go very rock hard!

Warlock Spider

"There how nice its very rock hard now! Put your stinger penis back into Solitary-Butler and keep power pumping our new Butler my pet while I power pump you with my huge around stinger penis! YOU WILL OBEY!"

Death Angel Ant acting very weak due to Warlock Spider's massive stinger penis that is within him...

"Yes Master! I will obey!"

Mean while…

Blue Star Bat is having his way with both Alpha and Omega Wasp!

After a couple of hours he gives them both two cans of Wasp-Mutant nectar he found in a very large pantry which both swallow down eagerly!

Blue Star Bat loves this part of Alpha and Omega Wasp's huge luxurious home and since he is on leave from his huge desert area watch he asks both Alpha and Omega Wasp if this can be his sleep quarters until all of this situation is over with.

Both with wide grins upon their all too handsome faces say yes!

Both have snap out of the power loss Blue Star Bat did to them very quickly!

Alpha Wasp

"Now Blue that wasn't fair! It sure did feel good feeling your huge and long bat-dick within me and my love but I wanted to be the one doing the fucking of your I have no doubt very tight asshole!"

Blue Star Bat

"Oh I know sexy Alpha and later on I promise I'll let you and your sexy mate Omega have your way with me! I thought we were playing a sexy battle game was that not what we were doing?"

Omega Wasp

"Yes Blue that's what we were doing it's just that you being a bat-mutant our venoms don't have much of a chance with you being as you also have a different type of regeneration ability like our stud D Angel Ant!"

Blue Star Bat

"Hum well all Bat-Mutant's don't exactly have a regeneration gland like our love D Angel Ant we just some how have the ability to not be effected by most venom's not all!"

Both Alpha and Omega Wasp turn and look at each other and smile big!

"Alpha Wasp

"Oh isn't that sweet now we both can bring up what venoms will effect you remember the full scan we had done on you?"

Blue Star Bat

"Oh yeah! You two studs now know if you look I should of not allowed you to scan me!"

Blue Star Bat with that drop dead handsome face of his and his beautiful light blue eyes smiles a all to sexy grin and winks at both Alpha and Omega Wasp!

Omega Wasp

"Okay you two time to go meet you with Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth we have work to do!"

Both nods their handsome heads and all are now fully dressed back into their costumes and the three step into the elevator and up they go!

Soon all three are back into the large living area of the house and each begins to cook up a very high protein breakfast.

One of the many side doors opens and in walks hand in hand in hand and both smiling from ear to ear Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth!

Alpha Wasp

"Well I see you two enjoyed the cliff apartment how was it?"

Stud Wolf

"Oh it was HEAVEN! How did the two of you create all that awesome stuff inside that beautiful high in the air dwelling?"

Alpha Wasp hangs his handsome head down and starts crying!

Omega Wasp

"Forgive my love! You all I first built that cliff apartment for my love and then when He-Man Spider and D Angel Ant became our personal body guards we gave that beautiful apartment to both He-Man Spider and D Angel Ant and when they weren't watching over us the both of them did all of the new added things to it and even expanded it more!"

Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth come to Alpha Wasp and hug him close and tell him it will be all right!

Alpha Wasp

"NO IT WON'T! He-Man Spider is dead! And our heart D Angel Ant is now totally in that evil fiends power! He hates my love and me and I know he'll do every thing in his power to hurt our beloved D Angel Ant!"

Omega Wasp

"I'm sure he will My Love! His sole is only malice but remember our heart D Angel Ant has some thing that he craves and I do not think he will just milk him for all he's got then throw him away! Now calm yourself we must attend a Trio of Power command audience this afternoon! Gent's after we all have had our fill of nectar and food lets do the orgy thing in the main sex-play room shall we?"

Alpha Wasp begins to smile and all in the room at the same time yell loud... "HELL YEAH!"

The very dripping in muscles and stunningly handsome Blue Star Bat is every gay-male mutant's fantasy his eyes are a very beautiful light blue his hair is cut in a short to long spike type and is two shades of dark brown and black and he is a very tall 6ft7inches tall his bat-dick is fat and long and his testicles are very large all though he is not an insect or reptile mutant his sperm supply can have very powerful effects on which ever mutant he shoots his always very huge loads of sperm into!

Alpha Wasp and Blue Star Bat are alone within the main sex room of Alpha and Omega Wasp's very large home!

Alpha Wasp standing behind Blue Star Bat and he is about to insert his stinger penis into the stud hero who fell for a trick Alpha Wasp did to him and with a drug Alpha Wasp concealed that he got from his utility belt he injected Blue Star Bat with a powerful obey drug that has made him tell Alpha Wasp which of his venoms would effect him!

Alpha Wasp is surprised to find out that so many of his venoms will not even effect Blue Star Bat but one that does over-power him is an insect-mutant venom called (Will Erase!) And that's what it does it trashes his will and now Alpha Wasp can tell him to do anything and he no longer has the power to resist his every command!

Alpha Wasp

"Blue take off your utility belt gauntlets and boots!"

Blue Star Bat

"Yes I will do that sexy stud Alpha Wasp!"

Blue Star Bat's eyes looking very drugged out indeed does as he was told to do and soon he is only dressed in his red-lycra flex-metal protection briefs!

An alpha Wasp walk up to the looks very drugged senseless Blue Star Bat and pulls down his briefs and tells him to step away from them and Blue Star Bat obeys!

Then Alpha Wasp tells the totally in his power Blue Star Bat to lie down on the floor face down and to the side!

Blue Star Bat is trying to resist the commands but he is not able to the venom Alpha Wasp stung him with is working very well!

Blue Star Bat goes down to his knees and then lies down and spreads his thick very muscular legs wide!

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis is rock hard and throbbing as he quickly flies up and then lowers himself down to Blue Star Bat he commands Blue Star Bat to spread open his ass-crack and he does and Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis self lubes with more of the (Will Erase) venom and he fast as he can slams his stinger penis deep into the sounding and looking very shocked about it Blue Star Bat’s rectum and anal passage!

Alpha Wasp

Makes sure his stinger penis doesn’t come out and four more stingers come forth from the side of the fat head of his stinger penis and go all the way into a moaning loud from the pain Blue Star Bat’s anal passage!

Blue Star Bat becomes very weak minded it is rare when a stinger penis or just penis is put into him!

Blue Star Bat

“What are you going to do to me? Please don’t hurt me! I will obey!”

Alpha Wasp is very much enjoying this and flies himself and a now very much unable to slip off of his stinger penis Blue Star Bat up high into the air!

Alpha Wasp

“Flap your leathery wings and flex your awesome muscles for me Blue Star Bat you will OBEY!”

And that’s just what Blue Star Bat does!

Alpha Wasp with Blue Star Bat using His leathery wing to keep them both a-float first puts a very firm grip to Blue Star Bat’s very large testicles then starts working the totally in his power Bat-Stud’s fat long bat-dick up and down the very long shaft!

After Blue Star Bat cums hard all over his washboard abs and his very huge round bubble like pecs and even his hair and handsome face!

Alpha Wasp commands Blue Star Bat to fly down and he does and once upon the floor Alpha Wasp breaks him down and has the stud bat-mutant completely face down and spread eagle!

Alpha Wasp starts power pumping a moaning and groaning very loud Blue Star Bat senseless!

End of part-8     David Circe

All Heroes’ and Villain’s in this story belong to me….David Circe  10/8/2011

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