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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 9 - Chapter 9
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

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Alpha Wasp begins power pumping Blue Star Bat faster and faster!

And hearing the very muscle bound and drop dead handsome Blue Star Bat’s very loud moaning and groaning sounds! It is really driving him mad with so much desire for the dripping in muscles stud-hero bat-mutant Blue Star Bat!

Blue Star Bat like most bat-mutants is extremely muscle bound and he is also a Super-Mutant who is stunningly handsome it makes even Top Star go quickly to rock hard even if he is busy doing something else if Blue Star Bat is close by!

Alpha Wasp just can’t hold back any longer and he arches his very muscular back hard and cums load after load deep inside of the stud hero Blue Star Bat!

When he finally stops cumin Alpha Wasp collapses upon Blue Star Bat and his breathing is very labored for a good long while!

Blue Star Bat as quick as lightning turns his self around fast and now he and Alpha Wasp are face to face!

Alpha Wasp arches his right eyebrow and looks into the very handsome and dripping in muscles Blue Star Bat’s very beautiful light blue smiling eyes!

Alpha Wasp

“Hum, well it would seem you weren’t so much in my power or were you our sexy super stud Blue Bat?”

Blue Star Bat

“Well for you my good and wonderful friend Alpha Wasp I was totally in your power and that’s the tale I’m sticking with!”

Both start laughing loud and hearty for a good long while.

Then Blue Star Bat whispers one of the venoms he is helpless against into Alpha Wasp left ear and ask him to please not tell anyone except Omega Wasp!

Blue Star Bat speaks very softly to Alpha Wasp telling him about the super-mutant spider who was called “Prince True Blood Spider” but now when he is a villain it’s “Prince Incubus Spider” How all of his venoms is coated with a film of nerve gas from an accident at one of his royal families nectar plants a nerve gas bomb explosion that killed hundreds and caused all of his venoms to be now coated with nerve gas and turned him from a respected hero to a top most wanted very malice acting villain it would seem perhaps!

Blue Star Bat went on to tell Alpha Wasp that the once super mutant and just too damn handsome and dripping in muscles as well stud-hero Prince True Blood Spider was his lover and how he kept it a secret about how he had changed from a hero to a villain and what the now called Prince Incubus Spider did to him and that Prince Incubus Spider almost destroyed him!

Blue Star Bat gets lost in thought about his drop dead handsome lover when he was Prince True Blood Spider and his very fat and about as long as that fiend Warlock Spider’s stinger penis 27-inches when fully erect and just as huge around about 13-inches!

Alpha Wasp

“Oh I remember when that happened I’m so sorry Blue Star Bat! Lie back against me and close your sexy eyes and think only about a really hot sex act the two of you did while I slowly fist pump your fat bat-dick! Please say yes!”

Blue Star Bat

“Yes please do that for me my sexy good friend Alpha Stud!”

And that’s what Alpha Wasp does until Blue Star Bat lets out a very loud climax roar and shoots a very huge load of his very high in protein sperm all over his huge bubble like pecs and handsome face and hair!

After all the sex play is done and all are done eating and drinking their different nectars and for Blue Star Bat his favorite re-powering drink is type-O+ blood for he is a vampire bat-mutant!

All of them get into Alpha & Omega Wasp’s newest hovercraft a very large and luxurious sleek multi-color ride and go to The Trio of Power’s summons!

Mean while…

Warlock Spider’s huge 13-inches around and 27-inches long when fully erect stinger penis with it’s two very-very potent venoms that naturally ooze out of it if he desires when it is within shall we say a warm anal passage one being a venom that pussifies it’s victim making them so weak minded and drains away all of it’s victims aggressive nature and the other a very wicked hypnotic venom that not only does it put you with in a very deep tranquil and suggestive state of mind but also of body too! These things have totally trashed Death Angel Ant!

He is talking out of his head and his beautiful sky blue eyes are glazed over and the pupils are dilated to the max!

Warlock Spider as I said before has stung Death Angel Ant’s stinger penis with erection venom and a super-sperm multiplier that has swollen Death Angel Ant’s already juicy large kiwi sized testicles to now the size of two large navel oranges!

Warlock Spider plans on taking away the entire once called D Angel Ant and now called Death Angel Ant’s power!

Warlock Spider

“Oh yeah your going to give me one more huge load of that sweet super-sperm of yours my sexy stud slave aren’t you my Death Angel Ant?”

Death Angel Ant


Warlock Spider keeps super strength sucking Death Angel Ant’s stinger penis head area, which is the most sensitive and is prone to making him climax when stimulated there!

So Warlock Spider pulls his huge around and long stinger penis out of Death Angel Ant and the girth of it makes it hang downward and he just sucks Death Angel Ant’s stinger penis!

Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant are totally working over Solitary Spider big time!

Solitary Spider who is still within the leather sling and with their venom’s and Warlock Spider’s venom’s too has the 6ft7 dripping in muscles and drop dead handsome now enslaved stud-hero begging them for mercy!

Solitary Spider


Sergeant Malice Ant

“Oh but we must take away all of your power our new Butler! Our Master told us to drain away all of your POWER!”

Steals More Ant being a Carpenter Ant-Mutant has no trouble at all holding onto the big bulking in muscles Solitary Spider his fat and long stinger penis is all the way inside of the helpless stud hero Spider-Mutant!

Steals More Ant is beneath Solitary Spider and he is keeping his stinger penis stationary and still while it is Sergeant Malice Ant’s turn to make Solitary Spider lose all of his super strength and powers!

Sergeant Malice Ant

“Steals More Ant grab hold of his two huge balls and put a good old fashion death grip to them both while I keep power pumping him and stroking his soon to erupt and drain away what’s left of his super strength and powers!

Solitary Spider was given powerful venom’s too with similar effects to his stud nature and thoughts just like Death Angel Ant was too!

Sergeant Malice Ant looks down at a withering and acting very weak like Solitary Spider!

He is gazing at the 6ft7 dripping in muscles stud-heroes’ huge bubble like pecs as they non-stop indent at his nice sized nipples!

They are making dark circles as they go inward and then when they pop back outward they’re make a rough rippling effect, which is driving Sergeant Malice Ant wild indeed!

Solitary Spider is very muscle bound and so damn sexy!

And any gay mutant would love to have this defeated stud-hero as his own!

Sergeant Malice Ant starts flexing his very pinched buttocks as he super strength power pumps back and forth faster and faster!

Solitary Spider has never been double stinger penis penetrated before!

This conquered stud-heroes’ ability to be able to take with ease Warlock- Spider’s huge girth stinger penis and his rectum regain it’s normal tightness is no longer the case the moment!

Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant’s three more inches around with both inside of him has wrecked his tight sphincter muscle and have really tore it up so to speak!

Solitary Spider is talking out of his head and his pecs are dancing wildly as well as his entire body jerking and twitching all over!

Steals More Ant still has a death grip to both of his very large testicles and is whispering very hot sexual words to his right ear locking him into a very strong sex drive and release process!

Sergeant Malice Ant is stroking Solitary Spider’s impressive stinger penis from top to bottom of his entire shaft faster and faster as he also piston pumps this beaten heroes’ trashed and wrecked asshole faster and faster until he gather a perfect rhythm!

Solitary Spider is totally out of his head moaning and groaning louder and louder!

Pre-cum begins to ooze out of his rather large stinger penis-hole and flow downward and cover his stinger penis head and quickly down the entire shaft!

Solitary Spider


Load after load of Solitary Spider’s third and final sperm supply erupt from his stinger penis hole and his climax is every bit of three minutes long!

Sergeant Malice Ant when seeing the pre-cum begin to ooze out and down Solitary Spider’s stinger penis head and shaft quickly points the erect phallus towards the in agony stud heroes’ face and hair and when it started erupting with great force coating his beautiful face and multi browns colored hair until it is very wet and sticky!

Once both Sergeant Malice Ant and Steals More Ant heard the defeated heroes’ climax roar they both began to ejaculate too!

Solitary Spider speaking in a robotic mechanical like voice!


Solitary Spider’s bright eyes completely glaze over and become all white in color and his chiseled chin comes to rest at the very top of his very huge bubble like pecs and he looks completely and totally drained of all power with out a shadow of a doubt!

Warlock Spider grins a devils grin hearing the words that just came from his old enemy’s mouth and it makes him feel very good!

He has already made Death Angel Ant give up two very huge loads of super-sperm and he is feeling so damn good and happy!

And he has put on all over his extreme championship body builder physique that is very hard not to notice all the new beautiful muscles he has sucked and swallowed down the super-sperm that came from this EX-Seven Year Death Match Lord Champion! His very huge in girth and 27-inches long stinger penis that was all the way within this cowering and very powerless body and mind beaten he is this was once the head honcho and top-cock of the walk he is on the road to either utter destruction or a long life of being a slave to the very evil malice natured Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider is tired of hearing Death Angel Ant’s weak broken words and quickly shoves this pitiful slave that was impelled upon his impressive stinger penis and watches as Death Angel Ant falls face down to the floor and low toned and weak words are coming forth from his thick full lips!

Warlock Spider


Death Angel Ant stops speaking but he is still cowering and hiding his very handsome face!

Warlock Spider goes to a closet and removes the antidotes that are needed to stop Death Angel Ant’s pussy male behavior he injects Death Angel Ant with all of the antidotes and in a few minutes he starts acting more stud-like and no longer weak of mind!

Warlock Spider commands both Steals More and Sergeant Malice Ant’s to wash up and to re-power and wash the very sperm coated Solitary Spider and when they are finished with that all are to come to the main living quarters and no playing around with the new butler either!

Warlock Spider goes to the still laying face down Death Angel Ant and grabs him by his thick muscular neck and pulls him up to himself and then he with all of his super-strength intact puts the drained of two thirds of his super-strength and powers Death Angel Ant over his wide right shoulder and proceeds to walk with him to the main living quarters.

Once there he places Death Angel Ant into a recliner then walks over and opens up the cabinet that has all of the ant-mutant nectar with in and brings out three cans for Death Angel Ant and places the three cans on a end table that is next to the recliner and commands Death Angel Ant to open up all of the cans and drink them down to fully re-power.

Death Angel Ant does as he is told and when the last can of ant-mutant nectar is swallow down he stands and spreads his very thick and muscular legs wide!

His now black with red rings around his pupils begin to glow with power!

Death Angel Ant flexes his entire well made body and Warlock Spider grins big watching the re-powering display that is going on before his very eyes and it is indeed an awesome sight to behold!

Once Death Angel Ant has completely re-gained all of his super-strength and powers he looks so damn HOT!

Warlock Spider

“GOD DAMN! YOU LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT! Go over there to the master bedroom and put on that dark blue silk thong my Pet!”

Death Angel Ant

“Yes Master! Master can I get my feel good medicine? Please Master PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider

“If you put on that sexy dark blue silk thong really fast and get back here to me in less then 5-minutes Master will give you you’re feel good medicine, GO!”

Death Angel Ant flies into the master bedroom fast! He quickly finds the sexy dark blue thong puts it on very fast and is back to his Master in less then 1-minute flat!

Warlock Spider smiling from ear to ear!

“Oh very nice my Pet! You did very well! Your feel good medicine is in this closet over here go get and bring it to me!”

Death Angel Ant smiles big and flies over to the closet Warlock Spider is talking about and finds his feel good medicine and brings it back to his very muscle bound and sexy long haired Master!

Warlock Spider

“Pay attention my Pet! I want you to inject your self with your feel good medicine next time, do you understand?”

Death Angel Ant answers yes and watches and listens to his Master close!

Warlock Spider tells Death Angel Ant to go ahead and inject himself with his feel good medicine and grins big at him and looks deep with in his black as mid-night eyes with the glowing at times red ring that surrounds the also black as mid-night pupil!

 Death Angel Ant is caught within Warlock Spider’s hypnotic gaze and quickly becomes lost and unable to do anything he is trapped!

Warlock Spider stops his very powerful hypnotic gaze and commands Death Angel Ant to do as he was told!

Death Angel Ant injects the “Fallen- Star Drug” Into a very thick vein upon his right arm in the bend and when he is done doing this the drug he is now very much addicted to takes full effect and he staggers over to the recliner and slumps down into it and he has a very drugged look in his eyes and his sexy full lips mouth hangs open wide!

He stays that way for a good 10-minutes and then the powerful drug levels off and he just feels so good and relaxed!

Warlock Spider tells Death Angel Ant where each of his feel good medicines are and that when he feels the need for it he is to give himself the drug and to not give himself no more then the amount he was instructed to give and that he will OBEY!

Warlock Spider commands Death Angel Ant to look into his eyes and the very drugged out Death Angel Ant does as he was told and in just a couple of seconds Death Angel Ant is once again lost and powerless to his Master’s powerful hypnotic gaze!

Once Death Angel Ant is totally lost in a very powerful hypnotic like state of mind Warlock Spider can see that he is and commands him to fly up then lower himself onto to his Master’s huge around stinger penis!

Death Angel Ant quickly does as he is told and in seconds he is slowly lowering himself down ward upon Warlock Spider thick rock hard shaft!

Warlock Spider

“OH YEAH! Nice you are now completely impaled upon my very fat around stinger penis, how does it feel my number-1 Pet?”

Death Angel Ant talking weakly


Warlock Spider once he has Death Angel Ant securely set onto his stinger penis stands up and with both his long finger’s hands holding up Death Angel Ant by his huge around bubble like pecs walks himself and Death Angel Ant over to another recliner and sits down

He looks over tonight’s Death Match contestants and all of their suppose to be hidden venoms he doesn’t see a problem with anyone when he is finished with that he goes to his messages and finds one that he isn’t at all happy with!

It is from Rex him self-telling him that he may bring only one of his slaves and for the moment not to bring the once was called D Angel Ant!

Due to outrage from many of the Death Match Fans saying if he the newest Death Match Champion shows up with the very defeated D Angel Ant, a chain reaction walk out and boycott would happen!

Warlock Spider pushes the now very drugged senseless Death Angel Ant off of his went limp fast stinger penis and watches as the sexy dripping in muscles Death Angel Ant goes sprawling to the floor face down!

Warlock Spider

“Oh I’m so sorry about that my pet! Go make sure your two brother’s are finished up with our new Slave Butler make sure he is given the antidotes for the venoms they used on him and five cans of spider-nectar then all four of you are to report back here when all is done and make it quick! YOU WILL OBEY!”

Death Angel Ant

“Yes Master I will obey!”

The Fallen Star drug has taken full effect on Death Angel Ant and he stumbles like a drunk out of the room as fast as he can with out falling on his sweet pinched very nice muscular ass!

Warlock Spider starts looking over his fan mail and as he reads a few and is very happy to hear the praise he is getting from villain’s and just plain mutant’s about how he worked over the now both heroes’ who are totally in his power!

He has made up his mind which of his slaves will be going with him tonight for the Death Match it will be Solitary Spider and why not?

He is going to make sure his old nemesis the very handsome and dripping in muscles EX-Hero Doctor for The Allied Mutant Protection Force looks the part too! How sweet it will be for all those bleeding heart hero fans seeing what he has done to the very conquered hero now his must obey slave!

Warlock Spider goes to one of his showers and disrobes and takes a very long refreshing hot as he can stand it bath making sure every inch of his awesome physique is clean!

Then he methodically washes his very long almost down to his feet hair he being the new Death Match Champion can do many things to help his win tonight and after he completely dries himself off he sprays a powerful all mutant pheromone colonel which will activate a certain if needed pheromone of his that will change into the mutant he is up against type of sexual pheromone gas like substance that will come from both of his nice sized nipples! He has this ability being one of his super-mutant powers!

He laughs to himself about this thinking I checked over the rooster and the heroes’ or villains that he will be up against tonight are all scorpion or insect mutants so nice!

He makes himself a quick drink one he very much enjoys and once this is done he goes to his very large screen computer and checks over his mail and he also checks out the latest news too.

He finds out that The Trio Of Power are calling for a command attendance of all The Allied Mutant Protection Force he is sure that the dead He-Man Spider will be the main topic and who knows what they do at their gatherings?

No one but the now imprisoned Toxic Stinger Ant has ever made it past their now he is very sure improved security features!

Some how Toxic Stinger Ant had come up with a very expensive and very rare black market security cloak devise he found out from an interview of the Trio Of Power just after the news about what happened got spread all over!

Death Angel Ant stumbles into the very large room followed by his two brothers’ on either side of a looks much better Solitary Spider!

Warlock Spider motions with his right hand two long first and second fingers for Solitary Spider to come sit down next to himself and Solitary Spider quickly obeys!

Next Warlock Spider commands Death Angel Ant to come and stand in front of him facing forward and spread his thick very muscular legs to the max then bend over and with his long fingers spread open his tight ass-crack telling Death Angel Ant that it is time to do an inspection of his hot pink rectum!

That he wants to make sure his favorite slave is in tip top condition which puts a very huge drunk like grin upon the so damn sexy Death Angel Ant’s handsome face!

Death Angel Ant quickly does as he was told and in no time is spread and bent over with his long fingers exposing his pink rectum for his beloved Master!

Warlock Spider

“OH HOT DAMN! Looks good enough to eat my favorite pet I will have to sting you here and there! You don’t mind do you my sexy stud slave do you?”

Death Angel Ant with a big stupid grin upon his face answers…

“No Master I don’t mind at all anything you want to do to me that makes you happy makes me happy too!”

Warlock Spider

“Well your feel good medicine will help if there’s any pain from my stingers my Pet!”

Warlock Spider after saying that waste no time and gets down to business fast!

He quickly stings Death Angel Ant’s exposed rectum with and long acting sexual extreme venom that will keep Death Angel Ant’s stinger penis rock hard for many hours or until he’s given an antidote!

Warlock Spider tells Death Angel Ant that he’s doing very well and proceeds to the next on his metal list of things to do to Death Angel Ant!

He takes hold of Death Angel Ant’s very large balls one at a time and in turn stings both with the powerful sperm multiplier which Death Angel Ant even with the Fallen Star pain killer drug coercing through his veins can very much feel and lets out a muffled high pitched groan!

Next his goes back to Death Angel Ant’s now very swollen rectum and stings him with all venoms neutralizer venom!

This trashes Death Angel Ant big time, which is normal anytime this venom is used upon another mutant!

The effect is so strong though Death Angel Ant starts talking out of his head unaware that he is doing so!

And finally Warlock Spider gives the very trashed senseless Death Angel Ant multi-muscles paralyzing venom this really fucks his mind up!

He knows that with all his venoms intact he can put down his two brother ant-mutant’s but now with out his vast muscle power he must obey their every command making him totally helpless to them both!

It is a total mind wrecker and Warlock Spider doesn’t want Death Angel Ant’s mind area destroyed and that could happen so he commands Solitary Spider to go get his utility belt off the wall!

Solitary Spider does as he is told and quickly comes back to his Master with the utility belt and hands it to him.

Warlock Spider goes to the correct pouch and pulls out a small spray bottle with a pinkish color fluid inside he commands the still talking out of his head Death Angel Ant to open his sexy lips mouth wide and Death Angel Ant does!

He gives the spray bottle to Solitary Spider and commands him to spray three squirts into Death Angel Ant’s open mouth and he does!

In just a few seconds Death Angel Ant stops talking nonsense and a huge flood of calming washes over his mind he is very drugged and venomize to the max!

His already huge testicles have been steady as they go growing larger and larger that was one of the reasons he was all zapped out of his head the pain from his testicles growing bigger and bigger is indeed extremely painful!

Warlock Spider smiles a devils grin seeing what his powerful venoms did to the ex-stud heroes’ face and body his all to handsome face is very contorted and his dripping in muscles body is in a non-stop jerking all over his well made physique!

He tells Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant to take the very trashed senseless Death Angel Ant to the super-sperm milking sling and strap him in!

He also tells them both that Solitary Spider will be the one that is coming with him to tonight’s Death Match!

Both nod their handsome heads and take the very apparently trashed to the max Death Angel Ant to the super-sperm milking sling and strap him in!

Once this is done they attach the just like the android power brain re-programming probes into his now totally re-programmed android power brain via both his ears!

Steals More Ant goes to a devise both probes are attached to and puts in a virtual reality disk it’s like it’s really happening to him! A virtual-reality sex programs where his beloved Master Warlock Spider is totally working the drop dead sexy Death Angel Ant over S&M style!

Death Angel Ant is in this super-sperm-milking devise spread eagle and face down!


Death Angel Ant’s stinger penis is rock hard and throbbing and with the very potent venom that he was stung with will stay that way until an antidote is injected into one of his very thick veins!

Last Sergeant Malice Ant takes from the floor a long black rubber hose that is attached to like big huge sports like cup and with Death Angel Ant’s stinger penis very erect but the thick girth of it makes it hang downward slides Death Angel Ant’s hard as a rock stinger penis into the hose and fits the large sports cup like devise over Death Angel Ant’s swollen to the size of large grape fruits and a air-tight suction sounds and also a strong feed of vibration starts too!

Death Angel Ant


Steals More Ant places a mask over the very locked into a seems very real world to him Death Angel Ant’s eyes and Sergeant Malice Ant starts the video recording devise all is done and both go over to a will fill the entire room with red-light and flip the switch and walk out of the room and go back to their Master!

When they get back both smile big seeing how their Master has dressed Solitary Spider he is all in different colors of pink!

Warlock Spider has him in hot-pink wrestler type boots a very light pink thong that is made of a certain type material that conforms completely to his stinger penis and big testicles!

Warlock Spider has put multi-pink colored gauntlets and utility belt to finish off his entire costume!

While the both were hooking Death Angel Ant up to the super-sperm milking devise Warlock Spider stung the very helpless and conquered Solitary Spider with several venoms that totally and completely wrecked the very sexy dripping in muscles ex-stud hero!

Warlock Spider made sure he gave Solitary Spider a huge load of heroin that really is his bane!

Then Warlock Spider had a ball and non-stop stung the well-made body of Solitary Spider even inside both of his ears with venom’s that really would show everyone how this was a hero and now turned slave was being treated!

Warlock Spider

“It is time for us to go put up the cloaking shields you are to remember give D Angel Ant OPPS! I mean Death Angel Ant the Fallen Star drug when the alert timer goes off! You may play with him but he is not to be penetrated while I’m gone! YOU WILL OBEY!”

Both Steals More Ant and Sergeant Malice Ant answer…


Warlock Spider takes from a near by drawer a ball-gage and puts it into a looking very trashed out of his mind Solitary Spider’s Mouth!

Then Warlock Spider roughly yanks down Solitary Spider’s very fem-like light pink thong spreads the very trashed out of his mind ex-heroes’ thick very muscular legs wide!

Then bends him over and from his very large stinger penis hole comes forth huge blasts of mind-control venom as well as complete stud aggression wipe out venom and once this is done slams his huge around stinger penis to the entire shaft length way into a jerking all over his dripping in muscles body!

Solitary Spider’s eyes are twitching and rolling back non-stop!

Warlock Spider quickly gets himself and the very zapped senseless Solitary Spider into his hovercraft and is off!

No one has detected his departure from his hideout!

Mean while…

All have gathered for The Trio Of Powers command meeting!

Top Star

“To each of you thanks for showing up! We have each one of you sitting at our nine-levels round table!

You’ll see before you a pair of Android Power-Brain Probes to all insert them into your right and left ears until you hear the click sound meaning you have done it correctly!

All do this now and we will continue after all have pushed in the green button meaning you are finished!”

Pure Energy Man is monitoring and in it seems like no time all have reported in that they are finished!

Top Star Pure Energy Man and Lightning Strike take turns speaking to the very large group of heroes!

Basically all are told via each one of The Trio Of Power’s Android Power Brains only what they have to say!

No audio words are spoken by any of The Trio Of Power a security massager due to leaks from the past and a thought to be mole within the very large hero team!

Doing it this way stops any and all leaks and even if the mole or moles has an Android Power Brain, Brains by doing it this way a top of the line scrambler will set a very destructive virus upon a black market and very illegal Android Power Brain!

 Top Star begins the via only Android Power Brain conference telling all that He-Man Spider’s body will be put inside a clear vault and will be kept there until further notice!

Only after this meeting will he be put on display for viewing until 12:00 P.M. tomorrow then no more viewings!

Pure Energy Man begins with the new Top Captain’s rooster then Lightning Strike informs all that this meeting is over unless he calls out your name!

And that all are welcome to enjoy The Trio Of Power’s complete entertainments and foods drinks and lets all know the entire list of such are of a certain color and to proceed to the ones that they are interested in and enjoy!

Lightning Strike also tells all of the heroes’ that today is his birthday in other words the day he was brought to life or online which ever and it’s party time!

So feel free to have some fun!

All of the heroes’ smile big and the majority of the heroes’ rise and walk out of the main conference room!

Except those heroes’ who Lightning Strike has called upon to remain behind!

There are only 15-heroes’ in the room and Lightning Strike welcomes all to their new roles as Captain’s Omega Wasp is now the Top Captain followed by Mid-Night Moth then Alpha Wasp they are the three main local Top-Captain’s!

The remaining twelve heroes’ are considered a Top-Captain’s group for very large task areas such as Blue Star Bat and Stud Wolf’s areas, which are very huge and wide protection and patrol watches!

In short these large areas have very huge power grids, which must be patrolled and charted on a regular basis at the most 4-in all!

Alpha Wasp touches his Omega Wasp on his very muscular right leg and then nods his handsome head towards Blue Star Bat and his ex-lover White Star Bat and both are grinning from ear to ear seeing the both of them flirting big time with each other!

After Lightning Strike is finished Blue Star Bat’s handsome head leans toward White Star Bat and lays a big lip lock on that also sexy as all get out dripping in muscles and so damn good looking it makes most of the gay-heroes’ get a fast hard on when they look at the is also a Super-Mutant from top to bottom of his makes you drool physique then down at White Star Bat’s very huge bulge!

Omega Wasp tells Alpha Wasp to come with him to the Top-Captain’s office and both walk hand in hand to it!

Alpha Wasp


Omega Wasp

“Oh I just thought you might be interested in what Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat are into sex wise?”

Alpha Wasp

“Hum well from looking at both of them I see leather with steel spike wrist bands on each! Oh I know! They like to dress each other up in leather before fucking each other senseless?”

Omega Wasp just laughs very loud and grabs his one and only love Alpha Wasp by his v-shaped waist and then tells Alpha Wasp he almost got it right on the nose!

Alpha Wasp

“Really? Well now that I’m a Top-Captain I think I need to look at both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat’s personal sex desires files don’t you think?”

Omega Wasp quickly types in both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat’s personal sex interest info and on the very large monitor it shows both completely naked upon a split screen and about the same amount of pages of their very into all types of total and complete body and mind domination as well as S&M likes!

Omega Wasp smiles big and tells his one and only true love Alpha Wasp that the job of Top-Captain has many privileges and one of them is a very private large suite with a luxurious bedroom huge living quarters with full baths and dinning area to boot and more!

Alpha Wasp

“WOW! Now you’re talking what are you doing?”

Omega Wasp

“Downloading all of the very hot S&M complete mind and body control bouts where Blue Star Bat utterly dominates White Star Bat senseless!

Or seeing White Star Bat’s 13.5 inches around bat-penis head only not the entire shaft power pound away all of Blue Star Bat’s super-strength and turn him completely mind wrecked and into a pussy-male!”

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis goes very hard and starts throbbing!

Omega Wasp takes from the computer a silver disk and places it into an empty pouch within his utility belt.

Alpha Wasp takes his one and only true love Omega Wasp’s left hand and off they both go to Omega Wasp’s while at The Trio Of Power’s Main Fortress his command sanctuary to watch the very hot action of two dripping in muscles as well as drop dead handsome bat-mutant’s totally and completely work each other over!

Alpha Wasp

“Are we being naughty my love?”

Omega Wasp

“No! We are just investigating the hotness of two of the sexiest extremely muscular and so fucking handsome Allied Mutant Protection Force Heroes’ is all!

Everyone will be so jealous when they find out they are staying with us at our place won’t they my love?”

Alpha Wasp

“You can bet your sweet ass they will my love! And we do have motion video cams set up all over our very big and fun house!

With a bunch of night vision cams set up and ready to make them and us if they agree a ton of money for people to watch one Sex God dominating another Sex God and then watch the tables turn!”

Omega Wasp

“Oh man that I must admit would bring in vast amounts of cash for Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat and the two of us too if you my love can sell the both of them without drugging them and then getting their John Henry on iron clad contracts before they both realize what they both have done!”

Alpha Wasp

“ I have two key questions my love!”

Omega Wasp

“Question one my love?”

Alpha Wasp

“Is it a well known fact that most all bat-mutant’s are very found of extreme rough sex be it of body and mind?”

Omega Wasp

“The answer to that first question is yes! It is generally known that most all bat-mutant thrive within a very potent S&M state of mind and body!”

Omega Wasp

“Second and final question my love!”

Alpha Wasp

“Does it matter when both are so equally matched as the dominant one over the other? What I’m trying to say is at any time is one of them embarrassed to be the one who was totally and completely rendered utterly submissive to the other’s S&M powers wither it be all of ones mind or all of ones physique or an exchange of both where the one in complete control of the other uses his dominate S&M techniques to skull fuck the bested ones mind senseless making him so weak of all aggression his thoughts are so weak he will obey whatever he is commanded to do!

And at the same time pain is applied at certain points of the rendered totally submissive to ones physiques via the one who has gained complete and utter power over the said now is his master’s fuck toy and is beyond any doubt of regaining power over the said S&M play Master!”

Omega Wasp

“To my knowledge both enjoy whatever happens if one is made a slave to the other’s domination control he will relish in it and if the said submissive one is always put down by the more powerful dominate one I have never known of any type of mental break down by a bat-mutant who has lost all of his dominate stature!”

Alpha Wasp

“Money in the bank my love! Money in the bank!”

Both Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp laugh loud and hearty and then go to both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat to invite them both to stay at their place while they are both on vacation and both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat both at the same time smile big and say we would love to and thanks!

Mean while…

The Ring Master

“Greetings to all of you Gent’s who are eager to see who is the victor of this final Death Match action between our newly crown Death Match Champion Warlock Spider and the one the only too stud sexy for words Super Ultra Stud Scorpion!”

On two large monitors high up above the Death Match arena are both Warlock Spider and Super Ultra Stud Scorpion completely naked front and back…

Warlock Spider’s Stats: He is 6ft 7-inches tall weighing 300-lbs of extremely muscular build!

His hair color is midnight black with streaks of platinum and white it’s length goes almost to his feet he keeps it free flowing always!

His stinger penis is a cut 27-inches long when fully erect and 13-inches around! This type of stinger penis has a nickname called mind wrecker!

It says that his long hair can be deadly!

His eye color is jet-black with rare red pupils that it says can be hypnotic like if an opponent is locked within his gaze!

He has a large scale of venoms some say can be deadly!

Also it says certain types of his webs have stingers and can be deadly!

Tonight he is wearing stinger protection thong of red with black webs.

His wrestler type boots are black and red as well as his gauntlets and his utility belt is red and silver color.

Warlock Spider is extremely muscle bound!

And the very popular Hero & Villain Magazine voted him for the last five years to be the most drop dead handsome and most muscle bound villain!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion Stats:

He is also 6ft 7-inches tall and 300-lbs of muscular power!

It only says his eyes are a very light green color it does not say what his hair color is.

His stinger penis is un-cut and a whopping 28-inches long when fully erect and 13-inches around also when fully erect! A mind wrecker stinger penis too!

He is wearing a Lycra material of light green and silver entire head covering wrestlers type mask!

His wrestler type boots are dark green and black as are both of his lower arm gauntlets and his utility belt is dark green and silver.

He is wearing Lycra light green stinger protection thong.

His eyes are a unique very light color of green!

He has a very large arsenal of venoms some say can be deadly! And like all Scorpion Mutant’s he has the hidden taint stinger!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion is a member of The Allied Mutant Protection Force!

The reason that he wears a mask is that he has another very well paid job, which is not listed!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion was voted for a consistent 7-years in a row by the very popular Hero & Villain Magazine As the most mysterious and just puts out very potent sexual desire to all who encounter him of mask Heroes’!



From high up above and web slinging non-stop with the recently defeated and looking very trashed out of his mind and dressed all in pussy-male pink Solitary Spider which is impaled upon Warlock Spider’s long as well as huge in girth stinger penis!

Solitary Spider is non stop mumbling very weak words of submission such a display by the very muscle bound 6ft 7-inches tall once was a very stud like and proud Head Doctor to The Allied Mutant Protection Force!

Everyone can see beyond any doubt that Solitary Spider is now Warlock Spider’s totally and completely whipped slave puppet!

Warlock Spider it would seem at the speed of light yanks the still talking out of his head very weak words Solitary Spider from his huge stinger penis!

And very quickly spins a super strong webbing around and around the looking very out of it Solitary Spider’s very big testicles then after they are very webbed up he points the finger with the very strong webbing upward and Solitary Spider’s entire very muscle bound physique flies upward fast and then finally comes to a stop!

The cheering very loud at the site of the once very stud proud Solitary Spider but now hanging from the very up high ceiling from strong webs that are wrapped around and around his very large testicles and speaking pussy-male words of complete new Master Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider once again starts web-slinging non-stop until he reaches the arena floor very close to The Ring Master!

He turns towards all of the cheering very loud in praise for him crowd and starts flexing his two very huge bubble like pecs as well as his very huge bi-ceps and tri-ceps too!

Next in comes the to all who look upon him and grow very sexually excited!

And wearing a light green and silver Lycra wrestler’s type mask that is covering his entire head!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion is riding upon a sleek and sexy silver and light green hover surf board as he smiles that very sexy grin for all to see and he yanks down his light green thong and flaps his very huge 28-inches long and 13-inches around when fully erect un-cut stinger penis for all the cheering very loud for him crowd!

Once he has done this stripper like act for several minutes he starts lower at a steady pace towards The Ring Master and Warlock Spider while this is happening he flexes his very beautiful pecs and very big and bulging arms muscles too!

Soon his hover surfboard lands beside The Ring Master and the grinning at him with a powerful desire to fuck him senseless Warlock Spider!

The Ring Master

“Congratulations to the both of you for making it to this final match!

When the bell sounds begin your assault!

Good luck to you both!”

The Ring Master turns and walks away leaving both Warlock Spider and Super Ultra Stud Scorpion checking each other out from head to crotch!

Warlock Spider

“Hey there muscles why the mask? Take it off and let us all see how handsome you are to behold!”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“I can’t do that! And you know the reason why!

But here take a good long look at my huge around and long stinger penis!”

With this said Super Ultra Stud Scorpion waste no time and with his long fingers right and left he shreds to a now no longer a thong and just a ripped up and useless holder of his very huge stinger penis and big testicles!

The Crowd is truly loving this show of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s beautiful testicles and swinging slowly from side to side limp for the moment stinger penis!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion turns towards Warlock Spider…

“Here want a taste of my sweet sperm for your very sexy lips and damn your muscles dripping all over body is making my big and proud stinger penis weak and powerless to stop from going to full erection to your power charms and sex spell castings!”

Warlock Spider’s stinger penis goes quickly to full erection and he is very aroused and he decides to rip away his just barely covering his long and just as wide around as Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s stinger penis covering thong!

With this done both Warlock Spider and a sexy full lips mouth hanging very wide open in a very potent and caught him totally off guard sex shocked him senseless Super Ultra Stud Scorpion!

The bell rings loud!

Warlock Spider

“Come suck just the head area of my stinger penis and please don’t stop fist pumping your very beautiful stinger penis my sex puppet my sex trapped and now totally and completely in my power Super Ultra Stud Scorpion! You can only OBEY!”

The Crowd goes wild! And are not truly believing what just happen to the looks very drugged senseless with his exposed very light green eyes via the mask upon his head!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion with a very drunk and stupid grin goes quickly to Warlock Spider!

He goes down to his knees fast then opens his sexy full lips mouth as wide as he can and wraps his very full lips around just the huge stinger penis head and starts sucking away going only up and down Warlock Spider’s stinger penis head lips!

Warlock Spider


Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s very light green eyes are very glazed over and his pupils are like pen points very-very small pen points!

Warlock Spider grins big and thrust forward hard flexing his entire muscle bound body and shoots a huge load of his very potent hypnotic venom into Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s mouth and orders him to swallow it all down!

And the totally in Warlock Spider’s power Super Stud Hero Super Ultra Stud Scorpion obeys!

Warlock Spider

“Nice job my sex puppet good job! Now stop sucking my huge around stinger penis you will obey!”

He stops sucking Warlock Spider’s stinger penis head after he had swallowed down a huge load of the very potent hypnotic venom!

He stands up like a drunk and stumbles and slowly stands before the entire in awe of the looks to have with magic powers in just a few seconds defeated the very muscles dripping and now looks very helpless to Warlock Spider!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s android power brain is unable to stop the super powered multi-scorpion sexual pheromones that are coming from both of Warlock Spider’s very erect nipples and blasting into the didn’t expect this to happen to him Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s nostrils he keeps breathing in deep!

He starts telling the cheering very loud Crowd what Warlock Spider did to him!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“My very-very muscle bound as well as very hung and drop dead handsome Master Warlock Spider once I told him I would not take off my wrestler type covers my entire head mask began to flood my lungs with his very powerful total sexual control multi-scorpion mutant pheromone!

As all know Warlock Spider is a super-mutant villain type! I started feeling the very potent sexual pheromone very quickly took away my ability to resist it’s effect of the being pec-pumped and super strength force blasting out of both Warlock Spider’s very nice nipples into my general direction and it to my estimation the very powerful Scorpion Total Sexual Control Pheromone has me completely in my Master Warlock Spider’s POWER!”

Warlock Spider

“Everything my Super Ultra Muscles Stud just told you all is very true!

Can we all give a great big hand to this just is dripping in muscles stud hero please?”

The Crowd goes wild and most all of The Death Match Fans clap loud for the soon they know will be completely drained of all his super strength power and then this made a deadly mistake sexy stud hero will be indeed destroyed or enslaved!

Warlock Spider walks right up behind Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and commands him to wrap his very sexy full lips around his right raisin sized nipple and suck and breath in deep at the same time!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion with a very apparent drunk look within his light green eyes quickly does as his Master Warlock Spider commanded him to do!

After a good five minutes of softly sucking and breathing deep into his lungs the Scorpion Total Sexual Control Pheromone which everyone can see is very much wrecking him senseless! 

Warlock Spider commands the utterly helpless Super Ultra Stud Scorpion to do the same thing to his left nipple too!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion saying very drunk like words to his new Master Warlock Spider weakly goes to the left nipple and tries as best he can to softly suck and breath in deep the substance that caused his utter and total defeat!

Warlock Spider can tell from the way Super Ultra Stud Scorpion is acting and his mindless jabbering that he has breath in enough and pulls his light green soft leather masked head gently off his very erect left nipple!

Warlock Spider with all of his great super strength power very quickly spins the looking very trashed Super Ultra Stud Scorpion around fast for the entire cheering very loud Crowd to look upon!

The jack-off rooms once seeing that this young stud hero who always looks so damn hot!

And can with no effort at all make everyone that looks upon his huge bulge and hot as hell very well made physique start drooling fast!

And has indeed made so many mutant’s within this Death Match Arena run fast to the nearest jack-off room to watch and relieve their throbbing and pulsating as well as some pre-cumin stinger or just plain penises!

Warlock Spider grins big for the very happy and cheering loud for him Crowd!

And shouts out to them…

“Oh I think what’s coming up next is more then certainly going to please you, my all hot and bothered happy Crowd!”

Warlock Spider starts sweet-talking to the looks very wrecked by the huge loads of Pheromones breathed into his lungs Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and tells him his Master has just got to see his awesome muscle bound body totally naked! PLEASE!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion speaking very slurred words to his very muscular and drop dead handsome Master and tries to help him remove his boots and gauntlet and last his utility belt!

Once this trashed senseless very sexy stud hero is completely naked it is very hot and just damn erotic like to see!

The entire Crowd all let out a very loud gasp of delight seeing his very beautiful limp stinger penis slowly swinging from side to side and how the effect of the powerful Total Sexual Control Pheromone has made his muscles here and there react it is truly hot to see!

Warlock Spider grins a devils grin for the Crowd and he tells the vanquished Super Ultra Stud Scorpion to drop to his knees and then for his Master after he has done this please lie face down and go spread eagle!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion grinning like a drunk sloppily goes down hard to his knees then just falls face down and somehow does manage to spread those very thick and muscular legs of his to the max!

Warlock Spider quickly straddles Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s very v-shaped waist and whispers sweet words into his left ear about how hot he is making his very pleased very pleased Master!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion answers back to his Master very slurred like words and lift his right hand thumb up for the cheering wild like Crowd!

Warlock Spider lays down upon Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s very muscles dripping body and puts both of his first fingers to Super Ultra Stud Spider’s ears and like he did to D Angel Ant two of Warlock Spider’s very long and diamond coated stingers go into his android power brain and straight to his entire security unit and his will control module and lets lose the acid venom which indeed destroys them both!

This wrecks the very much totally in Warlock Spider’s control Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s mind and he is in agony!

His handsome head is jerking non-stop and his fists are pounding the arena floor!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion


Warlock Spider

“Oh my new sex puppet no one can help you NO ONE!”

Warlock Spider rises up and spins himself around and from his middle long finger he goes to Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s left buttocks cheek and he attaches a very strong web on the inside of this very defeated stud heroes’ crack area and then pulls on it and attaches it to Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s upper thigh then Warlock Spider does the same thing to the right side too!

When Warlock Spider is finished Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s red pinkish red color rectum is very visible for all to see!

Warlock Spider

“Look here everyone take a look! Looks nice and tight! Hey there Super Stud Muscles have you ever been fucked by another?”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion


Warlock Spider

“Oh how sweet a virgin! UM nice well your Master must have some of your hot tight ass and you want your Master to be happy with you don’t you my sexy stud puppet?”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion


Warlock Spider

“Oh thank you my pet! Let me do this and that first and then I’ll put it in real nice and slow!”

Then Warlock Spider stings Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s rectum sphincter muscle and puts it totally out of commission with now grip power left!

This totally wrecks Super Ultra Stud Scorpion big time!

He starts like he is humping the arena floor wildly and his buttocks muscles flex non-stop for all to see!

Warlock Spider grins an evil smile for all of the cheering very loud for him Crowd and brings up both of his very thick muscular arms and makes his huge round bi-ceps and tri-ceps dance for everyone to see too!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion is talking out of his head and moaning very loud all can see he is very trashed and in a lot of pain!

Next Warlock Spider stings Super Ultra Stud Spider’s exposed rectum with three very powerful venoms an all venoms wipeout venom an all male aggression paralyzing venom and a think negative thoughts venom!

After doing this Warlock Spider reaches under Super Ultra Stud Scorpion for his testicles and limp stinger penis he finds them and pulls it out and lays them between his still spread to the eagle legs!

Everyone can see that his proud stinger penis his shriveled up and looks very much out of power indeed!

Warlock Spider then quickly stings both of his big testicles with a

Maximum sperm multiplier!

Then Warlock Spider stings the moaning and groaning very loud Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s swollen and powerless of grip rectum with his very potent extreme sexual desire venom!

His meaning Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and all of the Crowds eyes they begin to get bigger and bigger fast!

This added pain makes Super Ultra Stud Scorpion shriek out very loud in agony!

Now Warlock Spider is ready to insert his huge around and long stinger penis!

But before he does he decides to give this fallen stud hero an injection of the very addictive Fallen-Star pain killer drug!

He takes an already made up syringe filled with the Fallen-Star drug from one of the pouches of his utility belt and finds a very large vein in the back of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s knee area and quickly injects the drug!

In seconds Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s loud moaning subsides and all can hear his sounds of relieve and his words of…

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“Oh that sure made me feel so much better! Thank you Master! Thank you!”

Warlock Spider

“Oh I could see that you my sexy dripping in muscles stud puppet that you were in pain and needed that! And I didn’t want my huge stinger penis to make it more painful for you my pet now here it comes feel the power between my legs my slave!”

Warlock Spider points the head of his stinger penis right at Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s now swollen reddish pink rectum and a huge blast of bad thoughts venom coats and goes deep into Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s annul track!

But Super Ultra Stud Scorpion with the Fallen-Star drug that has taken full effect doesn’t feel anything at all and he shows it by smiling big!

Warlock Spider knew this would be the circumstance due to the very powerful and addictive pain killer drug Fallen-Star and also that venom is very slick too!

He puts the huge head of his stinger penis to Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s rectum and begins to force it!

When the conquered stud hero starts speaking…

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“Master I have never been penetrated please-please Master I’m afraid! Please don’t rape me PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider stops trying to force his huge stinger penis into Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and once again lies down upon his entire well-made body and starts whispering into Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s right ear!

Warlock Spider

“Tell me who you are my sex puppet stud hero dripping in muscles TELL ME!”

With his will control module completely destroyed he is powerless to stop from answering the question and he does!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“My other name is Alex Stud Powers Right!”

The Crowd all gasp very loud hearing Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s famous name!

Alex Stud Powers Right is known all over this alternate earth he is the richest and most sought after super-model! Now everyone knows why he had to wear a mask!

Warlock Spider quickly un-laces the light green and silver wrestler’s type mask and pulls it off of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s head and lets it fall to the floor!

Warlock Spider

“That was so brave of you my sexy muscled out sex puppet!”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“Thank you Master!”

Warlock Spider reaches into his utility belt and comes out with a small machine he comes off of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s muscled out body and walks around and stands in front of the conquered hero!

Warlock Scorpion

“Alex Stud Power’s Right you will sign your name to a release of all your assets to me your Master Warlock Spider you will do this for me won’t you my stud sex puppet you must obey!”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“Yes my Master I will sign all of my wealth and property over to you!”

Warlock Spider hits buttons very fast and in no time the machine he took from his utility belt is ready for Super Ultra Stud Scorpion to sign and he does!

Warlock Spider

“Will there be a problem with this Rex?”


“This is allowed Warlock Spider by Death Match rules!”

Warlock Spider smiles big and quickly lays the machine in front of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and the fallen hero signs away all of his money and property to Warlock Spider and the small machine talks and it says…

Small machine

“Transaction complete all of Alex Stud Powers Right’s assets have been transferred to Warlock Spider’s over seas hidden accounts!”

End of part-9     David Circe 

All heroes’ and villain’s and other characters in this story belong to David Circe’s.                      12/29/2011

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