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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 10 - Chapter 10
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
Email: David Circe

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Warlock Spider takes a good long look at the fallen hero before him Alex Stud Power’s Right a.k.a. Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and his huge around and long stinger penis goes rock hard!

And much to his excitement and amazement it goes upward and holds steady that way!

Usually the girth of it keeps it from doing this but his eyes are seeing how awesomely drop dead handsome and a body built to please and how! Has made his stinger penis do something it has never done before, stand straight upward!

And Warlock Spider un-like Alex Stud Power’s Right a.k.a. Super Ultra Stud Scorpion has in both of his nostrils filters, which would stop a full on blast of spider mutant sexual pheromone invisible gas!

Warlock Spider turns both his arms and hands wrists pointing upward towards both of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s shoulders and webs come forth and latch on to them both and he pulls the down on the floor with a very drunk like smile upon his handsome face Alex Stud Power’s Right backward to himself!

Warlock Spider whispering into Alex Stud Power’s Right left ear…

“My Alex I just have to penetrate your virgin rectum and anal track I will go nice and slow your new Master must have you that way! Tell me that you want me to fuck you!”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion

“Yes Master please! FUCK ME PLEASE!”

Warlock Spider waste no time he brings the very defeated Super Ultra Stud Scorpion very muscular body up close to his own then he with his thick muscular legs spreads Alex’s thick muscular legs wide and bends him over and puts the head of his stinger penis to Alex’s very exposed rectum and forces it in slowly!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion


With the very slick negative thoughts venom it doesn’t take much forcing and in it slides all of the way in!

Warlock Spider’s entire stinger penis shaft is now within the conquered stud hero Super Ultra Stud Scorpion!

Warlock Spider’s stinger penis is raging hard and throbbing to the max and standing in an upward position!

Warlock Spider knows he must not show his extreme happiness!

But he very much wants to holler out how damn good he is feeling!

But he doesn’t and starts with his triple super strength ability flexing his proud stinger penis making it dance up and down!

Making the now without his wrestler type mask on Super Ultra Stud Scorpion showing his very blond curly head bob up and down like a rag doll!

Along with both of his very thick muscular arms and legs as well as his fully erect stinger penis too bobbing up and down non-stop!

The cheering Crowd goes insane!

Seeing this extremely handsome and dripping in muscles that is very much conquered this God-like hero being stinger penis bounced up and down!

Warlock Spider smiles a big fake devils grin for the cheering very loud for him Crowd and then he slowly turns for all and keeps stinger penis bouncing the fallen stud hero for a good five minutes then he stops and puts Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s very erect and throbbing stinger penis head into his full lips mouth and starts sucking it lovingly!

Just the head area though it is an un-cut stinger penis but is fully erect to the max so it hides the foreskin very well!

Warlock Spider’s venom’s are very powerful and the extreme sexual excitement venom he stung:

Alex Stud Powers’ Right with has made his stinger penis go more erect then it ever has!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion


Warlock Spider

“Tell me my sex puppet have you ever been drained of all your super strength and super-mutant powers?”

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion


Warlock Spider

“Did you hear that Crowd? He has never been completely drained of his entire super strength and super-mutant powers’! Isn’t that sweet?”

The Crowd sounds off and cheers very loud for Warlock Spider!

Warlock Spider pushes two of the same color buttons on each of his gauntlets and a powerful vibration begins!

Warlock Spider grips Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s stinger penis shaft with his right fist and with his left hand runs it all over the moaning and groaning with pleasure Alex Stud Powers Right’s upper physique!

Warlock Spider starts working the very beaten heroes’ mind over with very sexual erotic words and before long Super Ultra Stud Scorpion flexes and juts his pinched buttocks forward hard and starts his 7-minute climax!

Which Warlock Spider is eager to swallow down! As he knows all scorpion-mutant’s sperm has the highest protein within it!

Warlock Spider takes his time draining away all of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s super strength and super-mutant powers but finally the time has come and a jerking all over and proclaiming his weakness over and over again and again!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion drunk like juts his very beautiful to behold buttocks forward hard and this time cums for only three minutes!

Warlock Spider smiles big and slowly shoves the vanquished stud hero off of his still rock hard stinger penis!

He quickly walks around to a has naturally spread his thick muscular legs very wide Alex Stud Powers’ Right a.k.a. Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and grins from ear to ear looking over his handy work!

Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s sexy very full lips mouth hangs open wide like he is in deep shock you could say!

And his chiseled chin goes downward to rest at the very top of his huge bubble like pec’s and his beautiful very light green eyes turn completely white in color and a voice that sounds like a robot sounds off…


The Crowd cheers very loud for the new and remaining Death Match Champion Warlock Spider!

He raises both his very thick muscular arms and does a short show for all to see!


“Congratulations Warlock Spider you are the victor! Will it be death or ownership?”

Warlock Spider waste no time and answers…

“OWNERSHIP! And I know just the trophy no money! He’s my newest slave! Love everything about this to sexy really for words defeated hero and just got to have him to play with!”

Rex hands Warlock Spider the trophy and turns and walks off!

Warlock Spider pushes two buttons on his right arm gauntlet and from up above comes floating downward his hovercraft!

He quickly webs up Super Ultra Stud Scorpion once he is finished he pushes a button on the backside of his ride then he picks up the drained of all his main power Super Ultra Stud Scorpion like a baby and lays him down on the very plush carpeting!

Warlock Spider gets into his hovercraft and floats it up to the still hanging in the air from a strong web wrapped around his big testicles Solitary Spider!

He cuts the webbing and sits him in the passenger seat then web slings over to the drivers side gets in and is gone!

Mean while…

Omega Wasp is lovingly holding his one and only true love Alpha Wasp who can’t stop crying!

One of He-Man Spider’s relatives an extremely handsome and dripping with body builder muscles and he is also a very well known friend and Allied Mutant Protection Force Hero too!

He is standing with his drop dead handsome head lowered in front of where The Trio Of Power have the now very dead He-Man Spider put on display!

He-Man Spider is laying on a snow-white twin sized mattress like bed he is raised up onto a display platform that is surrounded with polished to clear real diamond walls!

He-Man Spider’s relative is the same type spider-mutant but he is younger and has been an Allied Mutant Protection Force Hero for many years he goes by the name: Super Stud Spider and his name fits him to a tea! His stinger penis is 11-inches around when fully erect and 27-inches long also when fully erect and cut!

His eyes are a dreamy extremely light blue in color and his hair color is dark brown and clean cut, his most often wore color briefs, thong, g-string etc- etc-etc is most always’ like his eyes very light blue.

Super Stud Spider puts off a very potent sex appeal ore and is very desired by most all of the other Allied Mutant Protection Force Heroes’ and non-hero mutant’s and in some cases villain’s too!

And the once was called D Angel Ant and he went together for a couple of years but broke up when D Angel Ant was summoned to his hidden home area by an elder was all D Angel Ant would say to Super Stud Spider and when the feeling more and more hurt Super Stud Spider ask if he could join D Angel Ant on his journey D Angel Ant said only he could go and to please be patient and trust him!

Super Stud Spider was crushed and told D Angel Ant he would always love him but it was time for them to say farewell! Both D Angel Ant and Super Stud Spider were hurt bad by this but D Angel Ant had to obey an elders command, that’s the way of his people he had no other choice!

Alpha Wasp was fine until Lightning Strike made it known that He-Man Spider wouldn’t sign the documentation that The Trio Of Power must have to clone him!

There will be no more He-Man Spider he is gone forever!

Alpha Wasp was not told about this and the bad news hit him like a ton of bricks!

Omega Wasp ask if Top Star would have one of the Adam’s take his main house key-card and go get some of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm to help cheer Alpha Wasp up and of coarse Top Star said yes and has it done and over before Alpha Wasp knows what has been done!

Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat come into Omega Wasp’s while at the Trio Of Power’s main fortress his very huge office area and sanctuary hand in hand the both herd what has happened!

Blue Star Bat has the amount of D Angel Ant’s super-sperm Omega Wasp ask Top Star to have an Adam go and retrieve for him! 

He takes it to the very large refrigeration unit within the room and puts all except what the four of them are going to drink down and comes back to White Star Bat and Alpha and Omega Wasp after he has emptied a good amount of the super-sperm into four good sized glasses.

Blue Star Bat hands Omega Wasp two of the super-sperm filled glasses and gives another to White Star Bat.

Omega Wasp

“My Love here is some of our love D Angel Ant’s super-sperm please drink it all down for me! PLEASE!”

Alpha Wasp

“D Angel Ant’s super-sperm? OH HELL YEAH! Hand it over!”

Omega Wasp smiles big and gives Alpha Wasp one of the glasses he has in both of his hands!

Alpha Wasp doesn’t waste anytime and before you can say “Big Muscle Bound Stud!”

Alpha Wasp has drunk down the entire glass of super-sperm!

Alpha Wasp

“Oh that feels so damn good! I needed that!”

Alpha Wasp starts feeling a lot better and asks Omega Wasp for another cup of super-sperm!

Omega Wasp flies very fast over to the refrigeration unit and gets his one and only Love his Alpha Wasp another glass full of Their Love D Angel Ant’s super-sperm and brings it back to him fast and tells him he wants to make a toast!

Alpha Wasp is always good for a heart felt toast and sits back and listens to the sweet words Omega Wasp says about He-Man Spider and the at the moment their love who is enslaved D Angel Ant!

The property of that fiend Warlock Spider!

When Omega Wasp is done with his toast all four clink their glasses together and take a good swallow!

Omega Wasp tells Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat that it will be just the four of them Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth have other plans!

Blue Star Bat

“Are us four all staying here for the night?”

Omega Wasp

“I’ll leave that up to you Blue Star Bat there is a sound proof room next to my Love’s and my master bedroom that you and White Star Bat are more then welcome to and we can take leave tomorrow morning, afternoon or when all are ready and go back to our place!”

Blue Star Bat takes from his utility belt an area scanner and points it in the direction Omega Wasp is pointing to and it shows everything even a very much coveted and desired by many a can create just about anything one would want a desires generation unit built into the wall!

Blue Star Bat has White Star Bat look over the lists brought up by the area scanner and both smile very big!

Blue Star Bat

“Oh I do believe we need to stay here at least for the night any ways!”

Both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat grin very big at both Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp and nod their handsome heads in a yes fashion!

Omega Wasp

“Well that’s settled then and just to let the both of you know each wing of my Loves and my great big house including the lower level you saw not to long ago Blue Star Bat has everything that’s showing up on your area scanner and plenty more!”

White Star Bat

“Omega Wasp you don’t have to sell us my sexy Blue Star Bat and I feel it to be a privilege and an honor to spend our long vacations with the both of you!”

Alpha Wasp

“Look my Love I brought it with me!”

Alpha Wasp brings a small silver color ring out of his utility belt and puts it to his right green colored eye and winks at Blue Star Bat then White Star Bat!

Both have a puzzled looks upon their all to handsome faces and don’t know what to think except that Alpha Wasp has finally lost his mind for sure this time!

When Omega Wasp bust out loud laughing seeing the queer looks on both their drop dead handsome faces!

Alpha Wasp

“Oh you two should know I haven’t lost all my marbles yet! Don’t you two recognize what this is? You both have seen it for many ah many ah years!”

Blue Star Bat

“We give up! What is it?”

Alpha Wasp tosses it up into the air and shouts out loud…

“Grow to 12-inches around and hover for Omega Wasp and me!”

Both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat eyes grow wide with pleasure seeing D Angel Ant’s Halo-Weapon doing as Alpha Wasp commanded!

Omega Wasp

“D Angel Ant wasn’t stupid he knew the odds weren’t in his favor and turned over the command of his Halo-Weapon to He-Man Spider my Love and me!”

Blue Star Bat

“My friends what do you think will become of our beloved D Angel Ant?”

Omega Wasp

“Well this we do know Warlock Spider covets D Angel Ant’s super-sperm due to it’s pure properties!

Out of all the ant-mutant’s of this world of ours D Angel Ant’s super-sperm is the best!”

Alpha Wasp

“My Love and I have been around that evil and highly malice acting Spider- Mutant and we were under cover after that raid at the south-side nectar plant!

We were lucky that we some how managed to keep under cover and my Love and I remember Warlock Spider bragging about this drop dead handsome and very muscle bound Ant-Mutant he tricked and worked him over and got a good taste of his super-sperm!”

Omega Wasp

“Oh yeah! Warlock Spider had gained a very noticeable muscle increase and for a good 24-hours he was so damn happy and walking on cloud nine!”

Alpha Wasp

“Yeah it was sickening to see that evil fiend so joyful and happy as hell!

Lucky he was describing our D Angel Ant to the letter and we knew that we almost lost D Angel Ant!

But Warlock Spider didn’t destroy him and my Love and I hope he hasn’t milked our beloved D Angel Ant to max!

And thinks he has gotten enough super-sperm for the long haul we sure hope that isn’t the case!”

Blue Star Bat

“Doesn’t the Trio Of Power have the ability to know where Warlock Spider and Solitary Spider and our most loved D Angel Ant is?”

Both Alpha and Omega Wasp’s handsome heads lower down ward at this question!

Blue Star Bat

“Oh you two! I didn’t mean to upset my sexy stud friends!

Please forgive me!”

Omega Wasp

“No need to apologize Sexy Blue Bat!

And yes The Trio Of Power has the ability and just you two can know this!

The Trio Of Power have informed my Love and me that they know where our beloved D Angel Ant as well as Warlock Spider and Solitary Spider and two other’s that they would not say their names are at!”

White Star Bat

“I don’t understand? Why do they allow villain’s to do the things they do and not stop them?”

Omega Wasp watches as Alpha Wasp flies out of the room very fast with tears running down his handsome face!

Both Blue and White Star Bat mouth the words they are very sorry!

Omega Wasp

“Only head leaders of The Allied Mutant Protection Force are ever told this!

The Trio Of Power’s makers their Father’s laid down the law when it came to all mutant’s weather they be a hero type or villain type it doesn’t matter!

All three of this world’s protector’s are not allowed to ever take sides!

They can only protect certain interest if destruction comes into play such as a main power plant or very needed energy source as in the different nectars or blood supplies in the both of you’re cases and if one of the Trio Of Power is attacked by a mutant then all bets are off or a dangerous situation as in extreme destruction!”

Lightning Strike comes floating into the room holding a tears still falling Alpha Wasp in his thick very muscular arms!

Lightning Strike loves Alpha Wasp more then any other of the Allied Mutant Protection Force Heroes’ Next is D Angel Ant and so forth and so on!

Lightning Strike talks out loud loving and sweet tender words to and can’t help himself Alpha Wasp!

But Lightning Strike’s sweet words aren’t helping so Lightning Strike does something he rarely does for anyone but his favorite the one he has always loved the most he will take as an exception, the very upset and sad Stud Hero, Alpha Wasp!

Lightning Strike

“Alpha Wasp fly over to your handsome love Omega Wasp and sit for me very close to him and I will do a trick for you only!”

Alpha Wasp’s child like nature comes forth at these words from Lightning Strike and he quickly flies to Omega Wasp and sits down very close to him as he was ask to do.

Lightning Strike smiles very big at Alpha Wasp and like magic he appears before Alpha and Omega Wasp!

This puts a huge grin on Alpha Wasp’s face and before he can blink his eyes Lightning Strike puts his right long fingers hand to Alpha Wasp’s forehead!

Lightning Strike

“Now my number one all time favorite Stud Hero you will let D Angel Ant’s super-sperm take hold of your feelings and calm your self and enjoy this night and 14 more days and nights that are to come!”

Lightning Strike smiles big looking down at Alpha Wasp who now has a very happy glow upon his handsome face and Lightning Strike laughs out watching Alpha Wasp checking out his and the other four mutant’s new muscle growth!

Alpha Wasp

“Thank you Lightning Strike come stay with us for a while, PLEASE!”

Lightning Strike

“Okay Alpha Wasp I thought you would never ask!”

Lightning Strike grins big and winks at Omega Wasp who is mouthing the words… thank you so much!

Lightning Strike

“Okay tell me Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat how D Angel Ant’s super-sperm is making you feel?”

White Star Bat speaks first…

“Well it’s been a very long time since we gang banged our love D Angel Ant and force milked him of his super-sperm!

He enjoys it every time we pull a sneak attack on him for his sweet super-sperm and to answer the question it feels so damn GOOD!”

Blue Star Bat

“I miss him! I truly love him with all of my heart and his super-semen is totally AWESOME! Look at all my new muscles check out my bi-ceps they have put on at least 5 more inches around in bulk!”

Lightning Strike waves his long fingers left hand towards Alpha Wasp and Alpha Wasp falls into a catatonic like state!

Lightning Strike

“Please forgive me Omega Wasp and you two sexy bat mutant stud’s but I’m concerned about Alpha Wasp!

Omega Wasp I know you under stand what Alpha Wasp is feeling and I think I have a solution to this could turn into a very mind wrecking problem for you and Alpha Wasp!”

Omega Wasp

“I would appreciate any help you can offer Lightning Strike!

My love is not sleeping or eating, bathing and his moods and actions are becoming more and more insane like to the max!”

Lightning Strike

“I know Omega Wasp what would you say to hiring Super Stud Spider as your new full time security guard?”

Omega Wasp

“I think that would be just what the Doctor ordered!

But I don’t know what my love will think about it?”

Lightning Strike

“Oh let me deal with that Omega Wasp I will talk to Alpha Wasp before the five of you go back to your home but I don’t think it will be necessary!”

Omega Wasp

“Five of us? What happened with Stud Wolf and Midnight Moth?”

Lightning Strike

“Oh the two of them have been so busy with several of the new Allied Mutant Protection Force Heroes’ orientation and he and Midnight Moth volunteered to due it and as you may remember it takes a good two full days and he and Midnight Moth told me to tell you and Alpha Wasp that they would be along after orientation was over!”

Omega Wasp

“So Super Stud Spider already thinks he has the job? And he is the number-5 that is riding back to my loves and my house tomorrow right?”

Lightning Strike

“Yes and don’t worry about Alpha Wasp not liking the ideal of Super Stud Spider as your new security guard!

Now it’s high time I bring Alpha Wasp out of that catatonic state I sure hope he doesn’t realize what I did to him!”

Lightning Strike laughs out loud and waves his long fingers left hand towards Alpha Wasp and his light green eyes rapidly blink and he gets up and starts dancing all around the very large room! 

Omega Wasp

“My love what would you think to letting Super Stud Spider be our new Personal Security Guard?”

Alpha Wasp still dancing and now he is doing a slow stripper like dance and thrusting his bulge at no one and sometimes at Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat who are very much enjoying the show!

Alpha Wasp

“OH HELL YES! When can he start?”

Omega Wasp

“Tomorrow he is going to ride home with all of us!”

Alpha Wasp

“Oh my love that makes me so happy! What made you think about hiring that God-Like Hero to be our new Personal Security Guard?”

Omega Wasp

“Lightning Strike told me that Super Stud Spider needed a better paying job and he doesn’t like bunking at the main Allied Mutant Protection Force Head Quarters due to all the new heroes’ making so much noise when they get up in the room he sleeps in that has thirty beds!”

Alpha Wasp

“Oh well that just won’t due my love!

Lightning Strike can you go get Super Stud Spider and tell him we want him to spend the night with us and we just won’t take no for an answer!”

Omega Wasp is trying really hard to hide his laughter!

The same is true of both Blue Star Bat and White Star Bat!

But Lightning Strike doesn’t try and he bust out laughing his sexy ass off!

Lightning Strike

“Oh sorry Alpha Wasp I was thinking about how Pure Energy Man and Myself tricked Top Star last week and had our way with him!

After words he starts acting like he wasn’t mad at all about it!

It’s just to funny the way he behaves and it gives Pure Energy Man and myself lots of pleasure and he very much knows it!

And yes I will go get Super Stud Spider and if he don’t mind pick his sexy ass up and fly him here to you and Omega Wasp!”

Alpha Wasp smiles from ear to ear and blows Lightning Strike a kiss and goes back to the thrusting his bulge non-stop dancing again!

Not much time goes by and along comes Lightning Strike with his very muscle bulked up right arm wrapped around Super Stud Spider’s V-shaped waist he lands and both he and Super Stud Spider are grinning and looking very sexy too!

Super Stud Spider

“Hello all you sexy stud heroes’! So I need a job and Lightning Strike told me that Alpha and Omega Wasp might hire me to be their Personal Security Guard so do you want me Alpha Stud and Omega Stud?”

Alpha Wasp stops dancing and walks over to Omega Wasp and the two of them start whispering into each other’s ears and looking at Super Stud Spider from time to time…

After a minute or two Alpha Wasp is the first one to speak.

Alpha Wasp

“Super Stud Spider do you have any problems letting my Love Omega Wasp or myself having sex with you one on one or with the both of us when ever one or both of us desire your to damn hot for words ass!”

Super Stud Spider


Alpha Wasp

“Well then sexy stuff the jobs yours you will move in with us tomorrow! We herd your place burned down and you lost most all of your stuff!

Not to worry Super Stud Spider in your free time you will make a list of the things you lost or just want then we will see to it they are replaced or bought for you, do you have a problem with that?”

Super Stud Spider smiling that sexy grin of his…

“No I do not!”

Omega Wasp

“Good deal welcome to your new home and just to let you know I have the work agreement in my desk over here once you sign the three areas upon it your first pay will be placed into a personal account only you can access!”

Both Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp come up to Super Stud Spider and hugs are given the Omega Wasp goes to his desk and shortly comes back and hands it over to Super Stud Spider.

Super Stud Spider starts reading the first light blue transparent computer film upon a clip board once he is finished he signs then on to the next two and all is said and done!

Omega Wasp

“Super Stud Spider you are now on duty and let us celebrate go over to the kitchen find a glass and poor it full of the super-sperm in the refrigeration unit and come back here to us for the celebration to begin!”

Super Stud Spider hasn’t had any super-sperm in a long while and he waste no time and before you can say help me he is back with a full glass and drinks a good amount down!

Super Stud Spider

“Oh yes! That makes me feel so much better! I want to thank you both for this opportunity to server you and protect you with my life!”

Alpha Wasp starts back to dancing stripper style and Super Stud Spider joins him and the other’s are enjoying the show very much!

Lightning Strike

“Top Star is horny and it’s my turn to let him have his way with me! I bid you all farewell and play nice everyone!”

After a while Super Stud Spider suggest the game of Hide and Sex and all five smile big and then the four say yes-wonderful game!

Blue Star Bat

“So since we have an odd number does that still mean odd man must obey?”

Alpha Wasp

“You know it!”

They all enjoy each other’s playtime and have a wonderful night of sex and fun together!

Mean while…

Warlock Spider is asking Solitary Spider if he ever got fucked by the now totally drained of all his super strength and super-mutant power’s Alex Stud Power’s Right.

Solitary Spider

“How did you know? Did you ask him that after he fell totally in your power Master?”

Warlock Spider laughs out loud and says…

“Oh don’t be a smart ass! Or your Master will make all the other things I did to you look like a tea party!”

Solitary Spider

“Yes Alex Stud Power’s Right pulled a fast one on me at one of The Trio Of Powers’ command gatherings!

But it was like Heaven!

After he put a short term acting thoughts stun stinger with that venom into my left pec!

I was making both of my huge bubble like pec’s indent and watching them dance in front of the main bath room mirror and I was just acting silly I had drank a little bit to much and he called out my name and when I turned around that’s when he zapped me!”

Warlock Spider

“Well what did he do after he saw your shocked expression on that very handsome face of yours?”

Solitary Spider

“Oh well he didn’t want anyone interrupting us so he took me in those huge bulking arms of his and managed to get us both up into the large storage space above the bathroom!

He stripped himself and me completely naked and then he found an old cot believe it or not and made love to me for a good 5-hours!

It was no lie the best sex I ever had!”

Warlock Spider

“Well you being a Doctor and know all about super-mutant’s 13 extra power’s do you think he used one of his on me before I put him down with that scorpion sex pheromone?”

Solitary Spider

“Master you do know that I’m a super-mutant too?”

Warlock Spider

“Well I do now! Answer the question!”

Solitary Spider

“Well it’s a strong possibility Master he more then likely knew the odds were against him and maybe that’s the reason he wasn’t wearing his nostril filters?”

Warlock Spider

“Hum maybe or it could have been the dripping in muscles and damn he was so fucking hot young villain I came across and paid a nice bill to distract him while he was preparing for our match!”

Solitary Spider

“Well I could do a rectal probe test to see if he has a hidden power that would make you fall head over heels for him are you still hot for him Master?”

Warlock Spider

“Oh yes! You know my stud puppet butler he is the first mutant that I have been around that has made my has always been to heavy with girth to hold up stinger penis go to a standing completely upward!”

Warlock Spider

“I’m almost ashamed to tell you this but I almost lost control of the situation when I realized my proud mind wrecker stinger penis was standing at full attention!”

Solitary Spider

“Well when your not drugging me with heroin Master your mind wrecker stinger penis feels so damn good! I’m not kidding or lying Master it does feel so good to me!”

Warlock Spider

“I know my tall dark and totally in my power slave and that’s a rare thing you being able to handle my stinger penis makes your Master feel really good!

Now one more question!”

Solitary Spider

“Ask and I must obey my is to damn malice acting at times Master!”

Warlock Spider can’t help but grin big at that!

Warlock Spider

“I’m afraid if I completely wipe out Alex Stud Power’s Right’s memory banks he won’t be the same or in other words he’ll become unattractive to me and then I might just want to work him over with a ball-gag in his will be weak acting sounds coming out of his sexy full lips mouth then just destroy him but he will have to have his entire memory banks wiped I will take that chance, it’s a must!”

Solitary Spider

“Master I really don’t think Alex is using one of his super-mutant hidden power’s because there are lots of other Allied Mutant Protection Force Heroes’ that are very hot and didn’t ever give him a second look and I of coarse thought they were android’s but that’s what I think I maybe wrong though?”

Warlock Spider

“Can you do the test on him while he is completely power drained?”

Solitary Spider

“Yes Master it will show even when he’s is completely drained of all power!”

Warlock Spider

“That’s very good to know my sex play puppet and I don’t think you’ll be getting any more heroin before I stinger penis pump you and let you stinger penis pump me as well I really have to admit when I let you fuck me your nice sized stinger penis felt so damn good!

And don’t let that go to your head or let it be known I’m letting you fuck the other’s Master, our I’ll take that back about the heroin!”

Solitary Spider

“I won’t say a word to any of the ant-mutant’s or the scorpion mutant either!”

Warlock Spider

“Okay lets get things done I just finished with this disk I’m going to re-do this and that not all to much with my new scorpion mutant slave’s android power brain but make sure he has deep affection for me and I came up with a great villain name for him too! Super Stud Stinger Scorpion”

Solitary Spider

“Nice and Master what about Death Angel Ant?”

Warlock Spider

“Last time I checked he was doing fine I will have my boy’s attend to him and give him the antidotes and 3-cans of ant-mutant nectar and because I’m sure you wasn’t told this is the entire planets memorial week for the lost!

So I will be off from my Death Match Champion duties for an entire so glad for it week!”

Solitary Spider

“Thank you Master! For letting me know that can I ask for a favor?”

Warlock Spider

“Yes you may! Did you lose a loved one when all those hungry for power Vampire’s did that nasty thing with that comet?”

Solitary Spider

“Yes all many family member’s Master my Father my Mother and Grand Mother and I had 2-Sister’s sometimes I can’t remember any of their names and when I do finally remember every ones name I just get mad at myself and then I drink to their memories as best I can with a bottle of Old Grace!”

Warlock Spider

“I didn’t have anyone I was adopted by two really nice older pair they died before the Vampire’s assault on this planet and believe it or not I was a good man I was in college when the change began and that’s when I turned bad I know it’s not a good subject!” 

Warlock Spider and Solitary Spider walk to the reprogramming room and both walk in and look upon the completely naked God-Like drained of all power Super Ultra Stud Scorpion!

Solitary Spider

“Master you know you have really been working Death Angel Ant over and when he looks upon your strong feelings for this one when not drained of all his power’s who walks about with sex just oozing from all of his awesome muscular physique I’m afraid Death Angel Ant’s super-mutant power’s might feel threaten and sneak out!”

Warlock Spider

“Yes Solitary Spider I have thought about that!

And I already know what will take care of this you think might become a problem!

I’m going to keep telling Death Angel Ant that he will always be my number-1 slave and let him have his way with Super Ultra Stud Scorpion if he can?”

Solitary Spider grins big…

“Master when Death Angel Ant was D Angel Ant, Super Ultra Stud Scorpion had a huge crush on him!

And every time D Angel Ant and Super Ultra Stud Scorpion would come within 5-feet of each other all of D Angel Ant’s super-mutant power’s would go into over drive!

A natural security function which would set off Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s 13-powers as a shield!”

Warlock Spider

“Hum that’s I guess interesting to know if it weren’t for my two first finger stingers that are coated with all diamond that melted down their security units and will control modules!”

Solitary Spider

“I remember Master but as you know a super-mutant has 13-hidden power’s and one or two of them may over ride those two android power brain necessary functions!”

Warlock Spider

“I see and understand I will just make sure Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s memories of the once was D Angel Ant are wiped out and also place Death Angel Ant back into the android power brain re-programming mode and make them both feel at ease towards each other even lustful!”

Solitary Spider

“Sounds like a plan! I need to gather up the stuff to do that anal probe check on Super Ultra Stud Scorpion the desired material unit’s are where again?”

Warlock Spider tells Solitary Spider where the machine is and to hurry back here!

Solitary Spider

“Yes Master! It shouldn’t take but a couple of minutes and I’m interested to find out if one Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s hidden 13 is the reason my Master is being to nice all of a sudden!”

Warlock Spider

“Hum you sure are asking for a good old fist fucking my slave butler get your ass in gear!”

Solitary Scorpion smiles slightly and runs out of the room very fast!

Once Solitary Spider comes back with the things needed to do the test he doesn’t waste time and it is over and he was right none of his 13 hidden powers have any type of ability to do such an act to Warlock Spider.

Warlock Spider begins to reprogram just a bit of this and that of Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s android power brain Warlock Spider looked over this scorpion-mutant’s memory banks for a long while and finally made enough changes like erasing all knowledge of him knowing Death Angel Ant as D Angel Ant and that he was never a hero or a super model and this and that!

When Warlock Spider is finished he runs a check to make sure he made no mistakes and after a few minutes pass a beeping sounds off!

Warlock Spider looks over the report and every thing is good while making the new memories disk for Super Ultra Stud Scorpion he gave him a new name and he will soon be known as and call himself, Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion!

Warlock Spider

“Solitary Spider go make sure my Boy’s are attending to Death Angel Ant and go quickly and tell them he is not to be brought here instead he is to be given a sleeper sting and I will attend to him I will drain him completely then make a disk of memories to match the soon to be known as Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion!”

Solitary Spider quickly leaves the room and heads to where the three are!

Warlock Spider finishes re-programming Super Ultra Stud Scorpion’s android power brain and he removes the probes and sets back and takes a break and looks him over from head to completely naked toe.

Warlock Spider made up within the re-programming disk how the two of them met and it was Warlock Spider who saved the now will think he has always been called Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion by keeping three just as tall or taller Heroes’ from destroying him!

And Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion has nothing but love and respect for his Knight Warlock Spider who saved his life!

Warlock Spider ask Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion what did he do for money and Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion told him he was a low paid personal trainer and Warlock Spider ask him if he wanted to come live with him and not have to worry about any thing ever again!

And Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion who could not stop checking out Warlock Spider’s long hair and drop-dead good looks and his awesome muscle bound body and his very huge bulge said yes!

And they have been together ever since and Warlock Spider told Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion he might not want to because he Warlock Spider was very much into S&M and that he would always be the Master and if he came to live with him he would have to be the slave and it didn’t matter!

Warlock Spider walks out of the room and goes to the desires generation unit and types in two cases of scorpion nectar a pair he hopes will fit him wrestler type boots some very light green Lycra briefs and in a few seconds like magic they appear and he takes the cases and briefs and boots in hand and walks back to the android power brain re-programming room!

And gives Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion 5-cans of the nectar after he has un-done the straps and watches in awe as Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion thrust his pinches muscular hips forward hard and his eyes glow a beautiful light green and he is fully re-powered!

Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion

“Master my Master may I ask why I’m naked?”

Warlock Spider

“Oh I had to do your yearly physical and I just want you to know, you’re in tip top shape! Now put your boots and briefs on for me my dripping in muscles and my most sexual slave!”

Stud Sexy Stinger Scorpion grins real big and quickly does as his Master commands!

Warlock Spider goes to a sleeping Death Angel Ant and gives him the antidote for the sleeper venom then gently inserts his stinger penis and little by little drains away all of Death Angel Ant’s super strength and power’s after Warlock Spider adds the new slave to the mix and they get along very well and Death Angel Ant has his way with him when ever his Master Warlock Spider is in a good mood!

The days go by and by and before you know it 6-months have passed!

Warlock Spider wins every match at The Death Match Arena and tonight is the last Death Match before the 6-month vacation begins!

Warlock Spider and a young very handsome and just dripping in muscles the Hero Super Stud Spider are the final ones!

Warlock Spider is in his private dressing room alone this night he has come with out any of his slaves and this is very unusual!

He does this and that and gets up from his mirrored dressing area and walks out the door!

Ring Master

“Welcome Gents to the final Death Match for tonight! The two who have made it to this final Match are The Six Month Champion Warlock Spider and The Stud Hero Super Stud Spider!

The Crowd cheers very loud for both contenders!

And from the left side of the arena the dripping in muscles and drop dead handsome Super Stud Spider comes web slinging slowly so he can flex his awesome two bubble like pectoral muscles for a cheering almost to loud to stand Crowd who is very much enjoying the show he is putting on for all to see!

But Warlock Spider has yet to be seen?

On two very large screens there are front and back naked photos’ of both Warlock Spider and Super Stud Spider!

Super Stud Spider has a puzzled look upon his handsome face and starts looking all over the very large arena and still no sign of the Death Match Champion Warlock Spider!


“Can I have every ones attention? PLEASE BE QUIET EVERYONE!”

The entire Death Match Arena is filled to the max!

And it takes a good few minutes for everyone to finally quite down!


“Warlock Spider has left this video disk with instructions for me to play it for everyone!

Also The Top Captain’s Of The Allied Mutant Protection Force have been alerted and I just got the signal that they are watching this live board cast!”

On multi very large screens that came down from up above Warlock Spider Appears!

Warlock Spider

“As The Current Death Match Champion I have this right as the owner of The Death Match Arena Rex very well knows!

I Warlock Spider stand down and I forfeit my rein as Death Match Champion congratulations Super Stud Spider!

Here I have given the location of three was once mutant-heroes’ 34-54-10-09 to The Top Captain’s of The Allied Mutant Protection Force I have kept two use to be heroes’ and just to let you know you have 90-minutes after this video finishes it will begin!

And my now vacant hide-out will explode destroying it and the sleeping mutant’s inside unless they are rescued!

I bid you all fare well and you better hurry!”

Super Stud Spider pushes a button in the middle of his utility belt and begins speaking!

Super Stud Spider

“Adam-9 this is Super Stud Spider come at light speed to pick me up at the Death Match Arena! Over and out!”


“Super Stud Spider you are the new Death Match Champion by default!

Your Death Match Champion check money amount is extremely large and I will keep it for you until this grave and dangerous situation is over!”

Super Stud Spider

“Thank you Rex I hope we can get to the three Mutant’s Warlock Spider was talking about before it’s too late!”


“Me too Super Stud Spider! Congratulations again! I do believe you will make a hell of a fine Death Match Champion!”

Adam-9 comes flying fast down from up in the arena’s ceiling that is always open unless it is raining!

Super Stud Spider gives Adam-9 the numbers Warlock Spider said was the location to his hideout and where the three Mutants’ where and tells him to lift him up and to fly them both there as fast as he could fly!

Once Super Stud Spider and Adam-9 arrive almost all of The Allied Mutant Protection Force are already there along with all three of The Trio Of Power!

Six Adam’s are bringing out of the very well hidden dwelling the three looks to be sleeping with out a care Mutant’s!

And as a precaution each has a android power brain neutralizer band that must be taken off by only on of The Trio Of Power!

Super Stud Scorpion starts towards a completely naked D Angel Ant!

He can see that he is alive and that he has a disk of some type taped upon his big bubble like right pectoral and that Alpha and Omega Wasp’s will not be removed from his side!

The Trio Of Power calls for all Allied Mutant Protection Force Heroes’ to come quickly out of the dwelling and all are out and only The Trio Of Power and their very many Android’s are inside still trying to find the explosives!

In the end Warlock Spider was lying no bombs or large explosive devises where inside of Warlock Spider’s hide-out!

It has been two long weeks and D Angel Ant’s android power brain is the newest type with all of his memories a day before his Death Match with Warlock Spider completely restored to that time!

The Funeral of He-Man Spider broke D Angel Ant’s heart so bad after he lovingly laid a sweet tender kiss upon the once was only his to behold when the two where alone in their bedrooms Heroes’ forehead he would not speak not even to a locked in so much pain Alpha Wasp!

And that was ten days ago!

D Angel Ant is now very addicted to the very powerful pain killer drug Fallen-Star he must have four 50-mg injections a day or he falls into a very freighting seizure and it takes one of The Trio Of Power to stop what is happening to him!

This so sad it is to look upon what that Monster Warlock Spider did to him he doesn’t remember any of it but he would not be silent until Top Star allowed him to view the disk that was taped to his pec!

Warlock Spider swears upon his life that he wasn’t the one who killed He-Man Spider and to ask Alpha Wasp which villain who is at the Top Of The Trio Of Power’s Most Wanted list that if he so wanted to could of very easily destroy him in the last Death Match he was in and stepped down from!

The answer Hypnotic Scorpion is the one who killed He-Man Spider!

Warlock Spider thought that he could at least do that for the one he use to call Death Angel Ant and he knows is grieving his heart that is broken!

Warlock Spider also has declared that the one Solitary Spider will keep his name no change will there be and he will remain with him he will never be released from ownership and the one who use to be Alex Stud Power’s Right AKA Super Ultra Stud Scorpion now has a different name and by Death Match and Trio Of Power declaration is his Warlock Spider’s property and he will remain a slave until either he or Warlock Spider dies!

The end.

All Heroes’ and Villain’s within this storyline belong to me David Circe.  1/12/2012

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