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D Angel Ant Vs Warlock Spider (Spell Bound!)
Chapter 11 - Epilogue
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
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After the rescue of D Angel Ant Sergeant Fearless Ant and Works Hard Ant all three were taken to The Trio Of Power’s main fortress and each was put to sleep by Top Star then each had android power brain probes put into to them to gather their memory banks data!

D Angel Ant’s memory banks were looked over by all three Trio Of Power, as were Sergeant Fearless Ant and Works Hard Ant the latter two where filled which much-much more!

Lightning Strike

“This is not good my brother’s poor D Angel Ant! What that monster did to him is just wrong!”

Top Star

“Yes Light we agree but we can wipe out Warlock Spider’s re-programming and put back his last memories he had us do two day’s before The Death Match between them that if he hadn’t lost his head he could of destroyed Warlock Spider!”

Pure Energy Man

“Then it is agreed wipe out Warlock Spider’s re-programming and place back what he ask of us before that damn! Death Match right?”

Both Top Star and Lightning Strike nod they’re handsome heads yes!

Lightning Strike

“Well Super Stud Spider said he would like to be the one to drain him and that he is use to D Angel Ant who is at the moment Death Angel Ant’s ways in sexual battle and we’ll keep a close watch on the situation too!”

All are in agreement and Super Stud Spider goes into the room where Death Angel Ant is and he is not at all happy!

Death Angel Ant doesn’t believe what he has been told even after he was shown the video that was taped to his pec!

Stating that it could have been tampered with!

Super Stud Spider

“Hey there you sexy muscle bound stud! I just have to make love to you and you’re going to let me do that aren’t you?”

D Angel Ant as Death Angel Ant

“Who the hell are you? I do know you’re a spider-mutant I can smell you! I’m not going to have sex with you stay away from me!”

Super Stud Spider starts walking towards Death Angel Ant smiling from ear to ear as he watches Death Angel Ant do a familiar move that his D Angel Ant would do if he felt threaten!

Death Angel Ant starts floating upward with a very angry look upon his very handsome face!

Super Stud Spider turns both of his wrist at Death Angel Ant and a powerful; blast of webs hit their mark one to each of Death Angel Ant’s pec’s and attached to the middle of both webs are thick stingers with potent thought stud venom!

Death Angel Ant


Death Angel Ant launches his own attack too from both of his middle fingers comes forth 8-stingers filled with power paralyzing venom!

But Super Stud Spider is too quick and spins a web shield that stops all 8!

Super Stud Spider can see that the venom he stung Death Angel Ant with is working by the way Death Angel Ant lands to the ground and starts walking around like a drunk and he acts fast knowing that Death Angel Ant’s regeneration gland can bring him out of the effect of the venom he used on him quickly!

Super Stud Spider begins to web up Death Angel Ant but Death Angel Ant isn’t having that not at all!

He starts launching stingers and one hits Super Stud Spider’s right huge big round bubble like pec!

It’s a super strength stunning venom and the big extremely handsome and built to please Spider-Mutant goes fast to his knees and then face down to the floor spread eagle!

Death Angel Ant smiles a big grin and walks over to a looks to be very zapped Super Stud Spider!

Death Angel Ant drops to his knees and rolls Super Stud Spider over to check out his handy work!

Death Angel Ant is about to put a deadly stinger into Super Stud Spider’s left pec when 10-stingers come forth from Super Stud Spider’s fingers five to each big round bubble like pec’s of a looking very shocked Death Angel Ant!

Death Angel Ant


Super Stud Spider

“One you are very sensitive to my sexy stud lover my potent hypnotic venom!

I took an all venom’s anti-dote injection before I came in to fuck you down stud muscles!”

Death Angel Ant was now very much helpless to this venom Super Stud Spider stung him with!

D Angel Ant has always been very sensitive to Super Stud Spider’s hypnotic venom!

Super Stud Spider works quickly and strips Death Angel Ant of his briefs and bends him over and plants his huge stinger penis head to Death Angel Ant’s rectum and then with the head oozing more hypnotic venom making it very slick drives it all the way into a zapped senseless by this happening to him Death Angel Ant’s entire anal passage way!

Super Stud Spider stings D Angel Ant a.k.a. Death Angel Ant with all venom paralyzing venom then a rapid super-sperm multiplier venom and a make go fully erect venom too!

After a good hour or so Super Stud Spider swallows down D Angel Ant’s final load of super-sperm which drains away all of his super strength and powers!

Super Stud Spider knows this isn’t his ex lover D Angel Ant he has his huge stinger penis in!

D Angel Ant would not of let him win that easy at all he holds his drained of all power ex lover D Angel Ant close to his dripping in muscles body and calls out to the Trio Of Power that it is done!

All three come into the room and thank Super Stud Spider and tell him it will only be an hour or so to re-program D Angel Ant’s android power brain and to please go be with Alpha and Omega Wasp’s and the other’s until it is finished!

After an hour or so Lightning Strike comes into the very large living room followed by D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant has a very sad look upon his very handsome face because The Trio Of Power has told him what has happen to He-Man Spider!

The Trio Of Power at D Angel Ant’s request showed him the Death Match between He and warlock Spider and his ego to say the least is very bruised!

Super Stud Spider

“Stud Sexy do you remember who I am?”

D Angel Ant

“Oh yes you’re looking so damn good! Please say you’ll be mine again?”

Super Stud Spider’s very full sexy lips mouth hangs open wide in shock and then and huge sexy grins spreads to the max!

Super Stud Spider

“HELL YES! OH HELL YES! I’ve missed you so much! And I never stopped loving you My Sexy Stud Angel! YES!”

D Angel Ant flies fast to Super Stud Spider and they embrace and kiss with very deep passion for a good 5-minutes!

D Angel Ant

“Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp come give me your love!”

Alpha and Omega Wasp almost crash into each other on their way to D Angel Ant!

The Trio Of Power hold a small party for D Angel Ant, Sergeant Fearless Ant and Works Hard Ant and all who are there are told to gather what they want to consume and be seated at a very lavish round table within the room the party is being held at and all do!

Top Star

“The three of us are so happy that D Angel Ant and Sergeant Fearless Ant and Works Hard Ant made it out alive and not dead! Which could have been the situation where Warlock Spider is concerned!”

Pure Energy Man

“All three of us want each of you to understand why we couldn’t just re-place your re-programmed by Warlock Spider android power brain’s!

The reason why is the acid venom Warlock Spider used on each of your security unit’s and your will-control modules within your android power brains!”

Lightning Strike

“As everyone in this room knows your android power brains are not all made of the very powerful metal in which we make them of also there is normal brain tissue too!

When Warlock Spider used his very long and rare diamond coated stinger’s to penetrate your android power brains that powerful deadly acid venom not only took out all of your will control module and security units it also melted some of that metal and made it leak down into each of your human like brains too!”

Top Star

“Warlock Spider knew what he was doing!

We are so sorry!”

Pure Energy Man

“We have done an extensive scan of each of your skulls and there is nothing that can be done in a short time frame!”

Lightning Strike

“But we do have some good news!

Each of you in turn will be placed with the three of us in something we call a triode-force!”

Top Star

“Now we will start with D Angel Ant then Sergeant Fearless Ant then last Works Hard Ant!”

Pure Energy Man

“By your permission Sergeant Fearless Ant and Works Hard Ant we will keep the both of you in a like suspended animation mode and to make you feel better about it we can do the both of you at the same time!”

Both Sergeant Fearless Ant and Works Hard Ant smile at each other and agree!

Lightning Strike

“D Angel Ant this is personal and you may have three others to re-main with you and we are going to ask the rest to step out to the pool area until we are finished!”

Top Star

“D Angel Ant who would you like to stay behind with you?”

D Angel Ant

“My lover Super Stud Spider and my Hearts Alpha and Omega Wasp’s please!”

Everyone else stands and grins big and walks out to the very huge pool and lavish lounge area!

Top Star

“D Angel Ant as you saw in the Death Match between You and Warlock Spider he injected you with the drug Fallen-Star and while he had you in his completely power he made sure you became addicted to it! Do understand what that means?”

D Angel Ant

“Yes! It means he broke me! I am addicted to Fallen-Star! I will have to have an injection of it every four hours do to he no doubt locked me into a set stream effect!”

Lightning Strike

“Yes D Angel Ant every thing you just said is basically correct!”

D Angel Ant lowers his handsome head down low so no one can see the tears falling from his beautiful light blue eyes!

Lightning Strike

“ Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp will the two of you go play with Super Stud Spider?”

Alpha Wasp

“Come along you big muscle bound stud sexy!”

Alpha and Omega Wasp as quick as light grab Super Stud Spider’s bulging arms and off they go!

D Angel Ant

“I am so sorry I didn’t mean to cry!”

Top Star

“D Angel Ant you never need to say you’re sorry to the three of us!

And each of us has a single but very special gift for you!”

Pure Energy Man

“That we sure do so you’re coming with us right here and NOW!”

And before D Angel Ant can open his mouth he is teleported to Top Star’s very large bedroom and laid down after he is stripped completely naked!

D Angel Ant

“Okay what’s going on?”

All three just grin and starts kissing D Angel Ant all over his very muscular body from top to bottom!

D Angel Ant can feel The Trio Of Power powers!

D Angel Ant


Top Star

“Float upward D Angel Ant then lower yourself slowly!”

D Angel Ant does as Top Star ask of him and in a minute or two he is completely lowered down upon Top Stars very fat un-cut 10-inch penis!

Top Star

“My gift to you D Angel Ant is what that fiend stole from you!”

Top Star with his long fingers to each side of D Angel Ant’s temples gives D Angel Ant more aggression and stud-maleness then he ever had before!

Pure Energy Man

“My gift for you D Angel Ant is only this since I am the one who works with mechanical things this devise in my right hand here will deliver the correct dosage of Fallen-Star every four hours and it can not be stopped un-less your utterly destroyed and I just don’t see that ever happening to you!”

Pure Energy Man places the devise onto D Angel Ant’s right huge bubble like pec and just like magic it disappears into it!

Lightning Strike

Smiles watching his two drop dead handsome brother’s very much enjoying themselves with Top Star slowly pumping up and down and Pure Energy Man squeezing and nibbling D Angel Ant’s right very nice sized nipple!

Lightning Strike

“Finally Our Heart! Our D Angel Ant! I can only give you this and it’s a good one! And it is HOPE!”

Lightning Strike

“Holds his long fingers left hand upward making sure D Angel Ant’s eyes follow and they do!

Then D Angel Ant’s eyes brighten up with happiness seeing a beautiful rod like staff appears in Lightning Strike’s left hand!

And all in platinum-silver color a creator is at the top of the rod-like staff! He is a very muscle bound god-like male with a helmet and on either side are wings and he is completely naked except for short boots and in his right hand he has a hammer that he is holding up to the sky!

Lightning Strike

“Tell him Rod!”


“Greetings! FUCK! You are HOT! Okay I told these three I would take away your addiction to that drug Fallen-Star if they would each give me a pure and it must be pure tear of sorrow! EACH I SAID!”

Lightning Strike

“D Angel Ant I promise I will get the three tears before a month is over PROMISE!”

D Angel Ant smiles big knowing that Lightning Strike always keeps his promises!

So in the end before a month was up D Angel Ant was cured of his addiction to the Fallen-Star drug, which The Trio Of Power made sure it was published!

And Warlock Spider wasn’t to shocked knowing that Lightning Strike was behind it!

Warlock Spider for the most part stayed in hiding but lived well at times he would always disguise Super Ultra Stud Scorpion and Solitary Spider when out on the town!

He had non-stopped milked D Angel Ant’s super-sperm from the start of it! And he also had the one he murdered Shy Angel Ant’s too!

He wasn’t going to run out any time soon! 

And as for more of my Mutant-World series    stay tuned!           The end.  

David Circe.       2/3/2012