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Villain's Dream / Hero's Nightmare
Chapter 3 - Luthor's Long Awaited Revenge
By Jacob Lawrence

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Stripped of his familiar uniform and cape, Superman hung naked, his body glistening in a pale green sweat. Secured by kryptonite wrists and ankle bands, the once invulnerable crime fighter was now helpless. The mighty had finally fallen, his strength sapped by kryptonite radiation.  The once proud symbol of all that was good hung defeated- barely able to lift his head.

When Superman awoke from what must have seemed to be an endless sleep of pain, his eyes slowly focused on the figure of his proud and powerful foe.  Luthor stood directly before the Man of Steel-face to face with the mighty hero.

"How do you feel, Superman?  Did that amazing body of yours soak up enough radiation to put you out of commission for a while?   Its effects will soon begin to wear off.  It always does and your body restores itself and then I start all over again trying to defeat you.  

This time, however; things will be different.  For the last month or more, my buddies and I have been eating a wonderful new diet I concocted.  It is laced with kryptonite in a new purified, digestible form.  Once eaten, it becomes part of our cellular structure. It's in our blood our saliva......and our cum.

Before the near lethal dose of kryptonite from my fake bomb wears will be getting another one...and then another one...and then another one...but not from the outside.  These doses will be from within.  You're a smart guy...I think you've figured it out by now.  But in case you haven't, let me demonstrate."

With a massive evil grin, Luthor positioned himself behind the Man of Steel. With both hands he spread apart the tight muscular butt cheeks, exposing a beautiful ass and hole.  Luthor's cock was already oozing with thick gobs of green pre-cum. Resting his cock head momentarily against Superman's hole, he rammed it in one full powerful thrust.


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