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Villain's Dream / Hero's Nightmare
Chapter 4 - The Rape of Superman
By Jacob Lawrence

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Superman screamed in pain as Luthor's kryptonite engorged cock tore into his ass.  His knees buckled as again and again the mighty villain's cock thrust deep into his rectum.  After what seemed like hours, Luthor ejaculated massive streams of thick glowing cum up Superman's magnificent ass. As he finished fucking the defeated hero, Luthor wrapped his strong arms around Superman's waist and remained inside.

The presence of Luthor's cock in Superman's hole prevented any loss of the deadly cum.  He maintained his position until all cum had been absorbed, leaving the conquered hero further weakened and suffering intense internal agony.  The kryptonite entering Superman's system would now begin to rot the superhero from the inside out. Once begun, the poisoning was irreversible.

With a smile, Luthor signaled his burly henchmen to continue the rectal onslaught that he began.  He wanted Superman to slowly suffer and weaken-one step at a time.  He wanted to observe the superhero he most despised in the world taken to the end of both sanity and physical destruction.  It would be Luthor's destiny to eliminate the only living savior a world now knew.  He would slowly but completely destroy the Man of Steel.  He had waited for this most of his life----and his time had now come!

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