The Telemachus Story Archive

Shaun and Julian
Chapter 1 - Together
By John Nail

Shaun was in the garage tuning up his bobbed 1960 Harley Davidson FLH Julian came out.

He said." Shaun you are always working on the motorcycle."

Shaun smiled and said," Just finishing tuning it up and besides you used to think this was sexy."

Julian replied," But this Is supposed to be our special evening out on the town this is our 10th anniversary together."

Shaun said," I know babe and it is only 3 and I will be inside in plenty of time to get ready."

Shaun smiled because he remembered how they met. Julian was in the bar and he did his best to be masculine, Shaun who never thought of even fucking a guy well he watched Julian and thought it was time to put that fairy in his place.

He did fuck him and fucked him about 3 times that night and Julian has been his since.

He got his bike tuned up and took it for a quick test ride up and than down the street. and than put his bike up. He went inside and than kissed Julian and headed back to the bathroom to strip off his faded Levis t-shirt and engineer boots. an than he went to the bathroom and turned on the water.

The water went over his naked rough hewn body from years of hard work as a contractor. He soaped up his body and shampooed his hair and rinsed himself.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and started shaving and than Julian poked his head into the door.

He said," Mmmm I love that body."

Shaun said," You better be careful we won't make that reservation."

Shaun finished shaving himself and went into the bedroom and looked at the bed.

He can't believe it they are his oxford style shirt, slacks, loafers, blazer, belt, and tie stuff he hasn't worn for 3 to 4 years because he is always Levis, boots and t-shirt.

He put the stuff on that is laid out and checked the billfold and the debit card is there.

He walks out and Julian is already dressed and saw Shaun and put his hands in front of his face.

He exclaimed," You are so handsome."

He and Julian walked out to the car arm and arm to celebrate their anniversary.


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