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Shaun and Julian
Chapter 2 - Meeting
By John Nail

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It is Friday and Shaun won't be at a client's house until Monday and this is his first weekend off in a long time. Shaun is an independent contractor and he remodels homes. Shaun stands about 5'10" tall and weighs a muscular 215 pounds and he has a fairly dark tan from working outside.

He strips out of his work clothes and puts them in the hamper and steps in the shower. He allows the water to cascade over his slim muscular naked body and than he washes his hair and lathers the soap on his body. He rinses off and steps in front of the mirror and picked up the razor and put it down. He decided to keep the stubble on his face. He dried off and went into the bedroom and got dressed in a faded pair of Levis socks and his engineer boots and put on his Harley Davidson t-shirt.

He went to the garage and there was his bobbed 1960 Harley Davidson FLH and it does have what he calls a bitch seat. That seat will be used tonight just not what he expects.

He kick starts the bike and the shovelhead rumbles to life. This bike was his dad's bike and when his mom died he rescued the bike from the crumbling shed and he loved the fact that none of his brother's wanted the bike.

Well, he is now riding his bike to his favorite watering hole and 10 minutes later he pushed his bike backwards against the bar and walked in.

He heard some voices yell Shaun when he went in. He got a beer and he walked over to a pool table and gave some of his friends a high 5s.

One of them a tall lanky man named Kelly said," How is it going Shaun?"

Shaun said," Business is great but I am thrilled I have a weekend off."

Kelly asked," How many weekends in a row did you work?"

Shaun said," Five weekends in a row, made good money but I am kind of burned out."

Now he saw something in the corner of his eyes that caught his attention.

It was a man in khakis, polo shirt, and a pair of loafers and Shaun chuckled what kind of dude would wear that in this place?

Kelly pointed at him and said," That dude looks a little lost don't he."

Shaun said," Yeah I thought this place is for us bikers and blue collar types."

Shaun played some pool made some money and lost some money pretty much broke even and noticed it was 12 and decided to leave because he was planning to do some fishing in the morning.

As he was leaving a khakis pants dude asked," Can I ride with you?"

He looked at the guy and said," Yeah it will have be on the back of my Harley."

The man considered it and than said," Ok, my roommate left me and I am tired can you take me back to the rental house."

Shaun said," Sure."

They got on the bike and off they went and 20 minutes later they pulled In front of the house and the dude got off and went to the door.

He stood there for 3 minutes and started crying so Shaun got off the bike and walked over.

The dude looked at him and said," Nobody is here and I forgot my key and now I don't know what to do."

Shaun said," You can come home with me and in the morning call your friend and maybe u can make it inside your place."

Well he straddled the Harley and rode the 30 minutes back to Shaun's house.

After Shaun pulled the bike in the garage and shut it off he said," By the way my name is Shaun."

The khakis pant dude said," My name is Julian."

When they shook hand Shaun noticed his handshake seemed well rather feminine.

Shaun took out his key and unlocked the door and they walked into the house.

Julian asked," So what is the rent here?"

Shaun laughed and said," I am not renting I am sharing custody of this house with the bank for the next 15 years."

Julian said," Oh my."

For the first time a guy was making Shaun horny and maybe because this guy wasn't really a man. Anyway, he moved towards Julian in a hurry and before Julian could do anything he stripped the pants off of him and what he saw shocked him Julian was wearing a pair of thong.

Shaun said," You are wearing fuck me underwear and I am going to fuck you all right."

He shoved Julian over the kitchen counter and Julian was bent over the counter and Shaun got a good look at his ass.

Julian's ass was a nice round smooth bubble which made it even more enticing. Shaun spit on his fingers and lubed Shaun's ass with his spit and than lubed his cock with his spit.

He said," Your ass is tight."

Julian said," Nobody has ever fucked me before."

Shaun laughed and said," I am popping your cherry tonight."

He shoved the full length of his cock into Julian's virgin ass and Julian screamed and he had tears in his eyes. Shaun let Julian's ass adjust than he started to thrust in and out of Julian's ass.

Julian started to moan and started to thrust his ass in perfect rhythm with Shaun. There was a rhythmic skin slapping of skin and Julian and Shaun were enjoying each other.

An hour and half later Shaun felt his cock get bigger and his balls drawing up and he shoved his cock deep into Julian's ass and it buck about 4 times flooding Julian's ass. After his cock softened and popped out Shaun turned Julian around and put him on his knees and shoved his cock into Julian's mouth. Julian cleaned off the cum and ass off of Shaun's cock.

Shaun said," You and I are going to bed I think I am going to like having a bedmate."

After they crawled into bed Julian snuggled up to Shaun and they both fell asleep.