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Our Little Playmate
Part 2
By Jackson Pickett

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Our Little Playmate

Chapter 2

Steve woke up about 7. He didn’t want to wake up. The drugged water that he had drunk meant he would have happily slept until 10 or so. There was a lot of loud screaming though. It was coming from the masked man chained to the bondage table near him. The young boy must have somehow fallen asleep sometime during the night and just had awakened only to discover his nightmare was indeed a reality. The Mormon boy struggled to free himself from the chains that were holding him to the table. But he wasn’t going anywhere.

The man continued to scream for the next hour. Steve wished he could tell him to be quiet. But he was still gagged. He was so thirsty. And his shoulders and wrists ached from being handcuffed to the chair for so long.

About 8 o’clock there was an electronic ping and the massive steel door opened. In walked the Men. They were dressed in their leathers and wore clown masks over their faces. “Shut up,” said Baldy and he slapped Mormon boy hard across the face. Mormon boy whimpered for a minute and then went very quiet.

“Good,” Baldy said with an evil sneer on his face. “You be a good boy and you will get to home on Monday morning. Not though before we make a few changes and fuck that gorgeous ass of yours.”

At the mention of the phrase fuck that gorgeous ass, Mormon boy’s eyes widened in terror. He again began to buck against the chains holding his wrists and legs. Ginger laughed and undid the hose from the gas mask and inserted a chloroform soaked cotton ball was placed into the mask. “You remember chloroform don’t you Mormon boy. It helped us bring you in last night. Not going to put you right out this time. Just want to make you a bit easier to handle.”

Steve’s cock grew again as he watched Mormon boy succumb to the drugging fumes. Mormon boy’s struggles lessened as the drug began to take effect. Then just as Ginger promised, the cotton balls were removed before Mormon boy went totally under. “You ok there Mormon boy?” Crater Face said.

In a very groggy voice, Mormon boy said, “I am floating.”

Baldy on one side of the bondage table and Beardo on the other side began to stroke ever so softly the dazed man’s nipples. At first he barely reacted due to the chloroform. But then Mormon boy began to say, “No, please don’t. Stop it. Leave me alone.”

The two men continued to tease Mormon boy’s nipples. Ginger said, “I think Mormon boy here is a virgin.” He nodded over to Baldy who pinched the young man’s right nipple hard. Mormon boy screamed.

“Are you a virgin, Mormon boy?” Crater Face asked.

With a painful yelp, Mormon boy said, “Yes.”

“You won’t be when you leave here on Monday,” Crater Face said. Steve noticed a tear run down Mormon boy’s face. Steve wasn’t sure if it was from the tortured nipple or from the thought of being raped. The pinched nipple was then released.

Ginger said, “I think he is awake enough now.” Crater Face took a bottle of lube and squirted it over Mormon boy’s cock. He then put on a pair of nitrile gloves. Mormon boy gasped as he felt someone grasp his manhood. “NO! Stop it.” He tried to bat away his attackers hands but the chains meant that he was helpless.

Gradually Mormon boy’s cut cock began to grow to a respectable 6 inches. Beardo undid the hose from the gasmask again and fed three popper soaked balls into the mouthpiece. His protests gave way to moans as pleasures as for the first time ever someone was manhandling his cock. Steve noticed the first drops of precum appear on the virgin’s cock. Mormon boy’s breathing became more ragged as he approached climax. With a mighty Mormon roar, hot jizz sprayed every where from the virgin’s cock.

“Looks like you enjoyed that Mormon boy,” Ginger smiled.

“No I didn’t. You fucking perverts forced me to do that.”

Baldy again squeezed the bound man’s nipple again. He quickly quieted down.

Ginger said, “Your cock spoke differently. It certainly enjoyed it’s little exercise. Now we are going to take off your mask for a bit and allow you to see you surroundings.”

Mormon boy blinked a few times as he tried to adjust to light after so many hours in darkness. He seemed surprised that there were four men, all much larger than him standing before him wearing leathers and clown masks. But what surprised him even more was there was a man, naked like himself, with nipple piercings and a pierced cock, handcuffed, tied to a chair with a ball gag stuffed in his mask. To be raped by big leather men was a horror. But to have this bound voyeur watching his humiliation, seeing his cock played with, seeing him cum spray everywhere, was quite embarrassing. Baldy lent over the chained man and then began to plant a huge kiss on his neck. A minute or so later, Baldy stood up, proud of the tremendous hickey he had left on the boy’s neck.

Crater Face smiled at the man who had just shot his load. “You know there is just one thing that would make this better. I mean don’t get me wrong. It’s great having this young prisoner here at our mercy. But our view is getting somewhat instructed by all of this fur. I think he needs to shed his coat so we can enjoy him better.”

Ginger smiled. “Great idea Rodney. Marco go get the trimmers, razor and shaving cream. William, why don’t you untie our little playmate there and then get both of our guests some water to drink. I am sure that they are thirsty.” Baldy untied Steve first and then grabbed the two men and grabbed them each a glass of water. Steve drank his down thirstily. Mormon boy was a bit more hesitant and then drank down his water. Within a few minutes Mormon boy was dazed and weakened by the drugged water.

The four Men quickly went to work on the young missionarty as Steve looked on. In twenty minutes or so, Mormon boy’s front side was smooth and hairless. Mormon boy struggled a bit until he realized that the four men were brandishing straight razors near his body. He was also trying to deal with the whole situation in his mind. He had been kidnapped, bound by 4 men with their other hostage. He had been jacked off and forced to shed his cum. And now he had had his body hair shaved, at least his front side anyways. In his family body hair was something very manly. Women were smooth and men were hairy and that was the way it was. In Mormon boy’s household men were king and women were sub human. And now without his hair, how could he show his manliness?

Baldy spoke next to break Mormon boy’s concentration. “Now Mormon boy we are going to unchain you and flip you over. Don’t give us any grief.”

Thanks to being chained up all night, the chloroformings, and the drugged water, there wasn’t much fight left in Mormon boy as they flipped him over. Mormon boy was soon laying stomach down on the bondage bed. A pillow was placed under Mormon boy’s midsection so that his ass was raised up in the air. Mormon boy’s hands and legs were fastened to the bed in chains once more. Mormon boy gasped as the cool shaving cream was sprayed up his asshole and then the four men went to work on deforesting the young man’s backside.

When they were done, Baldy spoke again, “That sure looks nice. And I know it will be nice and itchy when you return home on Monday. Now it is time for the main event.”

Beardo grabbed a fresh bottle of poppers and held them under the missionary’s nose. Soon the young man was floating high. Beardo kept removing the poppers and then putting them back to the Mormon boy’s nose as Crater Face began to place two fingers up the bound man’s ass. “Aah,” Mormon boy managed to say and then faded back into a popper induced haze. Crater Face smiled. “Man he is certainly tight. We’re going be fucking a virgin tonight.”

Crater Face withdrew his fingers, straddled the young man, and then thrust his small cock up the tight hole. Mormon boy screamed out in pain. Beardo gave him another hefty dose of poppers. It took Crater Face a while but he finally found the boy’s sweet spot. Mormon boy let out a moan of happiness as his prostate was pounded by Crater Face’s cock. Crater Face’s breathing got very heavy. He shot a load of baby batter up into Mormon boy’s gut.”

The process was repeated with Baldy. Then it was Ginger’s turn. He took his time raping the boy and despite being older, managed to shoot two loads up the chain man’s hole. Thank goodness for Viagra,

Mormon boy was crying by now. He had been raped by three men. His ass hurt so much. And there was nothing he could do about it.

Ginger then looked over at Beardo. “It’s your turn Marco.”

“Uhh no thanks. I think I have a bit of a migraine coming out. I will just sit this one out.”

“Ahh well suit yourself,” Ginger said. “Rodney, we have just given our guest here quite a work out. And our little playmate looks a little tired as well. Why don’t we help them to a little nap.”

Crater Face grabbed a rag from the corner of the room and soaked it with the liquid from an amber bottle. He approached Mormon boy.

“No no, please not again mmmmmph,” Mormon boy said.

“Nighty-nite asshole,” Crater Face said as he pressed the drugging rag into Mormon boy’s face. Mormon boy began futilely struggling against the onslaught. A minute or so later he gave a contented sigh as he sank into oblivion.

Again Steve couldn’t help himself. Watching Mormon boy fall under the effects of chloroform got his pierced prick hard. It was a little hard to conceal as a nine and a half inch pierced rod left little to the imagination. Baldy pointed it out, “Look watching Mormon boy get knocked out gets our little plaything all horned up. Well don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get your turn with the rag too.”

Crater Face re-wetted the rag. “Time to go to sleep baby boy,” Crater Face said, “Or should I say sleep horny baby boy,” as he grabbed Steve from behind and clamped the rag over the face. Soon Steve was off to dreamland as well.

Steve started to come to first. Mormon boy was still out of it. He was still chained up back. spread eagle to his bondage table. While he was out though, his captors had flipped him around again so he was sleeping on his Steve’s head was still spinning as he tried to stand up. It took him three times before Steve was finally able to stand up and drag his hobbled leg to the other man’s bed.

He looked over at Mormon boy. He was just beginning to stir. The young man’s moans and movements were becoming a bit louder now. Steve gently stroked the blond man’s hair.

Once he became aware, Mormon boy pulled back from Steve’s touch. I guess it was a natural reaction to being raped. “Not again, please don’t,” he said. Then he saw that it was Steve and he calmed down down a bit. “Oh it’s you.”

“Yep, it is just me,” Steve said. “Are you ok?”

The Mormon boy stiffed at the comment. “Am I ok? Sure I am ok,” he said with a tone of great anger in his voice. “I’ve been knocked out who knows how many times, kidnapped, tied up, shaved, forced to shoot my load and then raped,” his voice trailed off and he started to cry.

“I know it’s awful. Not much I can say to comfort you.”

“I am not gay man. I haven’t even been with a woman yet, and here I have been raped by men. It makes me almost sick to my stomach. I am straight for God’s sake.”

“It is not much easier when you are gay,” Steve said. “I’ve been here three weeks now and have been raped so many times against my will. I am a top for God’s sake. No one ever had their cock up my ass until three weeks ago.”

“That’s disgusting,” said the bound man. “Gay sex makes me sick.” Mormon boy realized how harsh that sounded. The naked man who was giving him comfort right now couldn’t help who he was. And he had had to endure this torture three weeks and not just one night. “How did they grab you?” he asked.

Steve told the story of that night coming home from the Anvil and Forge. He said that in his drunken state that night how he had been an easy mark for the four rapists. Since then he had been fondled, beaten, chained, forced to smoke, molested raped and drugged. And at this point, there was not much left of that dominant leather man who won a title three weeks ago. Steve thought it best to leave out the part where he was actually fallen in love with one of his captors. Steve did not want any more judgmental attitude from Mr. Holier and Thou.

“Wow,” said Mormon boy. “That is horrible. So I have a question for you. What is that stuff they are putting on the rag that makes me go to sleep?”

“It is called chloroform. It was one of the first chemicals used when they were developing anesthetics in the 19th century. Queen Victoria was said to have used it during child birth. It became less and less widely used when a few healthy people died after being chloroformed. But don’t worry, these guys seem to know how to use it.”

“They died?” Mormon boy said with a sense of fear in his voice.

“Yes but as I said don’t worry. You are young and healthy and they know what they are doing. Anyways chloroform keeps you out about fifteen to twenty minutes. It’s nasty stuff and leaves you feeling sick to your stomach and your head reeling. But that feeling doesn’t last long.”

“When they…” Mormon boy’s voice quavered, “When they were molesting me and raping me they forced me to breathe something else in.”

“That was poppers. Used mostly by gay men, it is used during sex play. It messes up the head and opens the blood vessels making sex more pleasurable.”

“Yes they really messed me up.”

“And one other question,” Mormon boy said. “They said that they were going to let me go on Monday. Do you think that is true?”

“It is hard to say. They could change their minds of course but I guess they have not lied to me yet. And maybe it’s a good sign. I saw their faces right from the start. I could identify them in a police line up. But with you, they have kept their faces masked. You have no idea what they look like. So if they did release you, you would be no threat to them. So I’d say there is a good chance you’ll be free on Monday.”

Steve was about to ask Mormon boy his name. “Ahh,” said Baldy, “nice to see you two girls getting acquainted. Well we have brought you some lunch.” Beardo undid the wrist cuffs on Mormon boy’s bed and warned him, “Don’t try anything. You are not going anywhere.”

The water that Mormon boy had been fed earlier had obviously affected him. He felt sleepy and lethargic and had problems sitting up. All of them ate the double big macs and large fries. Then they each drank a coke- Steve’s and Mormon boys had been laced with the same drug combo that kept them stoned and weak.

After lunch while Steve hobbled over to the toilet, Mormon boy was chained back down to the table. Ginger put an empty bottle near his penis and Mormon boy relieved himself.

“Ok now on to the afternoon’s fun. We were just comparing our two guests here. We were kind of bemoaning that you weren’t quite the same. And while we can’t make you exactly the same we can make you more similar.”

“What do you mean?” Mormon boy said.

“Well we can make some changes to you so you are more like our pretty little plaything. Our friend Rodney here has many skills. But did you know he used to own and operate a tattoo and piercing studio. And he is going to mark you my friend.

“No you fuckers. Let me go. You can’t do this to me.”

Steve watched in amusement as Mormon boy thrashed against his chains once more. Then Baldy approached the bondage table and chloroformed the hapless man. While Mormon boy slept off the drugs, Crater Face got out his tattoo and piercing equipment. When Mormon boy came to, Baldy held a knife to Mormon’s boy throat. “Behave now or I’d hate for this knife to slip and cut off that pretty little cock of yours.” Mormon boy immediately calmed down.

Six hours later Crater Face was proudly examing his work. Mormon boy was sporting two large tattoos on his upper arms- a lion on the left and a tiger on the right. As Crater Face wrapped up the man’s arms Ginger wheeled in a trolley with four plates full of chili and a plate of buns. On the bottom shelf of the trolley there were 6 mugs of beer. Two of the mugs had blue handles. They were given to the two guests.

After supper, Mormon boy was again strapped down to the table. Crater Face had got out his piercing supplies. As Baldy brandished his knife near Mormon boy’s cock, Crater Face clamped Mormon boy’s left nipple. Mormon boy yelped in pain. “Please no,” Mormon boy said but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Crater Face said, “Good boy, now breathe out on three. One two three.” As Mormon exhaled, Crater Face pierced his left nipple. The process was repeated with the right nipple. Crater Face admired his work. “Now one other thing. Our little plaything has a prince albert. But it is a big one. Normally for a first prince albert, we pierce with a smaller ring. So your’s will be a bit smaller.”

Baldy moved the knife up to Mormon boy’s throat. “Don’t move.”

Beardo moved to the chained man. “Usually the pain from a prince albert is not too bad but that’s with guys who want to get them. I am going to give you some more chloroform again. Not quite enough to knock you out but you will be nice and relaxed. You want that boy.”

Mormon boy shook his head yes. He could not imagine being fully aware when someone poked a hole in his man gland. Beardo clamped the rag over his face. Soon Mormon boy was out of it but he was still conscious as the needle went through his glans. There was a sharp pain, but unlike his nipples, the pain quickly subsided. An eight gauge ring was placed through the hole in his cock.

Crater Face cleaned up Mormon boy and undid the chains holding the hostage. “Stand up and look at yourself.”

Mormon boy was shocked at the man he saw in the mirror. The man was hairless from the neck down. His arms were tattooed and the man had two hunks of metal in his chest and a good size ring in his penis. Mormon boy felt sick to his stomach looking at the man, but that was the new him.

Crater Face said, “We better get you lots to drink. Blood and urine don’t mix together well.” He brought out six beer. He made Mormon boy drink down four of the beer rather quickly. In the fifth and sixth beers he added three sleeping pills each. Unaware, Steve and Mormon boy drank down the beer. Within minutes they were asleep.

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