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Our Little Playmate
Part 3
By Jackson Pickett

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Our Little Playmate

Chapter 3

Steve woke up at 6:30am. He’d been asleep for ten hours. He’d figured Crater Face had drugged that last beer. Given the fact that Mormon boy had never drank before and he’d had five beers to Steve’s one, Steve figured the newly tatted and pierced man would be out for at least a couple of hours more. Steve was not surprised to hear his new roommate snoring away loudly.

Steve sat at the edge of his cot for a minute. He looked over at the other man’s cot. The sleeping man was lying on top of the covers. There was a small blood stain in the bed spread around where the man’s crotch had been. Steve knew from experience fresh PA’s could bleed for a couple days.

Steve hobbled over to Mormon boy’s cot. The first thing Steve noticed was the shackle around Mormon boy’s ankle and the iron ball it was attached to. Steve realized that like him, the kid wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Like Steve, Mormon boy was here for the long haul. Poor kid, thought Steve.

Steve looked down at his drugged out room mate. In a way he looked so innocent. Mormon boy was so naïve. He had that sweet face and that freshly mowed skin. But now he also had a nasty look to him as well. His tattooed body looked great but certainly would not be welcome at the Mormon Tabernacle. And the pierced nipples and pierced cock showed that this boy was meant to play. The combination of innocence and sexy bad boy was a huge aphrodisiac for Steve. He felt his monster cock rise in anticipation.

It was Sunday. The men usually slept in until 9. That gave Steve lots of time to shoot his load over prince charming, clean him up, and get back to bed all before the men and Mormon boy awoke.

Steve began to pound his man sausage. He was so horned up. But as he did so, he thought he was missing something. But what. And then he realized what it was. He had to be smoking a stogie as he masturbating over the sleeping man. Steve looked to the small table next to his own bed. A box of Cohibas had been left there and a lighter. Steve had watched the men light cigars for the past three weeks now. He expertly lit the cigar and the vile smoke filled the air. “Shit,” he thought. “I’ve become a full-fledged smoker.” He still wasn’t crazy about cigar smoke. Maybe he might suggest to the men that he might be allowed to take up the pipe.

Steve opened up the bottle of lube that was on his bedside table and lubed up his bejewelled dick. He also grabbed the bottle of poppers from the nightstand. He hobbled back to Mormon boy’s bedside, took a hit of poppers up his left nostril then his right, puffed on his cigar and then began to jerk off. Mormon boy’s body was so beautiful there as he lay there unaware of the leather man standing above him.

Moments later Steve was breathing heavily. Precum was leaking from his piss slit. He let out a large moan as cum exploded from his cock. Mormon boy was completely unaware that he had given such pleasure to his roommate. The men were also sound asleep upstairs. Steve cleaned up his baby batter, finished his cigar and laid back in his bed all before 7:45am. He fell back to sleep with a huge smile on his face.

At 915 am Steve was awakened by the sound of the men opening the electronic door to the cell. Mormon boy was still in a deep drugged sleep. “Morning our precious little playmate,” Ginger said. Thought you might enjoy some coffee and toast before we begin our day. We have a big surprise for both of you when Mormon boy wakes up.”

Steve knew better than to ask what the surprise was. He might end up getting beaten and besides he may not like the surprise. Steve ate the toast and drank down the coffee. Steve knew the coffee would be drugged again, but that was fine. After three weeks of drugged liquids, Steve was aware he was becoming addicted to the morphine in the water.

About ten o’clock Mormon boy began to wake up. He screamed as he noticed the ball and chain around his ankle. Beardo said, “We saw how gorgeous your tattoos and piercings turned out. So we thought we’d keep you here longer. You won’t be going home on Monday after all.” Mormon boy noticed that the men were no longer wearing masks. Now he could identify them. That was not good. Mormon boy realized that now they would never let him go now that he could identify them.

Ginger sat down on the missionary’s bedside. “I think you and I should get to know each other over a smoke.” Ginger lit a cigar and took a big long drag from it. He then offered the stogie to Mormon boy. At first the captive was going to say no, but the thought of being punished made him think better of it. Mormon boy took a puff from the cigar and began to choke as he coughed violently. It took him a couple more puffs until he got the hang of it. The smell and taste were awful but Mormon boy knew that if he said anything, Ginger might play with his extremely delicate nipples or cock. No it was best to go along with his captors. After all six men had finished their cigars, Baldy said, “Ok let’s get on with this morning’s main event.”

First Steve was told to lay on his back in bed. Steve’s wrists were then cuffed to the metal bed frame. Steve was then told to lift his legs a little. Beardo lifted Steve’s legs over his head and chained them over his head. Steve was now chained in kind of a c position. Steve’s ass was vulnerable. Mormon boy was chained in the same way. He made a bit more fuss then Steve did though when his legs were secured to the wall. Mormon boys freshly pierced nipples got pinched in the process.

Once secure, Steve and Mormon boy’s ass cracked was covered in lube. And then Crater Face brought out the biggest butt plugs Steve had ever seen. They were going to hurt, there was absolutely no doubt about it. Baldy lubed the plug. As Beardo forced Steve to take a huge hit of poppers, Baldy began to push the leather plug up Steve’s ass. Steve screamed. The pain was so intense. He thought he’d been split in two. Then there was a pop as the butt plug hit home. Steve moaned as the unforgiving dildo hit his prostate.

It was worse for Mormon boy. Steve’s ass had been stretched by three weeks of getting raped two or three times daily. Mormon boy had only been raped once so he was super tight. Mormon boy was still fighting against the thought that he was being raped by men. And Mormon boy could not squirm too much otherwise he might brush his supersensitive nipples or cock. After fifteen minutes of trying to get the damned thing up his ass, Baldy with a mighty blow rammed it up Mormon boy’s hole. Mormon boy cried out in pain and then moaned in ecstasy as the plug found his prostate.

The two men were then unchained. Ginger said, “We won’t have to worry about those things popping out. It’s going to take a lot of lube to get those dildos out of there.” The two men were invited to stand up and walk around. Mormon discovered how hard it was to walk with a 36 pound iron ball attached to your ankle and a huge leather pole up your ass. Cigars were offered and five men enjoyed the cigars. Mormon boy coughed and felt a bit ill from his second smoke.

Baldy pulled out a little black box from his pocket. Steve noticed it had a red button on top. With a wicked smile, Baldy pressed the button. Both Steve and Mormon boy fell to the ground roaring in pleasure as the butt plugs in their ass came to life. Each butt plug had a radio controlled vibrator inside. With a flick of his switch, Baldy controlled his two hostages prostates. He could turn them into babbling sex crazed pleasure hounds whenever he wanted to.

After an hour of having their insides vibrated Ginger felt that the two men had had enough. He told Mormon boy and Steve to go to their respective cots and lie on their stomachs. Both men were again chloroformed but they were not quite fully knocked out. A topical anesthetic was then sprayed in each man’s butt hole and then a huge amount of lube was applied. Even in their very drugged state, the two men both screamed as the massive dildoes were pulled out of their asses. Once their butts were emptied, the men were chloroformed again until they fell deeply asleep.

On Monday evening, the four Men were debating about something after supper. It seemed that they had been invited out to a poker night. But somebody had to stay home and baby sit our little plaything and Mormon boy. Eventually Beardo agreed to stay home. He gave Steve a subtle knowing look as he did so. With the others away, maybe Beardo and Steve might be able to make actually love rather than be raper and rapee.

The three men left about five. Beardo fed the two men supper and they shared a couple of beer each. Mormon boy needed to piss right away. Beardo took full advantage of this. Once the missionary’s back was turned, Beardo grabbed the rag and bottle from his back pocket and pounced on the urinating man. Soon Mormon boy was sound asleep on the floor.

“That’s great. Let’s get started,” Steve said.

“Not so fast. The chloroform will only keep him out for a short while and he will be able to tell the others that I had chloroformed him for some reason. So I brought along a little insurance policy.” Beardo produced a small bag of white powder and a tube.

“What’s that?” said Steve.

“It’s Special K or ketamine. I will blow some up his nose. It will keep our little friend completely unaware for a few hours and has the additional effect of messing up a person’s short term memory. If the other’s ask, he’ll just say he had supper and went to bed early.”

Beardo blew the powder up the unconscious man’s nose. “There that will keep him nice and quiet and forgetful.” He then turned to Steve. “Now let’s you and I have some fun.”

Beardo decided to remove Steve’s leg from the ball and chain. “Yes sorry about this. William insisted upon it. He said we can’t have our prisoners running away can we. But you aren’t going to be running away tonight are you.”

“No. I sure won’t,” said Steve. His pierced cock rose in anticipation. “In fact after the first three four or nights I would happily stay for ever, if not for Baldy.”

“You mean William?” Beardo said. “Yes he’s a nasty piece of work. He likes inflicting pain and doesn’t know boundaries. I hope he hasn’t hurt you too badly.”

“No he has been rougher on our sleeping friend here. Our friend here is, or at least was, extremely naïve and Baldy, I mean William, took full advantage of that and seemed to delight in his fear.”

“Yes he is nasty alright. I couldn’t help notice you referred to William as Baldy. Do you have nicknames for us all?”

Steve sort of blushed. He hoped Beardo wouldn’t mind his nickname for him. “Yes. You guys were not that forthcoming with names at first so I made up my own. There was Baldy because he was Bald. Crater Face for the muscle man, because of his awful complexion.”

“Yes that’s Rodney.”

“The older guy I’ve called Ginger because the colour of his hair.”

“That’s Harold. He’s our boss. You see we were all marines and he was our drill sergeant there.”

“That figures, he does seem to have that commanding authority about him.”

“And that leaves me. So what do you call me?”

Steve was a little embarrassed to mention it. “Uhh, its Beardo. I called you that because I love that huge bushy beard of yours.”

“My name is actual Marco, but I really like Beardo. So Beardo it is,” he smiled. “So I hope you don’t mind that we kidnapped you and are keeping you here as our permanent sex slave?”

“Well it wouldn’t have been my first choice,” said Steve. “For the first

couple days I would have killed anyone of you if I wasn’t chained down and you weren’t filling me up with drugged water. I had never been fucked before, or spanked, or tickled. But then a couple of things happened. I started finding myself getting really attracted to you. It’s that black curly hair, beard and tattoos. And I noticed you seemed to be interested me as well. And I can’t believe me saying this, but since I have been here, I realized I needed to bottom for men. I liked cocks up my ass. I liked your cock up my ass.”

“The feeling is so mutual, my friend. As soon as we got you in here and we stripped you of your clothes. I saw your gorgeous pierced cock and I melted. Then when you awoke and I saw those burning blue eyes and I thought wowie, this guys the whole package. I was totally in love.”

“But you still held me prisoner and molested and raped me.”

“Yes I know. As I said Harold, Rodney, William and I were in the marines together. We found out we all had a similar kink- rape and domination. The thing is, to have time to own a human being or two, one needs money. One can’t have a job. So we put our thoughts of rape aside. That was until we all went in on a lottery ticket before and won $55 million. We suddenly had the means to quit our jobs and become slave owners. We got out of the marines and looked for our first slave. And that was you my friend. I hope you don’t hate us. I hope you don’t hate me.”

“I did at first. I mean who likes to be held at gun point, chloroformed, and tortured. But as I said, I began to know that this was I needed to do. To serve men as their sex slave. And I fell in love with you when you chucked my piss back into my face.”

“Yes I had forgotten that. Ok let’s get our play on. Mormon boy will be out for hours. The guys should be out playing poker for a few hours but we don’t have all the time in the world. They are starting to get the idea that you and I are more than Master and slave. They got a little suspicious when I wouldn’t rape Mormon boy here. But I explained later that Mormon boy just didn’t do it for me. Still we can’t take chances that they find out that we are an item. Baldy just wouldn’t stand for that.”

This serious talk had softened Steve’s erection. But as soon as Beardo started undressing, Steve immediately got hard. The two men kissed each other with a roaring fury. Beardo sucked on Steve’s nipples and Steve’s horniness increased 10 fold. Then Beardo lubed up his cock and for the first time, the two men enjoyed making love and not rape. Beardo pumped gently at first and then went into a frenzy has he neared eruption. Then all of a sudden warm cum filled Steve’s gut.

As soon as Beardo and Steve had caught their breath, Beardo turned to Steve and said, “Ok it’s your turn. Now I need to be serious here. I have never been fucked before. That’s right. Beardo is a virgin. But I want you to breed me Sir with that 9 and a half inch pierced monster of yours.”

Steve was surprised at this news. He had only tried to fuck two virgins in his life before and both times had not gone well. The first one had barely lasted two minutes and then given up. Steve’s cock was just too big. He had managed to fuck the second one but the poor guy had torn and had bled. “Your sure? This will hurt.”

“Yes I am sure. But maybe you can chloroform me first. You know just get me fucked up real good but not fully put me out. Then feed me lots of poppers as you plough me. I know you have wanted to chloroform someone, well I am going to be your first victim.”

Steve shook a bit as he poured a bit of the liquid from the amber bottle onto the rag. It was a risky thing to use chloroform. However, he went behind Beardo and clamped the rag on his face. Even though Beardo knew it was coming he struggled as the chemical fumes filled his face. Gradually the struggles lessened. Steve removed the rag before Beardo passed out. “You ok?”

“Yeth. I’m flying,” said a barely conscious Beardo.

Steve lubed up his cock and Beardo’s asshole. He gentle worked his cock into Beardo’s virgin hole. He was so tight. Beardo cried out in pain. Steve took the chloroform rag and gave Beardo another whiff. He began to pump a bit back and forth. When he hit Beardo’s prostate, Beardo moaned in pleasure. He gave Beardo a shot of poppers and then pushed his cock all the way in. Beardo yelled out but he said, “Don’t stop.”

Steve began to thrust his hips back and forth. Beardo’s tight hole massaged his penis into a frenzy. Steve became more frantic. With a mighty scream he shot gallons of hot lava into Beardo’s stomach.

They laid there for a minute or so. Steve pulled out ever so gently. “That was fantastic.” Beardo said.

“They will be home soon. You better re-attach me to the leg irons and you need to get dressed.” Reluctantly Beardo did that but he knew this would not be the last time he would be fucked by his prisoner.

Ten minutes later, the room was just as it should have been. Beardo and Steve had lifted Mormon boy off of the floor and put him to bed. Then Beardo turned to Steve and said, “I am going to give you a couple of sleeping pills. That way both you and Mormon boy will be sound asleep when the men arrive home. They’ll be completely unaware that you and I had made love.”

Steve took the pills. Beardo kissed him and said, “Thanks lover.”

“I hope I didn’t hurt you,” Steve asked.

“Maybe a little but it’s all good.” The two men kissed again and shared a long, deep embrace. Then Steve took a deep yawn. Knowing that the tranquilizers were taking effect, Beardo said, “Into bed you go,” Beardo kissed Steve on the forehead. In seconds, Steve was in a deep, deep sleep.

Beardo smiled at his prisoner and the missionary then left the room. It’s too bad neither Steve nor Beardo had seen the small camera that had filmed the whole scene that night.

To be continued.

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