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Our Little Playmate
Part 4
By Jackson Pickett

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Our Little Playmate

Chapter 4

Everything was fine until two nights later after breakfast. There was a bit of commotion outside of the cell. Then the door opened. Ginger walked in first and then came Crater Face and Baldy dragging an unconscious Beardo. Beardo was dragged to a wall where he was cuffed so his back faced against the wall.

Why had they done this? I wanted to scream saying what had they done to him, but I knew that would only make the situation worst. By now I knew these men had meant business.

As soon as Beardo was secured to the wall, Crater Face gagged him with a funnel gag device. I knew what the device was because one of my regular subs loves drinking my piss.

As soon as Beardo came to, Baldy went to the sink and filled a pitcher of water. Baldy went up to Beardo’s funnel and poured at least four glasses of water down his throat. Baldy removed the funnel gag then. Within a few minutes Beardo was feeling loopy and weak from the drugged water. His hand and leg shackles were removed. No way he could put up any fight after four glasses of the drugged water.

Ginger cleared his throat. “Beardo and our little playmate, please approach me. The other night, you two and Mormon boy were left alone while Rodney and William and I went out and played poker. What you didn’t know is that I had set up a hidden camera to watch things while we were out. I had caught the occasionally flirt between you two. I’ve had a camera hidden there from as soon as we kidnapped our little playmate. I figured the movies of our prisoners would be fun to watch later. And I figured one of you guys might try something if they got a chance with our prisoners. And sadly I was right.”

“Look I am sorry. He is just so…” Beardo started to say before he was slapped hard again by Ginger. Beardo immediately shut up.

“Silence. I did not ask you to speak. Like I was saying, I didn’t trust you to be alone. Unfortunately you two did not disappoint me.”

“But Sir, I would have heard something and saw something. All I can remember is eating supper and then waking up in bed the next morning,” Mormon boy said.

“Ahh you little fool. Well maybe this movie might help you remember better.”

Ginger turned on the television. On the screen, everyone could see the three men enjoying beer after supper. Mormon boy got up to go take a piss. And Beardo chloroformed him leaving the missionary unconscious on the floor. “I don’t remember that,” Mormon boy said.

Ginger sneered, “Of course you don’t bimbo. Watch this.” The video revealed Beardo fiddling with a bag of white powder, filling a tube with it, and then blowing the stuff up the helpless younger man’s nose.

“What the hell was that?” Mormon boy said with alarm.

“It’s Special K or Ketamine. It is often used as a rec drug in sex play. In larger quantities though it is used as a date rape drug because it not only knocks a victim on their ass, but it fucks up their memory. They can’t remember anything just before and after the incident,” Crater Face said.

“You gave me extra drugs, just so you guys could have perverted sex. You fucking faggots,” Mormon Boy said as he glared at Steve and Beardo.

“Thank you Mormon Boy and thank you Rodney. I’ll handle this.” Ginger said. “Now on to the main event.” The video continued. The video showed the two men were hugging and kissing as Mormon Boy lay unconscious. Then Beardo undid the leg iron from Steve’s leg. Then Beardo fucked Steve. Then the worst sin of all, Beardo handed Steve the chloroform. Steve drugged Beardo until he was almost senseless and then fucked him. Steve at that point could have easily escaped. There is no way Beardo could have stopped him.

When it was finished all of the men sat in silence for a few minutes. “You stupid faggot,” Ginger growled at Beardo. “You have gone and fallen in love with a prisoner. You went into the drug cabinet without my permission and used some of our precious ketamine stock to knock out Einstein here,” pointing towards Mormon boy. “Then you unshackled the other prisoner and left him free to escape. You go all lovely dovey as you kiss and then make love to him. And then you hand him the chloroform and gave him the means of knocking you out. And then you allow him to fuck you. Have you gone absolutely fucking mad? If he had knocked you fully out and escaped, our little operation here would be over and Rodney, William, yourself and I would be spending the rest of our lives in prison. And don’t forget. He is a sex slave. He is not a person. You’re a fucking idiot.”

Beardo hung his head in shame. He knew he had taken a big risk that night and he had got caught. Now he was going to have to pay the consequences.

Ginger then turned to Steve. “And you. Have you forgotten your place here. You are our little playmate. You are our toy. You are our sex slave. We are the Masters. You can’t love a master. You serve a master. Got that scum. And you can’t serve a master and fuck him. Sex slaves never even think about that, and you shithead are our slave.”

Steve did not speak. He knew if he said a word Beardo would get beaten. He knew if he said a word, he would get beaten or worse. Baldy would just love to torture him again and again. And this time, Steve was sure that the other men would not stop Baldy’s torture. In fact they might even join in the torturing.

“I trusted you Marco, and you failed me. And you, our little playmate, don’t know your place. You guys are in love. Well la-tee-dah. Isn’t that sweet.” Ginger said with a sneer.

“So you both will be punished. Marco come here.” Beardo stood up to slowly approach Ginger. Baldy slapped a pair of cuffs on him so that his hands were secured behind his back. Crater Face approached the handcuffed man with a syringe and injected it into Beardo’s cock.

“What the hell was that?” Beardo asked. There was a great sense of fear in his voice.

“It is called caverject. It is an erectile dysfunction drug. Doctors use it on patients that have severe issues getting hard. “It causes you to have an erection in about 15 minutes or so. This one will keep you hard for four hours.”

Baldy then approached Beardo. He had a device in his hand. Steve could see that it was a chastity device. It looked to be made out of silicone.

“This is a product from Birdlocked. It is called a pico. It is a normal chastity cage except that it has these tiny 17 spikes inside. When you get erect, those spikes contact your cock and poke and stab into it. It is very uncomfortable, and there won’t be a thing you can do about it,” Baldy said with an evil smile on his face. The device was fitted around Beardo’s cock and then there was the click of the lock as it was secured around his cock and balls. The handcuffs were removed from Beardo’s wrists.

Ginger said, “You will be in chastity for six months. Every three days you will get handcuffed. You will then be released from the chastity cage. You will be cleaned. When you get cleaned up, you will be then given another caverject injection before being locked up in the cage again. Your cock will swell and those devilish little spikes will torture your cock for a few more hours. This is all just to remind you of the awful thing that you have done. That’s your punishment.”

For the next 15 minutes or so, Beardo tried to think of anything he possibly could to kill a hardon. He thought of women with big boobs. He thought of naked grandmothers. He thought of twinks wearing makeup. He thought of Donald Trump. He thought of putting his cock into a bucket of ice. But soon the inevitable happened. Beardo could feel his cock grow in its tight confinement cage. There was sharp pain as the spikes made contact with his sensitive cock. Still even though it hurt, he couldn’t help becoming fully erect. The pain intensified and he screamed.

“That’s one bad boy taken care of,” Ginger said. “Now let’s turn our attention to the second one. Little playmate step forward.” As Steve stepped forward, Baldy clamped him in handcuffs.

Ginger continued, “Your punishment is a bit different. And it won’t last quite as long as your friend’s punishment over here. But it will be equally as intense. Now you are the guilty of using your asshole and your cock to get pleasure for yourself. And that simply is not going to do for our sex slave, our little playmate. Slaves don’t do things for their pleasure. Slaves do things to please the Master. So you have to be taught a lesson.”

“For the next 7 days, after breakfast you are going to have two enemas to clean yourself out. And then you remember our friend Beulah here,” Ginger said pointing to the huge vibrating butt plug that had tortured his asshole a few days ago. Steve gulped back as he remembered the ecstatic pain this ghoulish dildo had caused him. He was completely helpless as the butt plug had vibrated him to oblivion.

“We will insert Beulah into your ass each day. For six hours it is going to rip your insides out. Your going to learn that sex is for our pleasure. It is not for yours. Your ass is ours slave.”

“Now that will take of your backside. And now for your front. We are going to use the same drug in your penis as we did on your “lover boy” there. You will get a lesser dose, because believe me you will stay hard without it. You probably don’t need help to get hard today but after a few days of our torture, you might need some help to get hard. Once you get injected with the drug, we are going to lube you up good and hook you up to this milking machine. Your first and maybe your second ejaculations will be quite pleasant and you will come quite quickly. But the thing is this little device is very hungry and will just keep going. It’s going to keep pumping your dick and your not going to be able to do anything about it. Believe me by the end of 6 hours, your going to be so exhausted and feel like your balls will have been permanently emptied. The milking machine will be removed and your dildo will come out of your ass. However, for the next 6 days the process will be repeated. By the end of the week you won’t be equating sex with pleasure, but with pain. That will teach you that the hole in your backside and that pierced cock on your body are OURS!! They are not yours. And you will never fuck a Master for pleasure again.”

Beardo was still screaming laying on the floor. Steve felt so sorry for the pain he was in. But there was nothing Steve could do to help him. Steve thought six months was a hell of a long time. His poor cock would end up looking like swiss cheese after six months of those wicked spikes.

Ginger lubed up a tube and shot a bunch of soapy water up Steve’s ass. In a few minutes he led Steve to the toilet and Steve emptied his bowels. The process was repeated. Steve felt quite empty as he shit out a huge load. Baldy cleaned up the cuffed man’s asshole. Steve was then given a good whiff of poppers. Then Steve felt uncomfortable as the head of the butt plug stretched his anus. More poppers were forced up Steve’s nose. Steve was flying so high by now. Steve felt like he was being ripped apart as the plug was stuffed further and further up his ass. Steve breathed in deeply as the dildo hit his prostate. Finally the plug was all the way in.

Attention was then turned to Steve’s front side. Crater Face grabbed Steve’s cock and injected the erectile dysfunction medication into it. Steve’s handcuffs were removed and then Steve was invited to lay down on his bed. His wrists and ankles were chained to the table in spreadeagle fashion. A good deal of lube was massaged into his cock which was slowly becoming more and more erect from the effects of the drug. The tube from the milking machine was secured to his cock.

Beardo let out another cry of agony and then the gigantic vibrator began to pump Steve’s ass. Suddenly Steve was in painful pleasure as the gigantic dildo pounded his ass. The mechanic let out a loud moan as wave after wave of ecstasy filled his backside. Steve’s cock began to grow. It was a combination of the erectile dysfunction medication and the constant pleasuring of his hole.

A couple of minutes later, the milking machine was flipped on. The tube around the leatherman’s now fully erect penis began to hungrily attack Steve’s rigid pole. Gone from Steve’s mind were concerns about the condition of Beardo and his tortured locked manhood. Gone were Steve’s concerns about the screams from his bearded lover. No, all that mattered to Steve right now was that he was entering sensory overload. He was getting too much pleasure from his asshole and his tortured cock. He was in pain and in full fledged pleasure. Within seconds, Steve could feel precum on his cock head. And soon after that Steve shot a massive load into the tube.

There was no rest for him though. The leather probe kept pounding his already tender ass causing him to moan. The continually sucking hose kept working his sensitive member and Steve knew he was going to shoot another massive load very soon. A minute later Steve found himself shooting a second load into the hose. He was tired and his cock was getting very sensitive. And yet the machines kept working on his ass and dick.

Steve lost count of how many times he shot his load after he shot his sixth load. His ass was raw. His cock shaft and balls ached. Yet nothing stopped. The machines kept working him over and over again. Steve began to scream. He’d had too much and it wouldn’t stop. He nearly passed out when the machines were turned off six hours later. It was such a relief.

Steve’s ass hole was raw and sore as the plug was removed from his ass. Tears ran down from his eyes as his pierced monster was extricated from the tube. Ginger looked down at the sobbing man. “One session down, six more to go.” Crater Face undid Steve’s cuffs and ankle restraints. He helped Steve to sit up on the cot. Steve yelped as he placed his bruised ass hole on the bed. Baldy lit Steve a cigar.

“That was one hell of a session,” Baldy said. “I can’t believe he survived that. Don’t think I could do it.”

Crater Face asked Steve to lay on his side. Some cooling aloe vera cream was rubbed into his sensitive hole and cock. Steve initially cowered from hands coming near his on fire body, but when he relented, the cream did help a little bit.

Steve hardly could look at Beardo. Steve knew that Beardo had suffered a great deal as well. Those spikes looked nasty and Beardo in his drugged state could not avoid them prodding his engorged cock. Steve knew Beardo had screamed for about an hour before Steve fell into a pleasure maelstrom.

A few minutes later, Crater Face brought in lunch- egg salad sandwiches and glasses of water for Steve, and Mormon Boy. After lunch Steve got up and wanted to take a piss. He grimaced as he put his hand on his pole. After he had finished he went back to his cot and fell into a deep sleep. He didn’t wake up until lunch.

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