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Our Little Playmate
Part 5
By Jackson Pickett

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Our Little Playmate

Chapter 5

It was a month after Steve and Beardo had begun their punishment. Steve’s asshole still felt tender. Seven days of hours long torture had brutalized his hole. Steve knew that soon the men would begin raping him again, but he hoped they would wait a few more days.

Steve’s cock had become very bruised from the milking machine. He winced every time he had to touch it to piss. And at night, when he got erect, he woke up screaming. It hurt so fucking much.

However Steve was still a healthy man. He had not shot his load for three weeks now. He was horny. Last night, he had even managed to jerk himself off for a few minutes until the pain got too much. Soon, he told his cock, very soon.

From the week of milking, Steve noticed another thing. Yes his penis was still bruised. But the other thing was his testicles. After a week of hard milking, they were small and shrivelled. Oh they were coming back now. But it was painful.

Steve wasn’t the only one who was horny. Beardo was as well. The silicone around his cock meant that Beardo’s cock was verboten. Beardo kept getting erotic dreams at night. His cock would grow pushing the limits of his confinement. And it was then that the silicone barbs inside the cage would jab hard into his penis. For the past week, Beardo had awakened, screaming as his tender man rod was violated by these devilish spikes.

Beardo remained caged 24/7. Except for every third night. On the third night, after supper Beardo was tied, spreadeagled to his bed. His cock was released from his cage. Ginger would wash Beardo’s cock thoroughly. Then a good deal of lube was applied. Ginger began to jerk Beardo off. But Ginger was an expert in edging. He would bring Beardo to the edge and then stop. Beardo would cry out in desperation. He had to cum and this bastard had brought him to the precipice and then stopped. Then Ginger would watch as Beardo’s cock slowly subsided to a flaccid state. Once Beardo’s cock was near normal, Ginger took a syringe full of the erectile dysfunction medication. He injected it into Beardo’s cock. He then re-imprisoned Beardo’s cock. Fifteen minutes later, Beardo was screaming as a three hour long erection did battle with those horrible spikes.

It had been Beardo’s “bath” night. His cock was just receding to normal as the last of the caverject was leaving his system. As he laid there waiting to get untied, tears were rolling down his face. This torture was so hard. He had lived through a month; there were five more months to go.

The next day, Mormon Boy woke up in a bad mood. It was his birthday. In fact it was his twenty-first birthday. He longed to be with his grandparents, his parents and his brothers. Birthdays were a big thing in his household. His parents had promised him a new Dodge Ram pick up truck for his twenty-first. His grand parents always bought him great clothes. His Mom always baked him a double chocolate cake, and that was his favourite. He'd had a date plan with Mary Ann his long time girlfriend He had long planned this day. Tonight was the night he planned to ask her to marry him. It would have been wonderful.

However, he had been kidnapped by these horrible monsters. They had chloroformed him, drugged him, shaved him, tattooed him and pierced him. They had fondled him, molested him, and raped him. They didn’t care if it was his birthday. Mormon boy hoped they didn’t find out he was 21 today. Who knows what extra torture they would have for him.

Mormon boy was still disgusted with every perverted act the men had used on him. Each caress, each kiss, each slap, sickened him. He hated when they jerked him off. And he would think about killing them each time they raped him. He would have fought them off if he could. Sure he was smaller, but he was a green belt in karate and had been his high school’s bantam weight wrestling champ. These men though were experts in bondage. And there was something in the water. It kept him weakened. And to top it all off these monsters weren’t reluctant to use ample doses of sleeping pills, chloroform, and other drugs that meant he had no way of resisting their attacks. Just like the other hostage, Mormon boy knew he was helpless.

But unlike the other hostage, Mormon boy still tried to verbally resist his captors. He screamed when he was touched. He would try to physically resist as the Men used him. The other hostage, although still a victim of these men’s violence, was gay and was used to being with men.

Mormon boy though had his religious beliefs. Though shall not lie with another man. It was a sin in his mind. So he fought as hard as he could even though it was futile.

So Mormon Boy was in a bad mood that morning. He had just awakened from his drug induced morning nap when the one that the other hostage called Baldy approached. “Time to get rid of that nasty body hair,” he smiled his nasty grin that Mormon boy had come to hate. “Lie down on your back.”

As soon as Mormon boy lay down, Baldy secured his wrists and ankles to the cot. Mormon boy though did not want to get his body shaved though. He was twenty-one today. He was a man today. And men had body hair. No way did he want to lose his man hair today. Mormon boy squirmed as Baldy bought the razor to his crotch. Mormon boy screamed as a two inch gash turned crimson where Baldy had knicked him.

“You fucking faggot. You hurt me. You and all you perverted friends. You are all going to hell. You let me go now. You homosexual monsters”

Crater Face had watched the incident unfold. He knew that Mormon Boy had caused the cut by his thrashing. It was not Baldy’s fault. Mormon Boy get cursing and spewing out homophobic language at all five of the men. Crater Face grabbed a syringe from the nearby table, and injected the missionary with a potent mixture of morphine and valium. Within seconds, Mormon boy was in a deep sleep.

Later, the men were talking upstairs. They agreed that Mormon boy was getting harder and harder to handle. “It’s amazing,” said Beardo. “He’s being as heavily drugged as our little playmate. Yet he keeps putting up more and more of a fight. I’d up the doseage of stuff in the water. But I am afraid our little playmate and Mormon boy would be asleep all of the time.”

“I mean today it was only him who got scratched,” said Crater Face. “But someday he’s going to squirm and he’ll get more than scratched or maybe I’ll lose some fingers. I just don’t think he can get used to being with gay men. It would be just so much easier if he would submit to that.”

“When dad couldn’t get Rottweillers to calm down, he castrated them or even emasculated them,” Baldy said. “That calmed them right down.”

“I don’t think we want to go quite that far. That would really limit our play time,” Ginger said. Baldy seemed a bit disappointed with that answer. “Why don’t I phone Frank? He always has some things to try.”

Frank was Ginger’s older brother. He was even more sadistic than his younger brother was. He had his medical degree from John Hopkins. He got caught though performing “elective surgery” on a young intern at the hospital who had crossed him. The man never walked again.

The well connected judge who presided over Frank’s trial understood fully what a monster Frank was. However he knew how invaluable it would be to use Frank’s cruel skills in the CIA. Using his skills as a surgeon and engineer, Frank had been instrumental in designing special tools to extract information that had led to the assassination of Saddam Hussein and other leaders of terrorist groups. It was said that Frank could break anyone and even get the pope’s secrets wouldn’t be safe.

Ginger phoned his brother. The two men talked for about half an hour. Frank assured Ginger that he had just the device to make Mormon boy a much more willing participant as a sex slave. Frank said he would be over tomorrow about eight. Mormon boy could have water, nothing more. As soon as Frank arrived, the procedure could begin.

Mormon boy woke about 7 the next morning. As always he was thirsty. He drank down two glasses of water. Steve had awoken by then. He too had drank some water and then lit up a cigar. Even though Mormon boy was used to smoking by now, he still did not light up. It was one more way that he was rebelling against his captors.

At about 8, the door to the cell opened. Ginger called out, “Mormon boy, come here. We have decided to give you a bit of a present today. We’re going give you some more ink. Also we are going to upgauge that Prince Albert of yours, and give you some ear tunnels,” Ginger said.

The last thing Mormon boy wanted was more ink and a bigger hunk of metal in his cock and ear tunnels. But he knew the men were serious. To say no meant he would get beat and with two glasses of doped water in his system already, he knew he would lose.

Mormon boy followed the men out the door of cell and into the room next door. There was a dentist’s chair in the centre of the room. “Sit down,” said a man with silver hair and glasses. Mormon boy did as he was told.

Crater Face smiled at him. “Good Mormon boy. Now lets upgauge that ring. Let’s give you a two gauge like our little playmate.” Mormon boy’s 6 gauge ring was removed. Mormon boy gasped as a taper ring was poked through the whole in his dick. There was a sharp pinch as the huge ring was inserted into his penis. “Easy Mormon boy. I know it is a big jump from 6 to a 2. But we wanted you to have some the same ring size as our little playmate.”

Baldy wiped at the little bit of blood that appeared near the stretching. “There that wasn’t so bad,” said Crater Face. “A couple days of good pissing and you will be as good as new.” Baldy pulled a tube out of his pocket. The tube had white powder in it.

Mormon boy recognized it as the white powder that Beardo had blown up his nose the night our little playmate and Beardo had played. “No please don’t do this,” Mormon boy said. Baldy put the tube up Mormon boy’s nose and blew hard. Almost instantly Mormon boy sunk into nothingness.

As soon as he was out of it, Frank pulled out a syringe. It was full of morphine and valium. He deftly injected into Mormon boy’s inner right elbow. Then he placed a gas mask over Mormon boy’s mouth and nose. A mixture of nitrous oxide and halothane ensured that Mormon boy would stay deeply asleep.

“Get your masks on if your staying in the room,” Frank said. “I can’t risk any infection.”

Ginger and Beardo said that they would go and entertain our little playmate. He’d be hungry by now and today Beardo was being ordered by the men to fondle our little playmate’s cock and finger that sensitive asshole. Ginger knew our little playmate was not fully healed from his ordeal. His cock was still raw and his ass still tender. And poor Marco better not get too excited manhandling his love or those silicon spikes on his cock cage would tenderize his locked cock.

After the two men left, Crater Face got his tattooing equipment ready. Crater Face had already decided on the design of the two tattoo sleeves. Because Mormon boy was so religious, the sleeves would contain lots of imagery of witches, skulls, devils and the grim reaper. He began drawing the outlines on the missionary’s arms.

In the meantime, Frank assisted by Baldy was preparing for surgery. Using a sharp scalpel, Frank made a tiny cut behind each of Mormon boy’s ears. A small aspirin sized device was inserted into cut. Then the cut was sewn up. Using a camera, a tiny hair like extension exited the pill sized device. Using its built in camera the wire extension was threaded through Mormon boy’s inner ear. The thread like device was halted just as it reached Mormon boy’s upper ear lobe.

Crater Face stopped his tattooing for a moment. He pierced Mormon boy’s ears with 0 gauge tunnel earrings. The thin wire extension was attached to a wire hanging from the earring. After an hour more of delicate surgery, the circuitry was completed.

Frank had explained the operation the night before. This device was the rudimentary mind control device. Each earring was programmed with one simple program. It was hoped that in future, the rings could get slaves to do much more, but right now, these rings could only force the slaves to do one thing each.

When the operation was completed, Frank invited Ginger back into the room. “Ok now here’s how it work. The circuit behind Mormon boy’s ear is attached to a thin wire which is attached to his earring. As a circuit, Mormon boy’s tunnels will send a powerful signal to Mormon boy’s brain. It will force him to do the one task that the device has been programmed to do. As I mentioned, it is hoped that in a few years, we will be able to develop a more complex tool but this is what we have today.”

“I will program his device today. It will cause Mormon boy here to do whatever the device has been programmed to do. He will know that that is wrong and he shouldn’t be asking for that. But as long as the trigger is given he will continue to beg for it.”

The program was set up. “Let me know how it goes,” Frank said.

“Thanks brother,” Ginger said.

Mormon boy was removed from the doping gas. When he slowly started to recover, he was moved back into the cell with Steve. He was fully awake five minutes later. Thanks to the ketamine he had been fed before, Mormon boy didn’t even remember getting knocked out and operated upon. All he had known was that his prince albert had been up gauged and that he had then passed out waking up with ear tunnels and heavily inked arms.

Unbeknownst to Mormon boy, the tiny balls in each of his nipple rings had been replaced with a ball that looked the same. However each ball contained sensors and a tiny transmitter.

Mormon boy despised his new look. What would Mary Ann think of him now? Steve however told him his new ink and his ear tunnels looked hot.

The men soon brought in supper for the boys. It was a lovely roast chicken dinner with veggies. Both men ate it hungrily down. They finished dinner with a cigar and three cups of coffee. Then Ginger said, “Well let’s put that new prince albert to the test.”

Mormon boy was ordered to lie on his back on top of the bed. Beardo began to work both of his nipples. It was not much different. Mormon boy could feel his nipples stand at attention. The massive new ring in his cock bled a little as his cock stood erect. “Don’t worry about the blood. You’re just getting used to the up sizing. In a day or two your piercing will have adjusted to the new hole.”

Baldy said to Beardo, “Move over it’s my turn. Baldy began to work just on Mormon’s boy’s right nipple. Unaware of it, a small signal was transmitted from Mormon’s right nipple to the tunnel rings in his ears. That signal was fed to the tiny device behind Mormon boys ear which send an impulse to Mormon boy’s brain. Suddenly Mormon boy was very surprised to hear himself saying, “Can I suck you off Master?”

No. He wouldn’t say that. Sucking cock was for faggots. Not for macho straight men like himself. He had hoped that Baldy hadn’t heard him. Baldy kept torturing Mormon boy’s right nipple. “Master I need to suck you off.”

Baldy let go of the nipple and thrust his cock in the young man’s office. The young man couldn’t believe it. This was such a sin. He must not do it. But he had this uncontrollable desire to suck Baldy’s cock. It was all he wanted. It took him a while to get into rhythm but soon he was giving Baldy a terrific blow job. Baldy soon arched his back and filled Mormon boy’s gullet with a huge load of cum.

Mormon boy was so ashamed. He had become a cocksucker and he had enjoyed it. What would the elders say in his church? What would his strict father say. He had sucked a man off just like any other gay man.

“That looked like fun,” said Ginger. “Let me have a turn.” Ginger began playing with both of Mormon boy’s nipples. Again it had the usual effect. Mormon boy’s nipples stood at attention. His cock rose and just like a few minutes ago, a small bit of blood came out from the fresh piercing. Then Ginger began to work on Mormon boy’s left nipple. Again an impulse reached his brain.

“Master, fuck me hard please.” Ginger pretended he hadn’t heard it. He continued to work Mormon boy’s left nipple. “Master please,” Mormon boy pleaded desperately, “feed me with your seed.” Again Ginger ignored it. Mormon boy needed to be fucked right now. “Fuck me now Sir.”

Ginger rolled Mormon boy on to his stomach. He spat on his hand and used the spit as lube for his cock. For some unknown reason, Mormon boy who had fought hard against every rape was now begging for it.

Ginger waited just a moment and then said, “Are you sure you want this, sex slave?”

“Yes,” Mormon boy said. Even though he couldn’t believe he was saying this, he said, “Ram your rod up my ass now.”

Ginger did not waste the opportunity. He ploughed his raw cock up the missionary’s ass. Mormon boy screamed and then began to pump his hips. Soon Ginger yelled out and spew his load into the young man’s gut.

A couple of minutes later, Ginger slowly withdrew from Mormon boy’s ass. “I thought you didn’t like getting fucked. I thought you weren’t a fag.”

“I am not a fag and I don’t enjoy cock in my mouth,” Mormon boy shouted. He sound less than convinced. He had enjoyed the cock in his mouth and the taste of sperm. He had enjoyed the feeling of Ginger’s engorged phallus in his ass and that wonderful feeling of the older man’s seed filling his gut. Everything about this was so wrong. He was into women and had saved himself for his wedding night with Mary Ann. But now was he turning gay?

To be continued

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