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Our Little Playmate
Part 6
By Jackson Pickett

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Our Little Playmate

Chapter 6

It was the Friday before Christmas. The house had been a little chilly when the men woke up. For the first time in years they were going to have a White Christmas. It was decided that Baldy, Crater Face and Beardo would go out Christmas shopping. Ginger would stay home and “babysit”. The two baseboard heaters that they had in the house would be placed in the cell to keep Mormon Boy and Steve warm in their nakedness. Just so there would be no chance that the men could cause Ginger any trouble, the two hostages were each injected with a sedative that would keep them deeply asleep until supper time. Ginger was just getting over a nasty case of gout and wasn’t moving that fast yet. The hostages probably could not escape even if they tried. The valium was just a bit of insurance that nothing would happen.

After the men had gone, Ginger thought about their lives as slave owners. Things had gone fairly well over the past five months. Steve had become quite a compliant slave. He greedily slurped down the men’s cum and his ass involuntarily spasmed when he got fucked and gave the fucker such pleasure.

Mormon Boy was a bit more problematic. He was young and wanted to go home. He fought the men at all times. He swore at them and attempted to strike them when he could but the constant druggings and numerous chloroformings meant that he was very uncoordinated. Rarely could he land a blow and when he did manage to strike a blow it was as effective as a flyswatter on a rhinoceros.

The specially fitted nipple rings and ear tunnels had been a god send with handling Mormon boy. Like clockwork, playing with one nipple or the other had the missionary begging to suck cock or beg to be fucked. The psychological effect of involuntarily begging to suck or fuck was tough on the young man. He hated gay sex and these rapists. Yet he was begging for them to molest him. And because he was asking for it, he relaxed and became a better cock sucker and a better fuck.

Then Ginger thought of Beardo. He had been in chastity for three and a half months now. Ginger remembered his anger when he had first seen the film of Steve and Beardo making love. It had been against the plan. He thought back to the six month penalty. It seemed right at the time but now seemed too long. Beardo needed to cum so bad. He leaked precum almost all the time. Beardo had demonstrated that he had learned obedience. And maybe it was not the worst of things if Steve and Beardo were a couple. Steve would still be their slave. And Ginger was quite sure that by now, Steve had no intention of leaving.

At 11:45am, Crater Face phoned to see how things were going. Ginger said fine, but the furnace had definitely quit. Crater Face said, “Well phone a repairman. Our boys aren’t going anywhere.”

“No they are snoring away.”

“Phone the repairman. Get the furnace fixed. Just be careful and you’ll be fine. We are just going to grab some lunch and then head off to a couple of bdsm stores for some more toys for the boys. We should be home about 3.”

It was 12 noon. George “Bass” Bassendowski was just saying goodbye to his last employee. Christmas was Sunday and the other guys had trips planned to Toronto, Chicago, and Honolulu. George himself was due to fly out at 9am tomorrow for two weeks in New York. He and Michelle were going to cram in many Broadway shows and tons of shopping. The joys of being a young married couple with no kids.

Of course a cold snap and lots of furnaces not working meant Bass would be missing out on a shit load of money. But Bass always thought of his staff as family and they deserved time off. So did he. Both he and Michelle worked hard and liked to play hard.

The phone rang. “Bassendowski’s Heating and Plumbing. Bass speaking.”

Ginger explained that his furnace had stopped working. Bass thought about saying they were closed. There were plenty of other repair shops open and they could do it. But Bass knew that the weather was only going to get nastier. And he hated to think of a family celebrating Christmas in the cold.

“I can come take a look. Hopefully its not too bad and I can get you fixed up. What’s your address?”

Bass put the address into his smart phone. The house was in a nice area of town.

Bass was a big bear of a man. He was 35. He stood 6’3” and weighed in at 240 pounds. He had Brown hair and a thick beard. His eyes were green. He was heavily tattooed from the neck down. He got into his van, lit a cheap gas station cigar, and began to drive the half hour to Ginger’s house. On the way he phoned Michelle. “Hey hon.”

“Hey you.”

“Just have one more call to make. Hopefully I’ll be home by four.”

“Ok see you then. Be careful in that cold weather. And remember we are due at Alexandra’s at 6”

Alexandra was Michelle’s twin sister. She and her partner Lizbeth were terrific hosts. “Haven’t forgotten. If the job is too big, I will just tell the customer that they will have to deal with another company. Talk to you later.”

At 1245, Bass rang the bell at the very large house. Huge oak trees stood over the well maintained lawn and gardens. “Nice place,” Bass thought as he rang the bell.

An in shape Ginger opened the door. He was walking with a cane. Bass handed him his card and said, “You called about a problem with your furnace?”

Ginger said, “Yes I did. Great to see you. I am so glad you’re here so fast. It’s a bit cool in here. And I wanted to get someone here before the pipes froze up and we ended up water damage.”

“If you could throw the breaker to the furnace, I’ll take a look. Hopefully if it’s nothing major, I can have you warmed up in a few hours.”

Ginger led him down to the basement. It was very large and had a number of rooms. Darting into one room on the left hand side, Ginger flicked the breaker on the furnace. Then they continued to walk down the large hallway to the furnace room.

When he left Bass, the repairman got to work. He opened the relatively new furnace and was relieved to see all the major parts of the furnace seemed to be in good working order. About fifteen minutes later he had discovered the culprit- the electronic circuit board had failed. Luckily he had a replacement unit in his truck. It would a 20 minute fix max. And he could be on his way.

Bass walked back up stairs to the kitchen. He saw Ginger at the table smoking a cigar.

“Well what’s the verdict?” Ginger said.

“Good news. It is just a circuit board. I have a new one in my truck. Should have you up and running by 1:30.”

“Great news,” Ginger said. Ginger eyed the repairman. He was certainly handsome. A big burly bear. He wondered what the big bear’s cock was like.

“I’ll just go out to the truck and get the part.”

“Would you like a cup of coffee before you start?”

Bass thought about saying no. He wanted to get home and start his holidays. But he could really use a cup of coffee. “Sure that would be great. Just let me get the part out of the van.”

He was back in the door a minute later. Ginger was just pouring him a cup. Bass put his usual milk and two spoons of sugar in his coffee. Ginger was still enjoying his cigar so Bass felt emboldened. “Don’t usually ask this when I am working, but do you mind if I have one of my cigars.”

Ginger smiled. “Sure, go ahead. My roommates and I all smoke.” Bass lit his cheap cigar. The two men talked about nothing really for the next ten minutes as Bass finished his coffee.

Bass excused himself and went to work on the furnace. Fifteen minutes later the new circuit was installed. He thought about calling up to his customer to get him to flick the breaker on the furnace. But then he thought, “I saw him do it. I know where the room is. I’ll flick the breaker myself.”

Bass walked down the hall and opened the door. But he had chosen the wrong room. There was no circuit breaker in this room. Inside this room, he noticed two men sleeping on cots. They were both naked, heavily tattooed and pierced. Bass yelled out, “What the hell?” as he first realized he was looking at two men who were being held prisoner. He walked over to the cot of the younger man and leant over to shake his shoulder. “Buddy are you ok,” but the man remained unresponsive.

Meanwhile Ginger had heard Bass’s initial scream. Immediately, he grabbed the chloroform and the rag. Despite the residual pain in his big toe, Ginger ran to the cell. He saw Bass shaking Mormon Boy’s shoulder. Bass was leaning over the boy’s sleeping form. Painfully Ginger leapt on to the repairman’s back. He wrapped his legs around Bass’s hips and clamped the intoxicating rag over his face.

Now normally a big man like Bass would have no problems dealing with this much smaller man. But he had been leaning at an awkward angle and he had been caught by surprise. His attacker was hanging on for dear life as Bass managed to stand. Bass tried to scream but the rag muffled any sound. Bass then noticed the horrible fumes coming from the rag. They were fucking up his head. Everything was spinning. The older man yelled, “Yeehaw,” as Bass spun in circles trying to buck his assailant off. Bass though couldn’t get the man to let go. Bass could hear the sound of the ocean in his ears. It was harder and harder to stay awake. His movements became less and less frantic. Ginger said, “Go to sleep big man,” as Bass began to sway. Soon Bass toppled over and landed on the soft padded floor. Ginger sat there smiling as he looked at the sleeping bear. God he was so handsome and he was now part of the family. Ginger sighed with happiness. He looked a few seconds more, Then Ginger grabbed some leg shackles, handcuffs and a large ball gag.

A few minutes later started to come to. His head was spinning and it was so hard to open his eyes. Soon though Bass was awake. He struggled against the cuffs and the gag. Ginger knew that even though the man was chained and gagged, the big man would be tough to handle until he had drank enough of the drugged water to slow him down. “Ahh your awake my friend. Sorry you are going to have stay here now you have discovered our little secret. And you have no idea what a thrill it was to bring down a big beefy man like yourself. Your so strong and muscular yet with chloroform, even an older, much smaller man like myself can bring you down to size. I hadn’t planned on kidnapping you, but you foolishly opened the wrong door and discovered our little playmate and Mormon Boy here. Couldn’t have you telling the cops.”

Bass futilely struggled against his chains. He screamed against his gag. “Now my friend, don’t fight me. You’re not going anywhere.”

Bass’s eyes widened as he saw the scissors in Ginger’s hand. He whimpered as Ginger began to cut near the collar of his jumpsuit and his t-shirt. Ginger then ripped the jumpsuit and the t-shirt revealing the repairman’s hairy chest. Bass protested with a loud MMMPPHH as Ginger caressed his new prey’s chest. “Such lovely fur,” Ginger said. Ginger removed his hand and then Bass yelped as Ginger bit playfully at the repairman’s left nipple. “Boy we are going to have fun with you,” Ginger said as Bass glared.

Ginger removed the man’s shoes, sock and belt. Bass protested strenuously as the scissors began to cut at the waist of the jumpsuit. Ginger then ripped the jumpsuit and soon Bass was lying there in his leopard print bikini underwear. “Wifey poo must enjoy those sexy panties,” Ginger said. “You know you gave me such pleasure when you were asleep my friend, let’s see what kind of pleasure I can give you now that you are awake.” Ginger then took the scissors once more and removed the tight underwear. Ginger was very pleased. Underneath, Bass’s densely forested crotch was a 7 and a half inch thick cut cock. “Very nice,” said Ginger. “And just to think this is all due to my friend chloroform.” Ginger took the rag and re-wet it but instead of clamping it over the man’s face, he just waved the rag in front of Bass’s face. Bass’ head got a little dizzy as he caught a whiff of the anesthetic. Bass screamed out again as Ginger applied some lube to his hand and began to massage that impressive dick. No man had ever touched Bass’s dick before. “It might take you a while to get erect my slave. You were knocked unconscious after all. But don’t worry we have all the time in the world.” Ginger kept stroking the new prisoner’s cock and very soon it stood erect and was leaking pre-cum despite the chloroform. “Pretty impressive slave. Your wife must enjoy riding this.” Soon Bass began to breathe in quickly into the gag. Ginger began to quicken the pace of his torture on the repairman’s dick. Bass arched his back and massive amounts of cum exploded from his cock.

Bass glared at his attacker who said, “That was pretty hot my sexy friend. I bet you are tired now after that workout. Why don’t you go back to sleep?”

Bass shook his head no as he watched Ginger soak the white rag with liquid from an amber bottle. “Just breathe it in sweet boy and you will be in the land of zzz’s very quickly.” Ginger clamped the rag over the handcuffed man’s face. Bass tried to hold his breath as he shook his head to free himself from the assaulting vapours. Soon though he struggled no more and with a sigh slipped into unconsciousness.


Christmas Day had arrived. Outside, a winter wonderland appeared. 8 inches of snow had fallen overnight. Roads were impassable. Everything was serene and fresh. It was magical.

Inside the house, the Men had tried to make Christmas magical for everyone. Although there were a number of joke gifts were given, each person was given at least one special gift that they could treasure.

Crater Face was the first to open his gifts. Inside he found lots of more ink for his tattoos and lots of more supplies for his piercings. He also found some paints and some canvases so he could resume his art career. He was truly touched.

Beardo was next. He was quite amazed when Ginger called him forward and asked him to close his eyes. Ginger then grabbed the lock from the chastity cage and removed it with a key. “You have been released early for good behaviour, Marco. We also give you and our little playmate permission to fool around on occasion so long as you keep him in his leg irons.” Beardo ran over and gave Steve a hug before heading to the shower to give his crotch a good cleaning.

Baldy was next. He opened his box to find two collars and a remote control. “They are shock collars. You get to control the remote. You can give our little playmate and Mormon boy as many shocks as you want. It has seven levels. One is the mildest. It will be a slight annoyance to them. Two begins to feel a bit painful. Six is horrible pain. Seven will knock them out unconscious.”

Steve willingly took his collar. He realized it was part of his training as a slave. To wear their collars meant that he had been accepted as their property. To be their property was a place of honour.

Mormon Boy however struggled hard against the men as he was being collared. No way was he going to be someone’s slave. Finally the lock was put on the unwilling man’s neck. Baldy pressed a button on the remote. There was a loud zap from the machine. Mormon boy let out a short squeal, and then fell to the floor. Baldy smiled, “I’ve been wanting to do that for months now.”

When Mormon Boy struggled to senses a few minutes later, he was given his present. In it was a coupon to get anything pierced and tattooed. Mormon Boy thought for a moment and decided to get a septum piercing and get his chest and stomach tattooed. Although he hated these horrible men, he had grown to like his new look.

Steve was next. Someone had overheard him talking with Mormon Boy about wanting to smoke a pipe. In the box were three pipes, a pipe case, tampers, pipe cleaners, and three tins of cherry flavoured tobacco. Ginger who had smoked a pipe for a number of years offered to teach Steve how to smoke the pipe.

Ginger was last. He was given many pieces of military memorabilia He had been a collector for years and was truly touched by the gift.

The best present for everyone was Bass, the new dog. Like the other two hostages, Bass’ brute strength had been weakened by the drugged water and the effects of numerous chloroformings. The repairman was wearing a dog hood with a bone shaped leather gag in his mouth. Around his neck was a collar that was like the new collars worn by Steve and Mormon Boy. This collar was connected to a leash. Bass’s nipples were now pierced. In three week’s, Ginger’s brother would arrive and Bass would be getting mind controlling nipple rings and ear tunnels just like Mormon Boy. His wrists were secured in leather fist mitts which meant he had no use of his fingers. Baldy was controlling his leash, and made it impossible for Bass to stand. He had to stay on his hands and knees. In his cock, Bass now sprorted a 4 gauge prince albert ring. Up his ass was stuffed a vibrator that was controlled by Baldy’s remote control. On the other end of the vibrator was a puppy tail. So when Baldy pressed the button, Bass would moan in agony and wag the rubber tail for all to see. And Bass’s knees were padded which allowed him to move around on his hands and knees. And like Steve and Mormon Boy, a heavy iron ball was shackled to Bass’s leg.

“A dog for Christmas. Isn’t it wonderful,” said Crater Face.

“There will be lots of time to play with him later. Marco, lock him in his cage and then it’s time for dinner.”

The End.