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Dirty Proposal
Part 3 - Worship
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
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Chapter 3 – Worship

Richard was actually surprised that Diego took up the offer, he opened the door and let the stud in. who was in his dirty coveralls and heavy work boots.

“Sup Man, listen am only doing this because of the money. Am straight you got it?” Said Diego.

“Of course.” Replied Richard.

Diego glance around the older man’s home, Richard could tell he was impressed on how big his house was.

“Can I get you anything to drink my boy?” Asked Richard. “Water, Soda, a beer perhaps?”

The Latin muscle man shook his head to decline the offer.

“So this is what you like?” asked the muscle stud, while gesturing towards one of Richard’s home decorations

Richard’s home was full of sculptures and photos of masculine muscle men, some semi naked, others nude.

“Yes indeed I admire those who strive to achieve perfection of the male body. Like yourself, from the moment I saw you I knew you had a great body.” said Richard.

“Uh yeah.” replied Diego. Who was not use to a man saying this to him

As much as Richard wanted to get on touching the muscle stud he didn’t find the smell of a day’s worth of trash appealing. He asked Diego to follow him upstairs into his bath room to have a shower. Once they got there the muscle hunk looked over the bath room and was equally impressed with the large size of the room and the massive walk in wet room style shower next to the wall.

Once in the middle of the bath room Richard got up close to Diego. “I want to undress you.” Richard said. The older man’s heart was racing as he got in close to the hunk and placed his hands on the neck of the blue collar stud. He admired how smooth and hard the hunk was. He began to slide his hands under the overalls on each side into the hunks broad shoulders. As he did this the overalls which were already unzipped to begin with, began to widen apart until the top part of the overalls fell off Diego’s shoulders.

Richard sighed as he saw all of Diego’s hard muscle smooth olive brown skin upper body for the first time. Diego’s chest and nipples where just as Richard had imagined, big, round and well developed. Each capped off with dark inviting nipples. Looking further down Richard saw his impressive six pack. He also sported a few tattoos on his arm and back.

“I want you to shower while I watch you.” Said Richard. As he turned on a valve.

The shower hissed into life and the sound of pattering water could be heard as Diego started to take off his work boots and socks. Richard stood back and watched the blue collar stud as he pulled down the rest of his overalls to reveal his tightly packed white briefs. The older man licked his lips and Diego bent over to peel of his underwear to reveal his beefy ass and soft but well-endowed penis.

Diego entered the shower which was now fully running. The warm hot water drenched his hard body. He put some gel onto his hands and began to wash himself. The suds slowly worked their way over the hard contours of his muscles. The bath room was steaming up and getting hot although Richard was already hot from watching the muscle stud washing his hard muscle body in front of him while he played with himself.

After a few minutes of this voyeuristic view, Richard was too worked up and removed his clothes revealing his older slim frame but hard 7”.

He entered the shower and got behind the hunk he had been lusting for all this time and whispered into Diego’s left ear. “Let me help you.”

The younger man shoulder muscle’s tensed as Richards placed his hands on them due to the fact he was startled by the appearance of the older man and the fact he had never let a man touch him in this manner. “Relax my boy.” Richard said, this seem to do the trick as Diego relax his muscles. Richard washed the bodybuilder back but his hands moved slowly up and down as he enjoyed feeling the firmness of his muscles.

“You have a wonderful body my boy, you must work hard on it.” Said Richard as he felt Diego’s muscled arms. “Please could you flex for me.”

The muscle man complied to the older man’s request and did a double bicep pose. Richard marvelled at the sight of the flexing biceps, he placed his hands on each of them, trying to see if he could put his hands around the solid muscles which of course he could not.

“Beautiful..” said the old man who then proceeded to kiss and lick Diego’s left bicep.

Although not 100% ok with the situation the young Latin bodybuilder found himself in. He did find it somewhat of an ego boost for him as this older man pawed over his muscles in such a manner. He never experience such worship from any lady he had gone out with.

Richard moved to Diego’s front and placed this thin hands on each of the muscle man’s massive pecs and then pushed Diego to the shower wall. The body builder looked down to watch his beefy chest being caressed by the hands of the older man.

“My most favourite part of a well-developed man.” Richard said to himself. He cupped each pec in his hands and squeezed them to feel the firmness of his chest. He also pushed them together and watch them form a deep valley of pec muscle. Richard’s mind raced with a perverted idea and his dick straighten even more.

Richard stopped molesting Diego’s chest but was not finished with it. He place his thumb and forefinger on each of the bodybuilder’s nipples and gently rolled them.

This action really made the buff bodybuilder pay attention onto what was going on as he gasp and moaned at the sensation.

“So you like that?” said Richard wickedly. Diego didn’t answer but the older man knew the answer. Richard looked straight ahead of him. The blue collared hunk towered above him so the older man’s face could only see Diego’s massive chest, a view that Richard did not mind seeing. He move this head towards Diego’s right pec and stuck out his tongue.

The bodybuilder moaned as he felt the wet tongue of Richard on his rubbery right nipple moving around It in a circular motion. His succulent brown nipple was fully hard by the time the older man planted his lips around it and began to suck on it

The muscle man placed his right hand on the back of Richard’s head and pushed him into his big chest giving him his blessing. He closed his eyes and moaned and grunted as he shamefully enjoyed the defilement of his powerful chest by this weaker man. The sensation on his chest was so pleasurable for him his cock harden by itself. Diego began to question his Straight alpha image of masculinity as he never would have thought he get turned on by something like this but here he was in naked in a shower with another man who was sucking on his big chest and he was loving it.


Richard himself was also loving every minute of it, here he was with the hot blue collared trash collector he had been lusting for weeks on end. His face was full of Diego’s olive brown muscled chest. He loved how the stud’s pecs tasted as continued to nurse on the bodybuilder’s man tits.

After a good long time of the older man working on Diego’s chest. Richard looked up at the body builder and told him to look over to the sink. Diego did and saw on the side of the sink where 5 stacks of cash.

“There is the money I offered to you over there but you can see my boy there is more than $2000 there. The remaining $3000 is yours only if you are willing to go further and become submissive to all my demands.” Said Richard

“What do I have to do?” asked Diego

“I want you to submit to me, I want you to suck on my cock with your hot mouth and then I want you to let me fuck your virgin muscle ass.” replied Richard.

The muscle man looked over at the 5 grand on the sink counter while he was being continually molested by the older man. Richard was true to his word and the money for the initial proposal was there only with the extra 3 grand. It was more than he could earned in a month and it could be his in one afternoon if he agreed to the man’s terms.

This morning he would have straight out refused such a proposal however looking at the money all there and the pleasure he had just experienced clouded his judgement.

“I don’t know,..” said the muscleman. Richard knew he was close to getting what he wanted.

“It’ll be discrete.” Said the older man.

“You won’t tell anyone about what happens?” Diego asked looking for reassurance.

“Of course. It will be just our little secret.” Replied Richard as he began to finger the working class stud’s brown nubs again in a concentric fashion. He knew working on the stud’s nipples would work in his favour.

Diego gasped and his dick twitched. A few moments later, Richard saw the sign he was hoping to see. a small nod and the word “OK.”

“Good boy!” said Richard excitedly. “Now your nice and clean lets dry up and head to the bedroom.”

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