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Brother against Brother
Chapter 1 - The disaster continues
By Michael Randall

Brother versus Brother, the Disaster continues

A sequel to “A Rock Climbing Disaster”

By Michael Randall

Johnny suddenly wakes up and as he tries to move, find his ankles tied together and his wrists tied as well and a gag covered his mouth.  It is stifling inside this small space and his naked body is slick with sweat.  His ears are tuned in listening for what he can hear, as he tries to remember anything that he can about how he got here.  He can hear the sound of jet engines and feels a hard bump as the jet makes its landing.  He peers through some breathing holes but can see nothing as it is completely dark outside the coffin-like box in which he has been confined.

Suddenly he feels the plane come to a stop and the engines die.  The doors to the hole open and sunlight floods the cargo hold illuminating the space.  Johnny can hear male voices speaking Arabic or some other Middle Eastern dialect and the memories begin to flood his mind.

He suddenly remembers that his brother, Buck sold him to a very wealthy Sheik who was secretly gay and interested in handsome, muscular men to pleasure him. Johnny’s anger returned quickly as these memories return to him.  He struggles in an attempt to break the bonds that bind him so that he can escape when the crate is opened.  Unfortunately, the ropes are strong and the knots in them are tight.  Johnny realizes it is useless to struggle and he decides to play it cool until he is released and hope that he can overpower the men who are lifting the crate.

He is jostled inside the wooden crate as it is carried to a hangar.  The crate is lowered to the floor and Johnny hears the sound of pry bars lifting the top of the crate.  Cool air hits Johnny’s naked body making him shiver involuntarily.  The light is bright and causes him to squint his eyes shut to block out some of the light. Opening his eyes he sees four sets of eyes staring down at him.  Four shirtless, muscular Arabs admire Johnny’s body.  One reaches down and grabs Johnny’s cock and balls and jerks them.

Another of the thugs yells at him “توقف! هل أنت غبي؟ سوف يضر ممتلكات الشيخ في”(* Stop! Are you stupid? You will damage the Sheik's property) and he slaps his hand away from the stud’s dick and balls. Abd-al-Matin is the head of the Sheik’s security and is held personally responsible for anything that might happen to the young man that had cost a lot of money.  “حسنا، حسنا، لقد كنت مجرد محاولة للحصول على فكرة جيدة.” The young man named Fahd replied. (OK, ok I just wanted to get an idea of the size).  “Well, keep your hands to yourself and just do what you are told! Or you’ll find yourself in this same condition!” Fahd drops Johhny’s genitals and stands down.

Abd-al-Matin barks out an order and motions for the others to help him lift Johnny out of the packing crate.  The four of them reach inside the crate and begin to lift the handsome, muscular hood.  Johnny is angry and begins to jerk and and squirm to try and get free.  Two of the men drop Johnny’s legs and he tries to move his legs to run and get away.  Abd-al-Matin angrily grabs a handful of Johnny’s hair.  “You fucking American dog, if you know is good for you, you will stop this foolishness and cooperate with us”.

Johnny jerks his head back and forth struggling to get out of the Arab’s grip letting him know he was not going to cooperate.  His struggles cause all four men to drop Johnny on the floor of the hangar and he rolls from side to side, his balls and flaccid cock slapping back and forth as he does.  “Fahd!”  Abd-al-Matin barks “Sedate him…NOW”.  The brute reaches into his pocket and pulls out a hypodermic, removes the cap from the needle and plunges it into his neck.  He empties the contents into Johnny’s bloodstream.  Johnny struggles for a few more seconds and then his movements begin to slow, his eyes close and his head drops to the side.

Satisfied that the young man is out, the team picks the naked body up and carries it away. 

Arriving at a hallway, the men drag the young man down the hall to a glass door which automatically slides open.  The carry Johnny to a table and lay him on top.  They untie his ankles and wrists and slip them into restraints that are attached to each corner of the table.  Johnny lays quietly on the table, unconscious but breathing steadily.

About 20 minutes later a man in a white lab coat enters the laboratory accompanied by a muscular young man dressed in surgical scrubs, a holster on his waist reveals a .22 caliber Walther.  They both take a sweeping look at the unconscious Johnny.  The first man nods his head up and down “Very nice, very nice indeed.  I think the chief has made a stupendous buy even at the $6,000,000.00 figure.  He will bring much pleasure to the Sheik once we have ‘trained’ him.  They both laugh and the doctor runs his hands up and down the muscular body of Buck’s younger brother.  The doctor runs his finger around Johnny’s balls and lifts them up and away.  He shoves a finger from his other hand into Johnny’s man hole.

“Yes, good, it is very tight” he says to Max, his assistant; “Now let’s see how big his dick is.”  Max grabs Johnny’s dick and skins the fore skin back and begins to jerk it.  Johnny’s cock begins to grow to its full seven and a half inches.  As Max continues to pump the cock, beads of precum form at the head and drip down the shaft.  Johnny’s balls move around in his sack as he begins to regain consciousness.  “It appears that our friend is waking” the doctor says to Max.  Max smiles as he begins to think about the fun he will have “training” the newest acquisition.  His cock hardens as he envisions the alterations he will make to Johnny’s mind and other areas.  He absentmindedly rubs his crotch through the thin material of his scrubs, smiles and sighs.

Slowly Johnny’s eyes open and he begins to focus.  The bright lights of the lab do not help and he squints up at Max and the doctor looking down at him. His hard cock lays on his tight ab muscles constantly leaking precum onto his skin.  Although the ropes have been removed, the gag remains in place muffling his protests and his mind spins as he begins to realize what is happening and he spits out his complaints into the cloth gag covering his mouth.

He jerks on his wrists and then jerks his feet to try and loosen the restraints that bind his legs wide open and keeps him in place on the table.

“Don’t waste your energy” Max looks down at Johnny and laughs.  Johnny mutters something obscene under the gag.  Max slaps him hard across the face. Johnny, clearly shocked looks up at him with wide eyes.  “You do anything like that again and these will come off;” He grabs Johnny’s egg sack and squeezes it hard bringing tears to the young stud’s eyes.  “Do we understand each other?” he grins at Johnny who makes no reply.  Max squeezes his balls harder. Johnny squeals and quickly nods his head frantically indicating that he understands.

“Good” says Max as he releases Johnny’s eggs. He pushes his finger into Johnny’s navel and applies a lot of pressure punching into his abdomen. Pain radiates throughout Johnny’s body as Max presses deep into the muscle and tissue.  “Well remember this you piece of American shit, if you ever try anything like that again as we are doing your training, I guarantee that it won’t be my finger here, but a knife instead; and then I will draw it up your abs and chest and cut your fucking heart out.”  He applies more pressure to Johnny’s navel until the young man lets out a blood curdling scream.  Max removes his finger and laughs “Pussy” he says and walks over to the doctor.  Johnny’s mind races, but he is sure that he will find a way at some point to pay the bastard back.  The pain caused him to lose his hard on and Max lifts it up and drops it.  “Pussy” he says again and walks out of the door.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk” the doctor chuckles as he walks over to the table.  He lifts up Johnny’s flaccid dick and says “This is unacceptable.  You will learn from Max how to keep your cock hard even when you are receiving pain, but for now we will help you artificially.” He picks up a hypodermic from a tray and inserts the needle into the base of Johnny’s cock.

‘You might think that I am giving you a dose of Viagra, but this concoction is much more than that.  Viagra still requires some kind of sexual stimulation, but this requires nothing of the sort.  It will keep you hard for days and that is exactly what we require as we begin to reprogram your mind so that you are acceptable to the Sheik.  Over the next four weeks, Max will be working with you to turn you into a sexual toy that has only one objective and that is to please the boss.  A team will be coming in after I leave to prepare your gorgeous body for acceptability.  I will warn you now that if you show any resistance, the punishment will be something that you have never experienced.  If it happens a second time the punishment will be more severe.”

He flashes a toothy smile at Johnny.  Though Johnny was nearly frightened to death, he showed no emotion to the doctor.  He wasn’t about to let them get to him, no matter what they did.  Suddenly a sharp pain erupted in his balls and his dick began to expand.  Bigger and thicker than it had ever been, his big cock continued to rise and rise until it topped nine inches as the doctor’s drug began to work its magic.  Johnny was very uncomfortable as the drug made it feel like someone was ripping his balls off and at the same time stretching his dick seven and a half inches to nine. 

“Now, my young friend, I will need a sample of your sperm, we will be using it for other purposes during your preparation.  He slips a transparent sleeve over Johnny’s enlarged cock and attaches alligator clips to his balls and shoves a probe up his ass.  He walks to the wall and flips a switch.  Johnny screams out as a surge of electricity shoots through his balls and up his ass and he watches as an enormous amount of cum shoots out of the head of his dick and is carried away through a tube connected to a collection jar.

“We’ll just let this little beauty do its work on you for a while.  I need lots of cum and it will take a while for that. The team will be here in about an hour to turn off the machine.”  He laughs loudly as he heads for the door, “enjoy yourself!”  He opens the door, walks out and closes it securely behind him.

Johnny is filled with fear and anger and he begins to plot his revenge against his brother and vows that he will escape from this hell hole, find Buck and kill him…painfully. A jolt of electricity suddenly brings him back to reality sending a shock to his balls and ass and causing his cock to shoot more cum into the jar.  He envisioned doing this to Buck and to Pete too because he didn’t help save him from this nightmare.  He pictured himself inflicting a lot of pain on both of them and then selling them to the highest bidder.  He begins to laugh when another shock hits his genitals.  Two minutes later it cycled again and then again two minutes after that; over and over the demonic machine tortured Johnny’s balls causing him to shoot load after huge load into the doctor’s collection jar.  After ten minutes of this, Johnny’s body relaxes as he mercifully passes out.



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