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Brother against Brother
Chapter 2 - Johnny's Makeover
By Michael Randall

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Johnny suddenly came back to reality.  He had no idea how long he had been out, or what time of day it was right now; all he really knew is that the sleeve on his cock, the clips on his balls and the dildo in his ass were all gone. He was still lying on his back and an IV drip had been attached to his hand.  He was still securely restrained to the table and his cock was just as rigid as it was when he had passed out.

“Why can’t I figure out how long it has been since they brought me here?”  He thought to himself as he uselessly tested the restraints.  They didn’t budge.  A door across the room opened and Johnny jerked his head in that general direction so that he could see who was entering.  His heart sped up as he was able to make out the figure walking toward him.  It was Max.

Max had changed out of his scrubs and was now wearing a only pair of gauze shorts.  Looking him up and down Johnny saw Max’s muscular body; his mounded pecs, ab bricks, huge arms, and muscled thighs. Although the shorts were loose, Johnny had no problem in seeing the thick cock and bull balls hanging between his thighs beneath the fabric of Max’s shorts.

Max grabbed Johnny’s chin and jerked his face toward him.  “Like what you see, dude?” Johnny whips his head to the other side and out of Max’s grip.  “Hmm, still full of life, I see”, he says and chuckles.  Reaching down he slips the sleeve off of Johnny’s hard as steel cock and squeezes it with his bare hand.  “Wow, doc’s formula really works well. You shot about a half a cup of cum and you’re still hard as a rock, balls still look like they’re full of cum.”  Max begins to stroke Johnny’s member up and down.

Johnny’s cock was so sensitive that he blew another load. “Wow” Max exclaims “I’ve never seen anybody shoot that much cum and still have lots to spare.  He slaps Johnny’s hard on and it smacks his abs. Johnny moans because his big balls are so full of cum, they ache when he moves.  Max sees his discomfort. “Hmmm a little sensitive ain’t it?” He grabs Johnny’s ball sac and squeezes around the middle forcing Johnny’s balls to the bottom stretching the skin and giving it a bit of a purple color.  A scream comes out of Johnny’s mouth as Max gives the tight sack a hard slap.

He grins when he hears Johnny’s scream.  Johnny’s body reacts as if he has been given a high voltage shock.  It arches up and shakes violently. The sadistic side of Max emerges as he continues to torture the young man. “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!”

“AAAHHHHHHHH FUCK!     AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK STOP! Johnny’s voice is at a high pitch as his balls are slapped painfully.  “You sound like a fucking chick” Max screams at him at lets go of his balls.

"You fucking son of a bitch" Johnny screams at Max.  "You're gonna ruin me" and he spits at Max.  "You're a fucking pervert"

Max smiles down at Johnny and says "you got some nerve calling me a pervert.  I heard all about the things you did to those guys before you auctioned them off.  "I heard you did quite a number on that Corey guy.  And you know what?  We have one of his friends here too.  And we're gonna bring him in pretty soon so that he can pay you back for what you did to his friend."

Johnny's eyes widen as he hears Corey's name mentioned.  He remembers that he fucked the kid up pretty good and actually he remembers that's how he got into this predicament in the first place. g was pissed off at him for abusing the guys they were preparing for auction.  But he didn’t listen and instead decided to take things into his own hands.  Buck took care of him, beating him, stripping him and tying him to a chair.  That was not so bad until Johnny heard his own brother agree to sell him for 6 million dollars.

Max walks around the table examining Johnny's muscular body.  He runs his hands up and down Johnny's chest digging his fingers into his pecs.

“This is a nice body, boy, but we’re gonna make it better.”

Johnny hears what Max says and he is confused. “What the hell do you mean?”  he asks angrily  “There’s not a fuckin’ thing wrong with my body.”

Max laughs and continues to stroke Johnny’s hot body.  “Well, we’ll see about that, but I can guarantee one thing, I’m gonna enjoy making you over, that’s for sure.”

Johnny screws up his face “Get your fucking faggot hands off me.  I ain’t no queer; I fuck queers like you after I beat the fuck out of them”, Johnny brags. “Yeah I’ve bagged quite a few faggots and sold them to the highest bidder, made myself lots of mon…”

Johnny is stopped in mid sentence as Max slaps him hard across the face.  Johnny’ lips splits and bright red blood streams from the corner of his mouth.

“You’re a fucking pig” Max spits out in disgust “You think you’re so macho, eh?”  He grabs Johnny’s ball sack and begins to crush his balls. “Maybe I should just crush these things and make you into a woman, how would o like that.”

Johnny’s body arches up off the table  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he screams in a high pitched voice “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Max squeezes tighter adding intense pressure to Johnny’s sensitive balls. Sweat breaks out all over Johnny’s body and it trembles and quakes as Max has nearly ripped Johnny’s balls from his body.

“OK man OK” Johnny screams.  ‘STOP PLEASE STOP, YOU’RE FUCKING ME UP MAN!”  Max just smiles and pushes Johnny’s balls tight in the bottom of the sack. He looks Johnny in the eyes a.nd pulls his hands apart.  He laughs manically as he claps his hands together smashing Johnny’s nuts between the palms of both hands.

The pain is unbelievable and Johnny screams out.  The pain is so  intense, Johnny feels himself passing out.  His eyes roll back in his head and blackness envelopes him as he loses consciousness.

Max looks at him and lets go of his balls. “This is only the beginning asshole.  Before I am finished with you, you will be begging to suck cock and get fucked” He draws his fist back and sends a right hook into Johnny’s jaw.  Johnny’s head snaps to the other side and he moans quietly.

Max turns to walk away.  “Get him in the clean up room, he needs to be sheared. Get him ready and I will be back in a few minutes.”

He walks through the door into another room.  Here he begins to collect the tools he’s gonna need for the next part.  He takes an electric razor, a straight razor and shaving cream; he picks up several assorted dildos of varying sizes, a piercing needle, and electric box and, electrical contacts.

He walks back into the room as Johnny’s being transferred to another table.  This one has an opening in the center.  Johnny is laid on his stomach, his cock and balls hanging down through the hole.

The technicians wheel an IV stand over to the table.  They hook an enema bag to one of the hooks and then another.  They take the tube of the first bag and push the nipple into Johnny’s asshole.  He begins to awaken.

“Oh good” Max chortles “you’re waking up. I was hoping you would, I didn’t want you to miss this.” As he says this the nipple is forced inside his hole.  His muscles resist trying to push the intruder out.  The first technician holds it in place as the second begins pumping a rubber bulb attached to the tube.  As he groggily comes to life, Johnny feels the tube growing inside his asshole.

“What the fuck are you doing, you sick bastard?” he screams at Max.  Max laughs and pats him on the head.  “It’s a safety measure Johnny, the nipple inside you is like a balloon and we are inflating it so that it cannot come out.”  Johnny’s eyes widen as the balloon fills his tunnel completely blocking the entrance and holding the tube firmly in place.

Max grabs the tube and pulls on it.  It doesn’t budge. “OK turn it on.”

“You may be wondering what is in that bag, aren’t you?”  Johnny says nothing but stares at Max with hatred in his eyes.  “Well let me tell you that it is a mixture that will completely clean out your guts from the hole to your stomach.”

His ab muscles bulge as the machine continues to pump the liquid inside Johnny’s guts.  The technician hits the switch and the pump stops. After a minute Johnny’s intestines feel like they are on fire.  There is mumbling and grumbling going on inside him as the liquid begins to work.  Johnny opens his mouth to scream, but it seems that his vocal chords are paralyzed as nothing comes out.

His insides churn and gurgle as the chemical continues to work.

After about 15 minutes, Johnny is flipped over on his back and his ass now sticks through the opening in the table. A button is pushed and a basin on a stand moves up from under the table.  It stops just before sealing off the cheeks of Johnny’s ass. The technician deflates the balloon inside Johnny’s asshole.  As soon as the balloon and tube are removed, the basin completely seals Johnny’s ass.  Johnny clamps his asshole shut determined not to let this happen.

Max walks over and sadistically punches Johnny in the abs.  The blow causes e to lose control and his guts begin to empty into the basin and washed to the sewer.  Johnny tries to stop the flow, but cannot. The water continues to gush out of his ass cleaning him out completely.  As the water slows to a trickle, the basin lowers back into the bottom of the table. Johnny breathes a sigh of relief that it seems to be over.

Max walks over to the young man and sneers “you ready for round two?” Johnny turns his face away refusing to talk.  “No problem, man” he laughs and nods to the technician who inserts the nipple of the enema tube back inside Johnny.  The pump starts again and begins shooting another liquid up his ass.  Max smiles and says this is a final rinse to make sure you’re clean as well as adding some drugs to your system.

Johnny feels his guts being flooded again.  The enema tube is securely inside Johnny’s ass pumping rinse water and chemicals deep inside.  Johnny fights a feeling sleepiness, but the drugs soon do their work and Johnny’s eyes close as he falls into unconsciousness once again.

As Johnny sleeps Max plugs the electric razor in and begins to shave the hair from Johnny’s muscular body.  First he trims all the hairs in his armpits.  The he shaves off the sparse hair in between his pecs and around his nipples.  He moves to the abs shaving them completely.  The excess hair around his cock and balls is removed.

As this is going on, Max laughs as he watches Johnny’s cock grow hard.  It soon stands straight up and all eight inches of it waves in the air. Max finishes shaving Johnny’s crotch leaving it with only bristle.

Max lathers Johnny’s body with cream and uses the straight razor to make Johnny’s skin smooth.  The only hair that is left is a triangular patch above his dick that is trimmed very close to the skin.  A special depilatory is applied to Johnny’s muscular body and it removed any re-growth potential of all of the hair that has been removed. The hair on Johnny’s head is trimmed short and tight like a marine.

Max slaps Johnny’s face to wake him.  Johnny comes around just in time to feel the pain as Max inserts the piercing needle through his nipple.  He inserts a nipple ring and then repeats the process on the other one. Johnny screams in pain as the needle pierces his nipples and the rings are inserted.

“Stop, Stop, you fucker, you’re trying to turn me into a faggot! ”  “Impossible” Max chuckles “You already are one, look at your dick, it seems to say that you are really enjoying this. Johnny looks down his chest and sees his dick standing up straight dripping with pre-cum.

“You…you did this with those drugs…you made my dick hard…You asshole…”

Max turns to the technician “Shut him up Ian!”  The technician unzips his trousers and pulls out his hard cock.  He pinches Johnny’s nose and when Johnny opens his mouth for air, he shoves his 10 inch dick inside gagging the young muscle bound man.  Johnny’s garbled protests can still be heard, as the technician pumps his cock in and out of his mouth.  As if by magic, Johnny becomes mesmerized by the motion an soon begins to suck greedily on the dick in his mouth. The technician begins to shout and his cock explodes inside Johnny’s mouth feeding his cum to the doomed captive. 

Johnny begins to choke on the huge load of cum that slides down his throat.  “That’s good protein for you, asshole, and there is more to cum. But first here is the surprise, I promised you.”

Johnny hears a noise and turns his head.  As he feels the straps being loosened from his body, a figure moves out of the shadows.

As the figure moves into the dim light, Johnny recognizes one of the captives.  Alec the former basketball star stood in front of Johnny naked except for the boxing gloves on his fists.  Johnny eyes him warily.

Alec’s lips curl as he spits out “You son-of-a-bitch.  I’m gonna beat the shit outta you man.  You and your friends stealing our identities and working us over and then selling us.  You are a poor excuse for a human being especially the way you treated that young college student Cory.”

Johnny tried to remember what happened he recalled this scene: Cory lying naked on the ground is scared half to death “OK, OK, my name is Cory and I am a college student on vacation.”  Johnny smiles at him and presses the blade harder into Cory’s sack. “Wrong asshole.”  Johnny.  “You are pleasure bot 0123”  he jerks on Cory’s balls. “Now who are you?”  Cory begins to answer “I am Cor…” Johnny jerks hard on Cory’s nuts and Cory falls to the ground in pain.  “Give me the correct answer, asshole.” Johnny says to him.  Cory looks up at him with bloodshot eyes.  “I, I, am, pleasure bot 0123” Then he hangs his head.

Johnny pulls Cory’s head to his crotch.  “Take my cock out and give a blow job!”  Cory just looks up at him. “I said give me a blow job, asshole, NOW!”  He kicks Cory in the balls and Cory screams out “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Johnny jerks him back up to a kneeling position and Cory unzips Johnny’s fly, reaches in and fishes out his cock and takes it in his mouth.

Alec can see that Johnny is thinking. “Yeah you remember, dontcha, you bastard?” He looks at the technician and says “c’mon, let’s get this going”

Suddenly Johnny is stood up with his wrists cuffed behind him. Alec smiles and walks toward him. OMMMMMMPHHHHH! He sends a fist into Johnny’s abs.  Then another. “that was for Marc.” BAMMMMMMMMM another fist lands in Johnny’s gut. “That was for Eric” He continues to pummel Johnny knocking him this way and that way Johnny can hardly stand but his cock remains rigid.  Blows rain down on Johnny’s jaw and abs and then his back, kidney shots, shots to the back of his head.  The beating went on for fifteen minutes and Johnny was a bloody mess.  Then the rage showed in Alec’s face.  “And this, fucker? This is for poor Ethan he screams as he drives his gloved fist into Johnny’s unprotected balls.  Five shots to the aching gonads and Johnny fell to the floor.

“Finish it, Alec” Max yells.  Alec looks at his captor and would like to spit on him, but knows his owes this bastard so much more.  He rips the boxing gloves off his hands and reaches around Johnny’s waist. He pulls the nearly unconscious punk to his knees and kneeling behind him, he savagely shoves his hard cock into Johnny’s unlubricated hole.  Johnny screams and squirms trying to get away.  Alec grabs his head and smashes it into the concrete floor.  Then he screams out as he shoots his cum inside Johnny screaming “Fucker! Fucker1 Fucker!” He reaches through Johnny’s legs and grabs his balls.  He squashes them in his hand and Johnny gives up passing out.

Alec is dragged from the room still screaming at Johnny. A muscular guy comes in and picks Johnny up off the floor and throws him over his shoulder, his head hanging down over the goon’s back.  Max grabs the unconscious hunk by the hair and stares into his face.  “You might think this is over, but it is only the beginning, my friend, only the beginning.”

He watches the young man’s head bouncing against the muscular goon’s back as he is carried away.

“I can’t wait for the next session” Max laughs and rubs his hands together.  “Can’t wait.”

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