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Brother against Brother
Chapter 3 - A Whole New Life
By Michael Randall

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Johnny’s feet were caught in the dense mud as he trudged along through the dark. He didn’t have shoes anymore and each step was excruciatingly slow and a sucking sound was heard each time he painfully pulled a foot out of the mud. With each step he sank lower and lower into the muck.

As he sunk to his waist, he felt the cold mud embracing his cock and balls and oozing into his ass crack. It seemed hopeless as he was now up to his pecs, his nipples had erected because of the cold mud. He could see ahead in the distance and was overjoyed as he saw a light shining brightly and he moved faster to get to safety as soon as he could, he began to scream; “Help me! Help me!”

As he slowly came closer to the light, he could hear voices and the light shone brighter and brighter, but he was sinking deeper and deeper into the mud until he was up to his shoulders and his muscled body was completely enclosed in the mud and he couldn’t move no matter how he tried. He felt himself sinking lower and lower and knew that soon he was going to be asphyxiated when his head went under. He screamed louder “No! No! No!” as the dark mud sucked him under.

He awoke with a start trying to focus his eyes in the bright overhead light. It took him a few seconds to figure out that he was not stuck in mud, but instead was strapped to a table, his muscular, naked body coated in sweat. He tried to move under the straps, but painfully found his entire body ached from the beating he took from Alec. He continued to struggle against the straps, but the pain was excruciating, in his face, in his chest and abs, in his arms and in even his balls. Lying on his back he spotted a mirror on the ceiling and as his eyes focused he saw big ugly bruises decorating nearly every inch of his muscular body.

“Well, well, well” He heard a voice from behind his head, but he couldn’t see who it was. The voice spoke again. “Hurts pretty bad, huh? Well that is what happens when you fuck around with somebody’s life. Ha, ha, ha!” Max chortled from the shadows.

“It’s about time you decided to rejoin us, you’ve been out for over 48 hours. I gotta say that Alec really hates you, I really would like to know what you did to him to make him want to kill you.”

Johnny didn’t open his mouth but his memory circled back a few weeks and, of course, he knew exactly what he had done to all those guys at Buck’s direction and precisely why Alec could hate him so much he could kill him. (See previous story “A Rock Climbing Disaster”).

Max walked into the light of the surgical overhead lamp that grotesquely illuminated Johnny’s battered and ruined body. Johnny was confused as he attempted to open his mouth to scream at Max and found he was unable to move his jaw.

Max watched him struggle for a while and then laughed. “Don’t bother, dude, the pummeling you took from Alec was inhuman. Even though you were far from consciousness, he pounded your face so hard he broke your jaw” His finger lightly traced along Johnny’s jaw bone from his chin to his ear. “The Doc wired it closed until it can heal.” He sarcastically shook his head as he said “damn, that’s disappointing because I guess you won’t be doing any cock sucking for a while and that is a tragedy because you really do give good head.” Johnny turned his face away from Max and toward the wall.

Max grabbed his head and forced him to look up at his smirking face as he continued taunting the stud. “You know, I gotta say that I really miscalculated that fucker, I would have stopped him sooner if I knew he was gonna fuck you up that bad, the boss was not a happy camper when he saw you. So it’s just gonna take some extra time to get you ready to take your place with the harem. We had the Sheik’s plastic surgery doc and his team, patch you up as much as he can. Now that the swelling has gone down, he will be able to do some cosmetic repair. You will live, but changes will take place and you will not look the same”.

Johnny’s head throbbed painfully when he tried to think what had happened and he found it difficult to remember what happened even two minutes ago; he slowly closed his eyes and slipped back to sleep.

The door to the lab slid open quietly and Max did not hear it as he was busy with some cleanup so he missed the shadow that slipped into the room. Johnny awakened in pain as he felt a viselike grip close around his aching nuts; his body bucked up and he opened his eyes wide when he saw the maniac Alec crushing his nuts in his fist and grinning at him.

Though the pain shooting through his balls was extreme, Johnny was determined not to make a sound in spite of the severe pain and didn’t let out as much as a squeak. Max heard the noise as Johnny arched up and down on the surgical table. When he turned around to check it out, he saw what Alec was doing. He walked over and hook into Alec’s face knocking him to the floor, feeing his hand from Johnny’s balls. “Enough!” he yelled looking down at Alec who was massaging his jaw.

“IDIOT! Haven’t you done enough? You asshole, you’re gonna be in serious trouble if you crushed his balls. We need him to be able to cum when he is milked.” Max watched as Alec got up and turned toward the exit. He went back to his work smugly satisfied that Alec wouldn’t try anything that stupid again.

Watching what had transpired; Johnny relaxed a bit and sighed. However, without Max watching him, Alec walked back to the prone figure and got right up into his face and hissed “You’re safe for now, asshole, but Max won’t be around all the time to save your ass and you and I are gonna cross paths soon; so get ready for another beating that will make this look like a game of tag.” He winked at Johnny as he turned and left. Johnny was quietly frantic because of Alec’s threat. He was beginning to regret the beatings and fuckings that he gave that frat kid, but once he got started, he couldn’t stop and he didn’t know why. “But still” he thought “that was no reason for Buck to do what he did. What kind of monster sells his flesh and blood brother as a sex slave???” His mind was having trouble accepting the reality of it in spite of the fact that he remembered everything.

Johnny was brought out of his frightful thoughts by Max’s voice calling his name as he approached the restrained hunk holding a hypodermic needle up in the air; the barrel filled with a clear looking liquid. “I’m giving you some nutrition because you can’t open your mouth and we need to keep you strong and healthy!”

He inserted the needle into Johnny’s arm and as he emptied the contents of the barrel he laughed and said “Oh yeah, I forgot” Max smiled, “there is also something else in there that will put you into suspended animation for a while!”

Johnny shook his back and forth violently, but in a matter of seconds, darkness overcame Johnny and his eyes rolled back in his head. Max’s voice faded away as he became comatose.

Max turned to the doctor and said “He’s all yours doc.” The doctor smiled sardonically, “when I am done with his makeover, his own mother won’t be able to recognize him.” He picked up a scalpel from the surgical tray.

Johnny woke up suddenly. His heart was beating wildly and he was gasping for air. He was surprised that he was now sitting upright in a chair, ropes holding him in place; it seemed as if he had just gone out.

He opened his eyes and found Max in front of him, “welcome back dude, you should feel like a new man now…literally.” Max held a mirror up so that Johnny could see his face Johnny freaked out because it was not his face looking back at him. Though it was attached to his head, it was not his face, instead looking back at him was a most attractive Arabian male face. Click on the link to see Johnny's new face .

“A little shocking, eh, Johnny?” Max chuckled as he lowered the mirror and moved from the foot of the bed walking up to Johnny’s face. He ran his fingers along Johnny’s jaw bone. “That doctor is an artist, no? It’s just like brand new, dude.”

Johnny’s mind swirled. “Jesus” he thought “I look like I could be the Sheik’s son.”

“We never planned on such a drastic overhaul, but it was necessary due to the extent of your injuries” Max continued and actually the doctor saved my life as the Sheik was very pissed when he saw you after Alec was done.” He slipped his hand under Johnny’s shirt and twisted one of his enhanced nipples on top of fabulous pecs as he admired the handsome face. “You’re gonna make a fine whore for the Sheik; You have become a handsome Arab young man, muscularly well developed. Now I want to show you some other modifications that aren’t as immediately evident.” He laughed as he moved closer to Johnny who looked at him questioningly. “Don’t worry; allow me to reveal the intimate details.”

Johnny was thunder struck as Max reached down and unbuckled Johnny’s belt pulling his jeans down to his ankles. Max whistled quietly as he groped Johnny’s package causing his cock to harden. Johnny peered down to see a massive bulge growing in the red bikinis he was wearing. Max laughed and pulled the bikinis down as nine inches of thick man meat slapped up against his abs, but there was something different about the head of his cock. Max saw the look on Johnny’s face and said “Oh yeah” he smiled and took Johnny’s cock in his fist and began to stroke it; “since your face and skin now look like an Arab, it was decided that your beautiful new body should be in compliance with “fitra” and so your cock was circumcised, your pubic hair was trimmed, shaved with a razor as prescribed, and when you are able to lift your arms you will notice that your pit hair is gone as well. Finally, you are no longer known as ‘Johnny’ and your new name is ‘Abdul Maalik’ which means ‘slave of the master’ for that is what you now are. Your former life is gone and you are embarking on a new existence, you are property, a possession. You will find that your very life depends upon the whims of your master.”

Skepticism filled Johnny’s mind and he quickly found his voice. “This is fuckin’ crazy” he spat out at Max. “There is no way that this kind of work plus the healing could be completed so quickly. It would take weeks or even months and I was only out for a few minutes!”

Max continued to work Johnny’s cock now slick with pre-cum, laughed “it’s been a lot longer than that; eight weeks to be exact. You were in a barbiturate-induced coma for eight weeks during the healing process.”

“Two months?” Johnny screamed out “I was out for two fuckin’ months??????”

Max tightened his grip on Johnny’s newly trimmed cock and stroked faster bringing him closer to climax. “No worries, my friend, you had nothing better to do anyway; and besides this surgery just might save your life, during your time in the slave cells. Johnny’s balls suddenly shot a huge load up and out of his cock as he screamed out in pleasure. Max was waiting with a glass beaker and collected most of Johnny’s latest load as he shot twelve volleys of seed.

After collecting the cum, Max tossed a towel to him.” Clean yourself up” he said as he placed the beaker in a cooling cabinet.

Johnny’s chest and abs were covered with the first spurts of cum that Max missed. His chest rose up and down rapidly as he tried to catch his breath after resulting from the huge load he shot.

Max raised his hand into the air and snapped his fingers; “well, it’s good to see that Alec did no damage to your nuts, my friend because without the ability to produce cum, you would be worthless.” Max walked over to a shelf and removed a black body bag as he continued and held it up “and a worthless body ends up in one of these.”

Max walked over to Johnny, loosening the straps that held him upright. Max snapped his fingers and two muscular Arabs appeared, grabbed Johnny under his arms and lifted him from the chair as Max released the bindings.

He stood between the two as his arms were forced behind his back. They dragged Johnny into a shower room, where he was directed to clean himself. The two watched him lustfully as the handsome young man soaped up his beefy body and then rinsed himself.

Once he was out of the shower, he was taken to a locker room where a jock strap was tossed to him. “Put it on!” barked one of the guards. Johnny caught the strap and stepped into pulling it up and stuffing his junk into the pouch.

The two then escorted Johnny to a workout room. Max was waiting for them. “You will now begin a workout routine to get your body into top condition. Some of your muscle mass has atrophied due to the inactivity of the past two and a half months.”

He handed Johnny a paper with a workout routine written on it. “You will be given injections to speed up the process, but physical activity is also required. Drop and give me fifty!”

Johnny dropped to the floor and began a series of pushups. In defiance of Max, he completed seventy-five.

“Good to see that you still have strength, which will help to cut down on the amount of time necessary.”

Johnny followed the routine for four straight weeks under the close supervision of Max and the two thugs. Four injections were given each day along with protein. He was milked three times a day producing two ounces of semen each time. He was also assigned an instructor to school him in the art of Krav Maga to teach him battle tested self-defense tactics developed by the Israeli defense and security forces. The name Krav Maga translates to “contact combat”, which describes the practice very well. Johnny, who was already a student of Karate, caught on quickly and became adept at the technique. In the evenings he had classes with a language instructor who taught him the Arabic language both written and spoken. The instructor used whatever means necessary to prepare Johnny quickly and soon he had mastered the language.


One morning walked into a workout room he found Max waiting for him. Max looked at Johnny and smiling he handed him a stack of clothing. “Congratulations, you completed your training. Take these clothes and put them on.

Johnny took a pile of clothing from Max and began to dress himself. There was a pair of white bikini briefs and American-made blue jeans and a T-shirt. Now that he was dressed Max told him that he would be moved to a new area within the compound.

"You will be teamed with another one of the guys in the Sheik's harem. I have to remind you that the change in your looks is gonna save your ass in that cell.” Max laughed and groped Johnny’s package. “Good luck, Abdul!”

Max snapped his fingers and the two guards appeared to escort Johnny to his new home.

To be continued…

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