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Brother against Brother
Chapter 4 - A New Roommate
By Michael Randall

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The thugs walked Johnny down the passageway to the cell each holding one of his arms. Reaching the cell, one of them swiped his ID card and unlocked the door. They unceremoniously threw him inside. “Infidel!” They laughed as they locked the cell door and left.

Johnny’s body rolled across the floor stopping with him on his back. Looking up, he glimpsed the shadow of someone appearing out of the darkness.

“Hmm, another addition to the Sheik’s collection?” Johnny heard a familiar voice from the corner of the cell. He couldn’t place it right away.

He had his wits about him and he remembered Max’s warning. In Arabic he asked“who’s there?” Johnny was shocked when Alec walked out of the shadows “Do you speak any English?” he asked. Johnny answered him in English. “Yes I do” Alec immediately recognized an American accent.

“You don’t look American, how is it that you speak English with an American accent?” Johnny thought quickly before answering. “Uh I studied at an American University for six years.”

“Oh, yeah?” Alec asked. “Which one?”

“I attended the University of Ohio in Columbus, Ohio in the USA.” Johnny answered. Alec was skeptical but captivated by the looks of this hunk and wanted to make sure that this was not one of Max’s spies. “What is their mascot?” Johnny answered without hesitation “The Buckeye”.

“Yeah that’s right, dude, those Buckeyes sure are strange lookin’ animals, huh? Johnny realized that Alec was testing him. He looked up at him quizzically and asked “animal?” Alec said “Yeah, ugly little critters, eh?” Johnny spoke “I don’t understand what you mean, the buckeye is a tree nut, not an animal.”

Alec laughed “OK, I just needed to know that you aren’t a spy.” Alec reached his hand down to him and helped him to his feet. Johnny then realized that Alec didn’t know who he was which was going to save his life because the way Alec felt about him, he would have killed him had he recognized him. “Who are you?” Johnny asked. “Just another prisoner of sex, my friend, just another whore.” Alec shook his head sadly.

“What do you mean?” Johnny asked with feigned ignorance. “Well, if you’re here with me then you have been shanghaied right?” Johnny nodded. “Anyone here is here to sexually service the Sheik and his men.” Johnny screwed up his face “you mean…?” Alec stopped him and nodded his head “That’s what I mean.”

“So how did you get here, kidnapped no doubt?” Johnny thought quickly, “Yeah…yeah I was kidnapped from the university and then brought to an abandoned warehouse where I was sold to the highest bidder. I do not understand why, I did nothing; I can’t understand why this is happening to me.” Alec nodded his head knowingly. “Yeah that is all too familiar” he said as he looked Johnny up and down. “Gotta say though, I can see why…you are fuckin’ hot man. I can understand why they took you, you’re grade A meat.

Johnny was relieved that he had fooled Alec and decided that he needed to string him along with this for a while. He made up an entire story that he told Alec who then told Johnny his own story not leaving out any of the gory details. As Alec told the story, Johnny suddenly became very uncomfortable as he began to see things from a different perspective. He began to look at Alec, not as a sex object or punching bag, as he did at one time, but as a human being after he had been treated similarly.

“So, what’s your name, dude?” Johnny almost gave his real name but stopped himself just in time. “Uh…it’s…it’s Abdul…Abdul Maalik.”

Alec put his hand on Johnny’s shoulder, “well we will need to look after one another, Abdul” he whispered, “and if we put our heads together, we might even be able to figure a way out of this hell hole.”

Johnny just nodded and smiled. “Thanks, I’m in.”

Alec patted Johnny’s thigh “For now, we need to get some sleep 5:00 am comes early and there is no shortage of work to do during the day before our performance for the Sheik at night.”

Feeling Alec’s hand on his thigh, Johnny had a strange feeling and his cock began to harden and lengthen down the leg of his jeans. He had never had a reaction like this with a man. “God, am I becoming gay???” he asked himself. But before he could answer his own question, Alec smiled at him sensuously… “You top or bottom?” he asked as his hand continued to massage Johnny’s thigh.

Johnny was shocked as his cock jerked in his briefs at the thought of having sex with Alec. He couldn’t help himself as he blurted out “Oh, uh, doesn’t matter, I’m versatile”

“OK, I will take the top” Alec said decisively. It was then he realized that Alec was pointing to the bunk beds in the cell. Johnny just nodded and crawled into the bottom bunk, his nine inches of cock throbbing. He was completely mixed up as he lay on top of the bed, groping himself through his jeans as his desire to have sex with Alec became overwhelming. He tried to tell himself that it was all the shit that he had been through, and the length of time he had been in captivity after all, he was straight and even straight inmates were known to turn to other guys to relieve their sexual frustrations when incarcerated for a long period away from women.

Johnny found it impossible to mask his feelings and unbuttoned his jeans pushing them down his thighs, reached into his briefs and pulled out his cock. He began stroking it as he thought about sucking Alec’s cock or fucking his ass. Forgetting himself, he moaned as his thick cock started leaking pre-cum. He stroked his pole intensely as he pictured a naked Alec.

Alec could hear the slap-slap-slap as Johnny stroked toward orgasm. “Hey bro, what’s going on down there? Are you jacking off?”

Johnny’s hand froze in mid stroke. “Uh, no, no” Johnny answered, “It’s these gnats buzzing around.”

“Oh you’ll get used to that, swatting doesn’t do any good, they seem to multiply by the hundreds. Just try to ignore the noise and you’ll fall asleep.”

Secretly, Alec was also picturing his new cell mate naked with a hard cock and was disappointed when Johnny said he wasn’t jacking off. He was sure that the noise he heard was the familiar slapping of a hand choking a cock. He knew that Johnny probably wouldn’t admit it even if he was trying to get off. Alec became quiet and listened as Johnny resumed his stroking. As he listened, he was certain that Johnny was jacking off.

Alec slowly rolled to the edge of his bunk and peered down toward the sound. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, his suspicions were confirmed and he could see Johnny’s huge dick glistening with lube as his hand fondled the long, thick shaft. Alec’s own member hardened immediately and he reached down and started to stoke his own cock. He wanted Johnny’s big cock in his mouth and he needed it badly. He could already taste the sweet cum.

Of course Alec began his captivity as a heterosexual, but over the last six months what he didn’t realize is that he was slowly being converted to a preference for male/male sex through a drug that he had ingested with every drink of water since his capture. Although he tried to fight his desires, he was soon overcome with need to have another man.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore “Fuck man, that is a monster!” he said and jumped down from his bunk confronting the stunned Johnny who quickly covered himself with his blanket.

Laughing, he grabbed the blanket and pulled it away revealing Johnny’s turgid cock. “What’s with this man? You don’t want to share with your cell mate? That’s one fine cock you got there. Why not let me help you out?”

“Uh, well, mmm, I don’t think so, bro, I’m ok.”

Alec ignored Johnny’s protest and reached out and grabbed the thick pole that was standing straight up. He felt the slickness of the pre-cum coating the shaft.

“Hey man” Johnny said as he struggled to get out of Alec’s grip. “I’m not like that man, I’m, I’m straight, you know?” He began to scoot toward the wall to escape but Alec’s grip was firm and the hand on his cock was feeling really good. With his other hand Alec caressed Johnny’s balls.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re all straight.” He laughed. “I was straight too before my nightmare happened and dude, they broke me down and now all I can think about is men. Fuck, man, this is one fucking nice piece of meat, Abdul, let me suck it for you, huh?”

Johnny continued to try and avoid this sexual temptation. Halfheartedly, he said “I don’t think that is a good idea, man.”

Alec laughed “Why? Believe me, nobody’s around at this time of night and I want this tonsil tickler and its load inside me. C’mon man, just relax and leave it to me.” Alec quickly leaned in and took the big love shaft between his lips and ran his tongue over the head.

Johnny’s body stiffened as he felt the warm, wet mouth swallow his manhood. His hips involuntarily began to thrust forward and back fucking Alec’s mouth with his big dick. Alec slurped and sucked the massive tube coaxing more pre-cum out of it.

“Oh….fuuuucccckkkkkkk” he moaned as Alec’s mouth massaged his cock; “Thaaat’s soooooo fucking good, don’t stop.”

Johnny was so worked up he couldn’t hold back and his balls quickly released a big load. Alec’s mouth was filled with Johnny’s cum. Load after load of thick creamy man juice flooded Alec’s mouth so fast that he couldn’t contain all of it and it began to drip out the side of his mouth.

Johnny could hardly slow down his raging heart and his heaving chest as Alec drained his nuts. When he pulled Johnny’s cock out of his mouth, he smacked his lips. “That was awesome, bro!”

Johnny looked at Alec’s turgid cock and licked his lips. He reached out and pulled Alec into his bed. Pushing him to his back, Johnny dived onto Alec’s dick and took it down to the root. Slurping and sliding he sucked Alec’s cock moving his head up and down the shaft.

Alec began to moan as he felt his own load working its way up his shaft. “Oh, sweet, man, so sweet. Get ready, here it comes.” With that Alec’s cock exploded in Johnny’s mouth with a deluge of sweet cum. His load was not as huge as the one Johnny shot, but it was thick and creamy causing Johnny to swallow as much as he could.

When Alec’s dick began to shrink, Johnny let it fall from his mouth.

“Oh God, that was too much, bro. Fanfuckingtastic!”

He got up and climbed back into the top bunk as Johnny laid back and they both quickly fell asleep.

To be continued…

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