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Brother against Brother
Chapter 5 - The Team
By Michael Randall

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Johnny was having a strange dream when he felt someone shaking him. “C’mon Ab, it’s time to get up, they’ll be coming for us soon.” Alec was standing in the nude, his flaccid dick dangling between his legs over his low hanging balls. “Hey bro, wake up, wake up” he said as he shook Johnny again. “you gotta get moving here or it will be the whip for you and that ain’t fun.”

Johnny slowly awakened and as he did, the first thing he saw was Alec’s slab of beef swinging to and fro. “Huh? What? What the fuck, man?”

“Shhh, keep your voice down, dude.” Alec put his finger to his lips. “We gotta shower and get dressed before the buffoons come to let us out.”

Seeing Alec’s cock like that gave Johnny a huge boner. Alec saw the blanket rising up and started laughing. “Hmm, you some of this dontcha?” he waggled his cock in Johnny’s face.

Remembering last night, Johnny smiled and started to take Alec’s dick in his mouth. “Ah, no man, we don’t have time for that right now, save it for later tonight, ok?” Johnny nodded and took his fist off of Alec’s cock.

He got up from his bunk and peeled his briefs off. Alec grabbed his hard cock and led Johnny to a shower room just off their cell. It was small, but Alec pushed Johnny in first and turned started the shower. The water was warm on Johnny’s skin and felt good. Alec picked up a bar of soap and soaped up Johnny’s magnificent body feeling his muscles as he flexed. Then he handed the soap to Johnny who got the message and began to soap up Alec’s well defined body paying particular attention to the slab of flesh between his legs, which began to harden. “No, no, Ab don’t get me hard, I need to save my sexual energy for the Sheik. If I can’t get it up, they’ll cut it off. I’ve seen that happen many times.”

Johnny reluctantly let go and they both rinsed off.

They quickly got dressed and just in time as the guards appeared at the door of their cell. They were ushered to a dining hall where Johnny saw at least fifty young, fit attractive men sitting at long tables waiting to eat. All were dressed similarly as he with jeans and a t-shirt. Most were Caucasian although there were some Asians and Arabs. It was a known fact that the Sheik favored Caucasians and Arabs. For variety he held some Asians.

Food was brought to the table. It was not the type of breakfast that Johnny was used to.

Platters of bread, burghul and couscous and freekeh were set on the table. Other platters consisting of layers of meat, vegetables, sauces, nuts, and dried fruits accompanied the bread. Turkish coffee was offered as well.

Johnny just stared at the platters. Alec elbowed him and said “Eat, Ab, because you will be working hard all day and you need the nourishment to keep from fainting.”

Johnny took some of the food and began to eat it. He also drank a couple of cups of Turkish coffee.

Soon everyone was finished eating and the platters were removed from the tables. Before the slaves were allowed to get up to leave for their tasks, Max appeared in the hall.

“Slaves of Sheik Kamal, listen up.” All eyes were immediately focused on Max where he stood on a stage dressed in tight jeans that emphasized his cock and balls and a tight t-shirt that showed off his buff torso.

“Before we assume our daily duties, we have some business to which we must attend. We have among us those who would pervert the law. Slaves Gavin and Bryce come forward.”

Two amazingly handsome young men stood and began to make their way to the front of the hall.

“Come up on the stage, slaves.”

The two joined Max on the stage, both had terrified looks on their handsome faces. Gavin was about 6’2” and about 225 pounds of solid muscle. His blond hair had been buzzed to the scalp and his blue eyes were the color of the ocean. Bryce was a 5’10” brunette weighing about 195. He, too was solidly built displayed through his tight t-shirt.

“Slaves, these two have been accused of sodomy, a crime punishable only by death. Will the four men who accuse them please step forward.”

For guards came forward and each swore that they had observed the two engaging in homosexual acts. Gavin and Bryce both shook their heads violently as they denied the claims. The entire hall was buzzing.

“SILENCE!” Max looked at the two men. “Remove your clothing.” Both men began to take off their clothes stripping down to nothing. The sight of these two well-developed specimens of perfect manhood, stood naked in front of the others.

“Slaves you have been accused by the number of required witnesses and so your punishment must be carried out.” The men looked like they were preparing to run away and Max snapped his fingers and two guards grabbed their arms and handcuffed them behind their backs. They struggled until the guards began to kick them each between the legs.

“Before we carry out the ultimate punishment, since you seem to enjoy fellatio and sodomy, I think that we must give you a final enjoyment before you are put to death. These two men are captured soldiers of the United States Marines. They were captured because they were caught spying. They are friends but unfortunately that friendship has turned evil and they have begun to have sexual pleasures with one another. You all know that is against the law and you know the punishment as well.”

Both men began to plead for their lives, denying the charges. “Gag them” Max commanded. The guards picked up their discarded briefs and stuffed them in their mouths taped over with duct tape.

Max walked over to Gavin and looked him in the eyes. “So you enjoy being butt fucked, eh? You like having slave Bryce suck on your dick even though it is forbidden. Gavin furiously shook his head to indicate his innocence. Max slapped him across the face. “SILENCE Infidel! You have transgressed the law and now you must pay.”

He moved his hand in between Gavin’s muscled thighs and grabbed his nuts. Gavin may have been a rugged musclebound Marine but the pain of having his testicles crushed was even too much for him. His face grimaced and muffled screams of pain could be heard as Max increased the pressure on his gonads. Tears of pain streamed down his face as Max squeezed and pulled on his nuts stretching the flesh four or five inches away from his body. Then he began to send vicious punches to the two globes one after another. Gavin began to sink to the floor nearly unconscious from the agony. A waist high bench was produced and Gavin’s muscled body was bent over giving the audience a clear view of his muscled ass. One of the guards brought forward a massive dildo on a pole. The dildo was pushed between the ass cheeks of the struggling Marine without so much as some spit for lubrication. His cries of anguish could be heard as the cock rocket was forced inside him. The guard began to savagely thrust the rubber cock in and out of Gavin’s asshole. The force was so intense that blood began to run down the back of his legs as the sensitive tissue was torn and ripped. After twenty minutes of this torture, Gavin was righted and faced the other slaves. Max came forward with a pair of snips. He pulled on Gavin’s sac and the teeth of the snips cut through the skin and cords and Gavin’s balls were separated from his groin. Max then positioned the teeth of the snips around Gavin’s cock. With one snip, his big cock flopped to the floor.

Max signaled one of the guards who came forward with a scimitar and holding it over Gavin’s neck thrust it downward severing his head from his body. The headless body twitched for a few minutes and then became still.

The procedure was repeated on Bryce except that Gavin’s severed cock was stuffed in his mouth. When Bryce was decapitated and dead, max turned to the slaves. “And that is what happens to those who choose to disobey the law. Dismissed!”

The slaves moved quickly to get out of the room that smelled of death.

As they were walking to their work stations, Alec noticed Johnny’s pallid face. “Bro, bro, you gotta get over that. If you get sick, they will have you up there tomorrow.”

Johnny understood and forced himself to get over the executions.

They arrived at their work station which was the laundry room. Sheets, towels, jock straps and other items waited to be washed and dried. The two worked side by side to finish their work for a grueling 12 hours.

When they were finished the bell rung and they were ushered into the meal hall again. Food was presented, but Johnny had no appetite. Alec pleaded with him to eat something but he told him that he would expel anything that he put into his mouth. Alec remembered his first witnessing of this kind of event and understood.

Later in their cell they showered and used some lotion on their bodies whose sent was a favorite of the Sheik. They were being prepared for their time with the Sheik and must be perfect.

The guards came and marched them to the great hall. The Sheik was entertaining many male guests that evening. Other slaves were brought for the guests, but Alec and Johnny were reserved for the Sheik.

Alec had given instructions to Johnny on what to do when they were in the presence of the Sheik. You must lift your genitals for inspection and then turn around, bend over and display your ass hole.”

Johnny gaped at him “I’m not going to do that.” Alec looked at him and said “if you don’t, the guards will remove you from the area and you will receive worse consequences than what those two soldiers got this morning, if that is possible.

Johnny swallowed hard. “Once you get used to it” Alec said “it gets easier” and pushed Johnny toward the door, “don’t worry”.


To be continued…

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