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Brother against Brother
Chapter 6 - A Bond is Forged
By Michael Randall

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After the guests had eaten dinner and the tables had been cleared away, the doors to the huge room were bolted shut with guards posted inside and out; refreshments were brought to the room. Now producing or drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden in the Quran, but the law was “bent” by almost all Saudis. Those who were not able to afford much brewed their own alcohol which consists of mostly sugar and yeast. Those with a mid-size income could afford to purchase “Siddiqi” from local brewers secretly, but the wealthy had no problems securing whatever they needed. Given the financial resources of the Sheik, it was easy for him to acquire all of the alcohol he wanted to serve his guests and they were grateful.

When the drinking portion of the evening began the Sheik waited until he felt that enough time had passed for his friends to be buzzed. At that point the slaves were brought into the room and the sexual encounters began. All were naked and had been “prepared” with showers, cleansing enemas, and fragrant oils applied to their muscular bodies, giving all of them a special sheen. They were each introduced to the guests/hosts for the evening. The guests immediately were all over the young studs sucking their dicks, fucking them and taking each and every opportunity to do whatever perverted things they chose to do.

Even though he had been “converted” to male sex over the past few months and had come to enjoy it, the sight of these wrinkled old men having their way with young, muscular studs almost sickened Johnny.

“How can you watch this?” he whispered to Alec “I may lose my dinner watching this”. Alec whispered back “I finally learned to turn away when this happens simply because I couldn’t stand to watch it and it kept me from getting sick.”

Max came over to the two of them. Smiling sardonically he put his hands on their bare shoulders. “OK boys, the Sheik awaits you, let’s go. Shoving Johnny ahead of them, he laughed as the very handsome young “Arab” was thrown off balance. Alec was behind him and attempted to catch him, but missed and Johnny lay sprawled, face down on the floor, his flattened balls and the tip of his cock were prominently displayed between his thighs, his bubble ass looking tasty.

Alec helped his friend up from the floor. He saw the look of rage on Johnny’s face and grabbed his arm, preventing him from moving forward. Whispering low, he said “Lose the attitude, dude or risk losing these.” He reached down and grabbed Johnny’s balls. Johnny tried to jerk away. Alec gripped his arm tighter and moved closer “I’m serious dude, Max will be more than happy to cut off your balls and cock and then tell the Master that you rebelled and caused trouble and no tears will be shed. By the way, wait until you see the Sheik”

“That’s what I’m afraid of”, Johnny whispered back, “Another wrinkled old man?” Alec smiled and thought how surprised Johnny was going to be.

Alec and Johnny were marched to the Sheik’s private room, where the Sheik was waiting for them lying on a bed adorned with jewels and expensive silk fabric. Johnny was shocked when he eyed the Sheik lying on the bed. He expected to find an old, wrinkled, flabby man. Instead he found the Sheik to be an extremely attractive 35 year old, muscular, tanned young man. This changed Johnny’s earlier thought that he might be mistaken for the Sheik’s son with his new looks. It now appeared as if he was the Sheik’s older brother instead.

The stunningly handsome young man crooked his index finger, beckoning Johnny to come forward. In Arabic, he said “come”. Johnny, of course, understood the word and moved toward the Sheik, displaying his naked body as he had been taught, presenting his cock and balls, then bending over and spreading his ass. The Sheik was delighted and clapped his hands. “Very Good! Abdul, playing with you is going to be very exciting! ”

He spread his legs apart revealing a huge cock and balls to match. “Now Abdul, you will service me!” He commanded. Johnny wasted no time and scrambled onto the bed in between the Sheik’s legs. Lying on his stomach as he had been taught, he moved his face over the Sheik’s flaccid cock. He moved his mouth over the Sheik’s soft member. He lowered his mouth and the thick cock slipped between his lips. Sucking it inside his mouth and swirling his tongue around the shaft and head, the Sheik began to respond and groaned and moaned as he felt the warm mouth envelope his dick. Johnny used one hand to massage the Sheik’s balls and the other he used to rub the impressive eight pack of the Sheik’s abdomen. The Sheik’s cock grew thicker and longer as Johnny sucked on it. It reached a full 8 inches and Johnny used a technique he had practiced to swallow the long cock to its root. The Sheik undulated as Johnny’s mouth performed its magic on him. “OH, OH, OH”, the young sheik moaned as his hips arched up and down forcing his cock in and out of Johnny’s mouth faster and faster sending the Sheik into erotic madness.

He wrapped his muscled thighs around Johnny’s neck. Johnny’s face began to turn red as he struggled, squirming and trying to get away. The Sheik tightened his hold cutting off Johnny’s breath. Johnny began to panic because he was unable to breathe. After a few seconds his movements slowed, his eyelids fluttered and then his eyes rolled back into his head. The squirming stopped and Johnny’s head fell slack between the Sheik’s thighs as he dropped into unconsciousness.

The Sheik looked down at the lifeless body and then at Alec. “Get over here slave.” Alec walked to where Johnny lay. The Sheik, pointed down to his own hole “FUCK THAT ASS!” he screamed. Alec had done this many times because the Sheik really liked it.

Alec rolled Johnny’s motionless body to the side of the bed, out of the way and took his place between the Sheik’s thighs. He began tonguing the Sheik’s cock, sliding his tongue up and down the thick shaft.

Johnny began to regain consciousness and raised his head to see what was going on. The Sheik looked at Johnny “Abdul, sit on my chest, I want to suck on that big cock.” Johnny straddled the Sheik’s chest and fed him his hard cock. The Sheik sucked that cock like it was candy; licking, slurping coating it with his saliva. Then he reached up and massaged Johnny’s developed pecs. Eventually, he pinched Johnny’s nip between his fingers and rolled it around and around. Johnny felt the cum building in his sac; he knew that in a couple of seconds he was going to shoot his load.

“Alec” he screamed “move out and line up your big cock to fuck my hole. Dutifully, Alec removed his mouth from the cock. “Hakim” he said my lowly penis is soon to erupt what do you wish me to do?”

The Sheik was out of breath, but said loudly “put it in, put it in.” Alec fed his cock inside while Johnny felt his load boilng over. “I’m cumming! He screamed and the Sheik got a mouthful of Johnny’s seed as his big dick exploded stream after stream of cum into his mouth and he swallowed it greedily.

Meantime, as he fucked the Sheik, Alec had been watching his cell mate’s ass; round and well-muscled it had a bubble quality to it and Alec knew he had to have it, but that has to wait for later.

These games continued for about four hours. Johnny couldn’t remember how many times he came nor how may loads he swallowed. He laid back on the bed and fell into a deep sleep, is legs intertwined with the Sheik’s and his cock in Alec’s mouth.

The party with the Sheik’s friends went on into the wee hours of the morning although the Sheik and the boys had finished before dawn and had drifted off to sleep. The marathon sex had made all three of them tired and sleepy.

When the guards entered the Shiek’s rooms they roughly grabbed Johnny and Alec and returned them to their cell. They immediately stripped off their clothing and fell into bed where they began fucking each other’s brains out.

Nine months later……..

Alec and Johnny’s love for each other had grown into a very serious relationship between the two. They often secretly had sex with each other. Johnny found that his sexual drive had been rerouted and his enjoyment of male/male sex increased dramatically. As the friendship grew, they confided in one another. Alec told Johnny the entire sordid tale of his capture with his friends, the abuse and his being sold into slavery. Johnny had come to admire Alec and he felt very dirty that he had been part of that plan and he couldn’t even blame Alec for beating him as bad as he had. He knew that the time was coming when he would have to tell Alec who he really was and he dreaded that.

As his love for Alec increased, his hate for Max grew at the same rate. Getting payback on Max was a dream that Johnny had every night. One night in their cell after having sex, in whispered tones he shared his thoughts with Alec who agreed that freedom would be wonderful, but at what price?

“Leave it to me” Johnny told him. “I am planning a way that you and I can get out of here for good.” He was also excited that he could put his revenge plan in motion and take Butch down once and for all.

“Do you have a plan?” Alec asked.

“Yeah” Johnny excitedly told him. “You know I have been assigned to clean the lab this week?” Alec nodded as he listened. “well, Max got careless and left the drug cabinet open yesterday.” He reached under his mattress and pulled out a vial and a hypodermic syringe and held them up for Alec to see. “This is some kind of mind altering drug that will allow us to escape and get the whole blame laid on Max. Here’s what we’re gonna do.” He revealed the plan to Alec who agreed that it should work very well.

“When do we strike?” asked Alec. “Well, the Sheik is going on one of his slave auction expeditions tomorrow morning so we will carry it out tomorrow night.” Alec laughed and gave Johnny a high-five. “this is going to be great!”

The next night, they began the plot. As they returned to their cell after dinner, Alec grabbed his stomach and fell to the floor of the cell, groaning just as the cell door was opened. “Oh my God!” Alec faked surprise and squatted down next to Johnny “Abdul, Abdul, are you alright?” He yelled as he held Johnny by the shoulders. The guard was a young guy who had just been assigned to guard them. He panicked and leaned over to look at Johnny. Alec quickly wrapped a forearm around the guard’s throat compressing the carotid. The guard struggled and gurgled as Alec tightened his sleeper. He soon fell to the floor completely out.

“Ok, let’s get this uniform off of him” Johnny said quickly. “He looks to be about your size, so the second part of the plot is up to you.” Alec began unbuttoning the unconscious guard’s shirt as Johnny removed the guard’s boot and pants. Alec looked at Johnny. “Everything?” Johnny smiled “Yeah, everything this has to look good.” They stripped the guard naked and Alec slipped out of his prisoner uniform and put on the guard’s clothes. They fit well and Johnny noticed how the pants clung to Alec’s ass and his cock began to grow.

“We need another uniform, Alec.” Alec grinned at Johnny, “One guard uniform coming up!” He left the cell in search of another guard. Johnny was left with the young, naked guard. The guy was very hot. Johnny ran his hands over the guard’s pecs and muscled abs. The guard’s cock lay flaccid against his abs. Johnny took hold of it and began to stroke it. The young man’s dick hardened quickly and was soon standing up straight. Johnny leaned down and took the hard cock into his mouth and began to give the unconscious guard a blow job. He would have finished, but Alec returned with another young guard, unconscious and carried over his shoulder.

“I picked this one because he looks like you.” Johnny grinned.

They stripped the other guard naked and Johnny put on his uniform. They duct taped the soldiers’ mouths and used it to bind their wrists and ankles. The two handsome guards lay side-by-side naked and out.

Johnny looked at Alec “Betcha I can make mine cum first.” Alec laughed, “don’t think so, dude.” Johnny bent down and swallowed his guard’s cock. Quickly Alec did the same. They sucked the guards until they felt their balls pull up and they knew they were ready to cum. Johnny’s guard came first shooting streams of cum up and onto his abs. Alec’s followed right after.

Johnny took his belt and wrapped it around the soldier’s throat. He tightened it into a garrote weapon and watched as the young man took his last breath. Alec followed suit and did the same. They dragged them to the bunks and covered them up making it look like Alec and Johnny were covered up and asleep. They wouldn’t be discovered until morning and the pair was planning to be far away by then. They locked the cell door and took off.

They headed down the corridor to Max’s suite of rooms. They passed various guards on the way, but being that they were in uniform nothing was said and they were not stopped. They reached Max’s door and Johnny motioned for Alec to unlock it.

They headed directly to the bedroom where they found Max fast asleep. He was snoring lightly as they approached the bed, one on each side. Johnny pulled out the pistol from the holster and nudged Max’s cheek with it.

“Huh, wha, hey,” Max groggily awakened “YOU!” he yelled and started to call for guards. Alec slapped his hand over Max’s mouth to quiet him. Max’s eyes were wide as he noticed the pistol in Johnny’s hand. “you gonna be quiet?” Max nodded and Alec slowly removed his hand.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Max asked. Johnny smiled “Hmm, well, it looks like we have you at a distinct disadvantage, my friend.” Max snarled “What do you want?”

Johnny answered “A number of things Max, we’ll handle them one at a time. “Get up!” Alec said as he stripped the sheet off. Max’s naked body was gorgeous and he was sporting a stiff erection. Johnny nudged the dick with the pistol, “What’s this? Having some erotic dream about me?” Max didn’t answer, but stood up, his cock pointing straight out.

“OK, now what?” spat Max. “To your safe my generous friend, I know that you want to reward us for our ingenuity.”

“I wouldn’t give you a red cent!” Max retorted.

Johnny pushed the pistol into Max’s nuts. “How would you like to lose these jewels, Max?”

Max’s face grimaced. “OK, OK it’s over there behind that picture.”

Johnny pushed him toward the wall with the pistol. “Open it!” he commanded.

Max moved to the safe and began to work the combination. Johnny and Alec both watched Max’s perfect ass muscles as he opened the safe. The door opened and Johnny said “OK, move away.” Max began moving backward with his hands in the air. He backed right into Alec’s waiting arms. Alec held him tightly as Johnny injected the drug into his neck. “This ought to make you a bit more compliant.” Max tried to fight it. “You son of a bitch!” he whispered under his breath and slid to the floor.

Johnny went to the safe. “Oh my God, Alec, we are all set, there must $100,000 in here.” He said as he began pulling out stacks of paper money. He found a small duffle bag and threw all of the money inside. There were also two American passports that would be altered and used by Alec and Johnny.

“Drag him back to his bed Alec.” Alec picked Max up over his shoulder and carried him to the bed and threw him down.

Johnny grabbed Max’s soft cock. “Wanna have some fun now or should we wait?”

“Let’s get out of here for now Ab, we can certainly have some fun after we clear this joint”

“OK”, Johnny agreed “Get his wallet and car keys.” Alec grabbed both from the bureau and stuffed them in his shirt.

Using Max’s computer, they sent an email to the Sheik, telling him that he (Max) was leaving and taking Alec and Johnny with him. He told him not to try and find him or report anything to the police because he knew so much about the Sheik’s shady affairs that he could get him thrown in prison for years.

They tied Max and gagged him and carried him out the door to his car. They threw him into the trunk and jumped in the car and took off. As they passed the guard gate, Johnny hid half of his face and waved to the guard who opened the gate and let them pass.

“YAHOOOOOOO!” screamed Alec as they drove away.


To be continued…

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