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Brother against Brother
Chapter 7 - A Plan for Revenge
By Michael Randall

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The day was very hot and as they were driving along, it occurred to Alec that Max might suffocate in the trunk so he had Johnny pull into a secluded place and the transferred Max’s unconscious body to the backseat of the car. They covered his naked body with the blanket and started their trek once more. They drove for six hours before stopping for fuel and to buy some food. Johnny went into the market to buy some food and water while Alec filled the gas tank of the Lexus. As he got back in the car to wait for Johnny, he heard some moaning coming from the backseat. He got out of the driver’s seat and opened the back door and lifted the blanket. Unbeknownst to Alec, Max had awakened and had been able to free himself. As Alec entered the back seat Max surprised him, delivering a right hook to his jaw and then grabbed his shoulders and pushed him to the floor. Max was arched over Alec, his cock and balls swung between his muscled thighs as he wrapped his hands around the neck of the stunned Alec, and began strangling him. Alec was wedged between the front and back seats and his arms and legs were pinned beneath him. The look on Max’s face scared the hell out of Alec because that determined look told him that Max intended to murder him right there. As he ran out of oxygen, Alec’s vision began to cloud over and he was heading into darkness. Suddenly, Max collapsed on top of him. Alec was confused and wondered what had happened.

Then he looked up and saw Johnny standing behind Max’s unconscious body gripping the barrel of his pistol in his hand which he had evidently used to knock Max out.

Johnny was pissed. “What the fuck, Alec?” Alec watched as Johnny picked the naked Max up and threw him on the seat, where he re-tied him, tightly this time. He pulled the vial of liquid and a disposable syringe from the duffle. He shoved the needle into Max’s left butt cheek and emptied the syringe. He covered Max’s nude, bound body with blankets.

They got back into the front seat and took off. After a few minutes, Johnny asked “What were you thinking, man? Alec looked at him before replying “He was moaning and I went to check on him when he attacked me.” Johnny chuckled, “well you found out didn’t you?” Alec stared out the window never answering Johnny.

After a minute of silence, Johnny realized that he had made Alec feel stupid. He put his hand on Alec’s thigh. “Hey bro, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. It just scared me that Max might have killed you if I hadn’t gotten there in time.” He squeezed Alec’s thigh and returned his hand to the steering wheel.

Alec finally spoke up “No, you were right I should have thought it out before getting in the back seat alone; it was a stupid thing to do.”

Johnny reached over again and patted Alec’s shoulder “Well, no foul, no harm, babe, let’s just put it behind us.” Alec looked over at him smiled weakly and nodded his head.

They drove for another day and a half before arriving just outside of the city. Johnny stopped the car across the street from a small medical office. “What’s up with this?” Alec asked looking very confused. “Well, the long and the short of it Alec, is that before we confront my brother, you have to assume a new identity.” Alec looked more confused than before. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain, but we need to get into the clinic now.”

They exited the car and walked into the clinic. Johnny gave the receptionist his name and told him they had an appointment with the doctor. The receptionist nodded, got up and lead them to an examination room and said “I will let the doctor know you are here. He is finishing a procedure so it will be a few minutes, please make yourselves comfortable.” He left the room closing the door as he exited.

Alec looked at Johnny questioningly “well?” Johnny reached into his pocket and produced a flash drive. “Look, I took this flash drive from Max’s desk and while you were driving, I’ve been reviewing it. It has a lot of useful information on it including the fact that our friend Max has twenty-three million dollars in a swiss bank and the charge card in his wallet is without a limit. We can be set for life with that much money, bro, but we won’t be able to access any of it unless Max willingly gives us access.” They both laughed at that. “OK, well that gives us a choice; first we could convince Max to work with us and become a trusted partner”…Johnny laughed, “or a more realistic solution is that we turn you into Max. Of course the former is extremely unlikely to occur and so it seems that we are left with one choice; you will assume his identity!”

“You’re fucking kidding, Abdul! There is no way that I could be transformed to look like Max”. Alec turned to Johnny and shook his head, “No plastic surgery can make someone unrecognizable to someone who knows them; it just doesn’t happen like that.” I am not willing to go through all of that only to have it come out badly.”

Johnny knew that at some point he would have to tell Alec who he really is and it appeared that the time had arrived to come clean with Alec put his hands on Alec’s shoulders to keep him still. “Listen bro, I need to tell you something…” Johnny slowly and painstakingly spent a half hour explaining who he really was and the change that he underwent at the hands of Max to become Abdul. Alec was stunned to learn of the deception given his feelings of hatred for Johnny. He got up and walked to the other side of the room, turned his face away and stared out the window. He turned back toward Johnny and said in a low voice “Fuck you, Abdul or Johnny or whoever you are, you may look different, but you’re still the asshole from before!” He drew back his fist with the intention of punching Johnny. “You son-of-a-bitch! I can’t believe I became intimate friends with the guy I hate the most in this world; and all because a fucking plastic surgeon did a makeover!?! You are still the rotten guy from two years ago, just with a different face.”

Johnny raised his hand and intercepted Alec’s fist. “Yo, bro, calm down, calm down and listen…please.” Alec stared at him seething with anger as Johnny pleaded “Alec, the Johnny you encountered when Butch kidnapped you and your friends is not the same person as I am today and the stuff that was done to you and the others was disgusting and was done at Butch’s instructions. I always looked up to my older brother and so I did what I thought would please him.” He looked deeply into Alec’s eyes, “I know the things that I did were horrible and unforgiveable, but over the past year, I have come to know you in a different way and as you know, I have fallen in love you bro. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could fall in love with a man, but I have and you are that man, Alec. Bro, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that is, if you can forgive me and see beyond that hideous time to a new future together.”

Alec broke away from Johnny’s grip “no way, fucker, no way. I can never forgive you for all the shit that you did. In fact the unspeakable things that you did make me want to kill you right here and now.”

He opened the door and left the room. Johnny followed him out. The receptionist watched confusedly as Alec stormed past him and out the front door of the clinic. Johnny looked at the receptionist and explained “he just received some bad news, but he’ll be ok. We’ll be back in momentarily.” The receptionist acknowledged the explanation. “Well, the doctor is going to be at least another fifteen minutes, so maybe that will give him time to cool off.” Johnny laughed “I hope so!”

Johnny stood at the glass door and thought it would be best to leave Alec alone to work this all out in his mind, he knew what a shock it must have been to Alec, but he also knew that Alec really loved him too. Alec leaned against the car, his face in his hands. He finally looked up and saw Johnny standing in front of the clinic and he wandered toward him.

He walked up to Johnny and shoved him against the bilding. He got up nose to nose with Johnny; “You know, you are an asshole, and that was a very fucked up thing to do to me, Johnny, it really was; you know what, you worthless piece of crap?” Johnny closed his eyes prepared to take a blow until he heard the rest of Alec’s statement. “I thought about our time together and have realized that I do love you too and I want to stay with you.”

Relieved at those words, Johnny started to say something, but Alec put his finger over his lips. “Don’t say a word now or you’ll piss me off all over again. It is going to take a while for me to sort out all of this, but I’m willing to go through with it and I think we can pull it off, bro.”

Johnny smiled to himself, but didn’t say a word. They walked back into the office and into the examination room. Instantly, Johnny got to his knees and unzipped Alec’s jeans and pulled out his cock. He took it all in his mouth and began to give Alec one hot blow job. Alec moaned as Johnny’s hot mouth massaged his cock with his lips and tongue. He slipped a finger into Alec’s butt which sent him over the top and he squirted a huge load of cum into Johnny’s mouth. Johnny swallowed it and cleaned off Alec’s big cock. Then smiling he looked up at him. “See I am sincere about this.”

Alec grinned “well I don’t know about that but you are one hell of a cocksucker!” he pulled him to a standing position and kissed him passionately.

Johnny broke the kiss. “OK, let’s get going. I found a hotel listing in Max’s phone contacts and I made reservations for us at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus which is close to the Damascus International Airport. We’ll check in there and then make our plans to get the fuck out of this God forsaken country as quickly as possible to get revenge on my brother and his ‘friends’.

Soon the doctor came into the room with a smile on his face. “Ah, my masterpiece.” He grabbed Johnny’s chin and moved his head from side to side. “I know you are worried, my friend, but there is no need” the doctor said to Alec.

“Is Max here?” the doctor asked. “Yeah he’s in the backseat of the car, Johnny replied. “Give me the keys and I will have my orderlies move the car to the rear of the clinic and bring Max inside. Johnny handed him the keys as a burly man walked into the room. The doctor handed him the keys and said “you know what to do.” The guy nodded and walked out. Alec looked a bit nervous, as he questioned Johnny “You’re sure this will be ok, right?” Johnny replied that he would not do it if it would cause harm to Alec. This seemed to relax Alec a bit.

They watched as the orderlies wheeled a gurney through the clinic’s back door. The naked unconscious body of Max was on it and the orderlies wheeled him into the examination room.

The doctor lifted the sheet off on Max’s face. A sneer appeared on his lips “Not to worry, it will be a pleasure to seek recompense from this bastard. He made my life a living hell, blackmailing me into doing his dirty work and now I am being given an opportunity for payback.”

“How do you figure that?” Alec looked quizzically at the doctor and then to Johnny who responded “Max will also undergo some changes and will be sent back to the Sheik as you. A note will accompany him, blaming ‘you’ for talking Max into leaving in the first place. What the Sheik does with him, well, use your imagination!” He laughed.

Alec laughed nervously “ok.” The doctor looked at Alec. “Ok, Alec, we need to get started on the ‘transformation’, please remove your clothing and lie on the table.” Looking at Johnny, the doctor asked, “we do the whole body, yes?” “Yes, everything please, he must be a clone of Max.” The doctor nodded, turned to Alec and inserted an IV into Alec’s elbow. He injected the sodium pentothal into the IV. “Start counting backward from 100, Alec.” Alec began “100, 99, 98, 97, 96, ….95,………….94,………zzzzzzzz.” Alec was out. With the orderlies helping him, the doctor took several hundred pictures of Alec and Max. He downloaded the pictures to a computer and they appeared on a 50 inch screen, as he began the procedure.

One week later, the bandages were ready to be removed. Johnny was delighted with the result, Alec was a perfect clone of Max and Max had become Alec. Johnny looked at the doctor, “The transformations are incredible!” The doctor smiled, “I took extra precautions to get it right.”

Johnny handed a duffel bag filled with $200,000.00 to the doctor. “worth every penny.” Johnny said looking at Alec/Max. He walked over and kissed him. “I gotta say it’s going to be weird screwing Max” he chuckled. “Ha, Ha, very funny, asshole” Alec retorted. “Maybe he won’t let you!” Johnny frowned as Alec laughed.

“Listen doc, we need an hour or so with the asshole here. We have some plans for him.” The doctor laughed. “Enjoy yourselves, he deserves whatever you give him. I’ll be back later to get him ready for shipment.”

The doctor left and Johnny and Alec walked over the strapped down Max. Max’s eyes got wide when he saw his face on another man. “WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK?” “Shut up” Johnny said slapping him across the face. Then he reached down and grabbed Max’s balls squeezing them hard. Max screamed. Johnny and Alec were enjoying looking at the naked Max on the receiving end of pain.

Alec looked at Johnny, “I get him first.” They flipped Max over face down. Alec positioned himself in front of Max’s mouth, pulled his cock out and pushed his hard dick inside his mouth. Max resisted and Alec grabbed his head to hold it still as Johnny grabbed Max’s balls. “SUCK IT, MAX!”

With pain shooting through his body, Max nodded his head violently and began to suck Alec’s dick. Johnny grabbed a bottle of Vodka and shoved it into Max’s ass. The alcohol was quickly absorbed into Max’s system, and as Max lost control he gave Alec the best head he’d ever had. Alec then got up on the bed and knelt behind Max roughly shoving his dick in his ass. Johnny walked around to Max’s head and made him blow him while Alec fucked him. They did many other versions of this filling Max’s ass and mouth with their cum over and over until Max passed out. They continued until the doctor returned two hours later.

The doctor said goodbye to them as he dragged Max to the crating area. He dumped Max’s unconscious body tied and gagged into the crate. He looked down at Max, whose eyes were wide with a mixture of anger and fear. “If you think what those guys did was bad, just wait until the Sheik opens this crate!” He laughed maniacally and injected Max with a drug to keep him quiet during the transport. The he nailed the lid to the top of the shipping crate.

Alec and Johnny stopped to buy some clothes. They got back in the car and Alec said “well I really want to get to that Hotel, I need a shower badly, I’m so hot.” Johnny ran his fingers down Alec’s cheek, “I agree babe, you look pretty hot to me!” Johnny’s hand dropped into Alec’s lap and he grabbed a handful of Alec’s cock and balls and began to massage them. “Um, hey lover, you know, do you want to arrive safely in Damascus or not? If you do, then you need to get your hand off my junk and stop distracting me.”

Johnny laughed and picked up Max’s cell phone to call a local dealer of private jets. They drove to the dealer’s location. $5 million dollars later, they had purchased an HA-420 6 passenger HondaJet, hired a top notch pilot and a gorgeous male attendant. A flight plan was filed for the next morning. Now they were ready to begin their search for Butch and the others and deal with them one by one. Back at the hotel the two made passionate love into the night.

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