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Living Dolls
Chapter 2 - The chips begin to fall
By Michael Randall

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Living Dolls

Chapter 2 – The chips begin to fall
By Michael Randall in collaboration with Wolfpek

“Good morning Seth!” Julian greeted his friend as he opened the glass door of the box encasing him. Seth’s eyes were still closed since his chip had not been activated for the day.

“Oops, you seem so genuine, I almost forgot.” Julian chuckled and picked up the remote. He scrolled down the menu screen until he found “AWAKEN”. Pressing OK he smiled as Seth moaned a bit.

Seth’s head jerked and his eyes opened. He smiled at Julian. “Good morning Julian!”

From inside Seth was raging. “You son-of-a-bitch Julian, how could you do this to me? You are holding me captive inside my own fucking body. There is nothing ‘good’ about this morning and I fear for the rest of eternity if your chip works as you think it will. I HATE YOU!

“I hope you slept well, my love. We have much work to do today. The staff will be here soon and we must use our chips to convince them to be cooperative as we put our new plan into operation.”

Julian scrolled through the menu on the remote control and found “SENSUAL FEELINGS” pressing OK, he turned to Seth.

“But first things first, Seth, I want you naked, take off your clothes.” Seth questioned nothing and began to strip. When he was naked, Julian stepped in front of him running his hands up and down his body, twisting his nubby nipples, caressing his six pack abs and then stroking the big cock while cupping his balls. As he was programmed to do, Seth moaned in erotic fashion and his body began to undulate of its own volition. He thrust his hips out as Julian sank to his knees. He stroked the big dick to full erection before sliding it into his mouth. He had dreamed of this for so long and had never thought it would come true, but now here he is sucking Seth’s dick, tasting the desire of his dreams while the big man moaned sensually above him. He used some of Seth’s pre-cum to wet his finger and as he sucked the large cock, he slowly slid his finger into Seth’s crack probing for the stud’s rosebud. When he felt the pucker he twisted his finger into the hole. Not having ever engaged in ass play Seth’s dick exploded into Julian’s mouth coating his tongue with a huge load. Julian swallowed in eagerly and stood up. Taking Seth’s face in his hands, he kissed him passionately.

“Oh fuck, Seth, I’ve been waiting so long for this. You’re gonna move into my apartment with me as my lover. It would have never been possible before, but now I’ve got you where I want you, where I need you.”

He pushed Seth down so that his upper torso was lying on the table and his ass was bent over the side of the table. He reached around and stuck his fingers in Seth’s mouth. “Get ‘em wet babe” he whispered seductively into Seth’s ear. Seth took his fingers into his mouth and wet them with his saliva. Parting his firm cheeks, Julian pressed his fingers into Seth’s hole once more stretching him to accommodate his cock. When he felt that the stretch was good enough, he unzipped his pants and hauled out his own cock. Stoking it to lubricate it he got the pole sufficiently greased and he slowly penetrated Seth’s tight hole. Seth moaned involuntary as he was programmed and began to thrust his hip back to meet Julian’s cock. Julian began to plunge harder and faster as his libido drove him wild. Seth began to huff “Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” as his abs were pushed against the side of the table knocking the breath from him as Julian crashed into his ass with abandon.

Suddenly Julian’s dick exploded inside Seth coating his insides with a load of cum bigger than any Julian had ever shot. As his climax subsided, Julian leaned down covering Seth’s muscled back. As if Seth was really his lover, he nipped playfully at his ear lobes and rubbed his hands up and down his sides. He kissed the back of his neck.

“Alas, my love, we have to get moving. Don’t worry though, I will make love to you later.” Seth’s inner mind was seething. “My love???? You’re a fucking lunatic, Julian. I don’t love you! I am not gay! Let me out of this prison!!!!”

Seth followed him into the lab and began his daily routine of setting up his station to work on new models.

Julian saw him and decided it was OK because it would prevent any suspicion if Seth continued to design new models of Manreplicas. But he needed Seth to do some other things right now.

“Seth, I scheduled everyone on a staggered timetable. We’ll be able to start with Jorge, he is scheduled to arrive within fifteen minutes so I need you to get things ready so we can complete his process within two hours and then Jorge can help us take care of Hiro when he arrives which will give us plenty of time before Flynn clocks in and once we have him, we will be ready to launch the new era of Manreplicas.”

Seth worked on getting the operating table set up as Julian extracted the box of chips from the vault in his office. As he went on with his set-up, Julian recalled how fortunate it was that he acquired his lab assistants the way that he did. His plan had been simple; recruit young men from other countries with the promise of opportunity to learn, provide a small salary, and arrange for fully paid living accommodations. The extra incentive was the promise to sponsor each of them to become citizens of the United States; a promise he never intended to keep so that he would retain leverage over the workers.

As he hired his staff, he made sure the application process was detailed enough to determine his criterion; single, young, good-looking, fit, and no living relatives. Any applicants who did not meet these requirements were promptly rejected. Julian saved so much of budgeted salary money, he was able to use that along with some additional investment of his own inheritance he received when his parents died to purchase and renovate an old warehouse. Julian’s original plan was to start his own company in a few years and the warehouse would serve as his headquarters. He converted the top floor into pleasant living quarters for his assistants. The living space had fourteen bedrooms, a communal shower area and a large kitchen and an entertainment room. The second floor had been converted into a fitness center with lots of equipment that Julian was able to purchase at a fraction of the value when a local gym filed bankruptcy at the same time he was doing his renovations. Though his plans had changed recently, this set-up will be perfect for his new plan.

He was brought out of his reverie as, right on schedule, the first lab assistant arrived. Jorge Vargas walked through the sliding doors and smiled at Julian.

“Mornin’ boss, you feeling better today?”

Julian frowned at his question “Why do you ask Jorge?”

“Well, when you and Seth came back from the staff meeting it was obvious that you were agitated about something and then we could hear your quarrel. We just figured you and Seth had to get things calmed down and that’s why you gave us the rest of the day off.”

Relieved, Julian replied “Very observant of you, Jorge, you are absolutely correct. But we have ironed everything out, right Seth?”

Seth looked at Jorge and smiled “Yep, all worked out!” Inside Seth wanted to scream NOOOOO! He wanted to warn Jorge to get away NOW!

Julian studied his number one assistant. Jorge was from Cuba. He answered an ad Julian had placed in a Cuban newspaper. Truth be known when Julian hired Jorge he was interested in him more than simply a lab assistant but he was utterly straight, so though he admired his assistant, Julian knew he could never touch. He especially enjoyed watching the guys having showers which he could monitor with the help of hidden cameras in the communal shower area.

But once the conversion of Jorge is complete it will be a different story and Julian will be able to enjoy the hot Cuban in a more intimate way.

“Jorge, would you please open that box over there?”

Jorge walked to the box and opened the lid not knowing that Julian had rigged it. As he unfastened it, a thick mist sprayed into his face. Jorge staggered backward attempting to cover his face, but it was too late and the substance quickly did its job and Jorge fell to the floor incapacitated.

“Seth, get him to the table.”

Seth dragged Jorge to the table and lifted him onto the table and began to strip him. Seth’s inner voice came to life: Why am I doing this? Julian’s orders cannot be resisted no matter how hard I try.

Julian watched with lust as the fine-looking Latino body is revealed, his clothing removed piece by piece until he is totally naked on the table. Jorge’s muscled pecs, thick arms and flat stomach seemed to be carved from marble, then Julian’s eyes fell on the cock lying between the thick thighs, uncircumcised and about seven inches in its semi-erect state.

“Turn him over Seth.”

Seth flipped the hunk onto his front and held him in place. Julian approached with his instrument and after locating the correct spot, injected the chip into Jorge’s neck. The stud lay still as Julian typed formulas into the remote to taking control of his will, his mind and his actions.

Julian’s experience with the conversion of Seth was enough to help him adjust the settings that would make the target respond properly dramatically reducing the time necessary to transform Jorge into a living doll.

In less than an hour, the conversion was complete. Julian commanded him to wake and Jorge sat up on the table. “Get off the table and stand on the floor, Jorge.”

Jorge stood next to the table his fogged up brain waiting for the next command.

On the inside Jorge was muddled “What the fuck?? What’s going on why am I naked? I can’t move, what’s going on?”

“Seth, look at that cock, it needs some attention” Julian smirked and watched as Seth licked his lips, walked in front of Jorge, knelt down and took the big dick into his mouth.

Jorge inhaled sharply as Seth’s tongue glided up and down the thick piece of man-meat causing it to lengthen and harden into a nine inch truncheon. Jorge moaned as Seth swallowed his cock down and the head entered the tight throat.

“Julian watched with fascination as two straight men engaged in a fabulous blow job session. Julian’s dick began to harden as he continued to watch. It didn’t take long for Jorge and following his master’s orders, he pulled his dick out of Seth’s mouth in time to paint his face with his cum.

Julian clapped his hands together “Yes, yes, that was splendid. Now Seth go get cleaned up and Jorge get dressed quickly before Hiro arrives.

They were ready when the hunky Japanese stud walked through the doors of the lab. Hiro Sato was recruited after he had arrived illegally in the United States. His fervor to get to the US in spite of not having a visa, made him a perfect candidate for Julian’s covert operation. Julian had lusted after this stud, but alas, he too was another hopelessly straight, big dicked dream.

There was no need for any special tricks to subdue Hiro as Jorge was quite capable of taking the guy down easily on his own and he did. Positioning himself behind the Japanese stud he swiftly secured Hiro in a standing sleeper hold sending him off to dreamland before the hunk even realized what was happening.

Hiro’s clothes were removed exposing a hard body. Smooth pecs topped with dark brown aureoles and stiff nipples. Rippling muscled arms and thighs were quite eye-pleasing, a nice bubble butt promised a good time, but the eight and a half inches of solid cock was Julian’s focal point. He’d already known what Hiro looked like hard because he’d caught him jacking off on camera a few times.

The conversion process was applied to Hiro quickly and he was on his knees sucking Seth’s cock with exuberance and surprisingly some familiarity. Perhaps he wasn’t as straight as he thought. As Jorge did to him, Seth painted Hiro’s face with a large stream of cum.

Now there was just one more conquest to make before Julian was closer to his ultimate goal; Flynn Callum, the fiery-tempered but friendly stud from Ireland is 6 feet of solid muscle beginning with square pecs capped by hard nipples amplifying a defined six pack above a slim waist. Muscled arms with some ink and thickly muscled thighs give him increased strength and a seven and a half inch dick hangs loosely over egg sized balls. Flynn’s body is lightly dusted with dark hair matching the thick crop on his head and pubic area. Julian drools every time he sees the rough and tumble Flynn who found Julian’s ad on an international employment website. Flynn was an amateur wrestler in his native Ireland.

Flynn arrived precisely at his scheduled start time waving to Julian as he walked in.

“What’s up chief?” he asked as he noticed Jorge and Hiro standing in a relaxed posture. “We outta work or sumfin?”

“Naa” Julian answered him quickly to put to rest any suspicions that may be raised in his mind. The guys and I were just talking about strength and agility we might be able to incorporate into our new models.

Flynn gave a nervous laugh. “Ya wasn’t talkin’ ‘bout me now was ya?” His body took on a distinctly defensive posture.

Julian walked over to him “now why would we be doing that, Flynn? You think maybe we found out some secret you were keeping from us?”

“Wha? Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout chief? I ain’t been nothing but honest with ya.” Flynn started backing away.

“You sure, Flynn? Hiro says you’ve been breaking curfew and Jorge says he can smell the odor of liquor when you come in at night.”

“Look chief, I mighta gone out for a little snort, ya unnerstand? But don’t mean anyfing. I’m sober when I comes to work, yeah?

“But Flynn, you broke the rules, MY rules, you’ve lost my trust.”

“But, but, but sir, I am sorry, it was not my intent to do that, sir. Please don’t send me back. I’ll do better, I promise.”

Julian was becoming excited having this control over the strapping Irish stud and without even converting him.

“Well, but somehow, you’re going to have to pay for breaking the rules Flynn. I think maybe I’d like to see you wrestle Jorge; if he submits you get a second chance; if you submit, you have to face the consequences.”

Flynn knew he was smaller than Jorge, but he also knew he could take the Latino stud based upon his experience as a wrestler back home.

“OK” he said taking a stance “I’m ready”

Julian laughed “Not yet Flynn, take off your clothes.”

Flynn jerked his head around “Yer kiddin’ right?”

“Not at all, Flynn, take off your clothes, you’re wrestling Jorge in the nude.”

Flynn began to protest.

“Well, I can have you on the next flight to Dublin, if that’s what you want.”

“No, no, it’s a’right” he answered and began to strip.

Julian sighed as he drank in the beauty of the naked Irish rover, his cock stiffened in his briefs. Then he glanced over to Jorge and nodded. Jorge stripped off his clothes as well causing Julian’s cock to begin leaking. He then pressed Jorge’s controller giving him extra strength and endurance as well as a superior knowledge of wrestling moves.

The two started off in a neutral position. Flynn grabs Jorge’s shoulders and attempts to take him to the mat. Jorge shrugs off the move and grabs Flynn in a headlock. He pulls Flynn around to the front and mashes his face into his crotch. Flynn yells loudly that it is a foul, but Jorge ignores him and Julian just watches the action.

Flynn escapes from the headlock and applies a reversal grabbing a headlock on Jorge. This move is short-lived though as Jorge rears up carrying Flynn on his shoulders. Jorge grabs a handful of Flynn’s balls crushing them in his fist.

“AAAAAAAAAAIIIIWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Flynn screams out “Let go a my balls, Vargas!”

But the Latino hunk grips them tighter.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, let go, you fucker!” Flynn wiggles and squirms atop Jorge’s shoulder trying to escape. Jorge tires of this and tosses the wiry stud to the mat. Flynn shakes his head trying to clear it when Jorge advances upon him and effortlessly lifts Flynn up and over his head, then slams him hard to the mat. Flynn lies on the mat, his head spinning, his chest heaving as he tries to figure out how the Latino got so good at wrestling.

Before Flynn gets his bearings, Jorge scoops him up from the mat and slams him down over his knee, his bubble ass raised up. Holding the stud in place, Jorge begins to slap his ass. Flynn is screaming for mercy but Jorge continues his assault slapping the mick’s ass until it is bright red and hot to the touch. Tears pour from Flynn’s eyes as Jorge reaches under him and grabs his balls again crushing them with his increased strength until Flynn passes out from the pain.

Jorge flings the unconscious stud to the mat and begins slapping his face to wake him.

Groggy and dazed, Flynn finally comes to only to be greeted with a right hook to the jaw followed by a series of punches to his abs. Jorge continues to work Flynn’s abs carefully breaking down the muscle wall. Flynn is bawling for him to stop.

“I submit! I submit!” he screams, but Jorge is relentless (controlled on by the buttons that Julian is pushing) and continues to pound his opponent into the mat. Grabbing Flynn by the hair, Jorge lifts him up and reaches around and wraps his arm around the Flynn's neck, pressing his thick biceps against one side of Flynn’s neck and the inner bone of his forearm against the other side. Flynn’s neck is squeezed inside the arm very tightly. Additionally Jorge grabs Flynn’s bicep of his left arm using his left hand to push Flynn's head towards the crook of his right elbow. Slowly Flynn’s eyes begin to close as the hunk loses consciousness and falls limp.

Jorge continues to hold the sleeper until Julian calls for him to stop. He drops Flynn who rolls onto his back, legs splayed.

Jorge stands over his victim with a raging boner, his cock dribbling pre onto Flynn’s chest.

“Wake him” Julian calls.

Jorge slaps Flynn’s face again bringing him around.

Julian laughs and announces “The winner! Jorge Vargas!”

Then he looks down at Flynn and says “That means you are the loser, Flynn.”

Flynn looks confused “I, I, don’t understand, this can’t be happening.” He looks up at Jorge’s massive erection dripping and looming over him and begins to scoot across the mat.

“There’s no escape Flynn…you lost and now you must take your punishment. But I’m going to give you a choice.” He smirks. “Choice one, Jorge gets to drive his massive dick up your ass; or choice two, I send you back to Ireland”

Flynn looks at Julian in disbelief. “You can’t be serious chief!?! Those are no choices.”

“Sorry but those are your choices.” It appeared that Flynn might try to make a run for it but the sound of Julian’s voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

“If you try to run, Flynn, Seth will end your life.”

Flynn looks over at Seth who holds a Glock pointed directly at him. Flynn looks defeated.

“Well?” Julian asks.

“He can fuck me.” Flynn whispers.

“I couldn’t hear you stud.”

Flynn grimaces and then shouts “Jorge can fuck me!!!!!” Then he hangs his head in disgrace.

Jorge rubs some lube on his giant dick and grabs Flynn by the back of the neck and forces his dick between Flynn’s ass cheeks embedding it deep inside. Flynn screams out as the 9 inches of cock is forced up his ass. Julian takes advantage and steps in front of the mick.

Unzipping his pants he hauls out his hard cock. “Suck it, Flynn.” He barks.

Flynn looks up at him with red eyes and a look of disbelief on his face.

Julian grabs his dick and shakes it in Flynn’s face. “Suck it.”

Flynn opens his mouth and takes Julian’s cock inside.

“Suck it Flynn!”

The defeated Irishman starts to suck on the big dick sobbing as his ass is being fucked and Jorge pounds his ass hard and deep shaking Flynn’s entire body. Jorge thrusts in and out of the bubble ass as Julian thrusts in and out of his mouth and both reach climax at the same time filling both orifices with their cum.

Jorge pulls his dick out of Flynn’s ass as Julian pulls his out of his mouth and the stud falls to the mat cum leaking out of both his ass and mouth.

“Finish him Jorge” Julian mumbles as he stuffs his dick back into his pants and then watches as Jorge lifts the limp body up and punches him hard sending him back to the mat and into dreamland.

Julian laughs that the fire has been doused inside this hunky Irishman and he was glad to watch his beating. Now he would be converted to the new process.

Two hours later, Julian has his entire new team assembled ready to do his bidding without complaint. Each man had been stripped naked and placed in the appropriate glass case.

Julian realized it was lunchtime and left the lab to get to the cafeteria. It was just his luck that he ran directly into Whitford in the line.

“Yo, Colman, how goes the battle?” He snickered.

Julian didn’t acknowledge him.

“Hey Colman I’m talking to you, man. How’s the project coming? Gonna be ready soon?” He let out a big laugh as he headed to a table with some of his staff.

“Asshole” Julian whispered to himself.

“What’s that?” Russel looked up from his table.

“Nothing” Julian replied

“That’s what I thought, nerd.” His staff laughed as they began to eat lunch.

Julian finished his lunch and walked back to the lab.

He walked into the secret room and surveyed the sight of four gorgeously handsome men standing naked waiting for his commands. He felt a bit like a fairy tale king only a bit more erotic fairy tale. He smiled as he noticed the bruises on Flynn’s body; Jorge did a hell of a number on him, but Flynn asked for it. His shitty attitude needed some adjustment and Jorge did it.

Julian picked up Flynn’s remote, scrolled the menu and found SENSUAL FEELINGS and clicked OK.

Flynn’s eye fluttered open and the look on his face was one of pure lust as his eyes swept up and down Julian’s body. He opened his door and stepped out. Drawing close to Julian, he knelt before him. Then looking up, he asked “May I?”

Julian nodded and the Irishman unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock out. He began to lick the shaft up and down slathering it with his spit. He opened his mouth and took the thick cock into his throat. He moved his head faster up and down the stiff meat as Julian groaned. Before he could even think about it, Julian emptied his balls into Flynn’s throat.

He pushed Flynn off him roughly.

“Get dressed.” He ordered. Flynn complied pulling on his clothes. Julian woke the others and they also dressed themselves in their usual work clothes.

Julian’s phone buzzed in his pocket.

He took it out and saw Mr. Prescott’s name.

“Hello sir.” He crowed into the speaker.

“Julian, my lad, how are things going in the lab?” Prescott was on speaker in his office and another sat silently listening to the conversation.

“Fine sir, why do you ask?”

“Well, some of the board members are due in for a meeting at the end of this month and I was wondering if we could show them some of your development. I know you wanted three months before the demo, but I thought if I could just show them your advanced research, it would boost their confidence in the company. What do you think?”

Julian snickered to himself. Ordinarily, he would be panicked, but knowing how well the equipment works, he could easily be ready for a full blown demo by month’s end. He just had to figure out how to get the human models. He couldn’t use any of his newest converts as they were too well known. Well, he’d come up with something.

“Certainly, sir, I can do better than an update. Things have been going so well, I think I will be read to unveil my creations by month’s end.”

“Splendid Julian, splendid, I knew I could depend on you.”

Prescott disconnected the call and turned to the figure sitting in front of him.

“Well, Whitford, what do you think of that, huh?”

“He’s lying.”

“Whitford, you heard what he said.”

“Yeah, I did, but I don’t believe one word that comes out of that creep’s mouth. I still don’t believe he has this miracle that he is touting. I think he’s making it all up.”

“Well, I guess we’ll see, eh Whitford? And please drop this foolishness, I don’t want to hear another word about my genius in the laboratory, do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.”

Russel walked out of Prescott’s office muttering to himself. “I’ll expose that phony if it’s the last thing I do.” Unfortunately for him he didn’t realize how prophetic those words would be.


Down in the lab, Julian sat at his desk tapping a pencil on the top trying to think of a plan.

The guys were busy in the lab, not really doing anything, but to the untrained eye it would appear they were working on various models.

Julian looked over at Seth sitting at his drafting table, drawing designs. All of this was a precaution to eliminate any suspicion in case somebody came into the lab.

“Seth” Julian called.

Seth looked up pleasantly from his work.

“Please come in here?”

“Be right in Julian.”

He laid his pencil down and scooted his stool away from them table. He walked into Julian’s office.

“What’s up?” he asked as he sat down across from his co-worker.

Julian explained the phone call from Prescott and that he was sure Russel was behind it. He lamented that he had not come up with any idea as to how to secure models to make his prototype. Seth, of course, knew that he meant procuring living, breathing, merchandise, namely humans.

“Any ideas?”

Seth’s enhanced brain worked as a search engine as thoughts filled his head.

“How about a fitness training academy?”


“We could lure young men to the academy with the promise of enhancing their bodies and minds at no cost to them and then use them to create the prototypes.” Seth couldn’t believe what he was suggesting, but he couldn’t stop himself, he was helpless, though his own morals were still intact, it was not so for the “new Seth”.

“Of course we will have to vet them thoroughly and choose only those who have no connections that would lead to them being recognized” Julian mused “but I’ve done that before,” he chuckled.

“That’s a great idea babe!” He smiled broadly at Seth “Let’s start working on that right away, time is of the essence.”

Seth could h ardly stand it, knowing that not only was he a captive, but now he would be aiding Julian in his awful plan. He placed this ad in all of the sports and male fitness mags and websites.


By the 72 hour deadline, they had received 300 applications. The screening process reduced that number to 50 and the secondary process condensed it to 14 which was the number of dorm rooms available at Apollo Fitness.

Julian was ecstatic; he had never seen so many truly beautiful young men. Those who were not handsome were rejected immediately and the vetting process continued eliminating those who were not in perfect shape, were not athletic, were not straight and those with any tattoos or other body blemishes or living relatives. These men had to be perfect, there could be no imperfections and that is how the 300 became the 14.

  1. Andrew (Andy) Middlestadt. 19 years old, blond hair and blue eyes a swimmer’s build and 7 inches of cock; Andy was a product of the foster care system, but broke out about three years ago and lived on his own surviving by doing odd jobs in exchange for a place to sleep and a meal, never the same one twice.

  2. Leon Alvarez. 23 years old, Latino, black hair, brown eyes, sculpted, muscular body and 10 inches of hot dick. Leon had recently emigrated from Columbia, South America, where he had an unfortunate incident with a nasty drug cartel and though he had family he faked his death to severe relations with them in order to protect them.

  3. Alton Lawson. Al was a college gymnast in the states who fucked a coed who got pregnant and wanted him to marry her. He refused, but she had older brothers who came looking for the foreigner from the UK to “convince” him otherwise. Alton fled New York rather than face the guys who had mob connections. He had to go on the down low to avoid being recognized and ultimately snuffed out. Alton is 26 years old with a lean, muscled body, short brown hair and green eyes. His dick is 7.5 inches of heaven.

  4. Paul Weathersford is your typical “frat” boy. Although his age is 25 he looks much younger with medium brown hair, blue eyes and a nicely muscled body earned through weight lifting. Pecs of iron, a narrow waist and a bubble butt completes this young man who has 8 inches of steel shaft. Paul was raised by his grandmother who died recently leaving him without any living relatives. Although he grew up in Seattle, he moved around to several different cities after his grandmother’s death and has been working as a special messenger.

  5. Laine Patrick. Laine is a surfer boy, a free spirit who cut bonds with any one he’s ever known so he could travel the world and follow the sun. Laine is 21 with a surfer’s body, curly brown hair, blue eyes, a nice six pack and 8.5 inches of cock.

  6. Chris Grant. Chris is a shorter guy only 5’7” but great things come is small packages when you look at him, well developed arms and legs, sculpted pecs, firm ass and best of all 8 inches of dick. Chris has short dark hair, hazel eyes, an ass to die for, black hair, brown eyes and a dazzling smile. Chris got into a bit of trouble back home and has been on the run for about six months…no contacts.

  7. Marc Vincent. Marc is 25 years old, nicely muscled with the thickest cock we’ve seen with this group. He is 5’11 has a terrific body, with defined musculature and thick arms and legs. Marc’s closely cropped hair is black and he has brown eyes. He has been on the run most of his young life being falsely identified as a rapist when he was 15. Marc is now 25 and is a construction laborer when he can get work. His work assignments don’t last long as he cannot afford any discovery of his past.

  8. Curtis Long. Curt’s last name identifies not only himself but the also the piece of meat hanging between his muscled thighs. Curt’s cock is 10.5 inches long when erect; he prides himself on the fact that women can’t get enough. Curt stands 6’6” and is powerfully built sporting an amazing 8 pack on his muscled abs. Curt has medium length black hair and dark brown eyes. Always on the run he has no connections to anyone, until now.

  9. Dwayne Rogers. In the category of long cocks, Dwayne comes in second with a 10 inch dick. Dwayne is 6’2” and has a thickly muscled body with a thin layer of black hair and amazing brown eyes. Dwayne now 26, left home when he was only 15 and got a job within the syndicate where he worked as a bouncer at a club that was a front for a drug den. Dwayne always insisted on wearing a mask so that no one, even the bosses, knew what he looked like. That was his insurance policy for safety. Now he’s been unmasked.

  10. Tai Duong came to the US from Vietnam a few years ago to seek his fortune. Tai is the grandson of an American soldier and a Vietnamese girl. His grandfather was killed in the war before his mother was born. His mother eventually married and Tai was born. A few years ago Tai’s mother and father both died in an automobile accident and since he had no other relatives, he applied for a Visa to be a student in the US. His request was denied but he emigrated anyway, keeping a very low profile. Tai is 5’8” with a well-developed physique, nicely shaped pecs, 8 pack abs, thick arms and legs and 7.5 inches of cock meat. Tai’s black hair is thick and his hazel eyes sparkle.

  11. Akira Zhang. Akira is the perfect example of masculinity. His finely chiseled body stands 6’0” and he could be mistaken for a statue with the muscular frame. Powerful pecs top his chest round and firm each having dime sized aureoles and stand-up nips. His flat ab muscles are defined in a six pack. Arms and legs are thickly muscled and he brags about his 8 inches of dick. Akira came to the US as an exchange student from China. He deserted the family assignment and has been on the run ever since.

  12. Gerik Czarny is the wiriest of the group. His body, though not thickly muscled, has great definition and obvious musculature. His round pecs are dusted with a thin layer of light brown hair as is his six pack which show a treasure trail to his 7 inch dick and low hanging balls which are shaved. Gerik hails from Krakow, Poland where he got into some trouble with the law. Fleeing Poland, he was in Germany for a couple of years and then stowed away on a cargo ship headed for the US. Gerik is 25, with short brown hair and green eyes.

  13. Thomas Magnuson. Tom looks very young, almost like a high school student, but he is 23 years old. Tom definitely has the “boy next door” look with a slender swimmer’s build. But 8 inches of prime grade man meat makes it obvious that he is all man. Tom is a computer whiz who hacked one too many systems and found himself in deep trouble so he keeps a low profile. Tom’s head is covered in blond hair and his deep blue eyes are mesmerizing. A slight treasure trail and some pubic hair are the exceptions to the otherwise hairless physique.

  14. Pedro Hernandez. Pedro refuses to reveal his homeland for fear of his life. Pedro, it seems, had relations with the daughter of a famous criminal who had him imprisoned for two years. In that time Pedro concentrated on his body working out in the private gym. The results are stunning as he developed massive pecs clearly defined in two mounds of male flesh each topped with thick nipples. Muscled arms and legs appear as being chiseled from marble and a defined six pack is clearly evident. His gorgeous cock is 7 inches of pure meat and his balls, the size of small eggs hang low in their sac. Pedro is a real beauty.

So there you have it, the beginning of great fortune for Manreplica, Inc. and for Julian Colman as well. Julian’s cock was as hard as steel and leaking profusely as he surveyed the pictures of the young men over and over. Having enough he rose from his desk and walked to the secret room. “Seth, wake up” he whispered and scrolled the menu of his remote choosing “SEX”.


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