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Living Dolls
Chapter 3 - When the chips are down, it’s all about business
By Michael Randall

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Living Dolls

Chapter 3 – When the chips are down, it’s all about business
By Michael Randall based on an idea by Wolfpek

All 14 of the selected candidates were transported to the Academy’s property covertly. Each was instructed to tell no one about what they were doing, they had to leave any job they had without notice, get rid of any and all personal belongings including furniture, automobiles or other motor vehicles, break any and all leases, break off any relationships; in short they were required to erase all background about themselves. Once they arrived at the “Academy” they each were assigned to sleeping rooms and provided with “uniforms” consisting of navy blue gym shorts and green t-shirts and white jock straps underneath. The t-shirts had lettering emblazoned upon them declaring “Property of Apollo Fitness Academy”; harmless humor, right? The young men had no idea how true that statement was.

To eliminate any distrust, each candidate was “required” to sign a bogus contract that was so long that none of the studs took the time to read it. If they had they would have found that paragraph 112 on page 35 specifically states: “The undersigned is aware that he has relinquished all rights that may be granted by the constitutions of any and all countries and that Apollo has full rights to each candidate’s mind and body both of which will be used to further the profits of Manreplica, Inc. The undersigned agrees to these conditions in order to enjoy the full benefits of becoming a student of the Apollo Fitness Package”.

The lab staff was programmed to work with the guys making the Academy as credible as possible. Each day each of the candidates were put through rigorous routines and obstacles. They were given meals meant to build more muscle and increase the testosterone levels in each one.

Julian kept his distance from the Academy but monitored all activity via the cameras strategically placed around the compound. Much cum was blasted from his dick as he watched the guys working out, showering and even sleeping. Each candidate was warned that they could not masturbate during the initial sequences of their training. Of course the real reason was so that Julian could gather the necessary DNA for further research.

After three weeks of intense training, Julian instructed his staff to begin the preparation of the first three candidates. He chose Leon, Paul and Tai.

That night the team slipped into the dorm room of Leon, the mighty Latino. Flynn clamped a cloth soaked with Chloroform over the stud’s nose and mouth while Jorge held the hunk still. Leon was strong and began to fight the intruders tremendously. Jorge drew back his fist and drove it into the big man’s balls knocking some of the fight out of him. But still the horse hung stud resisted. Jorge slugged him again and again and Leon inhaled sharply with each punch. Eventually, he fell still, a victim of the chloroform. Hiro walked into the room and injected the stud with a heavy dose of anesthetic. He jerked his head toward the door and Flynn lifted the big man up and over his shoulder and slipped him into a body bag.

The scene was repeated with Paul and Tai, each subdued, and carried out to a transport unit in body bags to be carried to the lab under the secrecy of night.

The team arrived at the delivery entrance where Julian waited having turned off the security lamps to add more concealment. Julian came outside and paced around while the three body bags were unloaded and carried into the building over the shoulder of each staff member. Julian followed them inside, but just before he entered he thought he saw a light in Whitford’s office go dark, but when he looked up he couldn’t see anything. He entered the lab and then sent Hiro to return the transport vehicle to the Academy.

Sitting at his desk working on some new marketing techniques, Russell Whitford had thought he heard a vehicle engine outside. He got up and walked to the window and peered into the night. The light reflected off the window reducing his ability to see so he turned the office lights down. When he returned to the window, he saw Colman walking into the building and then stopping and looking up at his office window. The scientist closed the door behind him. A few minutes later Russell saw the Asian member of Colman’s team walk out of the building and get the van driving it away.

“Strange” he thought to himself, “What would Colman be doing here at this time of night? There wouldn’t be any deliveries this late” he reasoned and yet he couldn’t understand what else might be going on.

“Hmm,” he spoke aloud “Something is going on there; I wonder what it could be? That jerk Colman is up to something and I intend to get to the bottom of it in one way or another.”

He returned to his desk, packed up his brief case and left the building to go home. As he walked to the parking lot he noticed Colman’s car was still in the lot as was Seth’s. He would have gone back to investigate but he knew he could not gain entry to the lab, so he just decided to go home.

In the laboratory the three Academy students were removed from their body bags and placed on tables in the lab. Julian enjoyed the sight of the three strapping young men on their bellies restrained by wrist and ankle cuffs.

Julian walked up to the table of Paul Weathersford first. The young man lay motionless. Julian ran his hand up and down the stud’s back and then lower over the muscled cheeks of his ass. The conversion process was not going to be as simple as it was for the Seth and the staff. Because these guys had to be passed off as android types, they had to have some sort of entry port installed to make it look like they were not real, but simply autotrons. Julian had already contemplated this issue and had come up with a solution. A small square box with two input and output jacks would be installed in the ass cheek of each man. The box was only 2X2 inches and only 1/8” deep, so the incision was easily made and the box inserted just below the skin. It didn’t do anything actually, it just looked like it did and it looked so sophisticated it would fool nearly everyone.

Julian finished the chip implant and box insertion on Paul first and then moved to Leon and finally the hunky Tai. As Julian finished the surgical portion, Jorge used the “Healer” on the wounds to close up the skin.

Paul was released from his restraints and Julian tested the remote control. He scrolled down to “AWAKEN”, hit the button and the young man’s eyes opened and he smiled at Julian. “Hello Paul” Julian greeted him. “Hello Dr. Colman” Paul replied.

“Check” Julian said to no one in particular “facial recognition and memory sensors are working”.

“Paul, pop a boner, man” Immediately Paul’s dick inflated and hovered straight out over his low hanging balls.

“Check, verbal recognition complete and sexual excitement in order.”

“Paul.” The young man turned toward Julian with a questioning look on his face “yes sir?”

Julian laughed “Oh don’t call me sir; I’m your friend, call me Julian.”

“OK Julian!” Paul replied brightly and smiled broadly at the scientist.

“Check. Perception and reasoning working fine.”

“Paul would you please get dressed for me?”

“Of course Julian, I would be most happy to do that.”

Paul moved toward a stack of folded clothing under a sign that read “Paul W.”

He slipped the white boxer briefs up his legs and adjust his junk in the pronounced pouch. Julian had deliberately bought underwear with a tight pouch so that the erection demo would be very obvious.

“Paul, do you want to please me?”

“Of course, I do Julian, you are my best friend.” He smiled and moved closer to Julian.

“Well, Paul I have been very horny lately and a great blow job would really please me.”

“I would be happy to do that for you, Julian.”

Julian scrolled through the remote and found “eroticism low-natural-high” He chose high and put the remote on the table.

Paul’s face changed as a look of pure lust passed over it. He stripped off his own clothes, walked to Julian and cupped his balls through his pants and began to massage them. Julian’s cock began to grow inside his briefs as Paul continued to manipulate his genitals. Soon the candidate unbuckled Julian’s belt, unbuttoned his slacks and pulled down the zipper and Julian’s pants pooled around his feet.

Paul knelt down in front of him and kissed the bulge in Julian’s briefs. Like a hungry man with a piece of meat, Paul’s mouth moved up and down the cloth covered cock. He reached up to the waistband of Julian’s briefs and pulled them down his legs. Julian’s dick popped up and Paul began to lick it from tip to root. Julian moaned as the subject took his whole cock deep inside his throat and thus began the best blow job Julian had ever had. He thrust in and out of Paul’s mouth in rhythm with his sucking. Julian felt his orgasm building and just before he climaxed, Paul thrust a finger between his ass cheeks and up into his manhole. WHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Julian screamed out as his dick spurted blast after blast of hot cum all over Paul’s face. When Julian had finished, he looked at Paul; cum coated his handsome face and the excess dripped in rivulets down to his chest. Paul’s breathing was very rapid and Julian soon realized that the young man hadn’t cum yet.

“Paul, you may cum now”

“Thank you sir” Paul’s cock shot a stream of cum across the room, then another, and another, and another.

Julian watched in fascination as the young man emptied his balls.

When he had finished Paul got dressed and sat down waiting for his next order.

In the meantime Julian scrolled and stopped at “RELAXED”.

He pressed OK and Paul sat back in a relaxed state.

Julian was delighted. Paul was confused “What the fuck just happened? Did I have that’s guy’s dick in my mouth and worse yet, did he actually spray my face with cum? What’s going on here???? What is happening to me, I feel trapped doing things I would never do, but unable to stop.”

Julian scrolled the remote, found “SLEEP” and hit OK.

Paul’s chin dropped to his chest as he quickly fell asleep.

“Jorge, put him in his compartment.”

Jorge picked up the young man and carried him over his shoulder to the glass case marked “PROTOTYPE 14745”

Julian chuckled and walked back into the lab.

“C’mon guys, we have a lot of work to do before the demo on Friday.”

Back at the next morning the eleven remaining candidates went through their daily routine but three were noticeably absent. Dwayne Rogers approached Jorge.

“Jorge!” The big Latino looked up from the paperwork he was concentrating on.

“Yeah, Rogers, what can I do for you?”

“Hey what happened to Leon and Paul and Tai, huh?”

“Oh them, well, they were cut from the group.” He looked back down at his paperwork.

“Cut?” Dwayne looked at Jorge like he didn’t believe him. “Why would they get cut?”

Jorge waved him away with one hand without looking up. “I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.”

“Yeah, well, I want to know what the fuck happened to those guys; they just vanished?”

“Get out of my face, Dwayne, or you might find yourself in the same situation.”

Dwayne’s anger increased.

“And just what does that mean, asshole?”

Jorge dropped his pencil and stood up.

“It means get out of my fucking face, forget about those three or you’ll regret it.”

“Stop fucking with me, Jorge. Somethun ain’t right here ”

The anger in Dwayne voice activated a danger signal in Jorge’s chip which, in turn, sent a warning alarm to Julian back at the lab.

Julian’s wrist camera emitted three short beeps indicating there was a problem at the Academy. Julian had devised this safe guard because he wasn’t able to always be there and if anything went wrong, he had to make sure he was controlling the situation.

A camera above Jorge’s desk activated giving Julian a perfect view of the scene. He watched as Dwayne continued.

“Listen, dude, I need to know what’s goin’ down here, I don like this, three dudes just disappearing, I think maybe I’ll do the same myself.”

Julian grabbed the remote and took over. The words that began to flow from Jorge’s mouth were Julian’s but came from Jorge’s mouth and every move Jorge made was all Julian.

Dwayne turned to walk away, but Jorge grabbed his arm wrapping his fingers around his thick bicep.

“Dude, wait, dude.” Jorge (Julian) whispered conspiratorially. Dwayne stopped and turned around looking at Jorge.

“Yeah, well, uh, um, yeah, OK, dude, you’re right, sumthin funny’s goin on.”

“Spill it.” Dwayne leaned in closer.

“Can’t here bro, too many cameras and shit, ya know?’


“Yeah, this place is bugged to the hilt.”



“So where?”

“There’s a sub-basement under this floor. That green door back there?” He tilted his head to the right ‘See it?”

“Yeah dude, I’m not blind.”

“Go through there and down the stairs and wait for me...I’ll give you what you need.”

Dwayne smirked. “Don’t make me wait too long.”

“Naw, I just gotta let the guys know I’ll be gone for a few,”

“OK” Dwayne headed for the door.

Julian had Jorge wait for a couple of minutes while he put him in “FIGHT” mode, then he directed him to follow the big black man downstairs. Meanwhile, he scrolled down Flynn’s remote and selected “FIGHT” on his, sending him downstairs as well.

Jorge climbed down the stairs.


“Over here.”

He looked over and saw Dwayne standing about fifty feet away. Jorge approached him.

“Ok listen man, here’s what’s really going down. YOU!”

Crunch!!! Jorge lifted his knee between Dwayne’s thighs smashing his big balls against his pelvic bone.

Dwayne doubled over clutching his jewels and Jorge slammed his fist against the back of the big man’s head and then brought his knee up again catching the stud on his chin.

Dwayne staggered backward trying to compose himself, but just then he felt the muscular arms of Flynn wrap around his

“What the fuck?”

THWACK!!!! SMACK!! “Urggghhh” Spittle flew from Dwayne’s mouth as Jorge fist created a crater in his abs.

Flynn released the big guy and got in front of him.

Crack! An uppercut from Flynn’s fist caught Dwayne’s chin knocking him backward into the brick wall. Forcing him against the wall, the former boxer, pummeled his abs with punches and jabs. Dwayne couldn’t catch his breath as the Irishman proceeded to work him over.

Dwayne’s head snapped from side to side as Flynn’s fist connected with his jaw. Blood spattered as Flynn sent a blow directly to Dwayne’s nose. One more uppercut and the big guy was on the floor. He looked up to see Flynn standing over him, rage in his eyes and fists still doubled up.

Dwayne lifted his hands, palms out.

“OK, OK, man, I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough.

Flynn said nothing but reached down and grabbed Dwayne’s shirt lifting the dude back up and began whooping on him once again. Soon Dwayne’s eyes rolled back into his skull. Flynn continued the beating until Jorge stepped in (Of course under the control of Julian) and stopped him.

“Ok dude, stop. “

Flynn continued to punch the lifeless body.

Julian scrolled the menu on Flynn’s remote and found RELAX and hit OK.

Flynn stepped back letting go of Dwayne’s battered body.

After checking his pulse Jorge announced “he’s dead”.

Julian gave orders for them to dispose of the body.

“Shit!” Julian slammed his fist down. This screwed up the entire plan; now they had to find a replacement for Dwayne. He’d have to think about this.

Turning back to matters at hand, Julian went back to the current conversion of the three studs in the lab and Jorge and Flynn got things under control at the Academy.


“I’m telling you, something isn’t right here.” Russelll spoke quietly into his phone.

“Like what?” the voice at the other end asked.

“Don’t know anything for sure, but something seems off. That fucking creep Colman is up to something, I just know it.”

“Russ, you gotta stop obsessing over that guy. You’ve been competing with him since college, I’m sure that there is nothing sinister going on, but, if and when you need some help, let me know, I’ve got your back.”

“Yeah, thanks Danny, it’s good to have a superhero for a best friend and I appreciate that, gotta go for now. I’ll be in touch”

Danny ended the call on his end after Russ clicked off.

Danny Conyers age 26 was a fitness model and personal trainer by day. After hours Danny took on the persona of the masked hero “Optimo”. Fighting crime throughout the city, Optimo was a handsome, muscular superhero. His costume consisted of sliver tights covering his legs, a pair of gold tights wrapping his bubble butt and large package and a tight fitting white t-shirt with a large “O” emblazoned on the chest. Danny stood 6’3” weighing in at 190 pounds and his body was pure muscle. A starburst tat was on his upper right arm and a half sleeve on the left. His 42 inch chest narrows to a 28 inch waist and just below that tucked into his jock is 8 inches of hard cock and two large balls encased in a velvety sac. The women swooned over Danny and men were envious of his body. Danny took advantage of the ladies and ignored the men.

The call he just received from his best friend Russ Whitford disturbed him. Russ wasn’t the type of guy to panic or lose control, but this phone call seemed to be filled with both of those. There was nothing he could do until Russ sent him more information on the situation. He turned over to face the beautiful woman lying next to him in bed. He brushed his hand through her long red hair and rolled on top of her, shoving that big dick deep inside. “Mmmmmm” she groaned as Danny took her for a ride.


Back in the lab Julian clicked off of the call from Whitford’s office that he had intercepted.

“Whitford’s getting too nosy” Julian said aloud but to no one in particular. “I’ve got to do something about that, but I gotta be careful because I can’t just take him out, he’d be missed. But he could derail this entire plan and he’d just love to expose me if he thought he could; gotta think of something. But right now there is something more pleasurable waiting for me.”

He turned to ogle the magnificent naked body of Tai Duong. Tai was lying stretched out lying back supported on his right lower arm, his right leg dangling off the table and his left pulled up and back by his left hand on the knee exposing the cleft between his butt cheeks. His cock hard and leaking, pointed up toward his chest. He looked absolutely delicious, his mussed up, jet black hair giving him the wind-blown look.

Julian closed the door, locked it and removed his own clothing. Naked he walked to Tai and cupped his chin, then leaning down took him in a deep passionate kiss as his finger slipped between the Asian’s cheeks and into the puckered tunnel of fun. He pressed deeper and punched the prostate. Tai growled as Julian massaged the organ causing Tai’s cock to leak.

What the hell?” Tai regained his consciousness but found he had no control over his body; it seemed to have a mind of its own and it was doing things he’d never do, like having a leaking dick while looking at a naked MAN! This was fucking weird, he could see and hear everything that was going on but could do nothing to stop it. In his mind he screamed to stop but his body only obeyed this man who looked like he was about to get intimate. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Julian pushed Tai down on the table, his legs hanging off the sides and climbed in between them. He aimed his cock and slowly pushed it inside the hot passageway and Tai growled louder as Julian began to pump in and out of his tight hole responding to Julian’s every thrust. Soon his cock spurted out a huge load of cum, much larger than any orgasm Tai could remember having in the past.

Julian reached up and slapped the young man across the face.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum.” He scolded sternly and slapped him in the other direction.

“S,s, sorry sir. It won’t happen again.”

“You bet it won’t. You better get control going and fast.”

Julian pulled his cock out of the tight man hole and got dressed. Using Tai’s remote, he chuckled as he shut him down. Tai’s eyes closed and his sculpted muscles relaxed.

“You’re gonna bring a hefty sum, pretty boy, you are a real turn on.”

He slapped the handsome face once more and ordered Seth to remove Tai to his holding cube. Seth carried the unconscious stud to his compartment marked “Prototype 14746” put him in and locked to door.

Julian walked into another room where the nude body of Leon lay. Though he’d just come, his cock hardened once again as he stared at the huge slab of meat between Alvarez’s thighs. He stepped over and began to stroke the thick shaft as it grew and grew. This was going to be an very enjoyable test.


Later that night Julian closed up the lab with Seth and Hiro. After the three left, Russell snuck down to the lab. He tried many times to enter but was denied access because his security clearance was too low.

He left but as he got to the parking lot he noticed that one of Colman’s staff members was driving off, so he followed him.

He tailed Hiro back to the warehouse, Falling back and watching, he observed Hiro’s car enter the building though a garage door.

Russelll got out of his car and crept closer to the building. He could see lights on at the second level and noticed a fire escape. Climbing up the escape he found himself looking through window leading to the gym where several young men were working out. The shirts they were wearing sported the name Apollo Fitness Academy as did a big sign on the outside of the building. Questions filled his head and he went home and began to do some internet research.

Russelll, with the help of some business associates learned that Apollo was owned by none other than Julian Colman. Now that in and of itself was not sinister but his investigation took him all over the web particularly to an ad campaign recruiting young men to attend the Academy. Russell’s imagination took over as he began to piece things together, but he couldn’t prove anything yet and he knew though something seemed rotten, it would take more than just hunches.


The next morning the staff and the Board were assembled in a small auditorium. On the makeshift stage Julian and Seth sat quietly but Russell couldn’t help but see the smirk on Julian’s face. Well, he was hoping this disaster, and it surely would be a disaster, would mean the end of Julian Colman.

“Gentlemen, let me have your attention.” Prescott stood at the podium. “This morning we are to have the demo that Dr. Colman has promised will amaze us. I for one am anxious to see the future of Manreplicas. Dr. Colman?”

Julian rose and walked to the podium.

“Gentlemen, what you are about to see is the culmination of 8 years of research, design and development. It may interest you to know that Manreplicas has invested more than 15 million dollars to bring us to this point.”

An audible gasp riffled through the gathering when Julian mentioned this number.

“However, our stats indicate that we will make all of that back + with the first fifty sales.”

Ooohs and ahhs followed as Julian waded through all of the facts and figures as a precursor to the demo.

“And now, without any further delay, I give you the new line we call “Living Dolls!”

The group applauded as Tai, Leon and Paul walked onto the stage each dressed in a different way; Tai in a speedo, Paul in a jockstrap and Leon in a pair of boxer briefs.

Julian began to explain how each “doll” was controlled by the controller in his hand.

“For instance” he explained proudly “I open the menu for Tai’s remote and locate ROMANCE and when I click OK watch what happens.”

The group watched in amazement as Tai walked over to Paul and embraced him giving him a deep, passionate kiss. Then Julian instructed Tai to face the group.

“Notice gentlemen, that Tai’s penis has become erect simply from his feelings for Paul in the same manner as a real person.”

Julian spoke to Tai. “Remove your jock, Tai.”

Tai pushed the strap down his legs and stepped out of it. His hard cock was swaying back and forth over his heavy balls. Julian moved closer.

“If I stroke his cock like this” He grabbed Tai’s rigid meat and began to stroke it. “Notice the change in his facial features as well as the simulated lube leaking from his penis just like a real man. Now what I’ve shown you are the erotic features of these prototypes, but there are many other uses for these men.

Julian was swelled with pride as the demo continued on for another hour showing how these prototypes could hardly be differentiated from real men and the various uses from sexual partners to chauffeurs, chefs, butlers, and even just a friend. He delighted in hearing the positive remarks filling the room as he rolled out the entire list of things that the new dolls could do. The thing most of them liked the most is when Julian stated that every doll would be a unique model. “Just like humans” he stated proudly “No two will ever be identical” Laughter rippled through the room when he added “Unless a customer wants twins!” As soon as he said it, Julian was intrigued at the idea of doing identical twins. That would carry a huge price tag.

After the demo Julian took questions including how soon production would begin.

“Well, though I’d like to begin as soon as possible; I will need full approval by the board before we can begin production.”

“You have the board’s approval, Julian am I right gentlemen?” A unanimous shout came from the board members “Aye”. Prescott rubbed his hands together with glee and the champagne flowed.

Julian sent the guys out into the crowd for better inspection. As he did he looked triumphantly at Russell. Russell looked back at him skeptically walking toward the scientist.

As he approached, Julian spoke.

“You’ve been uncommonly quiet Whitford.” He crowed.

“I have nothing to say…yet.” Russell retorted. “But there is something wrong here, Colman, something very wrong and I’m going to ferret out what that is.”

“Awww, Russ, are we feeling a bit jealous?” Julian smiled sardonically.

“Fuck you!’ Russell snarled and walked back to his office.

Knowing exactly what was going to happen, Julian stepped away from the crowd, giving Seth and Jorge orders to keep any eye on what was going on with the prototypes.

Moving into a small room, Julian pulled his phone out of his pocket, tapped in a couple of codes and intercepted a phone call that Whitford was making from his office. Julian already knew who would answer on the other end. With his phone muted he listened first to Whitford’s voice.


“Yeah Russ, what’s up?”

“I think I need your help.”

“You find something interesting?’

“Yeah, I did some research last night and started putting things together.” Julian listened as Russ described the prototypes and Apollo Fitness Academy and his suspicions to his friend.

Danny spoke next “OK, this sounds like it could involve human trafficking and here’s what I think we need to do. I’m going to go undercover and attempt to get into the ‘Academy’ I’m young and fit so it shouldn’t be too hard. From there I’ll be able to find out what really is going on here. Russ you may be on to something really big. I’ll get back to you as soon as I make contact.”

“OK and thanks “Optimo”. They both laughed as the connection was broken.

“Hmmm, Whitford is friends with the crime fighter Optimo, eh? Well, Mr. Superhero, we will be ready for you and will welcome you as a student in the Apollo Fitness Academy. It’s going to be a lot of fun…for me. Bahahahahahahahah!”


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