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Living Dolls
Chapter 4 - The chips they play with are your lives
By Michael Randall

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Living Dolls

Chapter 4 – The chips they play with are your lives
By Michael Randall based on an idea by Wolfpek

Julian got to work quickly because if Optimo is planning to go undercover in his operation, then he wanted to welcome the young superhero properly.

He programmed Seth and the others to play along with the ruse until the time was right to take the superhero. It all started the next day when a young man named Daniel Conyers contacted Apollo Fitness Academy with a request. Seth (controlled by Julian) invited him to the school to meet with him and explain his request. At exactly 8:00 am Danny arrived wearing a pair of tight jeans and an even tighter t-shirt that showed off his muscular physique and his ample package.

Seth invited him in and Danny explained that he had missed the ads and of course the deadline, but he wanted to become part of the Academy in the worst way. Seth questioned him about his background and his lack of connections. As Julian expected he answered every question with the necessary response making him an ideal candidate. In order to find out if this guy was really intent on investigating them, Seth asked him to stand up and strip. Danny stared at him as if he couldn’t believe the question.

“Well, do you want to be admitted to the Academy or not?”

“Uh, um, yes, yes sir, I do.”

“Then take off your clothes.” Seth replied bluntly.

Danny stood and began to peel off his t-shirt then toed off his shoes and took off his jeans. Standing clad only in very tight bikini briefs, Danny swallowed hard as Seth nodded toward his crotch showing him that the briefs had to go as well.

Though embarrassed, Danny shucked his briefs and stood in front of Seth resisting the urge to cover his genitals. Danny became a bit uncomfortable as Seth stared directly at his dick and it began to swell. He tried to push it down, but it only made it get harder.

“Happy to see me Danny?” Seth laughed.

“Uh, no sir, I’m not that way.”

“What way?”

“You know, that way”

“You mean gay, Danny?’

“Yes, sir”

“Well maybe you’re not, but I’d say your cock is.” He chuckled.

“Yes, sir, no, I mean no sir, I mean yes…” the superhero was finally at a loss for words.

Seth (Julian) finally tossed a jock, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to the young man.

“This is your uniform while you are here. You will wear nothing else, understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Danny hurriedly pulled the jock strap up his long legs and stuffed his balls and cock in the pouch. Then he covered up that beautiful sight with the shorts and t-shirt.

The office door opened and Jorge walked in in.

“Jorge, this is our newest student, Danny, please show him to his room.”

“Yes sir.”

Danny looked longingly at his discarded jeans on the floor and Julian caught the look.

“It’s OK, just go, I’ll have your street clothes brought to your room for you.”

Danny looked a little panicky, but was playing his part well and went off with Jorge. As soon as the two left, Julian had Seth pick up Danny’s jeans and briefs and bring them to him. He examined them closely and found a false panel behind the left back pocket. It was not surprising; Julian figured since the dude wasn’t wearing his outfit, it had to be close. Inside the panel Julian found a very small package. Though he didn’t open the sack, he could see that inside was Optimo’s costume vacuum packaged into a packet so slim it raised no suspicions because it formed to the shape of that fine ass. Seth slid the pouch back inside the secret panel and resealed the Velcro. He sent the jeans along with Danny’s briefs and t-shirt to his assigned room.

Danny was excellent undercover and, except for the fact that Julian heard Whitford’s conversation with him, he would have never suspected that anything was off-center and would have certainly been taken in by this young man. After an exhausting day of exercise and training, Danny finally was able to return to his room. Julian had arranged for a full color camera to be installed in the room so that he could keep an eye on the superhero. He watched with erotic interest as the young superhero stripped out of his Academy clothes. Julian admired the near perfect body. Only near perfect because he had tattoos and so he would not be able to be sold to a customer, but then that was OK because Julian had other plans for this boy; plans that he was sure Danny Conyers was not going to be wild about. Danny stood naked in his room, his 8 inch cock swayed between his legs as he paced the room as if he was looking for something and then suddenly he spotted them; his jeans. He picked them up and opened the secret panel and removed his Optimo outfit. Julian was nearly drooling as he watched the muscular hunk pulling his tights on and then the shirt, finally the last piece, the gold briefs, were slipped over his hips hugging his ass and his genitals and there, in the room, stood Optimo, the superhero.

Julian watched with glee as Danny boy (as he had nicknamed the superhero) made his way around the warehouse, snooping and peeping, sticking his hero nose where it didn’t belong. Julian had arranged that Danny boy would find only enough to keep him interested tonight, but tomorrow will be a different story; a story without a happy ending for the superhero, Optimo.

When Danny had finished his stealthy tour of the premises, he had found some interesting things that convinced him even more that there was more to this than meets the eye and he’d get to the core tomorrow morning. He kept his phone on, however just in case Russell called him with any strange goings on.

After watching the superhero return to his room and turn out the lights, Julian turned to other pressing issues. He contact Jorge and instructed him to begin Phase 2. He turned on his cameras so that he could watch the action.

Tom Magnuson, Pedro Hernandez, Akira Zhang, Chris Grant and Curtis Long were the next collection destined to be converted. A sixth was added when Gerik Czarny got a bit too nosy.

Each of the men were chloroformed, injected and loaded into body bags, similar to the first group. Originally Gerik had not been included in this collection, but the polish boy gave the staff some problems. Somehow he heard the scuffle next door in Pedro’s room and came into the room to investigate. What he witnessed shocked him and he attacked Jorge knocking him into the brick wall, but before he could do any real damage, Flynn knocked him out with one well-placed punch. Julian laughed at the almost funny situation. Trying to be a hero, Gerik now lay on the floor unconscious.

Julian noticed a flash of desire flash across Flynn’s face as he looked down at the comatose Gerik. It was interesting to see this formerly “straight” dude getting hot and bothered over another man. He decided to let the Irishman have some fun so he ordered Jorge to find Hiro and use him to help round up the rest. Jorge did not question the thought that drifted into his mind, he told Flynn to finish up with the Pole and he hefted the body bag containing Pedro over his shoulder and set off to find Hiro. Julian entered Flynn’s mind and knowing immediately the desire there, said “Ya got30 minutes Flynn, make it count”. The hot Irishman grinned and wasted no time in getting down into what he wanted.

Julian pulled out his own dick and began to stroke it as he watched Flynn strip out of his clothes and kneel down over the knocked out and equally naked Gerik. Leaning down over his crotch, Flynn took the Pole’s cock between his lips and began sucking in earnest causing the shaft to expand and lengthen until it stood straight up and started leaking pre-cum into Flynn’s mouth. Though he was not gay, Flynn sucked the young hunk’s cock like he did it every day. He used some of his own spit to lube his finger and then sought out Gerik’s pucker. He shoved his digit up the Pole’s hole causing the dude to groan. He drove his finger in and out of that fine ass and sucked that hefty cock. Slowly Gerik’s eyes began to open and he started to lose some of the grogginess when he suddenly realized what Flynn was doing to him. He reared up trying to dislodge the dude from his cock.

“Get off me, you pervert!” he screamed. Flynn clamped his hand over Gerik’s mouth to quiet him, but Gerik was having none of that. He fought Flynn with vigor, twisting and turning every which way in an attempt to throw him off, but Flynn had a tight grip and kept sucking. Before he knew what had happened Gerik’s cock began spewing his load in Flynn’s mouth and the boxer drank it all down. Pulling off Gerik’s dick, Flynn sat on the Pole’s flat abs. Gerik renewed his efforts to escape but the Irishman pressed him into the floor with his weight.

Looking down at the handsome boy he said “That was good, Polish boy, but now you have to sleep. Balling up his fist, he sent a right BAM! and then a left BAM! And then a final right BAM! to the Pole’s jaw. Gerik’s eyes closed as the stud lost awareness. Reaching behind him, he grabbed a handful of Gerik’s dick and balls and tugged them away from the Pole’s body. “That was tasty, boy. But you’ve been a bad boy and so now you have stay asleep for a while.” He pulled a syringe out of his jeans pocket removed the safety tip with his teeth and plunged it into Gerik’s neck and pushing the plunger sent him to dreamland. He placed the Pole’s limp body in a bag and after he dressed, carried him down to the transport.

Julian was breathless and covered in cum after watching that erotic encounter. “If this is how my dolls will react, this is going to be a real success. He cleaned himself up and walked to the dock to wait for the delivery.

Soon the transport was backing up to the loading dock where Julian had pushed several gurneys from the lab. One by one the studs were loaded onto the gurneys and wheeled down to the lab. The crew was not alone however; standing in the shadows was Russell taking in everything that was happening. He decided he would report this activity to Danny first thing tomorrow morning; it was too risky to try and confront Julian tonight. He gathered up his stuff and drove home.

Inside the lab, the bodies of the young men were removed from the body bags and laid naked on the tables. Julian looked this collection over and in particular Chris Grant. He was enthralled for some reason with the stocky young man with the thick cock. Perhaps it was because Chris reminded Julian of his first love Peter Dunne. Julian met Peter in college and the two became instant friends. That friendship turned romantic when they discovered that both of them were gay. Peter was a magnificent lover and his thick cock made Julian want to sing when it was either being thrust in and out of his ass or down his throat. Either way, Julian loved this man and the two had decided they would be partners for life. However, fate had different ideas and one rainy morning, car ran a stop sign and because of the slick pavement the driver lost control, jumped the curb and struck Peter who was walking to class. The impact was so severe, Peter died instantly depriving Julian of even being able to say goodbye. Julian never recovered from the loss.

Chris looked so much like Peter that Julian would have thought he could be his son. He decided at that point that he might keep Peter for himself.

This collection was quickly converted and placed in their holding cubes. They had finished so quickly, that Julian had time to relax at home with a glass of wine before bedtime. As he pondered the day’s events he wondered how quickly Russell would contact Danny. He didn’t have to worry because he had gotten his hands on Russell’s mobile phone when Russ had asked Jorge to take a look at it because it was acting up. The request was nothing out of the ordinary since Jorge had an engineering degree in electronics and staff often asked him to take a look at their gadgets that might need some work. The beauty was that Julian had been able to also add a listening device that alerted him whenever Russell made or received a call. Now Julian had all his bases covered.


Danny got up early the next morning and went to the gym for the morning exercise. After breakfast he went back to his room. He noticed that six of the guys he met yesterday were not among the group either at workout or breakfast. He became a bit alarmed thinking that maybe Russ did have reason to be concerned.

At that moment his phone rang. It was Russ.

“Do you have any news, Russ.?”

“Yeah, I sure do, there was some suspicious activity on the loading dock here last night.”

“Meaning what exactly?”

“Well they unloaded six packages that looked a lot like body bags.”

“body bags?”

“yeah, you know, for dead bodies?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know what they are Russ. Six, you say?”

“Yeah, I counted six and they loaded them onto gurneys.” Danny shivered at the thought of what this could mean.

“Okay. Listen Russ, you need to be careful; I think that you’ve stumbled onto something big here. Big and dangerous . Are you in a safe place?”

“Yeah, I’m at the office, so I don’t think that creep will try anything right now, but I promise to be careful, and thanks a lot Danny, I appreciate all your help.”

“No problem, talk to ya later.”

Danny disconnected, Russell disconnected…and Julian smiled and headed to Russell’s office to await his arrival.

Julian knocked on the open door of Russell’s office.

Russell looked surprised and a bit uncomfortable.

“Colman, what in the hell do you want?”

Julian pushed by the muscular hunk and turned around “Close the door Whitford.”

Russell shook his head.

“I wouldn’t care if anyone heard anything you have to say to me and besides, it’s only 6:00 am; nobody but you and I are in this building. What the fuck do you want?”

Julian smiled tightly.

“I wanted to hear what you think of my creations; you were very quiet at the presentation.”

Russell looked extremely nervous which made Julian please. To see this jock sweating was part of the dream come true for Julian. The rest of it involved dominating the former team captain and abusing him the way that he had abused Julian.

“I don’t have anything to say, Colman, except congratulations.” Russell quickly responded sarcastically.

“Oh come Whitford, you expect me to believe that you are happy for me?”

“I didn’t say that” Russell shot back “I said ‘congratulations’, you won, you are the best. Is that what you want me to say, Colman, huh? There, are you happy now?”

Julian moved closer to Russell.

“No, I’m not happy, Whitford, I’m not happy at all because you really don’t think I’ve won, do you.” He poked his finger into Russell’s chest for emphasis.

Russell moved closer until they were practically nose to nose.

“Get outta my face Colman and get outta my office.”

“I’ll leave Whitford, but you’ll be coming with me.” Julian smiled cynically as he jabbed the point of the hypodermic needle he had been holding into Russell’s thigh and emptied the contents of the barrel.

Russell’s face registered complete shock as he felt the sting of the needle.

“What have you done, Colman?”

Julian chuckled and held up the empty hypodermic needle. “Just a little cocktail, Russ, to help us celebrate properly.”

Julian grabbed the stud by the shoulders as he began to lose consciousness preventing him from falling to the floor. He helped him to one of the visitor chairs and as he lowered him into it. Russell struggled for the last time as he quietly said “I know what you’ve done, Colman, I’ve already got someone who is going to bring you down, you, you, are a monster Colman, but you’re not gonna get away with this…UNGH.”

Russell’s head fell forward onto his chest as he succumbed to the drug.

Julian smiled as he looked down upon his now harmless nemesis. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

“Get up here now, Seth and bring a cart with you.”

A few minutes later, Russell had been stripped naked and was lying face down on an exam table. Julian ran his hand over the muscular globes of Russell’s ass.

“Soon, Whitford, this ass will belong to me and I intend to use it often and that big cock underneath you will be mine as well. It will give me much pleasure especially knowing that you will be aware of everything I do to you and the fact that there will be nothing you can do to prevent it or stop me.”

Julian quickly completed Russell’s transformation and awakened him.

“On your knees, Whitford.”

Russell’s controlled movement began as he slowly lowered himself to a kneeling position in front of Julian.

“Get my dick out, Whitford, and suck it!”

Russell complied and after unzipping Julian’s fly, hauled out his hard cock and began licking it from root to crown. His tongue rolled around the thick shaft pleasuring the mad scientist.

“The balls, Whitford, lick my balls.”

Russell slobbered spit over Julian’s sac as he licked them and popped them into his mouth one at a time. Then he went back to work on Julian’s cock, slipping the long, thick shaft into his mouth and swallowing it down. His head bobbed back and forth as he worked Julian into a frenzy as his hot mouth brought him closer to orgasm.

“Ahh, Ahhh, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Julian cried out as his cock exploded inside Russell’s mouth coating his throat with his cum.

Julian cradled Russell’s face in his hands.

“Oh Russ baby, that was great, you really give great head. I always wondered what you guys did in that locker room and now I know. Ha, ha, ha. Now get up and bend over that table.”

Russell did as he was told and laid across the examination table, his succulent ass on display. Julian’s dick was already hard again as he approached the handsome stud now in his power. He grabbed a cheek in each hand an slowly spread them open revealing Russell’s pink and virgin hole.

“Brace yourself Whitford, this will probably hurt.” He laughed and then plowed into Russell’s hole with his hard cock. Russell’s head reared up and he cried out as his virgin hole was ripped apart by the mammoth dick. Undeterred, Julian began pumping in and out of the tight manhole. Russell’s screams lessened as Julian continued raping his ass until they were no more than moans; first of distress, but soon they became moans of pleasure.

It didn’t take Julian long to cum for the second time this time up Russell’s ass.

He grabbed a handful of Russell’s hair, raised him up and turned him around to face him.

“Did ya like that, bitch?”

As programmed Russell responded “yes, sir, I love having your big cock inside me.” Russell’s inner voice screamed out “Get away from me, you pervert, let me out of this nightmare, OHHHHH, ARRGGGHHHH.”

Julian reached between Russell’s thighs and grabbed his balls squeezing them hard.

Russell groaned as his testicles were slowly being crushed.

“Hmmm, we didn’t empty these, Whitford, let’s see what we can do.”

Julian drew his fist back and drove it into Russell’s six pack, knocking the stud to the floor. He kicked the powerless dude between the legs smashing his big balls. Russell moaned as paid coursed through his body, but Julian was in a fit of rage and continued raining kicks and punches to the hot stud. After about ten minutes of torture on every part of his body, Julian stopped.

“Get up!” he screamed at Russell.

The bruised and battered hunk stood up slowly, his cock still hard.

Julian smirked “Liked that, huh? You like being abused don’t ya dude?“No you fucking deviant, when I get out of this prison…” Russell’s inner voice screamed out.

“Yes.” Was the only response Russell was programmed to reply.

“OK, well now that our fun is over, it’s time to set the trap for that so-called superhero friend of yours. Come with me.


After securing Russell to a post in the warehouse, Julian turned to the monitor in front of him that was connected to the cameras in the Academy building; he watched every move that Danny made, who he talked to, and where he went inside the complex.

Later in the morning, he watched with glee as Danny approached Flynn, with whom he had made friends…or so he thought.

“Hey man, I saw you guys moving some stuff last night; do you always work that late?”

Julian quickly took control of Flynn’s movements and responses.

“Naa, there were some spare parts that we had to deliver.” He looked at Danny with a smile.

“Ohh. Delivery, huh? Where would you deliver something at that time of night?”

Oh we had to take them to the Manreplica plant over on First and Main, you know the place?”

“Yeah, actually I do, they make mannequins or something, right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

To himself, Danny thought that this fit the description of the activities that Russ had told him he had seen and Russ had said there were six body bags moved into the building from the loading dock. In light of this information, he decided he had to get out of the Academy Building and over to the plant quickly; something bad was going on and he had to stop it because Russ might be in danger.

“Well, ok man, I’d better get to my studies, huh? Don’t want to get into any trouble, ya know?” He chuckled as he strode away.

“Yeah, guess so” Flynn was made to respond.

“See ya”

“Yeah see ya”

Julian smiled and said out loud “Yeah, we’ll see you soon and you have no idea how much trouble you’re already in, Optimo.” Then he shut off the camera to prepare for the arrival of the young superhero crime fighter.

Danny rushed to his room and quickly stripped off the Academy uniform and slipped into his Optimo gear. He had to reach the plant quickly so he ran to the basement where he remembered seeing a large generator. He placed his palms on the side of it and breathed in deeply and as he did his body began to glow with energy. As Optimo, one of his secret powers was to be able to absorb kinetic energy and turn it into a physical blast which is exactly what he did and ended up at the plant in three seconds flat.

He used the leftover energy to break the lock of the loading dock door, letting himself inside and quickly headed to the lab.

As he rounded a corner he heard moans coming through a closed door. He grabbed the handle and turned it. The door opened and the groans became louder. Instantly he spotted his friend naked and bound to a pillar in the room, his body bloody and bruised.

“Russ!” he called

“Danny, oh Danny, help me man.” Julian was manipulating Russell. “They tried to kill me but I know they’re coming back you gotta get me outta here, man.”

“Don’t worry, buddy, I’m here now, nobody’s gonna hurt you now.”

Optimo walked over to his friend and began to untie him. When he loosened the ropes that held Russell’s legs, one of them shot out and smashed into Danny’s nuts. Shocked, Danny staggered backward unknowingly into the arms of Flynn and Hiro, who held him tightly. He struggled to free himself, but the men were strong. Instead he decided to absorb their strength and then he could defeat them.

His body glowed as his powers kicked in and his body began to absorb the closest power source. He felt the grip on his arms begin to loosen, but it didn’t feel like his strength had increased, in fact, he felt groggy and disoriented and then stronger his powers of absorption became, the weaker he felt. He attempted to reverse the power draw, but it was too little, too late and he slowly fell to his knees, holding both hands on the sides of his head which was throbbing from the power source he had ingested.

He looked up and saw Julian standing there laughing.

“Wha…wha…what did you do to me?” He questioned weakly.

“I did nothing, you super fool, you did it, By absorbing the nearest power source, you absorbed regulated power-plus from my men and though it does not give me full control over you like it does for them, it has weakened you enough that I can take care of your power source. And now, Optimo, if you would be so kind as to pass out, I can get on with my plans.”

Optimo reached one of his arms up in a feeble attempt to ward off Julian’s touch, but the power-plus was too strong and his arm fell to the floor and as the room began to spin, he lost all consciousness. Julian grabbed the superhero’s head with the palm of his hand and knocked him to the floor. The superhero, Optimo, lay spread-eagled on the floor his tight costume revealing all of his magnificent muscles, especially the prominent bulge between his legs that throbbed as it grew larger.

Julian looked down at the lifeless form “You know Danny, your ruse might have worked, if I hadn’t discovered your covert plan, but now it is over and Optimo will no longer exist as a superhero, but instead as a super-slave.”


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