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Living Dolls
Chapter 5 - When all the chips have been played
By Michael Randall

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Living Dolls

Chapter 5 – When all the chips have been played
By Michael Randall based on an idea by Wolfpek

Julian directed Flynn to drag Optimo’s limp form to the exercise room. The Irishman grabbed the superhero under the arms and dragged his muscular body across the floor. Julian planted thoughts of hatred for the crusader into Flynn’s mind along with the thoughts that he wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp. Flynn’s anger grew hotter and hotter until it reached a level of scorching fire consuming him completely. In his controlled mind all he wanted to do was to destroy this do-gooder.

When Flynn had dragged Optimo all the way into the room, Julian stepped through the door.

“Flynn, pull his junk out.”

Flynn pulled down the briefs that covered Optimo’s protruding bulge and detached the Velcro strip that joined the tight top from the form fitting leggings. Peeling the leggings down to the hero’s thighs, his heavy shaft uncoiled and stood at attention. Flynn looked up questioningly at Julian.

“It’s OK, it’s just a side effect from his power theft. Because he absorbed power from both you and Hiro, he got a double dose of testosterone which is why his dick is hard. It’s likely to remain that way for a while and that is just what I had hoped for.

After Flynn had exposed the superhero’s cock and balls, Julian joined them on the floor. He took a thin metal ring out of his pocket and grabbed Optimo’s ball sac. He roughly pulled it away from the hero’s body and threaded first one ball and then the other ball through the ring, once he had it on the stud’s ball sac, he pressed a button on a small remote and the ring began to shrink until it squeezed the skin of the hero’s sac tightly virtually cutting off any escape of semen.

He looked at Flynn and Hiro. “See, Optimo’s power source is his balls. All the energy he absorbs is stored in his testicles and released as he needs it. It flows from his nuts through his cock and as it is emitted, his skin rapidly reabsorbs the resulting energy and his strength is enhanced. With his balls cut off from his cock, no energy can escape and our young superhero is powerless.”

Flynn stuffed the hero’s cock and balls back into his pouch. His stiff dick was already wilting from the lack of power from his balls.

“Wake him up.”

Flynn poured cold water on the hero who sputtered and choked as he came to. Optimo looked around at the others in the room seeing Julian and Flynn and Hiro. Then his eyes fell upon Russell, his best friend standing naked in the corner unmoving.

“Well, welcome back to the land of the living, Optimo. It’s good to have you with us.”

“Fuck you, Colman” the hero spat. “There is nothing good about anything you’re doing here.”

“And what, pray tell, do you think I am doing here?”

“You’re kidnapping young men and turning them into, what, dolls? Living dolls? To pleasure other men against their will? You’re sick.”

“Well I’m not sure that I’m sick, I like to call it more of genius.”

“Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s depraved.”

“Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it hero.”

“I don’t want anything to do with this or anything else that has your fingerprints on it. Or even has been near you.”

“Does that include your best friend, Russell, over there? He’s one of mine now, you know. He’s sucked my cock and I fucked him as well, he loved it.”

“Shut up, you pervert.”

Optimo began to rise from the floor in an effort to attack Julian. Julian nodded to Flynn who grabbed Optimo’s tied up ball sac and squeezed it hard.

“AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIEEEEWWWW” Optimo screamed as the fiery pain shot through his captive balls. He fell to his knees and then to his back in the fetal position attempting to get some relief from the monstrous pain. His muscled ass was easily seen through his tights as he hugged his legs and Julian’s mouth watered just thinking about fucking that prime piece.

Flynn grabbed Optimo by the hair and dragged him to his feet, drew back his fist and sent a jab to the hero’s chin knocking him back a few feet. Then he sent an uppercut to his jaw followed by another and another until Danny Boy staggered backward hitting the wall. A vicious right hook to the jaw had Optimo’s head spinning and his eyes seeing double. He tried to defend himself but Flynn seemed to have super human power in his moves and his punches. Flynn sent another brutal punch this time to Danny’s six pack. He backed the young man up against the wall and began a barrage of punches to his abs rapidly breaking down the muscle. Optimo’s chest and abs were as red as fire as the beating continued. Flynn beat on the hero until he could no longer move.

“Whitford!” Julian called to his co-worker. “Get over here.”

Russell obeyed and quickly joined Julian standing over the nearly destroyed superhero.

“Strip him out of that costume, Whitford.”

Danny couldn’t believe his eyes as Russell began ripping his costume off. Tearing every stitch until the superhero lay naked and defeated at his feet.

“Take him.” Julian said to Russell.

Although inside Russell was screaming “no, no, no” outside he lifted the now helpless stud to his feet and slapped him across the face. “SLAP -UNGH. SLAP -UNGH. SLAP -UNGH.” Optimo’s head jerked back and forth as the nasty slaps across his face continued. When Russell was finished, Danny’s face matched his chest and abs.

“Very good, Whitford, but you’re not done with him yet. I want his ass to match the rest of him, take him to the stockade bench.”

Optimo was led by his dick to a wicked looking contraption where he was forced to kneel and his neck placed within a metal collar locking his head in position. His wrists and ankles were secured before Julian produced a whip and handing it to Russell, he instructed him to whip his friend.

Russell had no evident reluctance and began to send the whip whizzing through the air and landing on the muscular globes of Optimo’s ass. His screams were blood curdling. Never before had this man been defeated never mind humiliated in this way. The whipping continued until the globes of Optimo’s ass were bright red.

Russell looked to Julian for direction.

“Fuck his ass, Whitford, fuck his ass,”

Russell moved behind Danny.

“No, no, no Russ, please, no, don’t do this!” Danny begged pathetically as his best friend stroked his cock to full erection and parted the muscular buns pointed his dick directly at the pink rosebud of the hero’s ass. He shoved his cock in, in one quick move. Optimo howled in pain as his hole was ravaged by his friend. He screamed until Julian could no longer stand it. He shoved Flynn in front of Optimo’s face.

“Shut him up!”

Flynn eagerly pulled his hardening cock out of his pants and forced it between Optimo’s thick lips. The hero gagged and choked as the thick piece of meat violated his throat. A cock in his ass and now one in his mouth and Optimo was helpless to do anything about it. Julian walked over and reached under Optimo’s belly and finding the bound up balls, he began slapping them back and forth adding to the torment, but he wasn’t done yet. Hiro approached with nipple clamps in his hand and deftly attached one to each of Optimo’s nipples, screwing them so tight, blood began to drip from them onto the machinery below.

This went on for about an hour when Optimo, reduced to tears and trembling begged for it to stop.

Russell suddenly came inside Optimo’s ass and at the same time Flynn filled his throat with his load. Hiro sprayed Danny with a huge load and ripped the clamps off his tits.

Julian dismissed the three of them.

The room became quiet except for the rumbling involuntary moans coming from the subdued hero. He came here to rescue the abductees and instead became one himself.

Slowly Julian paced around the once mighty superhero, the clicking of his footsteps breaking the silence in the room.

He got to the hero’s head and grabbed a handful of his soaked hair and jerking his head up viciously, peered into the hero’s bloodshot eyes.

“Enjoying yourself, hero?”

Danny made no reply, but then Julian didn’t expect he would.

“You know that you ball sac is a deep blue right now, don’t you? You know that another hour or two and those big nuts of yours won’t be good for anything, except maybe a snack.”

Danny’s steel blue eyes filled with rage and defiance and though his voice was weak and thin from the torture he’d just endured he managed to choke out his threat “I..unghhh..will bring you to justice, doctor…unngh.”

Julian laughed “You can tell yourself that, hero, but I will make you submit. I’ll tell you what, I’ll release you, but you must promise to behave or the next round will be so much worse, I don’t think you’ll be able to stop me.”

“unngghh…the only promise I make to you…unnnggghhh… is to defeat you.”

Julian laughed and called to Jorge. “Come help me here. Release him, I want to see him try.”

Jorge began to remove the locks from the restraints and the former Optimo was released from his prison, covered in semen and blood with bruises over almost every inch of his muscular body.

Optimo strained to rise and fight, but all he could manage is to writhe on the floor and the growls that came from his swollen lips made his muscular body even more enticing to Julian.

Julian grabbed him by the back of the neck, lifted him up and led him to a cot where he pushed him facedown.

“I’m gonna fuck you superhero, you hear me? I’m gonna fuck your ass to the moon and back.”

Danny said nothing.

“Did you hear me, boy?”

Danny’s face was planted the pillow and he made no sound. Though he was still too weak to fight this monster, he refused to hand that satisfaction to Julian.

“Answer my question or I’ll punish your insolence.”

Danny still refused to say a word.

“Fine, let’s get this done.”

Julian mounted the hero’s ass and pressed his cock between the red cheeks. Whitford’s cum was still warm inside and provided good lube as he slid his dick deep inside and began pumping in and out of the pink hole.

Danny stiffened as the thick cock penetrated him. Small muffled moans could be heard coming from the pillow where Danny’s face was buried. With each thrust a grunt escaped him and as he gulped in ragged breaths. Julian increased his thrusts and grabbed a handful of hair jerking Optimo’s head back as he rode the hero’s ass…hard. After twenty minutes of hard fucking, Julian came inside of the hero coating his bowels with cum.

He dropped Danny’s face back into the pillow and pulled his cock out of his ass. But he wasn’t done with this superhero, not just yet. Because of Optimo’s super resistance to the chip, it was of the utmost importance that he be broken and Julian had a plan of exactly how to do that. He would have the group of dolls, fuck the superhero into oblivion, break him once and for all and then the chip would be placed inside of the superhero Optimo, ending his meddling forever.

He looked at Seth. “Bring the guys in, they need practice.” He nodded in Optimo’s direction. Have them fuck him in every orifice and every position for the next twelve hours; that will break him completely and then we will begin his conversion.”

Danny raised his head and spit at Julian. “Fuck you to hell, Colman!”

Chuckling, Julian walked out of the lab and into his office where he showered and went out to get something to eat leaving Optimo, the undercover superhero to his fate. Roars of pain and uttered threats coming from the trussed up superhero could be heard throughout the lab, but being that it is soundproof, nobody outside of the lab would hear.

Julian watched through the glass window of the lab as the other dolls violently drove their cocks into Optimo who thrashed and struggled to get free. Julian shook his head and laughed manically as he planned the next phase of Optimo’s destruction and conversion.


When Julian returned to the lab later, he found the delectable Optimo lying face up on a gurney, glassy eyed and totally out of it. It was obvious that the superhero was ready for his conversion, but just for kicks, Julian questioned him:

“Hello Optimo, how are you feeling?”

Danny made no reply.

“Come, come, superhero, you must have something to say for yourself.”

Optimo lay there breathing steadily, but not moving otherwise. Julian inserted the needle and knocked out the superhero. When he was sure the time was right he called to his assistant.

“We’re ready.” Julian said and Seth brought the equipment to the table.

They flipped Optimo onto his belly and Julian made the small incision in which he implanted the chip. With Optimo dazed as he was, Julian felt certain he could reprogram him where earlier he had his doubts. Optimo’s resistance had been worn down and his fuzzy mind could be captured with ease.

Julian began the conversion process, planting thoughts in the superhero’s new mind.


A few hours later, Optimo regained consciousness or at least he thought he had. He immediately noticed that he could not move though there were no bonds to hold him. He also noticed that he was in a glass case along with all the guys from the Academy training center. All were naked in similar glass cases.

What’s going on?” he thought to himself. “Why can’t I move?” It was then that he realized he must have been converted into one of those dolls like Russell and the others. “It can’t be” he thought miserably “How could he have taken control of me?” Then he remembered that his energy source from his balls had been cut off and that he had endured a marathon fucking session with sixteen guys; seventeen counting Russell shoving their dicks up his ass and down his throat and at some point during those sessions, his iron shield had been penetrated and shattered. “That’s how he did it” he reasoned and then as he noticed his balls had been released from their prison he thought “perhaps I’ll be able to resist once my energy is restored.”

Optimo called upon his absorption power to pull some energy into him. Nothing happened. He attempted it again and still nothing happened. He was trying for the third time when the door opened and Julian strode in.

“Awww, is the superhero trying to escape my power? Save your energy, Optimo, your interference and snooping days are done. Yeah, I know you’re thinking that you will eventually be able to escape, but the sad truth is, you will not. You are a living doll now…the Optimo Action Figure. Bahahahahaha.”

No matter how he struggled, Danny could not move a muscle. Then he watched as Julian picked up the remote outside of his compartment. He pressed a few buttons and Danny felt his dick fill with blood and reach full erection seemingly of its own accord.

“Hmmm, look at the superhero, he’s got a hard-on” Julian laughed. “Well Optimo, what’re gonna do with that, huh?”

Danny was super frustrated because he knew there was no reason for him to pop a boner, there were no women here. “Wait” he thought “Oh no, what am I…?”

As if to read his thoughts Julian spoke “Yes, Optimo, you are now attracted to men only, well the old you which is trapped inside is not but your new body reacts well to the sight of naked men, don’t you think?”

He pressed some more buttons and Danny was horrified as his body began to walk out of the compartment and over to the compartment containing the doll formerly known as Akira. He approached the compartment and jerked the door open. Roughly he grabbed the Asian beauty and pulled him from the glass case.“WHATTTTTTTTT? What the hell is going on? No, no, no I don’t want to do this, oh my god, NOOOOO!”

Grabbing the hunky Asian by the waist, he bent the young guy in half, the gorgeous bubble butt cheeks separating and revealing his hidden rosebud. Danny moved behind him and pushed his hard cock between the muscular cheeks penetrating his victim, whose cock began to stiffen as Julian controlled the interaction between the two formerly straight studs and he watched them seemingly enjoying their man to man sexcapades. Akira’s mind was reeling as he felt thrust after erotic thrust into his ass “I shouldn’t be enjoying shit like this, I’m straight.” And yet the young Asian felt his body responding in every way.

What the fuck am I doing?” Danny questioned as he bent over the back of Akira. Then he felt his hand reach beneath the china doll and grab his dick. Danny was shocked because he had never willingly touched the dick of another man, but here he was; no wait, correction, here was his body doing things he never would do…and it seemed he was enjoying it as he felt his orgasm build and build until he exploded inside of the muscular Akira. He pumped Akira’s cock and soon felt a load of cum on his fingers. Akira was equally frustrated with his behavior “let me out of here gaddamn it! He screamed in his mind where his real self was imprisoned and he was helpless to do anything about it.

Another session of button punching and Danny and Akira felt themselves stuck again unable to move from their places. Flynn approached Akira and slung his naked body over his shoulder. As he did, he couldn’t help himself and he shoved a finger up the slimy ass as he carried him to the shower. Hiro dragged Danny into the same shower where the two dolls were used, cleaned up, knocked out and returned to their respective cases.

Having subdued all of his enemies and brought most of his talent and employees under his control, Julian was about to launch the new Manreplicas, Inc. beginning with the “Private Showroom of the Dolls”. But before that could be accomplished he had to come to an agreement with Prescott and the board. Hours before the meeting, Mr. Prescott suffered a violent heart attack and died at his desk. Prescott had no family and therefore no heirs and so it wasn’t looked upon as suspicious when Armand Prescott left his entire estate including 75% control of Manreplicas to Julian Colman.

Julian arranged a very nice funeral for the man reasoning that it was the least he could do. One by one he met with the stockholders and “convinced” them to sell their shares to him.

A few short weeks later, Dr. Julian Colman, CEO and sole stockholder of Manreplicas, Inc. sent out invitations to the private showing of Manreplica’s new line of “Living Dolls”. The list of invitees included former high profile customers, new curious ones, all of whom had plenty of money and plenty of incentive to bid on one of these magnificent specimens. Added to that list were some of the most notorious criminals and mob bosses in the city, lured to the showroom debut with the promise to be able to possibly purchase the doll depicting the former crime fighter “Optimo” who had mysteriously disappeared about a month ago while on a hunting expedition in the Himalayas (That was the story leaked by Julian to the local news media.)

The night of the big event arrived. All of the bartenders and waiters (all of whom were gorgeous and wore only tight briefs) were newly acquired by Julian in the preceding weeks. They were very happy to work for him and did anything and everything he requested without complaint. It was the same with the Colman Construction Co. which had just completed renovations and the expansion of the Apollo Fitness Academy. The facility now had 50 dorm rooms and a hugely expanded fitness center. A tunnel had been excavated beneath it that led to the Manreplica Manufacturing plant for ease of doing business. Julian had a full time recruiting crew and an ever growing list of applicants.

Tonight’s event included men like

Each guest had been required to bring cash with them for any purchase they might make. That was the reason for big men with guns carrying briefcases around with them.

Julian looked out over the crowd and breathed a heavy sigh because he was about to become one of the richest men in the world. His dolls had received great acclaim when introduced to the public a few weeks ago. Demand to pre-order grew at an alarming rate when it was announced that the limited supply would be sold by invitation and by selection to those who applied to make a purchase. The current number of applicant buyers was 1000.

“Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.” Julian’s voice reverberated through the microphone. “We at Manreplicas, Inc. are so very happy that you have joined us this evening in order to bid on the pleasure of owning one of these fine automated companions we lovingly refer to as “Living Dolls”. A roar of approval rose from the crowd as the curtains of the stage opened revealing the line of magnificent male dolls in their glass cases.

“And now with no further ado, let’s bring forward our first offering.” Andy Middlestadt was brought forward. The young blond wore nothing but a smile, his big cock standing straight out from his groin on command, his sac hanging low and inviting.

“This doll is named Andy. As you can see gentleman, Andy is the typical all-American boy next door, the one you drool over out your kitchen window watching him wash his car in a tiny bikini; the one you wondered how it would be to wake up with in the morning, right?”

The crowd laughed knowingly as Julian manipulated Andy through a series of movements washing a make believe car; bending over to reveal his pink rosebud between his plump cheeks and to move rapidly while his dick and balls swung erotically between his legs. Oh god, why? Why? This is so humiliating” Andy’s thoughts were flying as he tried to figure out how to escape.

“We will begin the bidding on Andy at $100,000.” The crowd went wild. The bidding was increasing by increments of $25,000 and $50, 000. Much to Julian’s surprise the bidding had reached $950,000 when Vandercleef decided to make Andy all his. “Two million dollars” Brian shouted and a hush fell over the crowd.

“Going once; going twice; sold to Mr. Vandercleef for $2,000,000.”

“Mr. Vandercleef, please come up on stage with us.” Julian encouraged the shy young man to join him on the stage.

“Mr. Vandercleef, this is Andy.” Vandercleef’s cock was rock hard as he stared at his acquisition.

Julian handed the remote to Brian who pressed some buttons and Andy sidled up to him as programmed and began rubbing his dick on him. The nineteen year old beauty began making out with the introverted billionaire to the cheers of the crowd.

Inside Andy was frantically trying to come to grips with this. “What the hell happened? Let me out of here; I don’t even want to look at you let alone touch you, you little bastard. Get your fucking hands off me, fag.”

“Oh look Brian, Andy really likes you, don’t you think? Let’s have a big hand for our first successful bidder.” The crowd roared their approval as Jorge appeared from backstage and hefted Andy’s succulent body over his shoulder to pack him up. Back stage Jorge loaded the stiff Andy into a crate along with his remote control and care instructions.

Out front Brain Vandercleef handed over a valise with $2,000,000 in cash to Julian and walked back into the crowd to retrieve his purchase.

Huge dicked Leon Alvarez was next and sold for 1.4M to Thomas Brennan who also purchased Akira and Tai for a total sale price of 5.5 million dollars. This arrangement was perfect for the closeted financier. Akira would become his chauffer, Tai his valet and Alverez would be the estate manager. Brennan walked around the three studs inspecting his purchases. Though his 5.5 million was a hefty price to pay, Brennan now actually owned three virile, muscled hunks who would do whatever he wanted. The trio were put to sleep and carried off stage over the shoulders of Jorge, Flynn and Hiro to be crated for transport.

The evening wore on as more of the beautiful young men were sold as dolls, cocks and balls swinging to and fro as they were carried off stage and crated up.

Finally there was one two models left; Optimo. Dressed in full costume, Danny was lead from backstage by Russell Whitford. Optimo’s muscled body was clearly visible under the spandex costume. The men who were left were part of the criminal element of the city and all of them had had run-ins with the powerfully built hero.

Danny could not believe what was happening. “This is the most humiliating situation I’ve ever been in.” he thought as he attempted to free himself from whatever power Colman held him in. But none of his muscles obeyed any commands he gave. His brain and his muscles responded only to the remote control that was currently in Julian’s hand. ”If I don’t escape from this the city is doomed, the crime bosses will easily take over every legitimate business”

With that thought in his brain, Danny watched as Julian pressed the key marked “erection”. Optimo’s impressive cock sprang to full attention. The crowd laughed as they watched the former hero with an obvious boner. Julian had him bend over showing off his bubble butt to the gangs. Danny struggled mightily but in the end couldn’t move a muscle.

Carl spoke up first. “I’ll give ya two million Colman.”

Julian laughed and walked to the stiff hero and pulled the Velcro fly on the costume opened allowing the hero’s cock to jut out into the air. “Gentlemen, we’re talking about a life sized doll of the hero Optimo who has screwed all of you at one time or another. This will be your opportunity to do it to him, anytime, anyplace.”

Another voice piped up “three million”, then another “four million”.

“Gentlemen” Julian spoke smoothly and began to strip the costumed hero. We have captured every detail of the crime fighter down to his perky nipples and low hanging sac. This is the virtual Optimo.”

He stared at the group as he began to pump Danny’s cock.

Awww, no, no, no.” Danny thought as he watched his former enemies salivating as his dick was being manipulated by Julian. His fear mounted as he heard the bids go higher and higher.”

“Twenty million” Carl yelled out. The room fell to silence. Mouths hung open as they realized he had doubled the last bid. One by one they stepped back.

“Well, Mr. Gollings it looks like you’ve bought yourself a superhero.”

Danny groaned inwardly as his now naked body was lifted up and carried over the shoulder of one of Carl’s henchmen, his luscious ass on display and his cock and balls smashed against the thug’s shoulder.

Julian handed Carl a box. “What’s this?”

“It’s a dozen Optimo costumes, you’ll probably need them, if you have as much fun with him as I think you’re going to have.”

“I plan to have a lot of fun extracting my revenge on that uppity do-gooder, after all the trouble he has caused me.”

Julian noticed the door to the showroom opening, a uniformed figure appeared in the doorway.

Julian directed the next comment to the mob boss. “Uh, by the way Carl, I have one more surprise for you.”

He nodded to the uniformed figure striding toward them. As he drew closer, it was evident that he was a city copy in full uniform.

Carl was outraged. “You double crosser, what the hell are the cops doing here?”

Julian raised his hand palm out “Calm down Carl, it’s not what you think.”

“The hell it’s not” Carl shrieked, “That’s Shane Donnelly the asshole cop who arrested me when Optimo interrupted my last ‘project’, keep him away from me, Colman.”

Julian laughed and pressed the remote in his hand. The cop stopped immediately, standing like a statue.

Carl broke into a grin. “You…” he chuckled “…you made a Donnelly doll for me too?”

Julian smiled evilly. “He’s all yours Carl with my compliments, no charge.”

Carl clapped his hands and moved toward the young, hunky cop. He doubled up his fist and sent a powerful uppercut to the cop’s jaw. At the same time, Julian pressed the “submissive” button on the remote and the studly police officer staggered backward.

“Get up, bastard” snarled Carl. The cop wiped his bloodied lip on his sleeve and stood up. Carl grabbed a handful of his shirt and got into his face.

Defiance registered in the cop’s eyes as Carl drew back his fist once again.

“Do your best asshole because you won’t get another chance.

Julian caught Carl’s attention and tossed something to him.

Instead of hitting him, Carl caught the hypodermic needle that Julian tossed to him and jabbed the cop in the neck. The “doll” stopped struggling and looked Carl in the eye. And before he passed out, he said: “You won’t get away with this you scumbag”.

Carl laughed and let his lifeless body slide to the floor watching the good looking cop crumple at his feet. He snapped his fingers and one of his hench men grabbed the limp body and threw it over his shoulder carrying the young officer away.

“Thank you Colman, this is great.” Carl said excitedly.

The mobster left the showroom with visions of the hell he had planned for the superhero and the cop who made his life miserable.

Julian smiled. “It was my pleasure, Carl, enjoy.” He chuckled to himself thinking how fortunate it was that he was able to capture this cop who was caught snooping around the dock the other day. It was a definite bonus to find out he had a connection to Carl. He got rid of the cop and made a great ally of Carl.


Dr. Julian Colman stood in his penthouse gazing out the window at the sprawling city below, his thoughts recalling the events of the past ten years since his discovery of the “chip”.

During that time Julian built Manreplicas into one of the most important manufacturing concerns in the United States. He became one of the wealthiest and most powerful industrialists in the world. His fame spread internationally and within a year of his takeover the demand for Living Dolls was so great that his search for conversion targets was expanded beyond the Academy. Handsome, muscular young men were carefully chosen from many countries and many professions. Firefighters, cops, lifeguards, soldiers, ski instructors, tennis pros, to name a few became commodities for Julian’s rapidly expanding search. Many of his “conversions” became his scouts throughout the world, luring these unfortunate victims into his web.

Wealthy men contacted Julian on a regular basis to secure one of the dolls to satisfy their erotic fantasies. Many of these men were well known although their homosexual tendencies were not and buying one of the dolls was a perfect solution for them because of the confidentiality and privacy of every sale. The cost of these dolls was so high that they were unavailable to all except the very rich and so Julian devised a system for less than wealthy men who could “rent” or “lease” one of his guys. This proved so popular the demand far exceeded the inventory and Julian was forced to step up his selection and conversion process opening several satellite manufacturing plants in various countries to produce these living dolls; that never aged, never contracted disease and never ran away.

Colman sighed and walked to the storage room of his apartment. Ten dolls stood rigidly inside of glass tubes. He walked to tube one and awakened its occupant. Though the young man did not move, Julian grabbed him by the legs, threw him over his shoulder and carried him to his bed. He dropped the man onto the bed, stripped his own clothes off and leaned down to the unmoving figure.

“Russell” he whispered. “Suck my cock.”

Russell opened his mouth and swallowed the engorged tube of flesh.

To be continued.

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