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Living Dolls
Chapter 6 - The winner gets all the chips
By Michael Randall

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Living Dolls

Epilogue – The winner gets all the chips
By Michael Randall based on an idea by Wolfpek

Thirty years has passed since Julian launched his new corporation. He now had a worldwide conglomeration with an international staff of 600 men and 4000 living dolls for sale and lease. He was a success of that there was no doubt.

As he walked through his storage lab he eyed some of the “merchandise” in their glass tubes. Some of these dolls had been a part of his business for twenty years and they looked as young today as they had when they were “acquired”.

He passed the tube of Alton Lawson, the gymnast one of his first Academy acquisitions. Alton had already had three owners over the years and yet he always came back to Julian. That was the best part of even the sales agreement and Julian’s inventory of available dolls only increased there was never a need to replace.

Today he was meeting a new customer, an anxious customer, who had beleaguered Julian with requests over the last six months. He straightened his tie prepared to meet this new client.

Lester Grimswood was shaking, mainly from nerves, and the prospect of entering such a place in broad daylight, but also at the idea of finally attaining an experience for which he had longed for over 6 decades

An out and proud gay man was not a possibility in the world he came from. Throughout his life he only knew the silent longing for those boys with budding lithe young muscles who taunted him at school as the effeminate voice odd little nerd.

As he grew older, he learned to live in a straight world, pushing himself, entered a loveless marriage and worked hard to build an acceptable life. He did well, very well, due to his acumen in the conservative banking world and he became one of the richest men in the country.

Men he met would notice a firm handshake, but always uncomfortable shifty, averted eyes. He constantaly spoke in low measured tones to appear wise rather than girlish. Maybe some hot young studs he saw in the streets, caught his longing glances at their bulging pecs and firm round asses and maybe they whispered behind his back, but he never slipped up to affirm any of the gossip.

Over years of self-denial and deprivation his fantasies became dark, sadistic and cruel. He longed to have a hot young stud completely helpless and under his power to do with, as his cruelest whims dictated. This side of Lester lay hidden deep inside his consciousness because he was, in essence, a nice man, and was sometimes horrified at this other more brutal self, buried deep within his psyche. These days however, it had become more and more insistent upon having its own way.

His wife, Marta had only married him to obtain security and left him twenty years ago for an incredibly hot young ski instructor they met during a trip to Aspen. Oh what he would have done to see that arrogant blonde imagining the stud bent over a snowboard. That was just another fantasy as he longed, just once in his life, to experience the touch of firm hard man flesh against his own.

When he heard about Manreplicas from a discreet friend, he contacted the company, but the demand for their products was high and he was put off by the staff, that is until, by chance, he met one of the sales reps at a conference in Dallas. Lester was trembling as he learned of Dr. Colman’s business and he expressed a monumental interest in procuring one of the dolls. After reviewing Lester’s financials, Julian personally invited the overweight, pasty skinned billionaire to his flagship location showroom.

Lester nervously sat in a waiting room outside of the showroom. The meeting had been planned to be appropriately discreet.  Apparently the people at Manreplica Corp were used to these types of circumstances. A dark windowed limo had met him at an innocuous location and brought him to this gleaming glass tower where it was rumored Dr. Colman had his residence in the penthouse on the top floor.

A door of the cool green lobby silently opened.

"Mr. Grimswood?"

Lester looked up to  one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen, Dressed in a business casual style so often favored by Silicon Valley types, rather than the suit and tie required in his world. A loose sports jacket , open to reveal a skin tight T-shirt, that left no rippling eight pack ab to the imagination, and pants that while professional lovingly hugged thick tree trunk thighs leading Lester to the conclusion that his ass must be amazing.

"Dr Coleman?"

The man smiled a toothy grin. "I'm sorry sir, Dr. Coleman has been unavoidably detained.”

He offered his hand to Lester.

“I'm Russell Whitford, Dr. Colman has asked me to escort you to the show room where he'll join us shortly"

Lester practically swooned at the young man's disarming smile

"Please, sir follow me." 

Russell turned to reveal the tight fabric of his slacks stretched over an amazing ass, better than one he could ever have imagined. The young man lead him to a staircase and as he followed the incredible body up the flight of stairs he found it impossible to take his eyes off of its athletic sway, as he followed closely behind.

They arrived at the second floor and walked down a corridor lined with glass tubes containing an array of breathtaking young hunks. Suddenly he gasped aloud and stopped in front of one case marked 1110008866 which contained an exact replica of the young ski instructor whom his wife had run off with, two decades ago, along with a considerable share of Lester’s wealth. Shortly after Marta ran off, he had heard the dude with the square jaw, dazzling smile, sun-streaked blonde hair and tree trunk thighs had disappeared on his wealthy ex , most likely with some Telluride cocktail waitress.He remembered the night he had walked in on them and stood motionless watching that big firm round ass bouncing up and down as his thick cock pleasured Marta. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there just watching those thick muscles contract giving him a longing to plunge in, but of course he didn’t have the nerve and instead he backed out of the room. He suspected they knew and laughed at him later, he was used to that.

He paused once again at case number 1496666670 that contained the spitting image of the erotic ex-marine electrician, who was hired to do some electrical work within his mansion. From moans he heard coming from the basement he stole down the stairs and watched helplessly as the muscled jar head fucked his wife into oblivion. As he did with the ski instructor, Lester fantasized what he’d do with that stud as well if he had the nerve…and the opportunity. It was funny because Lester had been so angry that first time, he complained to the owner of the electric contracting firm only to be told that the guy never showed up back at the shop, his work van was found later by an abandoned side track in a train yard.

The exact, dead on image of these men, down to the slight scar above the jar head's eye, and the ski cowboys slightly uneven mouth, deeply unsettled him. It couldn't be could it? No way, these men would be in their forties now, at least and these studs were not a day over 23 or 24 with bodies that no forty year old could ever hope to have.

Lester’s thoughts were interrupted and he was brought back to the present by the sound of Russel’s deep baritone voice.

"Ah, I thought those two would catch your attention. We've gone over the exact specifications on your request forms, very carefully sir, and Dr. Colman is so confident that these two will suit you that he has taken the liberty of holding them aside on pre order for you. They are two of our most popular models."

Lester was so excited he couldn’t speak.

Russel escorted him into a room filled with what looked to be operating tables. Noticing Lester’s inability to speak, he asked. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Lester's mouth was like the Sahara, but he was unable to do anything more than grunt "Um, er, no, no thank you."

Abruptly an older gentleman in a lab coat entered the room.

"Mr. Grimswood, I'm so very sorry to have kept you waiting, I'm Dr. Julian Colman."

Lester vigorously shook Julian’s hand. “Ahh, Dr. Colman it’s so very nice to finally meet the mastermind behind this prosperous business in the flesh.” He gushed as his eyes swept up and down the gorgeous body of the scientist noting that though he was in excellent shape, he appeared older than his pictures in Manreplica’s advertising portfolio making it obvious that they were taken some time ago.

Julian interrupted his gazing. “You’ve probably noticed that I look older than the photos of me that you see on all of our advertising. He, he yeah, those were taken at our first unveiling many years ago.”

Actually thirty years had passed since Julian enacted his plan and though he was still a strikingly handsome man, unlike his victims, he had aged naturally.

“Let me assure you, though, that I can still handle myself well.”

He reached down to a table and grabbed a syringe.

"I trust that Russel has shown you around."

"Oh yes, he has been very kind"

Julian's eyebrows raised "Being kind is not how I expect my associates to treat my customers. And I don’t think you were treated in the manner I insist upon.”

He turned to the smiling Russel. “Whitford, I don't think you've shown Mr. Grimswood around properly at all."

Before Russel was able to react, Julian grabbed his old rival from behind and plunged a syringe into his neck.

Russell fell backward, stunned and moaning on to one of the operating tables. Julian slapped his face back and forth several times and ripped open the tight T-Shirt revealing the classical torso of a young Greek god. After ripping the shirt completely off, grabbed the waistband of his dress slacks and ripped them open releasing an impressive and semi hard thick cock. The barely conscious Russell's head rolled side to side.

Julian's hand's ran roughly over the helpless muscled torso removing all remnants of clothing. Lester was astounded as the charming young man who greeted him only moments ago, was now laid out naked like the main course at a feast completely at the mercy of the attractive doctor.

"My God man!!!!" Lester cried aloud in shock. "What have you done????!!! Why, you, you're a monster!"

Julian smiled cynically "Aren't we all Mr. Grimsword, aren't we all?"

Lester watched as Julian tossed the naked Russell over his shoulder, and turned to face him. Lester’s cock was rock hard in his pants as he witnessed the erotic scene playing out before him thinking to himself, trying to convince himself that he was not a monster. Julian turned to face Lester

"Admit it, Mr. Grimswood, this is your greatest fantasy, isn’t it?” He slapped Russel’s ass…hard. “Just look at this magnificent ass, bent powerlessly over my shoulder. Those arms bulging with muscle hanging listlessly down my back, he’s out cold and completely at our mercy. Follow me ."

Though skeptical, Lester followed the doctor down a hall to another room where the walls were lined with young hunks, magnificently displayed in their glass cases. Russel’s insensate form swayed back and forth with every step. Julian moved to the center of the room where a spanking/fucking bench stood and on which Julian laid his victim ass up, using the restraining straps to tie his wrists and ankles to the sides.

Although he was drooling, Lester did not want to admit that this all was getting him worked up. “I came here looking to buy an animated object, not to participate in the rape a real young man!!!"

"Didn't you Lester, really? Deep down that isn’t what you’d like to do? Honestly, Isn’t that exactly what you've always wanted to do?”

He slapped Russel’s plump ass cheeks again and reached under and pulled down firmly on his big cock and balls to demonstrate the helplessness of the big strong man. “This is every young stud you could never have. Every young hunk who taunted you with his body, with his firm muscles that you could never touch; the hot hunk who looked down on you with his cocky masculinity. Don’t you see? Now he's yours! Take him, Lester! TAKE HIM! FUCK HIS ASS! MAKE HIM PAY FOR YOUR SUFFERING!”

Julian was running his hands invitingly over Russel's firm ass dipping his fingers into the cleft erotically. Lester gazed at Julian’s face as he licked his lips suggestively.

"Don't you want a taste, Mr. Grimswood? Wouldn’t you like to lick this crease? Get it all wet and then jam your hard dick inside?"

Lester was sweating profusely and he couldn't help himself. Hating himself, he knelt down, placing his hands on the firm round boulders of Russell's firm ass, and trembling with excitement dove in tongue first. He was in heaven. Julian's words had driven him to frenzy, like a shark tasting blood for the first time. No longer able to control himself, and for the first time in his life acting on his dirty urges, he rammed his raging member into Russell's defenseless hole.

The voice in his mind became louder telling him that this dude represented every stud denied him throughout his long, monotonous life, now here before him, naked, tied up and helpless was there for the taking. This was every young beauty that caught his glance in the street and then glared at him with disgust, stared with pity or laughed with ridicule. This is every young jock in school, or cocky young stud in the locker room and later the boardroom. There in this single man they were all finally at his mercy, and the firm flesh in his hands felt better than he could ever imagine. Decades of hunger powered his pounding cock plunging into that tight, helpless hole. He was suddenly punishing all those young hunks for every day of every year of every decade of denial and longing. It was difficult for him to fathom the savage cruelty driving him forward as he fed on his virile victim’s energy, ramming his dick over and over into that sweet tight hole. It felt better than any dream or fantasy. Russel's powerful body jerked like a puppet impaled on his starving cock. Grabbing handfuls of Russel’s soft hair for leverage, an animal intensity overtook him completely and he pounded that hole like a beast, with a ferocity he never knew or could have imagined.

The sweat poured off him as he vigorously continued to pound Russel’s hole, but soon his other self was fighting back and he began to think that this was all a mistake and that he was wrong for hurting this beautiful young man and it became obvious that he was considering stopping this nonsense. Then through the heat of his passion he heard Julian's voice loud and clear.

“Don’t feel sorry for him, Lester, don’t let him slow you down or make you stop, he doesn’t deserve your compassion. You see Lester, Russel is a Manreplica, he is not real, remember he is one of our dolls, in fact he’s our show room floor model."

Emboldened by Julian’s words Lester got back into the rape and ramped up his powerful thrusts into Russel who lay beneath him moaning.

Julian continued his reassurance. “They’re not just sex toys, big man, you can actually use them to work for you, perhaps as a contractor in your house, or an athletic trainer, or a chauffeur and they will function in those positions until you want them in a sexual one. And fantasies can be real, you can set up as many  capture take down scenarios, as you like, over and over again as many times as you like and they will respond to you however you like.”

Julian picked up the remote, “Watch this Lester!” Julian pressed a button and the silent Russel roared "Get your goddamn pervert hands off me faggot. I. will. Kill you for this!"

Or maybe a different scenario.

Another button is pressed and Russel’s demeanor changed again, "Whaa, what are you doing to me…huh? Just stop and I’ll do what you want… please" Russell begged.

Or possibly Lester, what I suspect might be your favorite unconscious and suffering.”

Russel, barely conscious begins to moan with each thrust. “Unnggh,  no, unnngh, ahhhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh, unngggghh."

Deep inside his mind, Russel Whitford, trapped within the body of a sex doll for the last thirty years, suffering every kind of torture and abuse imaginable seethes with rage, but has no control because the implanted chip regulates his behavior 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He knows this is likely to never end since he doesn’t age.

“I set this up as an example of the many ways you can use your Manreplica.” Julian explained as Lester continued fucking Russel nearing orgasm.

"I want this one." Lester huffed as he pounded into Russel.

I'm sorry Lester. This is our showroom floor model meant for display only. To be honest, we sometimes make use of him ourselves during breaks. I don't think the staff can part with him.

"I'll pay anything!" Lester screamed as he exploded into Russell's abused hole.

“It will be expensive, Lester!”

“I don’t care, I will pay whatever you want with whatever conditions apply.”

Julian smiled, he had pulled this trick before and it always worked.

"Very well, I will draw up a contract for you."


Julian chuckled because he already had one ready. He knew Lester would sign the contract without reading it, a contract that would hand over his entire estate, valued at close to 2 billion dollars to ManReplica Corp, in the event of his death, which Julian knew was imminent.

Lester untied Russel and flipped him on his back. He punched a button and the stud lifted his muscled legs up and over the older man's shoulders and his head hanging backward over the edge of the bench, pushing his arms out and chest up. Lester’s cock had hardened once again and he shoved it back into Whitford’s ass.

"I want this one" he panted "and the other two I saw on the way in as well."

“You mean number 1110008866 the ‘ski bum’ and number 1496666670 the ‘jar-head’ ”

Lester nodded his head vigorously as he continued fucking Russel blasting once more inside of his hot hole. Lester was exhausted and was led to the locker room to shower and get redressed.

Alone with Russel, Julian pinched a pert nipple, ran his hand over the naked torso, and ruffled the soft hair. He leaned down to kiss his old rival deeply on the mouth.

Patting his chest he said "I'll miss you old friend, but we both know we'll have you back here again very soon. Whitford could hear him and based upon past experience knew exactly what Julian was referring to. He would give Lester a brief period of pleasure with his dolls, but it wouldn’t last long.

Lester left the showroom with his three selections scheduled to be delivered to his mansion that afternoon. Over the next six months Lester enjoyed the guys especially taking revenge on the Ski Instructor and the marine fucking them as often as he could as they begged him to stop. Lester’s preferences were that his dolls would appear asleep or knocked out when he wasn’t using them. He would come up with countless scenarios, where he drugged, or chloroformed them, and would carry them around his mansion over his shoulder, tying them down to tables, over the hoods of expensive cars, and the most he wanted to hear from them was a semiconscious moans, or "nooooo" as if they were in a fevered dream. It was so realistic he often wondered if they were in fact the real men, but his grasp on reality lessened over time and most of the time he lived in his fantasy world.

Six months later Lester Grimswood suffered a massive heart attack and died. At the reading of the will all of Lester’s estate was liquidated and merged into the assets of Manreplicas, Corp. The ski instructor and marine dolls were bequeathed to like-minded friends of Lester’s and Russell was returned to his nemesis as a show room floor model once again.

Standing in the showroom with Russel, Julian looked at his former nemesis. “You know Whitford, I never dreamed that life would actually turn out this way, but I’m glad it did. I have enjoyed my times with you which would have never been possible without my chip.”

He stripped Russel naked and tied him to the bed where he beat him and fucked him into oblivion. Russel’s inner mind kept fighting the perverted action, but as usual he was unable to take back control of himself.

When he was done, Julian knocked Russel out and carried the beautiful naked stud back to his glass tube. Then he rushed off to get ready for a new customer who had ordered a College Quarterback doll and a College Professor. Julian had the hot duo ready, and was fully confident that the replicas would fit the exact preference of the new customer…because after all, that’s exactly who they were.