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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor II
Part 1 - Playthings
By Neck40

Tarzan and the Witchdoctor II


The pitter patter of footsteps echoed throughout the stone stair way as a lone figure walked down its torched lit path. The glow of the flames revealed a tall, but lean dark skin male. The glow of the light revealed that he wore a long brown colored loincloth that went a bit past his knees, seeming a bit large for him, yet he didn’t care about it. His torso is bare, which showed a washboard stomach and lean chest. Around his neck is a necklace made of panther teeth, and a streak of red paint ran along his face, as he wore a weird headdress, which labeled him as a witchdoctor.

A smile plastered on his face as he came to a wooden door at the bottom of the stairs. Reaching over he opened it, and a barrage of groans and rattle of chains hit him as he walked in. There were unlit torches inside, but the room is still visible. Mainly since there is a large hole in the ceiling which let in the sunlight. The light that flooded the room revealed that this is a dungeon.

“Hello, my playthings,” he greeted in amusement. Lining the walls are many cells, and also metal shackles that securely held someone. The room echoed as said metal moved and rattled against the walls. All the shackles were nearly full, and each one held a dark skin male… very handsome and well-built males, who were all completely naked.

Looking to his left he eyed one of his captives restrained in the shackles, a tall and muscled male who is covered in sweat. His arms bulged as he pulled, trying to free himself, but those muscles proved useless as the metal didn’t budge. The witchdoctor smiled as he looked at his captive struggle, loving what he had done. Eyes traveling down his toned, and hairless body as they flexed with every movement. But that’s not the thing that caught his eyes.

Going down further he now looked down between the captive’s legs, seeing a completely hairless groin. Yes, all that pubic hair is gone, the witchdoctor made sure to remove all his captive’s pubic hair. The male’s once proud manhood, which once stood at a foot long hard, is now nothing but a small noddle. Yes, the male had a one-inch baby dick, and below it small, almost non-existent balls.

The Witchdoctor could see the rage in his prisoner’s eyes as he realized what is being looked at. The male laughed in amusement as he moved on, now coming to one of the cells. In it are two more built handsome men. Both naked as well and deprived of hair from the neck down. Ameer made sure to deprive all his captives of hair, leaving them nice and smooth. The first one had short hair while the other is bald, and both had tiny dicks as well.

The one with the short hair stood and looked at his captor silently with worry as both locked eyes. Next to him the bald one was doing something completely different. Lying down on his back, hand at his smooth groin and seemed to be using two fingers to try and jack himself off. But with such a small dick there was no way he could cum, let alone pleasure himself. This just brought a huge laugh to the witchdoctor, seeing his captives unable to cum at all and being pent up. How long has it been since they’ve had release? He didn’t care he determined whey they can get off.

He passed many more handsome men that are his prisoners, all of them different in age. All of them were of ages 18 to 23, young, good looking and filled to the brim of sexual potency. Except they all shared one thing. Each one had a tiny dick. This was something the Witchdoctor had done to them for one reason: They were his toys to play with, not them. Their dicks belong to him only, they are no longer theirs anymore. Many tried to get off by stroking themselves or humping at the makeshifts beds they were given but were unable to due to the size. Even when they were hard they only reached one and a half inches long. All of the males were facing a bad case of blue balls as none of them had cummed in a long while.

He kept looking at many more frustrated males, who were either struggling in the shackles or just sat in their cells. Soon he stopped in the center of the dungeon, eyes locked onto the prized addition to his collection. In the middle, where all the males could see, is the Lord of the Jungle himself, the ape man Tarzan. Loud rattling of chains could be heard as the white man struggled in the much thicker metal shackles that held him.

By now Tarzan’s strength had returned to him after getting over the poison that had entered his system and weakened his muscles. All of which enabled Ameer to restrain the stud and allow him to be seen by all. By now that strength of ten men is being put to use as the ape man pulled and struggled to break free. Sweet sweat forming and cascading down that wonderful muscled, and hairless body. So smooth and intoxicating. Both eyes looked down between Tarzan’s legs, the once proud cock that he took so much pride in is non-existent. What laid there now is a small one-inch baby dick, and marble sized balls. No hair to cover it, nothing but a baby smooth crotch…Ameer couldn’t help but salivate just seeing it.

Tarzan stopped struggling, panting as he tried to regain what strength that was lost. By now he noticed the witchdoctor before him, and just growled. He had no words for the man, the ape man knew that any threats wouldn’t work. His teeth grit, watching his captor walk around him. Tarzan struggled to follow him, but the shackles didn’t allow it.

The Ape man’s breathing hitched as something touched his ass. Behind Ameer had reached and touched his captive’s perfect ass…an ass that isn’t…” Tainted” at all. Two round bubble like cheeks, bronzed from exposure to the African sun, and packed with muscle.


Tarzan bit back a groan as he felt a slap at his ass. Ameer couldn’t help but marvel as there wasn’t a single ripple. It is so firm…and all his.

“So tight,” the witchdoctor spoke as he pushed a finger into the virgin ring, feeling the cheeks squeeze upon entry, marveling at how tight it felt.

Tarzan squirmed as he felt the intrusion, but there wasn’t anything he could do. He so wanted to reach back and beat this man to an inch of his life, but for now he has to bide his time before a perfect opportunity to escape present itself.

“Soon…Soon I will be the first and only to claim this,” he pulled his finger out and gave the ass another smack before walking back in front of him. “Don’t worry it’ll be a time to remember.”

Tarzan knew he had to escape before that happened, he prided himself on his ass being cherry. But if things keep going the way they are he could no longer claim that. Already he could see the man erect…much bigger and longer than anyone in the room. The dick tenting in the loincloth attached around his waist…Well it was Tarzan’s loincloth. It angered the ape man that his only piece of clothing is mockingly being worn by his captor. When he escaped he’s going to take that back. All he could do is growl as he watched the witch doctor walk away.

A few seconds later Ameer came to another man, who is shackled to the wall, just like the others he is handsome and well-muscled. But he didn’t struggle to get free, instead he stiffened up once he saw his captor in front of him. Smiling the Witchdoctor closed the distance between them, watching as his plaything’s eyes widen with every step.

“You’ll do,” he said, as his hand reached over to the hairless groin.

“N-N-No!” the male shouted as he shook in his bonds, knowing what laid ahead of him for being chosen.

“Why are you complaining? You’ll get to cum,” the Witchdoctor responded as he used a finger to stroke the one-inch dick a couple of times. And just like that the cock started to grow firm and lengthen, growing in actual size. The prisoners groaned and moaned in pleasure as his dick started to get bigger, now two inches, then five, and soon a full eleven inches. His balls followed suit and grew to the size of acorns.

“Please…not me!” the prisoner pleaded as he watched as the witchdoctor then kneeled down on the ground, head leveled with his dick.

“Don’t worry you’ll get to release…in a day or two,” he laughed before engulfing the length into his mouth. He’s saving the Jungle Lord for a special moment, meaning he is in need of release…and this boy will do.

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