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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor II
Part 2 - Playtime and Preparations
By Neck40

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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor II

2.Playtime and Preparations

“Please, let me release!” A loud voice echoed through the stone walls of the dungeon. All the males stopped and looked towards where the voice came from. Most of them shuddered as to what is going on in there and were glad it wasn’t them in there. Still thinking about their captor’s torture methods were enough to bring a shudder to them. Besides, they had their own problems to deal with, like trying to have an orgasm even with their small dicks.

Meanwhile in one of the Witchdoctor’s “playroom” his latest victim laid flat on a stone table. Chains clasped around his wrists and ankles as he’s spread eagle on the slab, still very naked and moaning in pleasure as his hips were moving, trying to brush his dick against something.

“Please stop!” he pleaded with his captor, who for some reason couldn’t be seen. Unless you were to look low enough. Below the slab is a hallowed out opening. In the opening a large hole could be seen on the top, and the captive’s cock and balls were hanging in the air, the shaft stiff as a pole as pre-was dribbling down from the opening slit.

“Why would I do that?” a voice chuckled, which happened to belong to the witch doctor. Not too far from the prisoner’s cock and balls the Dark-skinned witchdoctor sat using a long, white feather to stroke the now twitching length up and down. All the way from the base, to the very tip. He watched with glee as the hairless genitals tried to move and touch the edges of the hole, just one stroke to help to urge that blissful release. But the captive was secure in a way where he couldn’t rub against anything, so his attempts were futile.

The stud that is strapped to the table has his eyes squeezed shut and body started to tremble as his muscles flexed to break the chains holding him down. He couldn’t see what the damn witchdoctor was doing but he is running something real soft over his cock, which sent waves of pleasure through his body. He had been at it for an undetermined amount of time and he is horny as hell! He just wanted to grab his dick and jerk himself off like crazy.

Like always he felt himself getting close to the edge, so close to spilling himself and releasing that pent-up feeling. But the sadistic man was careful, because the young stud cried out as he now felt his balls being stroked now, his dick twitching and begging to be touched. And after a few minutes of being left alone the soft feeling would return and repeat. The witchdoctor was careful to make sure not to let his captive go over the edge, because that would ruin the fun he has left remaining.

After a few more minutes of tickling the needy dick the witchdoctor stopped and got out from under the table. The prisoner relieved that it stopped, but if he thought their session was over he was far wrong, “Oh…thank you…it’s over…,” he laid his head down on the cool surface.

“It’s not over yet,” he heard and then tried to look back, only to see that his captor climbed the table and now is looking at his ass. This is not good.

“W-What are you doing!?” he struggled once more but couldn’t do anything.

“Something different,” he said, twirling the feather in his fingers and looking down at his captive’s toned ass. Completely dark, and well-rounded and packed with muscle. Reaching down with both hands he touched the smooth mounds, placing his fingers into the crack and prying the firm ass checks apart, revealing a tight virgin asshole.

The chained-up stud could see his captor and felt his hands prying his ass open, but what he’s going to do he wasn’t sure. But then his eyes widen he felt something soft enter his hole and tickle the rim. “GYAH!” he cried out as his hips buckled and tried to move away from whatever it was he was doing. The feeling was so un-fucking believable!” His dick twitched painfully as the arousal returned but was much stronger than before.

The witchdoctor smiled as he brushed the feather around his victim’s asshole, loving the reaction he’s receiving from it. He could feel the ass checks trying to squeeze shut, but the fingers holding them open had a solid grip, so they wouldn’t be closing anytime soon. He dipped the feather further into the ass, smiling at the new reaction. Yes, he could do this for a few more hours.

Yet he knew he should give his captive a rest to cool down, he didn’t want him to accidently have an orgasm without him knowing. Giving the asshole one last tickle he let the cheeks go and got off the table. He gave his captive a pat on his ass, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back to play with this in a bit”

Ameer turned and looked at another table. Strapped down is a struggling Tarzan, the ape man restrained just like his dark skin campion. The Witchdoctor smiled as he watched his most prized captive struggle in his bonds, sweat glistening down his body as he couldn’t escape. Ameer made sure to inject him with the same muscle relaxant, so he couldn’t escape while transporting him to the playroom. He started working on his other prisoner and let Tarzan tire himself out before he started working on him.

He waited for a moment, so he could admire the beautiful body of Tarzan. His rippling back, toned legs, and impressive ass…the very ass he will claim as his own soon. Just thinking about it made him harder under his loincloth. As much as he wanted to plow into the jungle stud, he knew that he had to wait as he…,” Prepared” him. This is a once in a lifetime chance and he has to do this properly.

Tarzan on the other hand had no idea what is going on around him. All he knew is that his captor forced him into another room and tied him to this table. But also, something even more shocking. His small dick, his pride and joy, grew larger under the touch of that witchdoctor. This only made the ape man dishearten some more, mainly because it proved that he needed his captor to remove whatever voodoo he placed on him.

Stopping as the chains restraining him didn’t let up, the white man stopped to pant a bit, turning his head and growled as he found his captor. Just seeing that smug smile on his face angered him, just the mere thought that his captor sees him as a prized catch sicken him. He is so going to get a beating like never before once he gets out. Deciding not to give him the satisfaction of seeing his angered face Tarzan went back to struggling, but suddenly stopped as he felt something cold…on his ass!

Looking back, he saw Ameer pouring some kind of…transparent yellow type of syrup like liquid on his ass. Then those dark skin hands touching his rear, kneading the checks and rubbing the liquid in. The witchdoctor on the other hand has a big smile on his face, as both hands were giving Tarzan’s beautiful ass a nice massage. The cheeks felt so firm and packed with muscle. His hands glided over the bronzed skin, making it shiny. A frown then crossed his face as his captive moved his hips out of the way.

“What are you doing!” Tarzan shouted as he moved his ass out of his captor’s hands, but it didn’t go that far.


Tarzan jumped as he felt a slap to his ass, stopping his struggles for a moment. He felt Ameer’s hands move his hips back in place and rub the oil back in. “Be silent and still, I need to prepare your ass for its deflowering.”

“Like Hell!” he responded as he moved his hips again, running his captor’s ministration.

“Fine,” Ameer responded as he kneeled down and grabbed a length of rope. He then tied down Tarzan’s waist, pulling the rope tight to keep his captive’s hips in place. The ape man grunted as he felt the rope but tried to struggle only to find that now his only defense is now gone. “There now I can continue.”

Ameer then poured more oil onto the bronze cheeks and resumed massaging it in. Tarzan had to close his eyes and grit his teeth to suppress a moan. Even though this contact is unwanted, and devious as to what is to come, he couldn’t help it as the massage felt good. There wasn’t anything he could do and just had to take this.

The Witchdoctor smiled as he kept rubbing the oil in, this substance is a special mixture of his own creation. Not only does it make the skin healthy, and shiny, but it makes it bounce more. Plus, it acts as a special lubricant…especially if put in the right place.

“Don’t you DARE!” Tarzan shouted as he felt those hands spread his ass cheeks open, getting an idea of what he could be doing. This couldn’t happen, he wouldn’t let it happen, yet he couldn’t do anything about it. When Ameer pricked him with the muscle relaxant he made sure to do it on the side of his hips, which affected his rectal muscles. Now Tarzan could only squeeze his cheeks lightly, nowhere near to the amount of force he could usually do.

Ameer smiled as he felt resistance from Tarzan as he tried to clench the cheeks, but it didn’t matter. He could keep the ass cheeks spread with his fingers. The dark skin male then picked up the bottle of oil and held it over the asshole. Turning it the oil dripped down, right into the opening. Both of Tarzan’s eyes opened wide as he felt it go inside of him, upon reaction he tried to clench his ass closed but couldn’t. He tried his best to suppress a moan but couldn’t help but choke one out.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Tarzan could feel his now enlarged dick getting erect. The sensations on his age were real erotic, and causing him to grow to his maximum length, and stick out. Yet, none of them could see it as his dick and balls were hanging beneath the hole in the table. He couldn’t help it, it just felt so good.

“Feeling good huh?” the witchdoctor smiled as he put the bottle down and rubbing it perfecting into the hole, hearing more moans from his captive. Ameer then placed his fingers inside the ass and rubbed it into the hole, making sure not to penetrate it. “If you think that feels great, just wait until my dick goes in. It’s going to be a moment none of us will ever forget.”