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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 6
By ProfGuy15

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The truck rumbled its way through the jungle toward Sayo's family compound. Its cargo, however, was perfectly quiet. Tarzan and John were still sleeping soundly as a result of the anesthetic gas they still breathed in. They were guarded by the tribesmen who had helped capture them earlier. With Sayo driving the truck, the sexually-aroused warriors were finally able to relieve themselves. The men stood around their captives and watched their massive chests rise and fall. Each warrior moved aside his loin cloth, grabbed his already engorged dick, and began jacking off furiously to the image of their naked and unconscious prey. Soon they each sprayed a load of cum on the tight bodies of the jungle studs.

Meanwhile, at the steering wheel, Sayo fantasized about what would happen to Tarzan and John once they reached their destination. He smiled in anticipation and became rock hard once again. He and his rich friends would soon be enjoying the bodies of these prime specimens.

A short time later, the truck arrived at the huge compound of Sayo's family. Sayo felt a rush of adrenaline as he drove the truck through the thick metal gates guarded by two members of the security team. He had achieved his aim at last: he had captured the Lord of the Jungle and his mate. Both would now be sexual playthings for him and his friends.

Sayo pulled the truck into the open area in front of the main house. Excitedly, he jumped from the cab and ran around to the rear of the truck, opening the doors. He looked down at Tarzan and John and immediately saw the dried cum on their chests and abdomens. His tribal mercenaries looked at him sheepishly.

"Not to worry, my friends," Sayo laughed. "I guess none of us can keep from cumming when looking at these fine men. Please clean them up while I remove the gasmasks." Sayo entered the truck and turned off the flow of gas. He then removed the masks from both his captives.

"They should be out for several more hours. Take them into my special room in the main house." Sayo went off to contact his friends and make plans for the evening's festivities.

The natives went to work rolling the gurneys with the sleeping men into the large residence. They found Sayo's playroom and brought them inside. The tribesmen saw many strange items that they did not understand: leather slings hanging from the ceiling, an X-cross and pummel horse covered in leather, a bed with leather straps at each corner. They also saw metal cabinets containing many glass bottles, metal cylinders, syringes, gasmasks, and IV bags.

Sayo entered the room and saw the confusion on the tribesmen's faces. "These are my toys, gentlemen," Sayo explained. "All of these things will allow my friends and I to enjoy our time with Tarzan and John to the greatest possible extent. And I think it's time to get our sleeping beauties ready for their first round. Let's get John secured to that bed over there, and Tarzan will look quite good tied to this horse."

The four men began their tasks by unfastening the straps that held the jungle hunks to the gurneys. They could not help but luxuriate in this work; each man in turn stroked the hard bodies of the unconscious prisoners. Then two tribesmen lifted John up, one carrying his shoulders, the other his legs. They placed him on his back on the leather bed and restrained his arms above his head via leather straps; they did the same to his ankles attaching them to the foot of the bed. Meanwhile, Sayo and the third tribesman bore Tarzan over to the leather-covered horse in a like manner. However, the warrior did not know what to do with the sleeping stud.

"We'll place Tarzan face down on the horse," explained Sayo. "Then secure his wrists and ankles." The two men hoisted Tarzan's dazzling body onto the horse and secured him to the device.

"Very well done," Sayo praised his jungle mercenaries. "My friends and I can handle things from here. Your payment has been placed in your rooms." The tribesmen left the chamber still a bit confused.

Sayo stood over Tarzan's prone form and stroked his well-muscled back and ass. "I'll start with you tonight, Tarzan," said Sayo to the sleeping form. "I'll leave John to one of my friends. They should be arriving any time now. Sorry to leave you boys, but I should make preparations for their arrival." Sayo gave Tarzan's firm ass one last pat and reluctantly left the room.

Some time passed as Sayo busied himself and his staff for the arrival of his friends. Back in the playroom, the two junglemen began to awaken from the effects of the gas. Tarzan was the first to rouse, fighting through the dizziness and slight nausea that accompanied his return to consciousness. Despite his light-headedness, he quickly realized his newest predicament and began to pull against the bonds that tied him down to the horse. Unfortunately, he was still in a weakened state and made little headway against the restraints. He looked around the room and saw the myriad devices before his eyes lit upon the still sleeping form of John tied to a leather bed.

"John! John!" Tarzan urged his mate to wake up. He saw John's body move slightly and continued to encourage him. "Come on, John! Wake up!"

After a few more moments, John opened his eyes, but his vision was still clouded. He mumbled a bit incoherently before the cobwebs began to clear in his mind. Finally he could clearly hear Tarzan's voice which, for just a moment, made him feel safe. But that safety was short-lived as John tried to rise out of the bed.

"I can't pull loose, Tarzan. What's happening? Where are we?" John asked bewilderedly.

"I'm not sure, John," replied Tarzan. "I guess we've been brought to Sayo's compound. From the looks of the things in this room, we need to release ourselves quickly."

John then took in the various contraptions around the periphery of the room and was visibly agitated by what he saw.

"We have to remain calm, John," said Tarzan soothingly. "That's our only chance to get free. We have to watch for our chance, that's all. OK? Are you with me?"

"I'm with you, Tarzan," said John as bravely as he could. "I'm just worried that Sayo will just keep knocking us out, and we'll have no chance of escape."

"Just watch for a chance, John. It will come. People like Sayo always make a mistake."

As if this were his introduction, Sayo entered the room, another man at his side. The newcomer was about the same age as Sayo, in his 30s, with a day's growth on his face. His 6 foot muscular frame bore similar clothing to Sayo, the khaki attire common to white men in the jungle. Both men smiled at the sight of the bound Tarzan and John.

"I told you it would be worth the trip, now didn't I?" Sayo said to his friend. "The great Tarzan and his mate John all ready for us to use and abuse at our pleasure. Gentlemen, this is my very good friend Cyrus. You'll be getting to know him well shortly. Cyrus, as I suggested earlier, I think you should begin with young John here. I trust his present situation is acceptable to you?"

"Perfect," replied Cyrus. "I always like to begin traditionally. Before I forget, where are the accoutrements?"

"Follow me," said Sayo as he moved over to a metal cabinet in one corner of the room. He opened the cabinet and retrieved two small vials, two hypodermics, and two tubes of lube. Sayo handed one set to Cyrus. "I trust you're familiar with this drug."

"Of course, Sayo. I'm no amateur at this," replied Cyrus. He took the items from Sayo and moved back across the room to John. He placed his materials on the floor beside the bed. Sayo walked over to Tarzan.

"I think it's fairly obvious what's going to happen to you two studs. We're going to have our way with you after which you'll be put back to sleep. By the time you wake up from this round, two more of my friends will have arrived and will be more than eager to meet you. Cyrus, I trust you don't mind readjusting John to your liking."

"Not at all, Sayo. I rather enjoy it," replied Cyrus as he set about his task. He untied one of John's ankles. Trying to take advantage of this slight freedom, John pulled his leg from Cyrus' grasp and kicked at him with all his might. Unfortunately for John, Cyrus was able to move aside and was merely grazed by the attempt.

"That was not smart at all, young man," said Cyrus with a smile on his face. He roughly grabbed John's leg and repositioned it near a bar hanging down from the ceiling at the foot of the leather bed. He rather easily secured John's ankle. He then looked John in the eye and gave him a swift punch to the abs. John grunted as Cyrus' fist made contact.

"No more antics, understand?" Cyrus didn't wait for an answer as he repositioned John's other leg. John was now in a rather awkward position with his legs in the air and ass exposed. Both Cyrus and Sayo, who had been watching, smiled.

"Luckily for me, Tarzan is in the exact position that I like," said Sayo mischievously.

Cyrus nodded in response and then returned his attention to his young toy. "I'm going to enjoy this, boy." Cyrus quickly pulled off his shirt and shorts and stood naked before the shaken form of John. His dick was already fully erect and ready to go. He reached down, grabbed the lube, and lubricated both his dick and John's ass.

"Here we go, John. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do." With that, he thrust his impressive dick into John who yelled out at the penetration. This only got Cyrus hotter and harder. He began thrusting rhythmically as his hands groped John's abdomen and chest. He flicked John's nipples and played with the young man's pits.

Meanwhile Sayo had readied himself as well. His penetration of Tarzan's perfect ass caused Tarzan to tighten his entire body. His continued straining against his bonds excited Sayo who ran his hands up and down Tarzan's muscled back, luxuriating in the feeling of the tight muscles.

Neither Tarzan nor John said anything during this latest violation. Fortunately the two jungle studs could look at each other and provide encouragement to each other through caring looks. For now, they had no choice but to accept their fate.

After what seemed like an eternity to the captives, but was really only a short time, pleasurable moans began to emanate from both Sayo and Cyrus. Both men were clearly close to climax and were pounding more quickly and forcefully. Almost simultaneously, both men pulled out and shot their loads. Cum fell on Tarzan's back and ass and on John's ripped abs. Sayo and Cyrus were panting from their exertions, smiles of pure pleasure on their faces.

But their pleasure was not quite finished. Sayo and Cyrus reached down and retrieved the vials and hypodermics. Sayo walked around to Tarzan's head so the jungle lord could see what was about to happen.

"You are an excellent fuck, Tarzan. You will continue to give me and my friends much pleasure. But we all get another type of pleasure watching awesomely built men like yourselves going to sleep. This might pinch a bit, but I'm sure you'll forgive us after you get some rest."

Sayo and Cyrus slowly prepared the sedative, getting erect once again at the thought of putting these studs to sleep. They squirted a small amount out of the needle and then injected the drug into the necks of Tarzan and John. They then stepped back and watched the effects.

Tarzan and John could feel warmth moving from their necks down their bodies and into their minds. Time began to move more slowly. As they looked up at their captors, their faces began to blur.

Cyrus stroked John's hair and spoke to him as if he would a child he were putting to bed, "That's right, John. Go to sleep like a good boy. You can't keep your eyes open. Go to sleep."

John opened his mouth to protest but fell into darkness.

Meanwhile, Tarzan was trying to fight the effects of the drug. He managed to once again threaten Sayo before his eyes closed and body relaxed in sleep.

"That was incredibly hot!" exclaimed Cyrus as he walked over to Sayo. "I need to get off again." He grabbed Sayo's dick and Sayo returned the favor. They jacked each other off as each man replayed the images of Tarzan and John being put out. Both men came once again.

"I guess we should get cleaned up and wait for the others to arrive. That sedative will keep Tarzan and John out for awhile." Still naked, Sayo and Cyrus left the room with their arms around each other's shoulders.

Unconscious and bound, Tarzan and John could only dream of how to reachieve their freedom.

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