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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 7
By ProfGuy15

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The sound of laughter could be heard just beyond the door to Sayo's playroom. The door swung open and in walked Sayo along with two new friends. The two men were identical in every respect. Both were in their mid-20s with dirty blonde hair. Each stood 6'2" tall with the bronzed, well-toned bodies of gymnasts. Their think tank tops and shorts clung to every ripple of muscle. They both stared at the still unconscious forms of Tarzan and John in amazement. They immediately began to get hard, their erections straining at the thin material of their shorts.

"I see you approve," said Sayo grinning. "When have I ever exaggerated to you two?"

"I know, Sayo, I know," replied the first twin. "But when you said you had Tarzan and his mate for us to play with, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical."

"Well, my dear Marco, I'm glad to know your faith in me has been restored." Sayo rested his hand on Marco's well-developed shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "And what about you, Paul. Are you pleased as well?"

"Pleased does not do justice to what I'm feeling," replied the horny young stud. He turned to his brother.

Both said in unison, "Let's get started."

"By my calculations," directed Sayo, "our two playthings should remain out just long enough for you to arrange them as you see fit. You should find everything you need. You both have fun now. I don't want to hear any complaints later on."

"Believe me, Sayo. There will be no complaints," said Marco with a smile.

"Then I leave you to your task. I wish I could stay and watch, but Cyrus has needs that I am happy to attend to. See you both at dinner afterwards." With that, Sayo left the room, closing the door behind him.

The twins surveyed the room and smiled. "Looks like everything's here. Shall we?" asked Paul with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, but I see Sayo has only provided one sling," replied his identical brother. "I guess that part of our fun will have to be different for the two of us."

"Perhaps a new turn-on for us, brother," replied Paul.

"I like your optimistic point of view, brother," responded Marco.

The two men had previously decided that Marco would have Tarzan while Paul would take John during their first go-round. Each man walked over to his respective prey who was still sleeping soundly from the sedatives he was given several hours earlier. Each looked over the bound body of his toy thoroughly, both with his eyes and his hands. After their initial inspection, the twins began unbinding the captives' arms and legs. Neither Tarzan nor John made any indication of being aware of this newest dilemma.

"I think I'll take Tarzan over to the sling if you don't mind, Paul," asked Marco.

"Not at all. I was hoping that I could have the X-cross for my young John here," replied Paul.

"Then we're in agreement, as usual." With that, Marco pulls Tarzan into a sitting position on the pummel horse. "I think it might be fun for us both to secure each of them together, don't you think."

"Perfect!" replied Paul excitedly. He walks over to his brother and Tarzan and marvels at Tarzan's sublime torso. "I can't wait for the second round so I can have this one. Not that John looks too shabby himself."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, dear brother. There will be much pleasure had this time."

The two brothers take hold of Tarzan, Marco reaching under the jungle lord's shoulders and Paul handling his legs. They bring Tarzan a short distance across the room to the sling which is hanging from the ceiling. Paul lets Tarzan's legs drop; he is now being supported by Marco. Paul readies the sling. Marco expertly drops Tarzan's slumbering body onto the sling which expands to accommodate his impressive form. The twins finish their task by binding Tarzan's wrists and ankles to leather straps at each end of the sling. They step back to admire their handiwork.

"He is simply amazing, isn't he?" asks Marco.

"Amazing hardly does him justice," Paul answers, his eyes still fixed on Tarzan's magnificent physique.

"Well, shall we prepare young John for your pleasure?" Marco's question brings Paul out of his trance.

"Certainly. He looks like he needs some attention as well."

They repeat their exercise with John, bringing him over to the X-cross which is situated right beside the sling now holding Tarzan. The twins stand John on the leather-bond cross and adeptly secure the youth's wrists and ankles, fixing him in a standing spread-eagle position.

"Now that our packages are securely wrapped, let's see what goodies Sayo has left for us in his little medicine cabinet," says Marco gleefully.

"Right behind you, brother," says Paul who follows Marco to the cabinet.

The two men are impressed with the array of drugs that Sayo has amassed. "Sayo certainly has a wide selection. Shall we go with our usual?"

"Why change something that works so well for us?" is the casual reply.

The twins pick up two bags of intravenous solution with its appropriate tubing, two hypodermic needles, two bottles of sedative, and two small containers of lubricant. They hang the bags on IV poles and roll them over to the sleeping heroes and place the other items on the floor. As the twins are arranging their toys, they notice Tarzan and John beginning to move slightly.

"Our new friends are starting to wake up. It's almost time for our fun to start!" the twins exclaim. They stand in front of the jungle studs and watch as they fight their way toward consciousness once again.

Tarzan is the first to open his eyes. He instinctively tries to stand up but finds himself unable to do so. He pulls at his restraints, flexing his perfectly sculpted muscles in the process. Marco begins to rub himself through his shorts, quickly getting an erection as he watches the jungle lord's vain attempt at freedom.

More slowly is John's ascent to consciousness. Paul sees the first signs of awareness in John's body: a slight twitch, a low moan. But soon enough, John is trying to lift his head and open his eyes. Paul watches with rapt attention, his hard on showing his high level of enjoyment at the sight of the young man. Finally John wins his battle and he opens his eyes.

It takes a few moments before Tarzan and John process the images before them. They now realize that they are tied in new positions and to new contraptions. They also see the twins standing in front of them. Tarzan and John look over at each other to make sure the other is still there and to give reassurance. They are brought back to their present predicament, however, as Marco addresses them.

"Glad to see that you're back with us, gentlemen. We are all sure to have some fun momentarily. As you can see, you have been moved, courtesy of my brother and me, while you were sleeping. I hope you like your new accommodations. Allow me to introduce ourselves: I am Marco and this is my brother Paul. No doubt you have noticed that we are identical twins. Identical twins with identical fetishes. Our dear friend Sayo has invited us to join him because we share in his enjoyment of sex and knockouts of gorgeous men like yourselves."

Tarzan and John immediately begin another futile attempt to free themselves and fight off their newest foes. The twins laugh at their efforts but enjoy seeing the muscles of their captives being flexed to their limits. They look at each other and nod. Both twins peel off their skin-tight tank tops revealing sculpted torsos, much like those of Tarzan and John. They then remove their shorts, freeing their rigid dicks.

Paul continues, "Sayo has informed us that you have been tranquilized, chloroformed, gassed, and sedated by hypodermic needle. I wish we could have been there to see that. We'll have to get him a video recorder for Christmas so he can record those events in the future. But we have a special way of putting you two out that you haven't experienced yet. You see, both my brother and I are trained clinicians, and we like to incorporate our profession into our fetish. We're going to hook you both up to these IV drips. After we've had our way with you, you'll be going back to sleep courtesy of the drug we inject into the IV line. It will be so much fun to watch you both fall unconscious. I'm sure my brother and I will cum a second time at the sight. Shall we set them up, brother?"

"Let's do it, brother. My dick won't wait much longer."

The twins set about their task. With Tarzan and John both secured in place, they can offer no real resistance to Marco and Paul. Each twin inserts the IV needle into a vein in the hand of Tarzan and John, securing the line with a piece of surgical tape to keep it in place. They start the IV drips going. With that accomplished, they are ready to proceed.

Marco says, "I hope that wasn't too unpleasant. For now, you are just receiving a dilute glucose solution. That will change eventually, though. But for now, we both want you to gain pleasure from this experience. You can rest assured that both my brother and I will be enjoying ourselves."

The twins then pick up the containers of lube and squeeze a generous amount into their right hands. With a practiced degree of synchronicity, each twin grabs the rod of his captive and begins to pump. Despite all they have been through, Tarzan and John, the virile lords of the jungle, become rigid once again. They are helped along not only by the obvious stimulation of their dicks, but by the expert manipulations of the rest of their bodies by the twins. Their nipples are tweaked, licked, and sucked. Their chests and abdomens are fondled. Their inner thighs are groped. All of these actions have the desired effect: Tarzan and John are soon rock hard and breathing heavily.

"Considering they're being held against their wills, they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves," notes Paul.

"I agree. Tarzan, you're really getting into this, aren't you? Who would have thought that the jungle king would be this kinky?" taunted Marco.

"You will pay for what you're doing to John and me," vowed Tarzan.

"Sayo told us you'd say something like that," replied Marco. "But right now we're in charge, and there doesn't seem to be much you two can do about it. And when we're done, you're going back to dreamland."

While they are working on their prisoners, Marco and Paul's dicks have remained totally rigid. Merely the sights and sounds of what they're doing have kept them erect. But the twins know that it's time to include themselves in the mix. They move closer to Tarzan and John and grab their own dicks. They're now pumping both their own and their captive's rod with the same hand. The new physical stimulation elicits moans of absolute pleasure from the twins who now use their free hands to play with their own nipples and rub their own chests and abs.

After ten more minutes of intense jacking, the twins see that Tarzan and John are on the edge. Both of them are breathing raggedly and their groins are bucking against the hands of the twins. The twins look over at each other. They know they are both on the verge as well. They nod to each other and then turn back at their bound prey. A few more pumps and the four men erupt simultaneously. Jet after jet, stream after stream of cum erupts from the four massive, rock hard dicks. The cum lands in puddles on the men's abs and chests and on the floor around the captives. The twins continue to milk the shafts until they are sure that there is nothing more. They step back from Tarzan and John and simply enjoy the physical pleasure and the sight of these bound men before them.

Finally, they come out of their orgasmic trance and get back to the business at hand. "That was the best ever, eh, brother?" asks Marco.

"Better than I dreamed possible," replies Paul.

"Next time we switch, though. I like the look of that young puppy of yours. But I think our friends look tired after all that exertion. They should take another nap, don't you think?"

"Absolutely, brother. Let's get to it."

Both twins reach down and retrieve the hypodermic and bottle of sedative. They fill the syringe and walk over to the IV tube.

"This is a different sedative than Sayo used on you before," explains Marco. "This takes a little longer to act. We enjoy a slow knockout over a quick one."

"More time to get off again," adds Paul. "Nighty-night, John."

Paul injects the needle into the IV tubing and depresses the plunger. The drug enters the IV tubing. Marco does the same to Tarzan.

The twins step back and put their arms around each other's shoulders. The physical contact of their muscular bodies has their dicks responding once again. With their free hand they begin to jerk themselves off as they watch the drug enter the bound hunks before them.

John feels a tingling in his hand as the drug enters his bloodstream. A warm numbness makes its way down his arm and into his chest. From there it seeps into his entire body, down his abdomen and into his legs. He begins to feel drowsy. His vision becomes blurred and gray. He can see the entwined twins furiously pumping their rods, but they seem far away. His head lolls to his chest. It is an enormous effort to pick his head back up and look straight ahead. He tries to look over at Tarzan, but only catches a short glimpse of his mate before his world grows black.

Tarzan is in the same predicament. His head rolls back and forth as he watches the twins pleasure themselves. At the same time as his eyes close, the twins erupt a second time with loud moans of ecstasy.

"They look so peaceful, sleeping so soundly," says Marco.

"Just like angels. I can't wait for the next time when we swap partners," giggles Paul.

The twins turn and exit the room, arms and bodies still entwined, the last drops of cum still dripping from their dicks.

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