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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 8
By ProfGuy15

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The steel door slammed closed as the twins left the playroom. Their laughter echoed down the hallway, fading as the muscled young men made their way back into the main part of Sayo's house.

As the sounds wane, an ever-cautious apeman slowly opens one eye, only a sliver, just in case someone was still in the room. Convinced that he and John were finally left alone, Tarzan struggles to open both eyes. Although unbeknownst to the twins Tarzan had crimped the IV line, enough of the sedative had seeped into his system so that he was slightly disoriented. He knew that he had to keep hold of the line or all was lost. He would not be given such an opportunity again soon. He must get himself and John out of the compound and extract revenge on Sayo and his malicious friends. Those thoughts fueled Tarzan's sapped strength. He breathed deeply in an attempt to clear his head. To keep focus, he looked over to see John's limp form secured to the X-cross beside him. John seemed deeply unconscious; the IV line was feeding more of the drug into his system with each drip.

Tarzan's anger grew inside him as he relived Sayo's torments in his mind. "He will pay for what he has done to me and John," Tarzan thought to himself. "But I must get out of this contraption first."

Tarzan's head was clearing with each breath. Shortly he could feel some strength returning to his battered and bound muscles. The fingers of his left hand are starting to cramp from holding the IV line. He begins to tug at the line in an attempt to pull over the IV stand and stop the flow of sedative. But Tarzan realizes that the sound of the stand falling over might alert his captors. The opposite idea comes into Tarzan's tired mind. He begins to pull at the short section of tubing that is inserted into his hand vein. After a few moments, Tarzan successfully removes the needle and tubing from his hand. Blood begins to trickle down his arm and drip onto the floor, but Tarzan ignores the pain and the blood as he begins to pull furiously at his restraints.

Luckily, the sling in which Tarzan is hanging was not really meant to restrain a man as strong as Tarzan. With some effort, the jungle lord is able to tear his right wrist from their bindings. With one hand free, in no time Tarzan completes his extrication and lands on his feet on the concrete floor of Sayo's dungeon. Tarzan wants to yell in triumph at his new-found freedom, but does not for obvious reasons. He leaps over to the X-cross and carefully removes the IV from John's hand. He first unbinds his mate's ankles and then his wrists. John's unconscious body falls into Tarzan's waiting arms. Tarzan embraces his sleeping mate, luxuriating in the feel of the young man's muscles. Despite the circumstances, Tarzan becomes erect.

"Time for that later, I guess," Tarzan whispers with a laugh. He then gently lowers John's body onto the floor. He can see that John is breathing regularly and strongly. He is thankful that they have not been harmed further.

Although he does not want to leave John even for a moment, Tarzan knows that he must make an escape plan. The first step is to make sure that no one is about. He quietly moves to the door and listens. Hearing no sound on the other side, Tarzan tries the handle and is somewhat surprised to find it unlocked. "I guess they don't expect sleeping captives to be able to leave," Tarzan thinks.

Opening the steel door as softly as possible, Tarzan peers into a long hallway and finds no guards posted. Satisfied of their safety for the moment, Tarzan closes the door and returns to John's side. He looks down on the peaceful face of his young mate, brushing away some stray hairs. Tarzan leans down and kisses John while his hand strokes the stud's muscular chest. "I promise that I will get you out of here safely," whispers Tarzan.

At the moment that promise is made, a devilish idea creeps into the apeman's mind. He now knows what he must do in order to get himself and John out of Sayo's clutches safely. He walks over to the medicine cabinet and discovers several grenades labeled "knockout gas."

"This should work perfectly," thinks Tarzan. "But what will protect me from the gas?" Tarzan looks around the room and sees masks hanging from hooks on the wall. He retrieves one of them and returns to John.

"It looks like you'll be asleep a bit longer, John," says Tarzan softly. "I'm sorry. But when you wake up, we will be safe. At least I can make you a bit more comfortable." Tarzan sets his discoveries down on the floor and gently picks up John in a cradle-carry. He walks over to the bed and with great care places John in the center. Tarzan kisses John once more before setting off.

Tarzan gathers the grenades and gas mask and silently enters the hallway. As he makes his way down the corridor, Tarzan begins to hear loud talking and laughing. His muscles tense, ready to attack. But then through a slightly ajar door, he sees Sayo and the others at a long table eating and drinking. Tarzan is easily able to slip by unseen. He quickly climbs the stairs to the second floor of the building.

Tarzan knows that he must reach the roof in order for his plan to work. The simplest solution would be to slip out a window and climb onto the roof. Tarzan begins to approach the closest door. He was about to enter a bedroom when he hears a rustle behind him. One of the natives who had aided in his capture is standing there, astonished to see that Tarzan was awake and trying to escape. The native lunges at Tarzan, but the jungle lord will not be taken again, especially by a single tribesman. He hits the native on the side of his head with the gas mask, knocking him to the floor. Tarzan then wraps his sinewy arms around the native's neck from behind and begins to squeeze. The stunned tribesman cannot escape from Tarzan's sleeperhold and drifts off into unconsciousness. Tarzan drags the sleeping native into the bedroom and dumps him on the floor.

Tarzan sees a window and in a flash is climbing up to the roof. Once there he sees what he has been searching for: the air intake system for the air conditioning unit of Sayo's house. He creeps over to the vent and smiles. He is pleased with the irony of what is about to happen. But he knows that he does not have time to waste. He must accomplish his task now before the knocked-out native is discovered. Tarzan pulls the pins from the two gas grenades and flings them into the air intake vent. Within seconds, billows of gas begin pouring into the vent. Tarzan knows that the gas will be introduced into all areas of the house, putting everyone inside to sleep.

Meanwhile, Sayo and his friends are relating their stories of raping and knocking out the two jungle hunks. The men, all still naked from their earlier escapades, all have raging hard ons as they listen to each other's tales. The tip of every penis is dripping with precum. None notices any difference in the air.

After about ten minutes have passed, however, Sayo begins to feel a bit tired. "I guess I've had too much exertion for one day," he announces to the group. "It might actually be time to turn in." He tries to stand up, but immediately falls back into his chair. "What's going on?" he asks as he becomes more disoriented.

His other guests are experiencing the same symptoms. The men try to reach the door of the dining room to figure out what's happening, but they do not reach it. The first to fall is Cyrus who drops to the floor with a thud. The twins get a bit closer to the door, but they, too, succumb to the gas filtering into the room. They turn to each other with bleary, drugged eyes, embrace each other's naked body, and slip first to their knees. With two additional breaths, they surrender to sleep and fall to the floor entangled in each other's arms.

Sayo, however, makes it into the foyer outside the dining room. He staggers to the center of the room, barely able to form a coherent thought. Through drowsy, blurred eyes he sees a solitary figure standing a few feet away. He does not know who the person is, but it seems that something is wrong with his face. Sayo takes a few more steps toward the shape. The man's perfect form comes into sharp focus, if only for a moment.

"Tarzan! But how?" slurs Sayo.

"I hope you enjoy your nap, Sayo. When you wake up, you'll be back in a jail that even you can't buy your way out of. Let me help you fall asleep." Tarzan pulls back his mighty arm and hits Sayo full on the face with his fist. Sayo slumps, unconscious, to the floor.

Through the gas mask that protects him from the sleeping vapors, Tarzan roars in triumph over his fallen foes. His victory cry echoes throughout the entire house, but no one can hear him. Everyone in the compound is asleep thanks to Tarzan.

Tarzan rushes back to the dungeon and his mate. Naturally, John is still in the bed where Tarzan placed him. Tarzan now can watch John's manly chest rising and falling with each breath. He can enjoy just looking at John's form, knowing that both of them are finally safe.


John's eyes open to a beautiful, sunny morning. He slowly stretches his achy muscles which glisten in the rays of the sun. After a moment, however, all the memories of what had happened to him and Tarzan flood back to his mind. He yells for Tarzan who rushes to his side.

"It's all right, John. We're both safe." Tarzan embraces John and squeezes tight.

John is overwhelmed but immediately responds to Tarzan's hug. Both men's dicks also respond to the physical sensations of each other's incredible bodies.

Without letting go of Tarzan, John asks, "But what happened, Tarzan? The last thing I remember is those horrible twins putting us back to sleep. I thought we would never be able to escape."

Tarzan relates the story of the escape and arrest of Sayo and his accomplices.

"Will Sayo be back, Tarzan?" asks John apprehensively.

"He might be, John," responds Tarzan. "But I don't think that will be happening for a very long time. He is in a maximum security compound without any access to the outside world. His friends are all in different prisons throughout Africa. I don't think we'll be seeing any of them anytime soon."

"That's good news, Tarzan. But I guess we should be more on our guard from now on," says the young man.

"That's always good advice, John. But let's not worry about them right now. Let's just take advantage of the beautiful day and each other. How about a swim?"

"That sounds great, Tarzan. But how about some exercise beforehand?" replies John with a mischievous smile.

Tarzan smiles back. The two men embrace once again and give immense pleasure to each other's magnificent bodies in celebration of their freedom.