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Chapter 5 - The Milking
By Randi2511

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Toby woke with a start. Looming over him was the man in the green scrubs and surgical mask. The whole frightening scenario of his ordeal flooded back. What was going to happen to him now?

“Hello again Toby, please don’t be frightened. We’re not going to harm you in any way. In fact I think you’ll be surprised over the next hour or so how pleasurable Phase II will be. After that we’ll let you go about your business. You’ll be free to go.

“As you remember when you first became our guest, Ivan here, was rather rough on your penis injecting it with a vasodilator to help you achieve an almost instant erection. That enabled us to proceed with the enlargement of your reproductive organs. Now that that phase has been completed we’re ready to move on and see what we can bring forth, so to speak.”

With that Fleckenstein wheeled over a small table that reached just below the lip of the gurney. It had some paraphernalia including some clear plastic tubing, a beaker, and a large Lucite tube with a horizontal hose-like attachment half way up its length.

Toby could see on the monitor that his enlarged cock and balls were hanging loosely between his legs, resting on the gurney between his splayed legs.

As frightened as he was about what was to come next he had to admit that his junk looked impressive.

“This apparatus is known as the Venus 2000. It’s quite rudimentary in design and construction but extremely efficient in producing the desired results. We’ve modified it somewhat to accommodate your enlarged penis and added a harvesting feature.

“But first things first. While we could use the vasodilator again, I think we will gain maximum production with a more natural approach. So we’ve set up a little experiment. Ivan, stream the first film.”

As Toby watched, the overhead monitor switched from a view of his body to a movie entitled “Debbie Does Dallas”. (And it must be said Debbie was amazing.) Suddenly the monitor showed a split screen, half with Debbie doing what she was doing and the other with the IMGI showing the internal of Toby’s genitals. After about 10 minutes since there had been no change in the IMGI Fleckenstein said,

“Ivan stream the second film.” and Debbie was stopped mid exercise. Replacing Debbie was a picture of two very attractive young men in what appeared to be the entrance hall of a home. One, in a delivery uniform, leaned over to retrieve his pen for a signature when the other provocatively stroked his butt. Well one thing led to another and before long both men were naked on the floor amid much panting and groaning.

Fleckenstein’s eyes were glued to the split screen but only the right side where the IMGI showed what was happening to Toby’s internal genitalia. At first nothing perceptible was happening to the external eye. Toby’s penis lay quiescently reaching down his scrotum. However, Fleckenstein suddenly shouted in triumph, “ Aha, I’m seeing some vasodilation in the perineum. We should be able to see some external results almost immediately.” And sure enough, gradually Toby’s cock started to expand and move up his thigh and within 30 seconds the enlarged glans was again throbbing just above his navel, the shaft hard as a rock.

Try as he might to think of other things to keep this from happening he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the pornography on the screen, the first he’d ever seen. Did this mean he was gay? Sure he and Ethan had played grab ass once last year and it had led first to mutual masturbation and subsequently on other occasions to more sophisticated forms of sexual gratification. But they’d never kissed or butt fucked or done any of that really “Gay” stuff.

He remembered the times he and Ethan had double dated in the spring. He was dating Ann at the time and Ethan dated Sharon. After a movie they’d go and park Ethan’s car down at the end of the cul-de-sac and make out with the girls. There was a lot of tonsil tennis, heavy petting and steaming up the windows but it only went so far. Then they’d drop off the girls and since they were all horned up would give each other a handjob in the back seat. Just a couple of normal straight guys getting their rocks off, right?

“We have lift-off!” laughed Fleckenstein. Just as he grabbed Toby’s tumescent member and raised it perpendicular to his body. The urethral opening dilated and a huge thick, clear, viscous blob of precum oozed out and ran down the side of his penis covering the doctor’s knuckles. Fleckenstein scooped up what appeared to be about a tablespoon of the substance and rubbed it over the head and down the length of the boy’s penis eliciting a moan from behind the gag.

Fleckenstein now slipped a tight silicone sheath with a plastic tube at the end over the rigid totally lubed cock. Just then another blob of precum issued from the penile opening allowing the doctor to fit the end of the plastic tube into the urethra. Next he fitted the hard plastic tube over the sheath and pulled the other end of the plastic tube through the opening placing it in the beaker.

“Now Toby, we have a little something extra which may come as an unwelcome surprise at first but once you get into the swing of it I think you’ll learn to enjoy the experience. Ivan bring over the piston.” With that Ivan wheeled over another gurney with a large mechanical contraption. It had a long rod protruding from its front and an electric cord at its back. He butted the two gurneys together and the long rod was pointed right at the boy’s groin. When Toby looked closer he could see what appeared to be a cock attached to the rod, or at least some sort of a dildo shaped like a cock.

“Because I’m sure, or reasonably sure, this will be a new experience for you we went to some lengths to make it a more personal one for you. You’ll notice the silicone penis attached to the piston is actually a replica of your own that Ivan made when you first arrived. We’re using it to stimulate your prostate when we start the milking process in order to achieve the maximum flow. Proceed Ivan.”

With that the dwarf attached a steel rod about a meter long to both strapped ankles to keep his legs apart, unhooked the attached leather straps and reattached each ankle to separate chains dangling from the ceiling. He then freed the other straps that fixed the boy’s legs to the gurney. Next he flipped a switch, a motor hummed and a winch pulled the chains attached to the boy’s ankles off the gurney and raised them toward the ceiling. When they were perpendicular with the gurney the winch was halted.

Toby thought he knew what was coming next and dreaded it. With his gloved left hand Ivan gently lifted the huge scrotum with its swollen contents in order to view the obscured orifice that was his current objective. He had squeezed a large blob of lubricant from a tube onto his long gloved right index finger and slowly swirled it around the boy’s rose bud. It felt cool and strangely sensual but then the finger pushed slightly against the opening with ever increasing pressure until it finally yielded and entered. Toby gasped. Ivan lingered just inside, swirling his finger around spreading the lubricant liberally around the interior. Then he withdrew it with a pop. Toby couldn’t figure which part of the split screen to watch, but this foreign intrusion had an effect on his penis which started to deflate.

Reaching down, the dwarf pressed another button on the piston, the motor hummed and the rod with the replica of Toby’s “former” penis slowly advanced toward his ass. When he felt its soft touch against the entrance the machine was turned off. He had mixed feelings, fright at his situation and gratitude that the cast of his cock had been made before its enlargement. By now the fright had significantly shrunken his erection and Fleckenstein said, “ Advance the rod very slowly now, until the head just enters the cavity.” Ivan again turned on the motor and the rod advanced inch by inch as it dilated the sphincter, entered and he again stopped the motor. Toby gasped as he felt the sharp pain of the dildo entering him. A minute went by as Fleckenstein allowed the pain to subside and the boy got used to the intrusion. On signal the motor hummed to life and Toby could see it gradually move up his rectum inch by inch on the IMGI. At three inches it reached its destination and gently rubbed against his enlarged prostate now the size of a large ripe plum. He let out a loud moan from behind his gag and his penis started to re-inflate. He’d never before felt anything like the erotic sensation that flashed through his being. The piston was now gradually retreating and then pushing forward very slowly. Back and forth it moved, back and forth over the entire length of his prostate. His cock was now fully erect and the moans from behind the gag grew in intensity.

“I think it’s time to proceed.” said Fleckenstein as he pressed a button on the console next to the modified Venus 2000. With that the tube around Toby’s cock started to move very slowly up and down in sync with the advancing and withdrawing of the dildo in his ass. He could also feel a suction around his enlarged glans. The doctor turned off the split screen image from the large monitor overhead and the full screen now showed the two boys writhing on the floor with their cocks in each others mouths. The sensations sent to his brain by the scenes playing out on the monitor and those from around his cock and from the prostate massage where overwhelming.

The doctor glanced at a small monitor by the side of the gurney that only showed the pictures on the IMGI. He reached down with his gloved hand and gently lifted the huge sac with its enormous orbs and slowly massaged them. He pressed ever so softly against the engorged globes and watched the monitor as they expelled the immature spermatids and spermatocytes into the epididimae for maturation into precious spermatozoa. As huge quantities of these cells were expelled from the testes, the epididimae in turn expelled the sperm which had been maturing there into the spermatic cords and shot them up toward the seminal vesicles that would bathe them with seminal fluid. Their contents in turn were expelled into the prostate that added more of the viscous fluids and the whole orgasm and ejaculation cycle began. Toby was now overwhelmed by sensations that had only been hinted at during his solo masturbation sessions as well as his sexual play with Ethan and he felt the pressure building toward a cataclysmic cum shot.

“Many men have learned to stop the orgasm prior to ejaculation in order to build the quantity and quality of the final ejaculation. Many can also ejaculate multiple times with only a short rest in between. With the enhancements we have made to your reproductive organs these orgasms without ejaculation, sometimes referred to in the vernacular as “edging”, are unnecessary because of the acceleration of the maturation process. Every ejaculation will expel the maximum amount of spermatozoa mixed with semen. Theoretically we could keep you ejaculating indefinitely until your body shuts down. With our test simians we have kept them ejaculating for up to an hour without harm before discontinuing the tests. Although the amount of ejaculate has varied we have achieved a maximum of 75 milliliters over this period. We won’t subject you to this kind of strain and plan to stop at 30 minutes.”

From his position at the foot of the gurney Ivan had adjusted the pistoning dildo to a slow and steady in and out, the head just withdrawing part way from the anal ring and then reentering to massage the full length of the huge prostate. With the boy’s legs up in the air he could see the doctor cupping the large ball sac which gradually shrank pulling the testicles up close to the body. As he watched he saw the now spheroid perineum spasm ten times as Toby’s penis explosively shot ten thick viscous creamy ropes out through the dilated urethral opening where it was immediately sucked into the waiting beaker. Ten seconds later the second orgasm and ejaculation occurred and it was also harvested.

And so it went without letup for a half hour as the boy writhed in ecstasy. At 16 minutes the boy fainted but the machines continued their work pumping out load after load. Finally his naked body bathed in perspiration, his blonde hair soaked with sweat and every muscle straining against his bonds, the machines were switched off and Fleckenstein disconnected the machinery from the boy’s penis and Ivan withdrew the pistoning dildo from his anus.

Holding the beaker aloft the doctor exclaimed in triumph. “Over 360 milliliters! I counted 180 orgasms in all with about 10 ejaculations in each. That’s about 2 milliliters in each ejaculate. Amazing! This will satisfy Ishmael for several days no matter what tasks we have him perform. His testes are almost completely drained and back to their normal size. It will take a day or so for them to refill.

“Ivan, flip him over I want to implant the homing microchip. When I’ve finished give him a sponge bath and we’ll return him to his dorm. We want him rested and sufficiently recovered in his safe environment before he feels the ineluctable need to return for a second cumming, as it were. Ishmael will want to meet his donor in person I’m sure.”

With that the doctor made a tiny incision in the skin between Brian’s shoulder blades and with a tweezers inserted a chip half the size of a dime and as thin as a host wafer. He sealed the tiny wound with a small self disintegrating tape, helped turn the boy on his back again and left the room.

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