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Chapter 6 - Ethan
By Randi2511

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He stood in front of the full-length mirror glancing at the door to his dorm room making sure it was locked. His friends had a habit of entering without knocking and he didn’t want to be embarrassed by an intruder as he stood appraising his naked body. He stood, arms at his side, legs slightly apart and smiled at the 6 foot 165 pound image before him. “You are one hot dude!” he said. His face was boyishly handsome with his dark brown, almost black, hair in its moussed “fauxhawk”, his piercing green eyes looking out beneath arched eyebrows, the thin aquiline nose, full lips and straight jaw line. The diving coach had hassled him about his hair style, but as one of the best divers on the team there was no chance of him being axed. In fact the only hair on his body was on his head, his eyebrows and the v shaped patch of pubic hair above his penis. The rest of his body had been shaved, and depilated. Before Saturday’s match it would be oiled for maximum effect before he faced his adoring coed fans.

Looking down over his still summer tanned body, it was only October, his eyes roamed from his broad shoulders, the defined pecs with the milk chocolate aureoles around his nipples, the v shaped slope of the rib cage to the narrow waist and slim hips. They lingered over his soft penis with the pink head and smooth hairless ball sac, before traveling down over the rise of his thighs and calves. There was still the 3 inch lighter patch of skin at his hips traveling over his flat lower stomach, just clearing his pubic hair, showing his Speedo tan line.

He turned to the side and checked his butt. It looked white and inviting with the tan line stopping just below the dimples in the small of his back. It was still virgin but was waiting for Toby to make the move. Unlike Toby there was no doubt in his mind as to whether or not he was gay. He’d known since he was 12 but had been firmly closeted. He’d fallen for Toby when they were sophomore pledges at Theta Chi Epsilon. They’d gone through the mild hazing together and formed a bond and a friendship that had grown, at least for Ethan, into something more.

They were quite a pair as they frequently walked together across campus, a striking contrast in looks and style. Toby at 6 feet 2 inches and 210 pounds a hunky blonde with a buzz cut and fair skin and Ethan, slightly shorter, slimmer, darker hair and skin. Both guys were athletic ideals for the girls.

Ethan turned in front of the mirror and thought of Toby again. Where the fuck was he? He’d been calling his cell phone all morning and had left voice mail and text messages but hadn’t gotten any response. He threw on some clothes, took one last look in the mirror grabbed his iPad and raced to his 11 o’clock European Lit class.

After class and before lunch he decided to go over to Toby’s dorm room and see what was up. He knew his friend didn’t have any classes on Wednesday but it wasn’t like him to sleep-in this late. He bounded up the stairs and knocked on the door. No answer. He tried the knob, it turned, the door gave and he walked into the darkened room. Looking across the room he saw Toby sprawled face down on his bed his right knee sticking out from under the covers. He went to the window, drew up the shade, walked back to the bed and shook him by the shoulder. “Hey Tobe wake up, it’s 10 after 12. I have a 2 o’clock and I thought we could have lunch together.”

Toby groaned, turned over and squinted at his friend. The horrible dream he’d had crept back into his consciousness. It seemed so real . . . but then it was too bizarre to have been real. Here he was in his own room and Ethan was here. He turned over, stretched, yawned and smiled “Hey let me get it together, brush my teeth and shower and we can be off. Would you please turn your back? I’m naked and I’ve sprouted my usual morning wood and although you’ve seen it I’d just as soon have a bit of privacy.” Ethan sniggered but made a big show of turning his back.

“What the fuck . . .!” Reaching down Toby had felt the huge boner and threw off the covers. Ethan spun around to see what had happened, took one look at Toby’s package with the large throbbing purple head, the thick cucumber shaped cock and the enormous ball sac and was dumbfounded. The boys looked at one another unable to speak. Gradually Toby’s dream started to come back to him: Sam’s, the man who bought him the beer, the basement lab; the reality of the thing came flooding back.

Ethan was shocked but also turned on by the erotic display. He felt his own cock beginning to stiffen. This was in fact the first time he’d seen Toby fully naked. He was in love with him of course and loved their simple sex games but he thought this lent a whole new dimension, literally and figuratively, to their relationship. “What hap . . . happened?” he said staring down at the amazing sight.

Toby quickly threw the covers over his crotch and, in a hoarse whisper said “Ethan please go outside and wait for me in the hall. I’ll be out in 10 and try to explain everything over lunch.” Ethan turned and walked out into the hall and closed the door behind him. He paced up and down in front of the door trying to come to terms with what he’d just seen. Had Toby been taking some drug? Was this some kind of elephantiasis? Was he ill, and if so what was this disease; it certainly bore no relationship to anything he’d ever heard of. And the onset was very sudden. They’d jacked each other off after their dates on Saturday and everything seemed normal then, although he had to judge from feel since the back seat of his car was dark. But he had to admit the distortions that he’d just seen were certainly far from unattractive.

Finally when Toby emerged from his room he looked fine and in the full bloom of youthful health, although he never looked Ethan in the eye. They walked silently together to the cafeteria, filled their trays, paid the cashier and sat down at a deuce in the corner. Ethan looked expectantly at his friend and Toby looked down at his tray and began the narrative. Nothing could have prepared the young diver for the story he heard which proceeded from beginning to end without interruption. He shook his head slowly and Toby said “You don’t believe me do you? We’ll go there together tonight. I know right where it is. You’ve got to believe me! I really need your support.” And his eyes began to fill with tears.

“How do you know where this place is? You said you’d been drugged both during your trip there and then back to the dorm.” Toby gave him a blank look, shook his head and said “I don’t know but I tell you I know exactly where it is and I’ve got to go back. Are you coming with me or not?” Ethan gave an affirmative nod of his head and looked down at his half empty plate. “Man this is too weird. Shouldn’t we contact the cops? This dude sounds totally crazed. We could end up dead or something.”

“Oh yea, I can just see it ‘ Officer, I was kidnapped by a crazy scientist who made my cock and balls much bigger!’ and the response ‘ Really? Would I need an appointment?’

“You’re right about how bizarre this sounds but I have this feeling, don’t ask me how, that hurting me is the last thing on this guy’s mind. He wants me for some purpose, I just don’t know what, and I have to find out more. Meet me back here for dinner about 7 and afterward we’ll go, if you still want to that is.” Ethan nodded again and the boys pushed back their chairs taking their trays with their half eaten lunches and depositing them at the bussing station.

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