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Chapter 7 - Breaking and Entering
By Randi2511

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The two boys climbed over the big iron gates at the foot of the road leading up to the large house at the top of the hill. It had just gotten dark an hour beforehand and they felt safe that the dark would obscure their entry to the property. Ethan was surprised that Toby had led them unerringly to the site despite the fact that he said he had been drugged and out cold from the moment he had gotten into his kidnapper’s car the night before.

In no time they had made their way up to the imposing and intimidating house, seeking cover behind whatever bushes or trees presented themselves. As they approached the façade there was not a light to be seen. Ethan was about to say something to his friend but Toby put his index finger to his lips. They approached the darkened front door, Toby in the lead and Ethan hanging back filled with a sense of dread. The two stood silently in front of the door trying to determine what to do next. Toby reached down and tried the door and it instantly gave way, opening with a creak. There was no light in the hall beyond and Toby, seemingly fearless, stepped over the threshold. When there was no sound from within Ethan, not wanting to be left alone, hurried inside as well. Staying close together the two took three steps forward when the door behind them slammed shut with a bang. Suddenly the floor gave way beneath them and the two boys were hurled down a long metal chute screaming and shouting.

They both landed with a thud, Ethan on top of Toby. They leaped to their feet and Ethan shouted “I knew we shouldn’t have come here! What the fuck are we going to do now?” Toby, seemingly unperturbed, was feeling along the walls of the tiny closet-like room looking for a doorway. Suddenly they heard a hissing sound and the room rapidly filled with a cloud of gas to which they slowly succumbed and slumped to the floor unconscious.

Toby’s eyes fluttered open and he immediately recognized where he was. It was the same laboratory where he’d been experimented on and milked the previous night. Again, he was immobile, his legs, arms, waist and chest strapped to a gurney. The big difference was that his head rested on a small pillow and he could move it from side to side and lift it up to look down at his naked body.

He looked to his right and saw Ethan’s body similarly strapped to a gurney not 6 inches from his own. ”Ethan!” he hoarsely whispered but got no response. He looked at his friend’s face, the eyes closed the soft rise and fall of the chest with every breath, a faint smile playing on his lips and he was sure he was in some sort of a deep drug induced sleep.

His eyes roamed down the length of the boy’s inert body and gasped with a sharp intake of breath when he got to Ethan’s cock which was erect and throbbing. Unlike his own, that when erect arched towards his chin, Ethan’s stood out perpendicular from his body and was pointing at the ceiling.

But that wasn’t what shocked him, it was the circumference of the thing! It was huge; although maybe not quite as long as his own it was every bit as big around. This meant only one thing, Ethan had undergone the same treatment as he had while they both were under the effects of the gas.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the throbbing member. As he stared he watched the enlarged cum slit dilate into a perfect circle and expel a huge clear glob of pre-cum which gradually descended down the ski slope of the purple corona, dripping, as if in slow motion, in a long thick strand towards the diver’s flat stomach. Just as it hit, the cum slit dilated again and an even bigger blob flowed down the same path joining its predecessor.

Toby was mesmerized and felt his own penis begin to fill and lengthen. “Oh my God, I’m being turned on by this! And this is my best bud.” As he looked down at his own penis hardening and moving up to again to rest in his navel, he could no longer ignore the obvious: he lusted after Ethan. Not only that but he realized the feelings he had were more than lust and friendship. He’d gotten the boy he loved into this mess and it was up to him to figure out how to extricate them.

He glanced over again and saw that the puddle of Ethan’s pre-cum was now overflowing his flat stomach, running down his side and onto the gurney. As he watched blob after blob being expelled from the cum slit, the puddle gradually reached the side of the table and descended to the floor in a long thick strand.

At that moment he heard the double doors open and the dwarf lumbered across the floor toward them. Toby screamed at him but he was totally ignored as Ivan made his way to the side of the sleeping Ethan. He reached down on a tray and produced a flexible transparent sleeve about 3 inches in diameter and 8 inches long which, with some difficulty given the amount of pre-cum flowing from Ethan’s penis, he fitted over the boy’s hard member. He then took what looked like a thick rubber band, slipped it over the tube and securely tightened the sleeve at the base of his cock.

As he watched, Toby saw the sleeve gradually fill with the pre-cum that was continuing to flow in copious amounts from Ethan’s cockhead. Next the dwarf attached one end of a clear plastic tube to an opening at the top of the sleeve and the other to some sort of machine on the table. He flipped a switch, there was a humming noise, and the pre-cum was sucked into the machine and siphoned into a glass holding vessel mounted on top. Things had certainly gotten more sophisticated, engineering wise, in the day since he had been milked.

There was a noise at the entrance of the laboratory and Toby raised his head to see the mad scientist enter and approach the tables with the two strapped down boys.

“Good evening Toby, it’s good to see you again, and so soon after your last visit.

And thanks so much for bringing your friend Ethan to help us with our experiments. As you can see he is resting comfortably but in a drug induced state of arousal. We felt the drug might facilitate the harvesting of his spermatozoa without having it raise the many anxieties and questions that we unfortunately had to deal with when you came to us yesterday. If you’d like to watch you’ll see how we’ve perfected our technique since your visit yesterday. Ivan, proceed.”

He watched mesmerized as the dwarf flipped a second switch on the side of the machine and it started, at first slowly, to manipulate the plastic sleeve on Ethan’s cock up and down, up and down. “ta pocketta . . . ta pocketta . . . ta pocketta . . .” it sounded, eliciting groans of pleasure from his friend each time the sleeve reached the base of his cock. On the 10th round trip from base to head, and after a particularly load moan from the boy, Toby saw a white explosion from the cum slit which, with the flip of another switch was sucked into the glass cylinder. He watched as blast after blast filled the plastic sleeve almost to overflowing and each time was sucked into the machine.

The manipulations of the sleeve picked up speed “ta pocketta, ta pocketta, ta pocketta . . .” and now each time the sleeve reached the cockhead another explosion of thick white cum erupted from the slit and was harvested by the machine. “tapockettatapockettatapocketta . . .” faster and faster the sleeve moved until it became a blur to Toby. However, he couldn’t take his eyes off the glass cylinder on the top of the machine that was rapidly filling with cum.

This went on for what seemed an eternity to the boy. If the milking hadn’t been accompanied by loud moans of pleasure from Ethan, Toby would have been yelling and thrashing about to try and break free and save his friend. In truth he was incredibly aroused by the scene. His own cock was now dripping pools of pre-cum from his own enlarged Cowper’s gland which was every bit as copious as Ethan’s had been.

Although it had seemed forever, the actual milking of Ethan had only gone on for about 10 minutes when the glass beaker atop the machine was full and Fleckenstein signaled for Ivan to turn off the machine.

“You boys are prize specimens” a smiling Fleckenstein said as if he were appraising a couple of his prize stud bulls, which in effect they were.

“And now Toby I want you to meet a young friend of ours. I know he’s going to give you much pleasure. Ishmael come over and meet Toby.”

As Toby raised his head he watched a figure that was on a gurney across the room throw off the sheet covering him and stand. He was huge, about a half a foot taller than Toby was and stark naked. As he came nearer he could see the young man appeared to be in his mid-twenties and was breathtakingly handsome. He had a perfect body, almost as if he had been sculpted by a master renaissance sculptor. There were two differences: one there was no fig leaf and two his seven-inch soft penis was definitely circumcised.

As Ishmael approached, Fleckenstein pressed a button on the side of Toby’s gurney and the foot of the gurney lowered so that he now rested at about a 45 degree angle to the floor. If he wiggled his big toe he could almost touch it. Meanwhile the pool of pre-cum gradually ran down over his balls, between his legs and slowly down the gurney. To Toby’s amazement the giant kneeled on the floor at Toby’s feet, leaned down and with a huge tongue licked the descending stream from the gurney, over his again swollen balls, up the side of his still inflated cock and over the pulsing glans. At this point he stood and said “How do you do Toby, call me Ishmael. I feel we are going to be great friends.”

Before he could respond Ishmael leaned down to Toby’s pulsing cock and swallowed it whole. He withdrew and swirled his tongue around the head concentrating on the frenulum, then slowly lowering his head until Toby could feel his cock reaching down the young man’s throat and being massaged as he repeatedly swallowed. This was followed by another withdrawal, Ishmael’s tongue becoming pencil thin and descending through the cum-slit and down the full length of Toby’s urethra. Minutes of this, followed by a full-on sucking was the most amazing thing the boy had ever experienced. He could feel his testicles, which were huge and sore pull up inside the expanded scrotum and felt the beginning of the tingling sensation which preceded an orgasm.

Suddenly with a loud groan he felt one of the most amazing orgasms he had ever had followed by a huge ejaculation. But Ishmael was hungry. One ejaculation would not be enough no matter how copious. The automaton would not stop until sated so the routine started over again . . . and over again . . . and over again. Finally after 60 ejaculations over 10 minutes the giant withdrew from Toby’s cock, spunk dripping in a long strand from the corner of his mouth down to his chin.

“Thank you Toby, I’m no longer hungry. But now I must expel the used sperm-free ejaculate that has accumulated in my testicles. So if I may, I’m going to have sexual intercourse with you.” With that he took his fingers and snapped the leather bands around Toby’s ankles and legs as if they were made of paper. As Toby watched he saw the man’s soft seven-inch cock spring up in three pulses to double its size. The head alone was three inches long and more than double that in circumference.

With a single motion he grabbed the boy’s legs and bent them at the knees so that they reached his shoulders. With his right hand he moistened his fingers with the cum that still lingered in his mouth and slathered it over his huge glans.

“This may hurt a bit at first but I’ve studied sexual intercourse in my files and it should be quite pleasurable as we continue.” With that he expectorated more cum into his hand and rubbed it over the boy’s exposed anus, gradually rubbing it around the pink pucker and gradually pushing a finger in past the ring. Toby’s breath exploded with the pain but as the automaton’s finger penetrated deeper and began massaging his enlarged prostate he began to feel a strange pleasure which sent blood pumping to his now deflated cock.

Ishmael lined up his huge dripping cockhead at the entrance and gradually pushed in past the moistened ring as Toby took a deep breath. Instinctively the giant seemed to know that it would be impossible for the boy to take the full length of his enormous engorged member so he just gradually sank it in about seven inches and then slowly withdrew until the corona was at the lips of the anus and plunged it in again. The in and out motion continued for about five minutes the glans massaging the full length of the prostate and eliciting waves of pleasure in the boy.

Despite his having had 60 orgasms only minutes before, he found himself again on the verge of another very different kind of orgasm, this time without anyone or anything touching his now fully erect penis. Ishmael seemed to sense what was coming and speeded up his rhythmic in and out at the same time bending his head down to again swallow Toby’s cock. That was the only stimulus the boy needed and as he exploded the automaton ejaculated a copious amount of sperm-free semen into Toby’s colon.

With that he withdrew and released the boy as Fleckenstein, who had been watching and recording the entire process, put down his iPad and along with Ivan tied the exhausted boy’s legs back down to the gurney. He had readied the syringe filled with a sedative and injected both boys. The automaton turned and went back to his “bed” lay down, pulled the sheet over him and closed his eyes.

Fleckenstein reached for the remote and said “Ishmael come here, I’ve got another task I’d like you complete.” When he received no response he pushed the response button again several times, repeating the command. With that he turned and said “Ivan these batteries must be dead, would you please replace them?”

Ivan turned with a blank look and said “Master, I recharged the batteries only this morning. I tested them before we started.” They stared at one another for a moment with a puzzled look and then at the unmoving automaton.

To Be Continued?

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