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Breaking Boys
Part 1
By RotherhamMan

Breaking Boys: Colin

By RotherhamMan

Only one of them knew when the door opened that the life of one of the two of them was over.

This was not the case before the door opened, it was a fact that came into being when the two men looked at one another and at that moment, Colin’s life as he knew it was done and a new one would soon be taking its place. That moment lit a fire in Don’s eyes and sent his heart racing with the thrill of anticipation.

It was, of course, his looks that sealed his fate, as it was for every man who crossed paths with Don whom he took an unfortunate like to. He was just touching six feet tall and had a lean but firm figure, his chest and arm muscles were made known by the t-shirt he wore that was just a little to tight, as he well knew. His work trousers were loose but that didn’t matter. His face was what sealed the deal, with a thick beard and dirty blonde hair styled up and back he was a handsome figure that could almost pass for a Viking in the right costume. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, young enough to be Don’s son if Don were interested in women or having children.

It was a physique that made it hard for Don to control his grin. If he could he would be grinning like a wolf that had caught its prey and it would certainly have set alarm bells ringing in the head of any smart man. Instead he controlled himself into giving a warm and friendly grin he had perfected for putting his potential projects at ease. He himself was six feet exactly but his build was far more muscular. Even so it was compact, he was the definition of a tough guy and attracted many beta males to him through his looks, body and, most importantly, his presence. His head was shaved but his dark beard was just as full as Colin’s. He wore a t-shirt the collar of which just showed a glimpse of the cleft between his own pectoral muscles.

The day had been scorching hot and, judging by the cheap-ass car parked outside his house, the guy had driven without air conditioning. His shirt was stained under the pits and over the chest, making it cling all the tighter, hinting at a six pack, and Don could smell, his nostrils flaring, a whiff of ripeness about him even though he was still stood outside. Ripe for the taking. Don had never been so glad his boiler had broken down and he had decided to take pity on the poor freelance plumbers who needed reviews. If he had been hoping for just such a find then it was sheer luck that had seen his wish come true. He must have done something good lately to get such karma---and Colin something awful!

“Hey, you must be Colin,” he said, extending his hand for a shake. When Colin’s hand was enveloped in his he gave it a strong squeeze to let him know he was strong and in charge. It didn’t matter if he was an employer or an employee, he was the top dog in the house---any house he happened to be in.

Colin tried squeezing back and, to his credit, did a good job but wasn’t strong enough. He clearly took care of his body but was younger than don and hadn’t put in the same hours at the gym. He smiled, a tad forced at his humiliation that only the two of them knew about, even if there was no one else present to see. He tried pulling his hand back after the shake but Don held on for just a moment longer before releasing him. He kept eye contact the whole time, establishing dominance.

“So, I’m here to fix your boiler,” said Colin stupidly. It sounded like the start of a bad porno. Don wondered just how smart he was, it would make things tougher if he was smarter than he looked. Maybe it was just the heat and meeting him that caused him to be so dumb, dumb ones were easy to trap.

Don welcomed him in and explained the problem. He lived in a detached house that was in the process of being done up for him to live in long term---but he was prepared to leave at a moments notice should he need to escape. The boiler was in a cupboard under the stairs, another door was next to it which led to the basement but it was well hidden, by Don’s design. Colin didn’t notice it. As the boy got started Don went and got a glass of water for him to keep him hydrated. There was also a special something in it to relax him but only a little; the more powerful stuff would come later. For now he wanted the kid to lower his guard.

“This your last job of the day?” Don asked as he handed him the glass. Colin took it gratefully and downed the whole thing in one. He was knelt before the boiler and between his shirt and trousers his underwear and the tip of his crack were showing. Don shifted as the boy drank so as to hide his growing member. He had been right; the guy did stink and it was clearer now indoors.

“Yeah,” Colin gasped as he wiped his lips. He licked them too and Don felt a throb. “I’m looking forward to getting home and a shower. Just want to kick off with a cool beer.”

That was all Don needed to hear. He was already making plans as if it was second nature. There were only so many ways to trap a guy and this didn’t call for anything special. But he had to make sure so he made small talk for the rest of the twenty minutes it took the boy to do his job and probed him about his life. It was a skill of the trade to get someone talking about themselves while playing the role of a good listener. People loved talking about themselves, especially vain guys, and by listening closely and knowing the questions to ask Don soon built up a brief picture. It helped that, being dehydrated from the day’s heat, the drug in his water went straight into his system. Colin was rambling on about his life in no time.

Colin was single, having just broken up with his girlfriend of seven months. He had moved out into a flat that was a bit small and still lived out of the moving boxes. He had started this ‘gig’ to try and pay the bills while he got his life together. Don thought even if he hadn’t crossed paths with him this kid was kidding himself. He had no future. He would be doing him a favour.

It was almost too good to be true and Don wondered if he was being set up. He had been careful as always and hadn’t heard anything about anyone getting suspicious. Those in his network would have told him if someone was asking questions or poking their noses. It might be nothing but the possibility was enough to have him more worried. His heart was beating heavily as it was but now with fear as well as excitement.

Just to be sure he fired off a quick text as he listened to a special friend.

Colin finished up and started packing his tools away. Don made his move, “Here you go.” He handed the kid a beer, one in his own hand, and the money he was owed plus a nice tip. Both bottles were already opened, a subtle pressure to drink it or let it go to waste as well as letting Don slip something in it. Colin didn’t seem suspicious at all; he took the drink with thanks and took a long swig. Don took one too, not taking his eyes off the boy and making sure he saw his throat bob to signal that he had swallowed. It looked delicious.

“Why don’t you take a seat and cool down some before you go, finish up that beer?” He didn’t wait for a response, he walked into the living room where the sports channel was on with the expectation that Colin would follow. He did and soon the two were chatting away, shooting the shit about the game, about whatever it would take to keep the boy at ease. He made sure the beer was drunk by prompting him to with phrases like ‘cheers to that’ when a team was cheered on or insulted and ‘that’s why we drink, am I right?’ when women were raised.

It was a ritual he had practiced often, and it had been proven to work. Soon Colin was slurring his words and moving sluggishly as if drunk from a single bottle. The bottle nearly slipped from his fingers a few times and on the third Don moved over from one sofa to the other to sit next to him. Colin had been trying to take one last swig of the bottle but it had fallen from his limp fingers. Don caught it and raised it to the boy’s lips, holding his head with the other. He was sure the boy wouldn’t remember this bit, just in case something was up.

“Finish it up, kid,” he said as he tipped the bottle to pour down the boy’s slack lips. The last drops went down and the kid had just enough control to swallow.

“Don’ nrmly gt thus drk…” he said slowly. And he was out.

Don wanted to get the kid ready right away but that suspicion that it was too good to be true still hung over him so he waited, lying the kid out on the sofa like he was sleeping on his back. Don stood over him and took in his form for a few moments before going through his pockets and bag of tools. He found the kids phone and wallet along with a few ofther bits and bobs and laid it all out on the living room table.

Soon enough there was a banging on the door. When he opened it the expected figure was there; a smaller nerd kid who carried a laptop bag and looked to be swimming in sweat. “This better be good to call me out in this!” he snapped, showing his way inside.

Don only knew the guy as the Nerd, as he was known as the Beat. Names were kept a secret to compartmentalise the network of snatchers, cleaners and buyers. The snatchers like himself were typically jocks while the cleaners (the tech crew and some other support staff who made sure victims disappeared without trace) were bookish. Rarely were the two inverted. Don the Beast had worked with Nerd for three years now, since his last cleaner partner got careless---Nerd didn’t know that or what had happened to him and knew better than to ask.

“In the living room,” was all said Don with a smile and he let Nerd go in ahead of him and heard his appreciative whistle as he saw the stud sprawled out on the sofa.

“This is one good find,” he said, his eyes hungry. Cleaners rarely got a slice of the action but were always hungry for it. Don didn’t think the scrawny guys would even know what to do with a stud if they had one chained up for them. He would have to test that sometime.

“Too good,” said Don, taking his usual seat and scooping up his beer for the bottom half. “Came to fix my boiler. Claims to have just gotten out of a relationship and is living in a shitty flat struggling to pay his bills. I need you to make sure he’s clean.”

“You suspect you might be burned?” cried Nerd. “Why the fuck did you bring me then? I’ll be burned too!”

Don waved away his concerns. “Run him, see what’s what and if he’s good I’ll give you an extra cut.”

Nerd sighed and got out his computer and looked at Colin’s personal belongings. “Got a buyer lined up already?”

“Nah but someone will want a hot shit like this. He’ll turn a profit, easy.” He knew plenty of buyers and knew at least half would want this guy. They ranged from the rich who wanted people to control and own, to the common who had money to burn. So long as they had money Don didn’t care; some of his catches had become part of Arab harems, others brothels, and some harvested for organs. It really made little difference to him what happened to Colin.

Nerd went at it on his laptop machine. The details in his wallet were enough: credit card, drivers licence, national insurance. With the right software this information could lay out someone’s whole history. Soon he was looking at Colin’s whole life.

“Parents: estranged mum and deadbeat dad. Bank account: just about tapped out. No criminal history, no connections. Freelance plumber. Member of a gym and his social media shows it. Full of selfies of him and his guys but they aren’t that close by the looks of it, just gym mates. The guy’s clean. I don’t think he’ll be any trouble so long as we make sure he is seen a few paces after here in a few days or so. Still might have the police round.”

“Good enough for me.” Don could handle the police, he had connections and could act his way through any interview they had for him. “I’ll contact the usual squad to clean up all trace of him. Take his phone and keys, you know the drill.”

The drill was that Nerd would take Colin’s car to Colin’s place and begin the process of removing his stuff, draft up a letter to the landlord that would fit with Colin’s circumstances, and soon Colin would cease to be. He would disappear.

Nerd took offence to Don’s words. “Don’t tell me my job. I want twenty percent from this one.” It seemed everyone who ventured outside today was prone to being dumb or emotional.

“Fifteen,” countered Don.

“Are you sure this guy will even sell?”

Don glared at him and Nerd quelled a little. He knew nothing would happen to him, he was too valuable to a lot of people. Don crossed to the unconscious stud and pulled up the sweaty t-shirt. As expected, underneath a light covering of hair grew on a nice set of pectoral muscles and a light six pack. He undid the trousers and pulled them down to reveal a flaccid cock that measured almost six inches.

“Don’t tell me my job. A few months whippin’ this stud into shape and he’ll bring in a small fortune. I’ll post some progress pics to get the buyer’s juices flowing.”

Nerd ogled at the body before him. “Can I have a crack at that?”

Don chuckled. “I’ll see if I can work it in.” He actually would, he wanted to see a cleaner try their hand at training.

Once Nerd had left for Colin’s flat Don got to work on the stud. He hefted him over his shoulder easily, after redoing his trousers and shirt, and carried him down to the basement. Colin hadn’t even seen the door from the hall and he wouldn’t see it from the basement either. It was soundproofed, obviously, and well equipped for special guests. The tools of Dan’s trade were neatly tidied away out of sight in the first room at the bottom of the stairs to keep the guests guessing and the doors at the bottom of the stairs and to the inner chamber were large heavy. There would be no getting out for anyone inside without the key and there was only one around Dons neck.

In the playroom, dungeon, classroom (Don had many names for it) he chained the stud up. One on each wrist and ankle and hung him up, spread eagled and with his feet on the ground in a wide stance. He kept the clothes on him, taking them off would come later. As would introducing himself as the boy’s trainer. He took the pictures with a camera used just for this; one of the guy from the front and behind and then pulled his head up by his hair to get one of his face. He would take some of the guy naked later when he was awake. In the anti-chamber where he kept his toys he booted up the computer specially for this work and uploaded the pictures to the special server for this special market. Soon he would be getting enquiries and offers he was sure but he would read them later.

He left Colin like that, and went back to the sofa to watch the end of the game. He propped up a tablet on the table by his feet showing the boy, still hanging where he had been left. Don would keep an eye on him. A few hours later the boy woke up and began the typical screaming and shouting routine as he struggle to try and get free. Don didn’t unmute the video, not expecting anything original. He just rubbed at his crotch and carried on watching the game.

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