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Breaking Boys
Part 2
By RotherhamMan

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Breaking Boys: Colin

By RotherhamMan

Chapter Two

Don stayed up that night until Colin pissed himself. The game had long since ended and he had transferred the video feed to his TV screen, sound on now, and rubbed at his crotch as the bound guy continued to tug on the chains, three hours after he had woken up. His shoulders and wrists must have been in a lot of pain from holding his unconscious weight and soon his legs would ache from the same problem.

He had gradually shifted from threats to begging before going quiet. Soon enough there was a wet patch forming in his trousers and a puddle forming on the floor as he whimpered in embarrassment even if he thought no one was watching. Soon he would have to shit himself too but Don was tired and a little drunk so he would watch the recording in the morning while he took care of his morning wood. He didn’t get off on shit but watching a guy have to shit himself was fun. Colin would spend the night stood in the puddle of his piss as it dripped down his legs and the slow feeling of the shit sliding down the same legs. He would be lucky if he got any sleep in that position and come the morning he would be ready for the formal introduction to his new life.

All the while the feed was broadcast live to the potential buyers.

Don went to bed still hard. He would save his cum for the boy’s baptism as a slave. It would be a special occasion for both of them and Don wanted to earn it. Some might sleep uneasily knowing there was a guy tied up and suffering, unable to sleep themselves, in their basement and that there was a chance they might be caught by the authorities but not Don. It made him harder and he was, not complacent, but confident in his ability to hide a guy and play it cool and the Nerd’s ability to make him disappear.


The following morning Don woke early, as always, and lay in bed watching the feed from the night. As he had expected the boy had shat himself and cried while he did, the smell must be foul. The boy had not slept at all and must be in physical agony at the same time. He was quiet now, he was starting to break. Don palmed himself again but restrained himself. He didn’t bother showering yet; he would earn his shower and would need to get the stink of the kid off him later. He would have like the kid to smell his man-smell but that would be unlikely over his own stench. He did shave though, a therapeutic ritual of his.

Seeing as it was still early he went out for a jog around the local park, putting on a jockstrap he had never washed under his shorts. He didn’t bother with a shirt, it was so hot and he was fit enough that no one would mind. He knew he got looks of appreciation from several as he passed them. He ignored the women, made eye contact with the men, and winked at the ones he thought were in his league. One, a cute footballer who missed the ball when he saw him, blushed and Don wondered how he looked out of uniform. He finished his jog with a semi in his jock.

When he got home he put of breakfast for a quick workout in his home gym. He had just the basic equipment for lifting and worked on his upper body for close to an hour before he was satisfied with his pump. This was a bit more extreme than his usual morning routine but when he had a project he liked to work out some of his excess energy. It didn’t hurt to look his best for the fresh meat.

After a quick breakfast he descended the stairs to the dudgeon. Before entering the training room Don checked up on his computer. There had been plenty of interest in the kid, a dozen offers from potential buyers, guys who wanted to drink his sperm or impregnate their wives, and a bunch of suggestions on ways to torture him for their entertainment. One way or another Colin was going to make him a small fortune to add to his already vast savings. He browsed the comments that had the most up-votes; forced workouts were popular, Colin looked fit and would many would like him to look fitter. Some were clearly jealous of his looks and wanted to humiliate him, others just wanting him in pain. Such limited imaginations, Don would take the ideas on board but had plenty of his own.

He thought over his options before posting his plans for the boy: he would hold an auction for him over the next twenty-four hours, during which time he would live stream the torment he put the boy through (using some of the ideas provided in addition to the ones his own twisted mind had dreamt up) and when the winning bidder was apparent he would then take offers for the boy’s sperm and breeding if they didn’t mind (he would give them a cut seeing as it would then be their sperm and he would just be doing the actual labour) while he performed any special training on the kid. Some masters liked their slaves trained and others liked them wild so he would leave it open until the boy was sold. That was the trouble with impulse snatches; they couldn’t be tailored until after they sold.

Colin was in for a day in hurt before the rest of his life was decided and then it would no doubt get worse. His time with Don would be short but hugely profitable. The highest offer he had had for him was £10,000, a total of £5,000 from various buyers for his sperm, and another £500 for a breeding sessions. Don wondered how many people would do this if they knew £15,500 was the lowest they would get. Surely there would be a flood in the market.

Now he needed to dress the part for the slave training and the watching audience. He pulled out his slave training uniform on its hanger, everything had a place and needed to be put away properly, and put it on. Leather chaps with a leather jockstrap underneath, big heavy boots on his feet. His chest was bare but for a harness and leather gloves on his hands. He didn’t bother with a mask; the kid had already seen his face and the cameras had a special piece of software to edit out his face. His body was on show though and he knew there were many buyers who wanted him as a slave too, they had sent offers and some threats too. He revelled in that but had no intention of letting himself become a slave for anyone.

The stench hit him the moment he opened the door to the room. Shit and piss; a smell he was used to but still hated even if he had learned to associate it with the pleasure of boys in extreme bondage. Colin was stood limply in his chains, looking dejectedly at the floor, but when Don stepped inside he stirred up some energy for another small bout of struggling. Don could see the fear in his eyes as they widened at his appearance, he wondered what the kid had thought of him the day before. Had he known he was as burly as this? That he had a nice layer of body hair over his fine muscles and a six pack hidden under that shirt he had worn? He would bet money the kid had never thought he would look hot in leather.

“Let me go, man, please. I wont tell anyone about this.” It was a predictable plea that Don didn’t even bother listening to. The tone of voice was good though, low and submissive but not out of genuine fear or despair, this was of desperation. The kid still hoped for freedom and would play the part to get it.

Don stood before him, a wide stance, back straight and head high, every inch and authority figure. He looked him in the eye; he saw the kid, sure, but he also saw the money in his account and the boy was far more interesting as a toy for him to play with than a sexual partner to please. “15,500,” he told him.

The kid didn’t get it. “What?”

“That’s the minimum I’m going to make from selling you on as a slave.”

Colin stared at him, him mouth slightly ajar, before putting up another struggle against the chains, far weaker than before but no doubt the best he could muster. “What the fuck? You’re crazy. That shit doesn’t happen today.”

“I have a large bank account and reputation that says otherwise. You’re not the first buck I’ll have broken it. There have been several dozen in here, hanging where you have, and they all went on to owners who paid a lot of money for them. Some of them still get some fair use out of them.”

“Fuck you, man. I wont do anything for no one.”

Don sighed. He kept eye contact all the while, all part of asserting dominance. “They all say that. I’ve made them all do what I want. I’ve even made some beg me to hurt them in ways you can’t imagine… yet.” He smiled at the kid, thinking of the good old times and how he still had many ahead of him.

Colin looked like he might shit himself again. He was starting to realise just how deep the shit he was in actually was. “Why are you doing this?”

Don stepped closer, invading his personal space. The kid tried to back up but could only get so far and Don got in as close as he could. They could each feel the breath of the other on their face. Colin struggled not to look away from his captor. “Because I’m good at this, and I can make a fortune off it,” Don breathed. He didn’t need to shout when the kid would listen to every whisper he said, however close or far he was. “Why wouldn’t I do what I’m good at and what I love for money?”

“Why me?” The kid’s lip was trembling.

Don smiled at him, a genuine smile---or what passed as one for him. “Because you’re prime beef just waiting for someone like me to take them. Pretty face and a nice bod’, amazing you went this long without being picked up.”

“I have a family,” the kid tried. “I have parents and a wife and a kid on the way---”

Don quickly reached up and put a large hand over the kid’s mouth. “Let me stop you right there. I know that’s not true. You do have parents but neither of them have cared for you for years, you barely see them. You told me you broke up with your girlfriend and she is definitely not pregnant. You have no real friends who will are enough to look for you and no job either that’s worth a damn. No one is going to notice you disappear and no one is going to look for you. On the off-chance that someone does notice there is, as we speak, a trail of evidence to show you doing a runner on your debts. Your flat is being cleared out and your possessions will be sold off to pay for the expense of arranging your disappearance. I also have friends in high places who can help make this smooth on the VERY slim chance anyone bothers to follow up on another guy gone missing. Do you get it? Your life is over, it was the moment I laid eyes on you and decided I wanted you and the money I could make off you.”

Colin must be getting dehydrated from all the crying he was doing. Don slowly took his hand off his mouth. “Please don’t do this…” Colin whispered. “I’ll do anything you want---give you anything you want---just let me go, please.”

“You don’t get it: you don’t own anything anymore, not even your own body. I can even take away your name; no one’s going to call you by it anymore. There is nothing you could give me that I want, and nothing I won’t make you do anyway. Now that’s enough talking.”

Don reached into his jockstrap and pulled out a large black ball gag from where it had been resting. Colin tried to pull back but there was nowhere to go and little strength to fight with. Don grabbed his head and pried open his mouth to force it in and buckled it as tight as it would go, making him whimper into it. Don patted his cheek with mock affection and stepped back.

“I’ve let you speak freely but don’t get any wrong ideas. The ability to speak is something for your Master to give and permission to do so has to be given too. When you do speak it will be respectfully. Speak to me in the wrong manner and you will be met with punishment. I will not be repeating any of the rules or lessons I teach, but I will repeat punishments for breaking them or failing to learn them. I will be very glad to punish you, however many times it takes for you to learn. Do you understand?”

Colin had tears running down his face. Don stepped forward and slapped him around the face, not with all his strength but with enough to get his attention. “I said I would not repeat my rules and lessons, did you understand that?”

Colin screwed his eyes shut but did nothing else. So he did have some fight in him left, if only enough for him to be uncooperative. Don punched him in the stomach and the boy cried out in pain and tried to back up some more but Dom grabbed him by the back of the neck and brought him in close.

“Your shoulders must be killing you. You haven’t eaten or drank anything in hours; do you think you can keep on standing like that? How long before you have to put all your weight on your shoulders? And how long before you can sleep again, I doubt you can sleep in that position. Defy me and you will stay like that, obey me and be a good boy and I will let you down and eat and drink and sleep. I’m the only one who can give that to you but you have to earn it from me first. Do you want that? Or would you rather spend another few hours like this in your own filth?”

That got through to him. He sniffed and shivered despite being fully clothed.

Don stepped back and spoke again in a normal volume. “Do you understand all this?” he repeated.

Colin sobbed again but gave a small nod.

“That wont do,” said Don. “You Master deserves better.” He wasn’t repeating the lesson but he was trying to coax the kid to the right behaviour. He stood for a few moments, ready to leave if he did not see what he expected to in the next minute.

Colin opened his eyes again, blinking away the tears, and looked up at him, pleading as best he could without words. It was all wasted on Don, he simply raised an eyebrow expectantly. Colin heaved a shuddering breath in through his nose and gave an exaggerated nod.

Don sighed. “Still got an attitude I see. Not for much longer.” He stared the kid down for a whole minute, the kid would have to get used to waiting for orders and even acknowledgement. “I think you need a bit longer to stew,” he said and turned to leave.

Colin screamed into the gag but it fell on deaf ears as Don left the cell and closed the door. On the screen outside he could still hear Colin scream and cry into the gag. He got out his phone and set a timer for an hour for slap he had given the kid and one for the punch, another for having to talk him through it, one for the pitiful fist nod and another for the attitude in the second, and an hour for lying to his face about having a kid. Six hours.

He sat back down at the computer. The view count had been on seventy-five when he had entered but now showed two-hundred-and-seven. There was a long stream of comments and a few more bids. The bidding would really go up when he stripped the kid and his body was displayed and even more when the training and torturing actually started. Don didn’t care who he sold the kid to or what he was used for, so long as he got the money and got to play with him first. He wouldn’t fuck the kid until the buyer had approved it, sometimes they like a cherry ass as much as he did but if they just wanted someone to hurt or use then they wouldn’t care.

He had also gotten a message from the Nerd; Colin’s house was cleared and the trail for his disappearance begun. In a week he would have dropped off the face of the earth.

Don sat back and wondered what to do with himself for the next six hours. He cast an eye over his toy collection and wondered if there was a single one he hadn’t used to inflict pain. He started surfing the comments for ideas. They were all the products of twisted minds and he loved them all.

He was going to have a lot of fun with Colin before he let him go.