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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 1 - Tony's Mission
By Rough Stud
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NOTE: This is obviously fantasy – violence and sexual assault are always wrong.



The muscle-bound stud snaked through the mud of the jungle, his huge biceps holding his gun close to his naked, rippling, explosive chest while his big ass and legs, caked with mud, propelled him forward toward his target. Okay, maybe the young, unbearably cocky recruit was slightly on the short side – but his five foot nine inch frame was packed with twenty-inch guns, a cut eight pack, massive muscle tits and ass that wouldn’t quit – and he knew it. The rock-hard pup had known he had the fucking goods since he’d hit puberty and Jenna Johnson had basically owned him royally behind the school-house green. Not that he had complained – then or thereafter. With his incredibly handsome face, square-cut jaw, crystal blue eyes, and high-and-tight buzz cut every woman was wet when they first laid eyes on him, which was how he liked it. Tony had worked his butt off to maximized those assets and become the incredible piece of ass that he was today – simultaneously the young trainee had also worked his tail off to be the damn best, demanding to take this mission. And here he was, having already taken out two enemy soldiers and so close to the objective. Shit, he was the man.

Tony quietly rose up from the muck of the jungle floor. No shirt, his huge pecs and rippling abs caked in mud, his camo pants clung indecently to his massive legs and amazing, jutting butt – hell, the wet gunk was painted on his twin boulder ass cheeks going deep into his crack – while his boots pushed his whole frame up and out. He grinned, cocky as fuck, his white teeth flashing in the dark of the wilderness as he put the final sentry in his sights. Damn, he was about to score. He pulled the gun up to fire and…


Tony’s hard head simply seemed to explode. He didn’t know what hit him, but whatever the object was, it had expertly cracked the crown of his buzz-cut, hard head good – the alpha pup had been nailed to kingdom come and back again without ever seeing the missile sent directly his way. Tony’s eyes rolled back as he let out a grunt, his huge arms dropping his weapon to the ground – and then he went down hard, a magnificent brick shithouse doing a face plant in the mud. While his V-shaped back spread out, huge arms and legs akimbo and his mud-caked massive mounds of ass rose up from the earth, he didn’t move except for the heaving of his chest - he was definitely out cold. Tony had been brought down expertly like some dumb beast – but this was only the beginning.

Three hooded figures came out from woods and moved to the prone stud, standing over him. They were all big men although their shapes were ill-defined in the light; the middle one, the biggest of all them all planted his huge right boot squarely on the crack of Valor’s magnificent mud-caked ass and ground it down, extinguishing the muscle boy himself as if he were a cigarette, shoving the built stud deeper into the muck and mud – then he removed his foot, moved slightly, and kicked the kid roughly at his rippling side, rolling Valor over on his back, his mud-covered torso and huge arms spread wide, his handsome kisser slack, mouth slightly open.


Tony let out an unconscious grown while being rolled over like a piece of meat, his square-jawed handsome face slumped to one side and his muscled, beautiful body spread out on the ground before the men above him, defenseless.

“Pick him up.”

The two other men each grabbed Tony by his wrists and yanked the unconscious kid to his feet – well, they held Tony up anyway. The largest man cuffed the kid once – twice – then a third time across his face. Valor’s chiseled face fell back-and-forth from the blows, his lights still out.

“Still out cold, boss – you brought this buck down good.”

“Yeah, boss – you nailed the fucker.”

The “boss” grunted with pleasure, and then pulled the massive unconscious man/boy to him by his waist. The other men let go and Tony fell back for a moment, totally exposed and outstretched in the huge masked leader’s arms, leaning back from him with his huge chest and nipples pushed toward the air while the big arms were limp beside his frame – only to then be hoisted up and flung over “the boss’s” shoulder like a piece of beef, a stuffed toy won at a fair. Tony dangled in the air as the boss grinned and then slapped the kid’s ass

“He’ll live – and remember this for a long time.”

And he would – because this was just the beginning.

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