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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 2 - Tony's Lesson
By Rough Stud
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And damn, did he remember it. Tony felt his throbbing head first of all. He grunted –only to feel something in his mouth. As he opened his eyes, he realized his powerful guns were pulled behind him, his wrists bound together while his huge chest was pushed out. His feet were likewise tied down and his legs spread apart – his big ass and back plastered against metal. Damn, he was roped, maybe chained, to a chair! He grunted and yanked, trying to get free in the darkness. Suddenly, the lights went on…

He heard laughter and whispers around him as he stared into a mirror and saw himself. He was expertly bound with a ball-gag in his mouth, naked except for a pair of underwear – his beautiful body now cleaned and oiled, but also completely exposed. He instinctively shook and pulled with all his might against the restraints, grunted deeply through the ball-gag – but he wasn’t going anywhere. The cocky young stud was on display.

Suddenly the man who had nailed and then picked up the young god earlier like a piece of trash, stepped into the light before him – Jeff Matters, Tony’s instructor at the elite academy. He grinned and looked down at Valor.

“So much for mission accomplished.”

The audience roared with laughter as Tony burned with shame and fury. He was being displayed to his fellow cadets and instructors as fucking “Exhibit A” in how to fuck things up – and Valor had no one to blame but himself.

It had started months ago when Tony had come to Price Academy, determined to be the best in his class trained in covert operations. From the beginning he was a standout – had outfought everyone, been the star of his class. With his looks, he’d also fucked every female cadet, and - given his exhibitionistic tendencies - had shown off his magnificent body everyway that he could. The only instructor who wasn’t impressed with the young stud was one Jeff Matters who constantly put Valor down for his overconfidence. Even though the older man was mostly muscle, a trained fighter, and had forty pounds and three inches on Valor, the kid has nearly gotten into with him a few times. Valor had also made a point of stripping down in front of the bigger - but not nearly as ripped - instructor, who was openly gay, and showing off what he had even as he made it clear the guy would never have him – all as a mind-fuck. Then the final test of the year had come. Tony knew Matters was holding back a spotless recommendation – and made a bet in front of everyone that he could capture a mock enemy objective in the field without help, something no cadet had ever done solo. If he did so, he would get the highest recommendation, even from Matters. Matters had smiled that day and said –

“And if you fail?”

Valor flashed his white smile. “Not an option.”

And now here he was, tied and gagged, body on display in a whole different way, in short taken, as Matters moved to him, silencing the class with his voice as he noted that Valor never saw any of his downfall coming. Valor shouted at Matters through his gag, but Matters cuffed him hard and the young trussed brick shithouse saw stars from the blow, ending his protest in mid growl…

“Shut up and watch – and learn something, you dumb animal.”

“UUUPPHHH!!!” Tony shook his handsome head once more and struggled.

Matters cuffed the gagged Valor again, even harder, ringing his ears and finally stunning him into silence. He nodded to an assistant.

“Roll the tape.”

The light went out as a screen came down in front of Tony as he shook his head – and saw film of himself coming out of the water at the start of his “operation.”

They’d been following him the whole time! Valor burned as he – and everyone – realize the beautiful built overconfident kid had never really had a chance to succeed. He wasn’t the shit in their eyes any longer – he was just another dumb fuck hot piece of muscle ass.

Valor thought he had planned his mission perfectly. He had swum to the island on the far side, and scaled an impossibly difficult ridge, certain this would give him the element of surprise. But they were following him from the beginning, watching his every move. The camera zoomed in on his powerful body, lewdly displaying his nearly naked self, showing close-ups of his stupid grins of overconfidence as he been allowed to take the initial sentries out with his tranquilizer gun, totally unaware that he was being tracked. He reddened and bucked the chains, his huge muscles moving it but not able to break his bonds, livid as hell, not wanting to see more. He shut his eyes and looked down even as he heard his classmates laugh and whistle at what he is was doing on screen.

Matters suddenly grabbed him from behind and forced his face upwards toward the screen.

“Watch what you missed, stud.”

Valor saw himself rising from the floor of the jungle from behind, his huge v-shaped torso, big ass and legs, clearly nothing but an easy target as he raised his weapon to take out the final sentry – and then a projectile from a slingshot of some kind came at him – the film going slo-mo for a moment, as the wooden missile hit the back of his head with perfect precision. He watched himself grunt, cold-cocked as he fell. He burned in shame as the crowd of his fellow recruits (pretty much of all who were jealous and resentful and hated the young pup for his incredible physical appearance and prowess) twittered with a certain sense of satisfaction, and Matters whispered in his ear.

“You were just owned, boy.” Valor started to struggle but Matters held his head back and played with one of Valor’s huge nipples with his other hand, keeping the huge roped bodybuilder kid under control. His hard calloused hands roamed the face and chest of the kid for a moment – it was clear he was saying that Valor was his captive, but then he yanked the boy’s head back up and forced Valor to watch his knock-out several more times in replay on the big screen. As he did his hands went wherever they pleased and Valor felt a shock of arousal through his magnificent body. Matter had him like a slab a beef. His hands were all over his chest and gagged face as Tony watched himself getting knocked out, put down repeatedly. He was still angry as hell, humiliated as fuck, but something else was going on in his body, some sensation with being so exposed, so taken. What the hell?

But suddenly the moment seemed over as Matters cuffed him yet again and announced loudly that he would let the rest of tape speak for itself. He held Valor’s head tight as the replays ended and Tony saw himself on the floor of the jungle and then Matters and two other instructors came up. One of them, a dick who had lusted after Valor since the day he arrived at camp said,

“His still out cold, boss…”

Valor groaned in shame as he watch them pick him up and then Matters held him for a moment before throwing him over his shoulder with ease. There was no doubt to anyone that the rippling young lion had been reduced to the spoils of war as Matters slapped his massive glutes and then carried him off, like a drunk party toy.

Valor watched as Matters carried him back to a boat where he dumped Valor on the deck of the small ship. The big boy moaned and let out a sigh, his huge arms out to his sides as his handsome face remained slack, his beautiful face and mid-caked body still on display, defeated. Again an uneasy feeling flooded his body – then then, to Valor’s horror, Matters listed Valor’s mistakes he made on his mission for the camera as the boat took off, the camera on his knocked-out body all the while – there was no doubt what point Matters was getting across – Tony and his huge, rippling muscled body had been defeated by his own overconfidence.

A few minutes later, they arrived at a dock and he was hosed down unconsciousness and stripped naked, his huge ass and cock expose, totally helpless. The other two men also handled the nude muscle recruit like they wanted to – but as they were hauling him out of boat, he started to come to – he groan and moved a bit.

“Oh, no, not yet boy.” Matter moved behind Valor and just as he was opening his glassy eyes, he put a rag to his mouth. The camera zoomed in and Valor saw his handsome face react with a “what-the-fuck expression” as Matters held it tight and then he went out in Matter’s arms.

Valor flushed as his fellow cadets let out a cheer, loving the way he was put out again. It infuriated him but also made him – damn, he didn’t know what. Limp in Matters’ arms, the instructor slapped his face and then carried him inside the compound. Valor watched as his body was splayed out, naked to all, out cold while oiled all over. Hell, he was like a prime piece of beef where hands went wherever they wanted. Tony was totally humiliated again – no one handled him like that! But there was this weird feeling in his stomach at the way he was being basically played with – he didn’t want to think about it. And then he was carried – again by Matters to this room, bound and gagged to the chair were he was now, the ball gag finally put around his lips and inserted into his mouth, and left out cold.

Mattters now stood before the humiliated boy toy as he reminded all in attendance of Valor’s wager. If Valor lost, he could do whatever he liked to the young punk. Valor struggled and grunted as Matters stared the magnificent roped bull in the eyes.

“What do I want?” Valor couldn’t look away from Matters and the way he was devouring his beautiful, muscled body. He thought he knew what must be coming next, some screwed up sex thing, but instead Matters coldly said…

“You’re out of the program, kid.” He nodded and Valor felt a hand behind him release the gag from his mouth. He coughed and spit as he gasped for air.

“You have something to say, boy?”

Valor managed to look up at the grizzled instructor. He shook his restraints as he growled.

“I’ll get you for this, you bastard! I’ll – AHHHHH!!!“

Matters slugged Valor’s squared jaw and the kid shut up in mid sentence, as, his lights out once again. The young bull was passed out, head rolled to one side, resting on his right shoulder, while bound in the chair. He didn’t hear it, but the crowd cheered one last time.

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