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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 3 - Another Lesson
By Rough Stud
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When Tony woke up, he was on his bed in his dorm room. He head ached as he groaned and shook his head - his roommate Goddard who had always worshiped him came into focus.

Valor rubbed his head. “What the hell…?”

“Your stuff is packed and in your car. You have to leave now – Instructor Jones and Woods will drive you to the city.”

Everything came back to the awesome muscle pup as he slowly managed to get up – he had been dressed in his favorite tight jeans and a muscle tee and boots – just what he liked to wear to show off. He took some deep breaths, shaking the cobwebs out of his heads as Goddard smirked.

“I thought you were the shit, but man did Matters own your ass.”

Valor flushed – and was filled with rage. He punched Goddard and dropped the man to the floor with one blow. Furious, he turned when he saw Matters in the doorway of his room, smiling.

“Yeah, boy – you took out your roommate, but that doesn’t mean what he just said wasn’t true. And you know it.”

Tony burned with rage – but he thought he had one more trick up his sleeve, one way to get back at this bastard and leave the Academy not just with pride but with victory – maybe even be reinstated.

“Yeah, you set me and with your buddies, you took me out – with all sorts of planning and help.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to teach you boy since the day you arrived, teamwork – but you wouldn’t listen.”

Tony just looked and smirked, keeping his rage under control. Instead, he peeled off his shirt, revealing his amazing torso and for once he saw a look of surprise on Matters face. And lust – the older man hadn’t had his fill of taking in Tony’s body. Tony knocked off his boots and stripped down to his underwear.

“What the fuck are you doing, kid?”

“I’ve wanted a go at you, old man, I have since you starting putting me down the first day we met. Well, now you got me kicked out of the program – I think I deserve a little mano-on-mano with you before I go. I’ll leave Price, after I teach YOU a lesson.”

Matter’s eyes went narrow at the hot, angry kid’s challenge. The gym was just below them on the next floor. Goddard let out a groan. Matters called for another cadet to take care of him. The cadet came in and was stunned. Tony, naked but for his tight boxer briefs, looking like the cocky bastard he always had been. The cadet thought Valor was leaving, but he almost seemed like his old, totally confident self – what the hell? Matters spoke.

“Take care of Goddard – it seems like Mr. Valor and I have a final situation to deal with. Let’s go.”

Tony strutted out of the room, making sure Matters got a great view of his huge back and ass. He knew there was a chance Matters might try to take him behind, and was on guard, but he was pretty sure Matter’s pride wouldn’t allow it. And he didn’t. They reached the gym, and moved to the mat area. Valor, like he was in every physical aspect when it came to training, was the best recruit in all sorts of fighting. He was shorter than Matters, but he was sure he could take the slightly-out-shape instructor who he had never even seen in the gym. And damn did he want to take him down! But there was still this part of him that wanted to show off as he always had with this prick – was it because of what had happened today? OR was this pay-back because he was sure the bastard who has manhandled him before wouldn’t even touch him this time? Anyway, he needed the guy to want him – to want him and then be destroyed. So he “casually” asked,

“Mind if I warm up?”

“Knock yourself out, kid.”

Tony envisioned Matters’ face as he laid into the punching bag – and he ripped into it. His body was soon covered with sweat, a glow as he showed off a fantastic number of moves. But he wasn’t tired at all; indeed the image of destroying Matter energized the hot young bull. He finally turned to Matters, almost taunting him – because there was no hiding the lust in Matter’s eyes even as he had merely removed his boots and shirt, revealing a strong, beefy torso.

“Let’s go.”

Tony circled Matters and then saw an opening and with a roar leaped on the older man, pounding him to the floor. Shit, this was even better than he thought it would go. He laid into Matters again and then again. But his attack didn’t even last a minute. What exactly Matters did, he never knew – but somehow he freed his right arm and slammed his elbow into Tony’s hard head. Tony has never been hit so hard. He released his grip and Matters was the one suddenly battering him. Tony struggled, but Matters seemed to anticipate his every move. He rolled Valor onto his stomach and nearly twisted off an arm as he whispered,

“You dumb fuck – don’t you think I’ve watched you train? You’re a hell of a fighter but you have your blind spots.” Tony gagged, could not roll Matters or free himself from his holds. He did the only thing he could think off, and used all his strength to push the man off of him with his huge ass, so big and strong, pushing against Matter’s dick.

“Your ass won’t save you now – kid. In fact, I see we’ve drawn a small crowd, so let’s end this.”

And before Tony knew what was happening, Matter yanked him up and spun him around and punched him in the kisser. Tony fell back but managed to stay on his feet. Recruits and officers had gathered. Tony swung at Matters but the man avoided him – and then he hit Valor again. He punched the boy again – and again – hard, but not that hard. Tony realized he was being used as a fucking punching bag as the blows took their told. His face went slack – he made one last effort to attack Matters, but Matters danced around him and final grabbed Valor by the head.

“You wanted this – and this is what you get.” And Tony, out of it, his huge body staggering as he heard the laughter and cheers from the side, saw Matter’s fist come right out him – and he went black. Matters look down at the knocked-out Valor, still magnificent in defeat on the mat, and turned to his colleagues and said, “On second thought, I’ll handle it from here.”

Sometime later, Valor woke up in the back of a car, hogtied in just his underwear, gag again in his mouth – with a picture of him out cold, his massive body laid on the mat after Matters had cold-cocked him starting in his face. He grunted, furious, humiliated – and then he heard a voice from the front seat – Matter’s voice.

“You were fun, Valor – but stupid as fuck. You just made yourself even more a stupid, ridden bull by taking me on. But I must say carrying you to your car and driving you off was a great visual for everyone. And I decided to dump you like the piece garbage you are myself. And here we are.”

Matter’s stopped the car in front of a cheap hotel. It was dark now and no one saw Matters pulled the angry, but roped boy out of the car and carry him hogtied into a room. He left Tony on the bed. For a moment Tony’s head exploded – was he just going to leave him this way? But a moment later, Matter returned with his clothes and personal effects and dumped them on the bed next to him.

“Boy, you have three days paid here – and then get your gorgeous ass out of and go back to Florida or wherever the hell you came from.”

Valor grunted – pissed still, wanting to get back at this man in the worst way, but knowing he had been beaten – and now was totally at his mercy. To his shock, for the first time Matters spoke gently.

“Kid, I did what I needed to do – you’re not Academy material despite your physical attributes. Just too overconfident, too much of a show-off – and dumb – and…well, other things as well. But you’ve been through a lot and I’m not going to let the cleaning lady find you this way. And you need to sleep. Goodbye, kid.”

And Matters pulled out a syringe and injected the needle into his huge ass. Valor immediately felt like he was about to pass out. He couldn’t move as Matters untied him and removed the gag. And slapped him one more time as he rolled him over on his back.

“Sweet dreams.”

Valor was fading, but so many emotions – hatred, humiliation, and – something else, a slight stir in his cock. “You bastard – I hate you, you….oh fuck….oh….” And all went black.

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