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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 5 - The Surprise
By Rough Stud
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Tony woke up in his car a few miles from the bar. He felt everything – pain, humiliation, anger, and an ass that was so sore he’d felt like it would never be the same. But he felt…he felt something – something sexual he couldn’t explain. He managed to drive himself to his motel and slip inside with his coat – but a couple of people gave him looks – he knew what he looked like.

He got inside his motel room and saw the word “conquered” across his chest. He didn’t understand so much of what had happened, but his plan to get back at Matters – fuck, how it had backfired. He had only degraded himself – and been fucked, busted open, bitched for the first time in his life in a humiliating rape. He took a long shower, and finally soaped the word off his chest. He still felt so degraded, but also…aroused. He tried to block the rape from his mind but he knew at least at some point he had begged for it, wanted it – why? What had turned him from the alpha male boy into some sort of eager sextoy bottom for at least for a while? It had to be in that serum. He toweled off and looked at his incredible body. He was still high from the drugs – but instead of proud, he felt so cheap. He had wanted to be a cadet – but everything Matters had said about him seemed to true.

He slipped on a pair of white tight boxer briefs trunks and moved out into his room. In the morning he would have to move as far from Oakland as he could, he would have to –

Suddenly he was grabbed from behind and another gag put to his mouth, also filled with chloroform. Tony struggled but he was beaten – and going out yet again! But as started to black out, his body once more in someone else’s controlled, as a man’s calloused hands roamed his body while a mouth whispered in his ear.

“You did good, boy.” Tony knew that voice so well as he went black but couldn’t put it all together – whatever was going on it was too much for the muscle Adonis to handle – and he was out. He had a sensation of being thrown on his bed, out cold, his body beautiful and exposed – and that was all.

Tony slowly came to, the drug wearing off. He couldn’t open his eyes at first but he felt his huge guns pulled and tied to the bedpost, his legs the same way – and there was something in his mouth – fuck he was taped! Tony grunted, and a hand slapped his face.

“Wake up. boy.”

He opened his eyes - it was Matters! He tried to struggle but the man had tied him good.

“Damn boy, I knew you needed to be put out again so I could explain some things to do, and I enjoyed it – I always do - but you must calm down and stop struggling; those muscles aren’t going to get you out of anything. When you calm down, then we’ll talk.”

Tony realized how he was tied – but he didn’t know why. Why had this bastard who had caused him so much trouble found him across the country? There was one thing he DID know. Matters was all business, but he was undressing the little Tony had on with his eyes even as he cuffed the kid to get him again to stop squirming, and Tony felt a rush of – something. He was powerless to this man – and it felt...damn he didn’t know what it felt like. He only knew he had to listen to what this bastard had to say. Finally he nodded in agreement. Matter started to remove the gag even a he made it clear if Tony tried to shout he’d punch him out.

Tony gasped for breath as Matter looked down at the incredible but clueless slab of beef spread out before him.

“Look, first you need to know – you’re not out of the Academy. I had to set you up – Kid, you were a plant.”

Tony was stunned. “A plant?”

“We’re been trying to get Steve Gray for years – that bar is just a front for serious crime. From the minute I saw you the first time at the academy I knew you were an incredible piece of ass and Steve would think the same if he had the chance. I wanted you to go undercover.”

Tony suddenly felt aroused – Matters was actually saying he wanted him for something and a bit of his cocky self returned. “So why didn’t you tell me that?”

Boy, you have a lot of things going for you. But there was no way any of us could tell you the truth. Steve drugs everyone who tries to get close to him. He would drug you – as he did. And now, if you’d admitted anything, you’d be dead. So when you finally met him, you had to tell the truth. That you had been kicked out and hated me. So I had to do what I did to you back then. And you reacted perfectly with your anger, and have helped us a lot. I get it if you say to hell with agency, but I hope you understand.”

Tony’s mind was spinning as his muscled body was tied on the bed. He was actually an asset! Some of his pride returned. Suddenly, he had a chance to prove himself, make up for all the humiliation. Finally he spoke. “I took an oath to do what I had to do – and while I don’t like being treated like a dumb piece of ass, I do understand – but answer me this.”


“I’m the first recruit in my class who has actually been on a mission?”


Tony flushed with pride. He’d always thought he’d be the best – and, well, he’d been the first.

“Okay, then.”

With that Matters untied him. They had never been this close except when Matters was manhandling the muscle boy. A part of Tony still want wanted to – not that he would – attack the bastard. But a part of him saw him differently now, with respect – and something else. Anyway, all of that was mute when he stood up and felt woozy, almost unable to stand.

“Whoa, there, boy – you’re still drugged. And they worked you over good.”

Matters held him up – and Tony felt his hands all over him – and he couldn’t believe how much he liked it. What the hell? But he finally managed to lean against a wall and ask.

“So when do I go back to Price?”

“Kid, your mission isn’t over. If it were, I’d think of the whole thing as a failure.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You and I and a small team are staying here in Oakland. We need you next time you see Steve to slip a tracking device in his apartment – not the bar.”

Valor flushed with rage – and embarrassment. “How am I supposed to do that? Although, if you had his address, I’d love to pay him back and I could – “

“Stop. You don’t need to go to him. He’ll come to you.”

Tony was silent – after the way Steve had fucked him, whipped him and tossed him out like garbage with the word “conquered” on his chest he didn’t see it.

“What makes you think that?”

Matters looked at Tony with almost disappointment. Then he slapped him hard across the face and Tony nearly fell.

“You need to be honest on my team.”

“I – “

“Grey didn’t just give you a truth serum and beat you senseless to get to the truth. He also fucked the hell out you.” Tony didn’t know what to say as Matter held up a recording of Clay and John talking somewhere they had been bugged an hour or two ago.

“Damn that buck was the best piece of ass I’ve maybe ever had.”

“Steve thinks so, too. You saw how he bred the dumb muscle pup.”

“And the fact that the boy hates Matters is a plus – although I doubt Steve will try to use him – clearly he isn’t the smartest bull in the china shop – I can see why Matters dumped him.”

Tony flushed as he heard it all. He looked at Matters who said – “your cherry was busted good last night – for once I can’t blame him.”

Tony: “he -

Matters: “I know – he drugged you and raped you – as did the others. And you’re probably pissed as hell about that on one level. I get you not wanting to tell me about it. But you need to know two things. Steve Grey is hot to dominate you again, probably because he’ll know you’ll be pissed as hell at him and he likes to own muscle studs who put up a fight.”

Tony puffed up his chest. “Yeah, How in the hell does he think he’ll do that?”

“That’s part two. Because of the drug he gave you – it’s a mix of meth and coke and some other things and it will stay in your system for a month or more. You’re giving off – subconsciously – that you want that treatment again.”

Tony was stunned as Matters continued. “When he calls you – and he will – you may be as angry as you ever were with me but you will come to him like a bitch in heat.”

Tony’s last bit of alpha male rage welled up inside him. “The fuck I will! I take that bastard out today, but the only touching will be the pounding of my fist on his face!”

Matters looked at Tony – still all cocky and proud and not even realizing it all – damn he was hot like this. He knew what he had to do.

“Really?” Matters gently touched Tony massive right tit. Tony was still too dizzy to push him off…but he didn’t want to – it felt so good. He closed his eyes and couldn’t help letting out a moan.

Matter played with chest, kissed his neck, and then fingered his ravaged hole. Tony was shocked – and so aroused that when Matters kissed him, he eagerly kissed him back. Suddenly, Matter let go and Tony was embarrassed at how hard he was.

See – you’re a bitch in heat due to what he gave you. I know this will take time to process, but if I nailed you right now you couldn’t resist. And the longer you go without sex, the more you’ll want it.

“So I’m supposed to be a sex toy?”

“All part of the job. But if you plant a bug in his house, you will bring him down. Without you doing that, we can’t – and as for all the rest that’s happened to you, eventually, you’ll deal with all of this.”

With all of what? Matters humiliating him, getting him to be gangbanged by some criminal, and now realizing he was right about this desire he had – to be used, humiliated, exposed, fucked?

“Now – get some rest – he won’t call for a day or two – probably realizes you would hang up on him. But you’ve been through a lot kid and I have to say I’m impressed. Go to bed.”

Tony looked at Matters – he suddenly realized this man would always be smarter and tougher and master him in everyway. His cock was hard from what Matters had done and he found himself blurting “you want to stay?”

Matters cuffed the boy gently again. “I don’t fuck fellow agents – and we need you in heat. Talk tomorrow.”

Tony felt humiliated by the rejection as Matters left – he had teased the instructor once, and now the positions seemed reversed – Matters seemed to do what he wanted, but was basically treating his body as a commodity – almost with contempt. Tony couldn’t take anymore – he stumbled to the bed and slept and slept.

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